tagNonHumanThe Ebony Alpha Ch. 09

The Ebony Alpha Ch. 09


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Sullivan was so impatient to get back to their room that he scooped Maddie up into his arms and carried her the rest of the way to the main house.

He didn't break a sweat as he deposited her in front of the bedroom door and she opened it to let them in. He paused, as he closed the door and looked seriously at the woman he loved.

"Maddie are you sure you want to do this now? I am worried about your injuries. It has only been two days since your abduction."

"The doctor said I was just badly bruised but no broken bones or internal bleeding. Stop worrying I am fine."

Sullivan was trying to hide his excitement. He cared about the health of Maddie, but his wolf was growling in his head. NOW! NOW! NOW! TAKE HER NOW!" Sullivan fought back his beast and trained his attention to his mate.

"I know what I want Sullivan Murphy, and that is to be one with you. You have told me and shown me how you feel. Please let me show you that I feel the same way."

"I just don't want you to regret your decision in the morning. Once I get started I know that I won't be able to stop. My wolf has been waiting to meet you for quite a while and he will not back down without a fight."

"I don't want to wait Sullivan. I know that my parents will try to talk me out of being with you. They will say it is just too soon. But I can't help the way I feel.

After what I saw tonight I hope you don't think I'm a little freaky if I tell you that it sort of turned me on."

"That doesn't bother me at all my love. It will be fun to have a little freak in my bed." Sullivan pulled Maddie into his arms and nuzzled her neck.

He picked her up and placed her on the bed. Maddie scrambled to her knees and began to undress. Her eyes never left Sullivan as he unbuttoned his jeans and pulled his shirt over his head.

Kicking his pants out of the way he pushed his boxers down his legs and stood proudly before his mate.

Maddie had stripped down to her bra and panties and Sullivan pushed her hands away. "Let me help you with that." He whispered in her ear, and quickly unhooked the red lace that encased her breasts.

Pushing her back gently onto the bed he pulled the matching thong down her caramel colored legs.

Holding up the tiny piece of lace Sullivan laughed and twirled it around his index finger. He pulled it back like a sling shot and it flew across the room.

"Hey behave or I might just change my mind." Maddie warned her impetuous partner and grabbed his hand placing it between her thighs.

"You are just asking for it aren't you little girl? This big bad wolf is going to teach you a lesson."

"OOOOOOOOOh I am so scared!" Sullivan pounced on his mate and kissed her sassy mouth. He ground his aroused body against hers and she groaned as he continued to kiss her with a passion that had liquid heat pooling between her legs.

Maddie felt Sullivan's fingers inching up her thigh and moving slowly to her core. She held her breath until his fingers touched her wet center and she sighed loudly as he pushed two of his large digits into her soaking slit.

Sullivan stopped suddenly and grabbed Maddie to his chest tightly. He turned them over and she now straddled his thighs.

"Turn around he whispered roughly, and she quickly moved to do his bidding. He pulled her wet mound over his mouth and assaulted her other lips with reckless abandon. Shocked by his wicked possession of her sex, she didn't move and enjoyed his expertise.

As Maddie lay across his thighs she noticed his solid shaft straining against her stomach. Moving slightly backward she sat up a little and sucked the tip of his cock into her mouth.

Moaning at his tongue stroking her clit, Maddie took him deeper and he jerked his hips upward thrusting his dick down her throat. Gaging against his size she lifted her head slightly, and began bobbing her head up and down with controlled speed.

Sullivan thrust his fingers urgently into her sex imitating what his cock would do next. He heard Maddie cry out around his rigid pole that filled her mouth; "Sullivan! Oh yes. Please! Please!"

Begging for release, Maddie fought to catch her breath before continuing her task. She began to tremble against Sullivan's hands that were holding her above his mouth and he knew she was close to erupting.

"Cum for me Maddie, I want to taste all of you!" As if she were waiting for permission Maddie groaned against his engorged prick and rubbed her raw clit against Sullivan's whiskered face.

She froze in midair and screamed his name as her juices came pouring down. Lapping at her convulsing hole, he slurped up every drop.

Maddie slowly recovered and found herself being pulled onto her stomach. Sullivan started kissing her ears and slowly eased his tongue down her quivering flesh.

