tagNonHumanThe Ebony Alpha Ch. 13

The Ebony Alpha Ch. 13


Welcome back to North Dakota. We find the Clarion Ranch a buzz of activity and emotions are running high. Let's hope Joe and Louisa can make it through the day......


Becky had begged Alisha's parents to consent to a sleep over and the two girls were giddy with delight. Their parents knew that they wouldn't get any sleep tonight, and gave a sigh of relief when they closed the door to Becky's bedroom.

Giggling the two girls undressed and put on their pajamas. They had a short pillow fight and fell back exhausted against the head board.

"What do you think of Ambrose Alisha? He is such a hunk. Do you know that I almost killed him when I caught his scent?" Becky giggled again and waited for her friend to respond.

"That sounds so romantic Becky; I wonder how I will react when I meet my mate?"

"Are you sure you're the romantic type Alisha? I saw you sparing the other day and you kicked that Beta's ass."

"Just because I am an accomplished warrior, doesn't mean I don't want a man to fall all over me like Ambrose does you." Alisha pouted a little and Becky felt remorseful at her words.

"I was just teasing Alisha. I want everyone to feel like I do about Ambrose. I want everyone to be in love."

Becky sighed heavily and held her pillow against her chest. Turning to look at her new best friend she smiled and wished that she could reassure her. Alisha's true mate was out there somewhere.

"You know Alisha I wanted you to meet Abe tonight because he is Ambrose's brother. I was hoping that he could be your mate."

"That would be great Becky, except that I couldn't even catch his scent. I must not have been paying attention well enough."

"You couldn't smell him at all? That's not normal, we're wolves and our sense of smell is very acute. You should have been able to smell him as soon as he sat down."

"Now that you mention it I thought it was odd at the time, but I didn't pay it much attention. What does it mean Becky? Is he hiding his scent somehow? And if he is, how that is even possible?"

"Slow down Alisha! I'll get to the bottom of this and I know just who to ask."

Picking up her phone she called her brother Bachtrane, knowing that he would be pissed because of the time.

"What!" His gruff voice yelled into Becky's ear.

"I'm sorry to bother you Bachtrane, but I was telling Alisha about New Orleans and I needed to ask you something."

"Like I said; WHAT!"

"Is it true that Louisa gave you guys a scent masking potion while you were tracking our cousin Remy?"

Becky spilled out at break neck speed.

"YES! Now don't call me again." Becky had no intention of doing so and hung up her phone.

"There is a masking potion that he could have used Alisha. Just where he got it from is anyone's guess. Any of the guys could have given it to him. But why would he hide his scent form us? You would think he didn't want to meet his mate."

"That could be it Becky, he may not want to find a mate. If he is using the potion it certainly worked on me, and now I wouldn't mate with him if he was the last wolf on earth!"

Becky smiled knowing that if Abe was Alisha's, mate she wouldn't be able to resist the pull. There was nothing Becky liked more than a challenge, and this one was more than intriguing.

She would figure out a way to expose dishonest Abe, and free his true essence to her new best friend.On the plus side it would be great to have Alisha mated to Ambrose's twin brother.

Their children would be cousins, and they could travel back and forth to Paris and Louisiana as much as they wanted. She couldn't wait to get started and lay awake plotting against Abe.


Stephan winced as he moved to get out of bed. He was still a bit sore from sparing with Sullivan and tried not to show it. He had begged off of the dinner last night electing to take care of security.

He had spent a great amount of time talking to Fabio Marconi. The Elder's enforcer was full of knowledge in the investigative field and Stephan had enjoyed their discussion.

As Stephan made his way to the bathroom; Sullivan burst into his room and jumped on his bed.

"Little brother Jackson wants to talk to you this afternoon. He was impressed with your skills the other day and wants to make you a proposal."

"Tell me what he wants Sully, I know you know. You guys never keep secrets from each other."

"You are right we don't keep secrets from each other, but that doesn't include you." Sullivan threw a pillow at his scowling sibling and left the room.

Stephan grimaced again and went to take a shower. Whatever Jackson wanted he knew it had everything to do with safe guarding the ranch. After all that was his job and he was the best man in his field.

He had trained in many aspects of law enforcement and he loved the areas of Crime Scene Investigation. In his spare time he'd been developing a computer program to help recreate crime scenes digitally.