He opened her thighs and began saturating her pussy with his saliva making sure she was still wet enough for what was to come. Lifting her ass in the air he settled behind her. He asked; "Are you ready for me Maddie?"

"Yes Sullivan. I want you inside of me now!" Even though she whispered she was forceful, and Sullivan grabbed her hips and lifted her to her hands and knees.

Positioning his hard length against her entrance he quickly rammed inside of her cunt. She hissed and tried to move away, but his grip tightened as he began to move with increasing speed.

Lost in the pain induced pleasure, Maddie hardly noticed that hair had begun to grow on the hands that held her hips. She didn't give it much thought when his groans of passion turned to guttural growls.

But she did notice when his pistoning cock inside her seemed much larger than it had a minute ago. Turning her head slightly to look over her shoulder, she gasped at the sight that met her eyes.

Sullivan was not the beautiful sandy brown wolf she had seen earlier that day. He was half man, half beast and even bigger that she imagined he could become.

He seemed to smile at her wolfishly and bent down to lick her face with his long tongue. His fur tickled her cheek and his golden eyes mesmerized her with their intensity.

Sullivan lifted his body once more and began to stroke with an inhuman urgency. His fur covered thighs slapped against her smooth ones and he could tell she was lost to her desire. She met each of his thrusts with her own, as they moved in unison.

Feeling her begin to clamp down around his shaft, he leaned forward and sucked her shoulder, as she stiffened on the verge of her climax; Sullivan bit down hard enough to draw blood and lapped at it's warm sweet taste.

Maddie jerked violently as her orgasm crashed over her body. Sullivan stopped moving as his knot began to form. He pushed deeper inside of Maddie and stilled his movements.

Maddie groaned but didn't move, she felt something as big as a baseball stuffed inside of her and she couldn't believe it fit. Slowly Sullivan began moving against her once more and the friction was pure bliss.

It was like having an itch scratched and she moved against him to increase the sensation. She felt her release building once again and Sullivan began moving with supernatural speed giving her an earth shattering explosion. Sullivan joined her as she cried out, howling his release into the dark room.


Megan stood upstairs just out of sight as Joe left Mama Louisa at the door to her bedroom. Waiting a few minutes after he walked away, she silently went to her grandmother's door and knocked.

She heard Mama Louisa's voice say; "Joe I thought you were going to come back tomorrow..........", as she opened the door to a stone faced Megan.

Mama Louisa had been getting ready to shower and only wore her robe. She was just Louisa and was shocked to see Megan standing there. Megan pushed her way into the room and Louisa closed and locked the door behind her.

"I saw you through my window Mama Louisa. I mean what do I call you now? I know you can't be my real grandmother. Why were you pretending to be someone else?"

Louisa groaned inwardly, the beginning of the end had just happened. Her anguish was so strong she was sure her parents could feel the panic that engulfed her being. There was no way out of this situation she had been caught with her pants down so to speak and Megan wanted answers.

Megan looked at her; whoever she was and took a seat on the large wing chair by the fireplace. The fire was almost out and she rose to throw another log on the blaze.

Turning to look at the stricken faced woman standing by the door she looked at her expectantly and sighed.

"I'm not leaving until you confess lady so start talking."

Louisa was dumbfounded, twice in less than forty-eight hours her identity had been compromised. She was definitely losing her touch and there was no turning back now. She just hoped that Megan would not refuse to go through with the mating ceremony.

From the looks of things Megan and Jackson were in love. She would trust her instincts and go for broke. What else could she do? Lying was out of the question.

"I just have one question for you before I start Megan. Do you love Jackson Clarion, Alpha of the Clarion Pack?"

"Why so formal Mama, damn I keep saying that. Of course I love him. That has nothing to do with this. I am after the truth, and I am not doing anything else until I get it, understand."

Louisa understood alright. Megan would not go forward with the mating ceremony until she was satisfied that she was told the truth. She sighed loudly and finally took a seat on the small couch across from the chair where Megan sat.

"Two hundred years ago I became an employee of an agency called the ASI. They handle all Supernatural issues dealing with creatures such as Weres, vampires, witches and any other type of being you care to imagine. They are supported by the Elder Council, which is a mix of all beings and they keep the peace between all of them. It has taken thousands of years for us to become the sophisticated people you have come to know over the last few months."

"I just learned about the ASI tonight, uh what do I call you?"

"Just call me Louisa, that's actually my real name."

"Okay, so Joslyn told me the story of a three hundred year old werewolf who didn't manage to hold onto her virginity. She messed up everything for the Were Nation for that century. I hear she had glowing copper tresses and looked like a streaking comet when she let her wolf run free."

Louisa had to smile. Megan's sarcasm wasn't lost on her, and she recognized a little of herself in the redhead she had taken care of for so long.

"Yes it's true. I am the Fiery One of legend. I disgraced my pack, and my parents and I ran away to keep me safe from repercussions. It was painful to know that I had hurt our community for the next century.In my case there would be war and strife for the next one hundred years. If I had mated successfully, the prosperity of the Were Nation would have been unlimited."

"What about your mate Louisa? What price did he pay for your failure to abstain until the Blood Moon?"

"You are talking about the year 1733. Women were not considered equal back then even among creatures as myself. He was not blamed and I was an outlaw. Charles Dupac is now an Alpha in France and he awaits the new Blood moon. We had no idea that I was the Fiery One. It was assumed that fate would just let things occur naturally, but fate had never met Charles."

Megan noticed that tears were streaming down her grandmother's face and her resolve crumbled. She joined her on the sofa and hugged the woman who had been so good to her most of her life.

"I am sorry Mama Louisa, please don't cry."

"It's alright my dear. One day I am sure you will meet The Dupac Alpha and you will understand what I mean. I thought I was in love with him but I did not understand that it was just infatuation."

Louisa sighed and continued.

"Your true mate makes you feel as if your life itself will be incomplete without them. To be separated after one is fully mated will fill you with such anxiety; that you will fight the powers that be to reunite once more. I never mated with Charles."

"But if he took your virginity why didn't he marry you?"

"The best answer I can give you is that his father would not allow it. Charles would never defy his Alpha who was also his father. The night we made love was so magical, I was sure Charles would make me his mate. But when the packs found out that I was no longer a virgin all hell broke loose. The Elders were contacted and the Prophecy was revealed. My parents knew I was in danger and began to make plans to flee. "

Louisa's tears started again and Megan hugged her closer.

"We fled our home, leaving family and friends behind. Our lives have never been the same. My Mother shaved my head and made me wear a maid's bonnet until we were safely settled in the New World. I cried myself to sleep every night for a month."

"Someone should set the record straight; you didn't just fall on his dick and cause hell on Earth. He needs to pay as well. Maybe I could get Jackson to hurt him just a little bit."

Louisa stilled and a faraway look took over her green eyes. She didn't want to place blame, Charles was a good man and she had forgiven him centuries ago. She couldn't help but laugh at Megan's angry thoughts.

"If I wanted him hurt Megan I would have done it long, long ago. But I would be ruining a family. He has since mated and has two children now. I don't want to relive the past Megan it is behind me now."

"But you deserve to be acquitted of the crime everyone has blamed you for all these years."

"It's okay Megan. I help others now; so that the same thing does not happen to them. Jackson is your true mate and I know how hard it is to be kept apart. Now you can understand why I was so adamant that you refrain from sexual contact."

"You are not the only one worried grandmother; The Elders sanctioned us as well. They set Ophelia and Joslyn on me. I was mortified."

Louisa laughed at her charge's blushing face and felt more at ease. It did not escape her ears that she had called her grandmother.

"Well let's come into the future a little bit shall we. About twenty five years ago The Elders requested that I donate a few of my eggs to produce a new Fiery One that would replace my failure. My parents and I thought this was a fair request and I complied with their wishes."

"These Elders are going to be my worst nightmare, aren't they Mama Louisa?"

"Yes and no. They are very wise and you may not agree with everything they advise, but you always have a choice. Well most of the time." Louisa smiled and got back to her story.

"Rose and Reese your adoptive parents, were best friends with Joseph and Katelyn O'Hara. Joe and Katelyn wanted a child very badly and had resorted to using In Vitro Fertilization. They were chosen to receive one of my eggs. That happened twenty one years ago."

Louisa waited a few seconds while this information sunk in and Megan looked at her with shocked green eyes.

"Me!" She whispered forcefully.

"Yes you my little one. My DNA runs in your veins and if you have ever noticed your eyes when you are angry or highly excited, you also know that a wolf is hiding deep inside you."

"There's no way I'm a werewolf? I have seen plenty of full moons and I have never changed!"

"You will have your first transformation on the night of The Blood Moon."

"It just doesn't seem fair Mama Louisa. You are still hiding from something that happened almost three hundred years ago, it just seems archaic."

"I am not hiding Megan. I am on assignment and my job is to make sure you and Jackson mate. But this assignment is special because you are a part of me. I want you to be happy and fulfill your destiny. By doing so; I will fulfill mine as well. You are my last Prophesy Protégée. It has been a thousand years since the Prophesies were instated and this Blood Moon will bring the Prophesy era to an end."

"No more virgin sacrifices to the Blood Moon Mama Louisa?"

"No more Megan, you and Jackson will bring a period of Prosperity for the whole Were Nation and it will continue as nature sees fit."

Megan looked at the beautiful copper haired woman with emerald green eyes. She was right her life had been chaotic at best, but now she felt proud to know the woman before her.

"Mama." She whispered and snuggled up next to her. Content and exhausted she finally slept not worrying about what tomorrow would bring.

Louisa Elaine Metairie silently wept tears of joy and sadness. She had dreamt of this moment for a long time. Unfortunately; it was never supposed to happen. She opened her bond to her parents once more and sent them feelings of joy and hope. They would come. They had always come when she needed them.


Joe was enjoying a deep sleep when Reggie jumped on his bed and jostled him out of his slumber. Ralph stood at the door. The smell of sex was so strong in the room, that he looked to see if the woman was still there.

"Get the hell out of here you two. I need my rest!" Joe growled.

"We were sent to wake you up by Alpha Boscoyo. He wants to talk to you about Remy."

Joe slowly opened his eyes and met the light of day. He stretched slowly, and kicked his brother out of the bed. Reggie landed on his ass and howled in pain.

"You are gonna regret that you son of a bitch!" Reggie yelled and rubbed his backside.

"Get out of my room!" Joe growled once again. "I need to get showered and dressed before I meet with Napoleon."

"She must have really been a handful if you were too tired to shower last night." Ralph smirked still holding his place at the door.

"Mind your own business, baby brother. I am a grown man and I don't need anyone looking over my shoulder." Joe walked into the bathroom and slammed the door.

His brothers howled in laughter at the scratches on their brother's back.

"He must have gotten himself a wild cat last night Ralphie. I wish I could have seen that battle it looks like she won!"

The two brothers laughed again and left their brother to get dressed. They were actually happy Joe had gotten himself some action last night. Remy had kept Joe so busy doing his dirty work, that he didn't have time for a life of his own.

Joe heard the door slam and he relaxed in the warm water that cascaded over his rock hard body. He was tired but in a good way. He and Louisa had tried to break some kind of a record last night and he hardened at the thought of what they had shared.

Wondering what the Alpha needed to speak to him about, Joe finished his shower and hurriedly got dressed.

Several minutes later Joe rapped on the door of Napoleon Boscoyo and went inside. The Alpha pointed to a chair in front of his large desk and Joe took a seat.

"Good morning Joe. I hope you and your brothers are enjoying your stay here. I know this has been quite a challenging week for you."

"Yes Alpha Boscoyo. I am looking forward to trying to start a new life with my brothers as soon as possible."

"I can understand that completely young man. I just want to let you know that your part in apprehending my nephew has not gone unnoticed. If there is ever anything I can do for you just say the word."

"Thank you Alpha Boscoyo, I will remember that. The first thing my brothers and I plan to do is visit our family. It has been quite a while since we have seen them."

"Where are you boys from Joe? I don't hear a true Louisiana accent in your voice."

"We are from Texas sir, Tyler Texas to be more specific. It is where the most beautiful roses grow."

"Well I can take issue with that, but I didn't call you in here for a pissing contest. We will just agree to disagree." Napoleon laughed and then his face became serious.

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