It was in its beginning stages, but he was ready to experiment with it on any cold case that the local police would let him use. He missed working with other CSI agents and their expertise had given him the inspiration to pursue his project.

He didn't have to have the actual physical evidence in front of him to use his program. All he needed were the crime scene video and the exact measurements of all the evidence.

He could make accurate determinations by using blood samples and fingerprints with holographic images. All he needed to do was convince the Elders to let go of some of their old fashioned ways. It was in everyone's best interest to start taking advantage of the new technology.

He found out that Fabio Marconi relied on his remarkable sense of smell to solve crimes. That was a bit outdated; and he hoped to get his chance to prove his theories to the Were Nation someday.

Stephan enjoyed what he did to insure the safety of the Clarion Ranch. But he was ready to spread his wings and try new things. He wasn't mated and there was nothing tying him here. He was sure Jackson would understand.

Stephan dressed and went down to breakfast. It felt a little empty and he grabbed a quick bite and headed to the security office to work on his project.

"I guess everyone is sleeping in." He thought to himself and he walked out of the building and wondered again what Jackson wanted to see him about.


Megan stirred sleepily and snuggled closer to the warm chest at her back. She felt Jackson's erection and smiled at the burning sensation it caused against her bottom.

She had met his wolf last night and he had made a wonderful impression on her. That tongue was wicked and she couldn't wait to feel it again.

She sat up quickly as she heard a soft knock at her door.

"Megan its Louisa may I come in?"

Megan quickly whispered, "Just a minute."

She grabbed her robe from the floor and went to the door. She motioned Louisa and Joe in pressing her finger against her lips.

"Jackson is still sleeping and I don't want to wake him."

Louisa looked at her with questioning eyes and Megan hurriedly assured her that she was still intact.

"We didn't break any laws Mama Louisa we just spent the night together. Jackson and I know what we must do and we won't let The Were Nation down."

"It's alright Megan, we need to talk with Jackson anyway and we're glad he's here."

"Let me get him and then we can talk." Megan went into the bedroom to wake Jackson and Louisa and Joe took a seat on the sofa. They smiled at each other and spoke through their bond.

"I can't fault them for their love for one another Joe. They will make a great Alpha pair. I just want the best for Megan and I don't want her to end up like I did."

"You mean mated with the most handsome wolf in this room my love?" Joe held her hand and gave her his best Texas grin.

"I love being able to talk to you like this my mate. I feel like my life is now complete."

Jackson and Megan entered the sitting room and took a seat in the chair across from the newly mated couple.

"How can I help you two? It must be very important as early as it is."

Jackson looked at the couple before him and a smile brightened his face. He stood up and grabbed Joe's hand.

"Welcome to the family Joe. I can tell you and Louisa have mated. I am very happy for the both of you."

"Thank you so much Jackson, just keep that attitude when you hear what we have to tell you. We have another issue to discuss, and it concerns the attack of Joseph and Katelyn O'Hara."

"Is there news of the rogue wolves that attacked them Joe? Fabio Marconi has made it his life's ambition to find the ones responsible for their turning."

"I was there that night Jackson and I can tell you what actually happened." Joe looked at the Alpha with apprehension but a squeeze of his hand from Louisa gave him courage to tell his story.

Joe took a deep breath and began his tale. It didn't take him long and he was relieved when he finished.

"I'm not surprised that Remy was involved in this matter Joe. I'm just sorry that he involved you as well. There is no way that I can absolve you from your part in the crime; that is up to the Elder Council. It's a good thing you are mated that will keep you alive, but you will have to stand trial."

"We understand that Jackson, but we just wanted to know that you believe Joe's story." Louisa said with relief.

"Of course I do. I saw how hard he fought Remy and I know him to be an honest man. Joe you have my support."

"One more favor if we may; we need to borrow Stephan. We know that if anyone can prove that Joe was not a part of the attack it would be him."

"I'll make sure he's available to help. This is right up his alley, and I'm sure he'll jump at the chance to use some of the new equipment he suckered me into buying."

Megan rose from Jackson's lap and went to sit between Louisa and Joe. She pulled back Louisa's sweater and ran her fingers over her new mating bite.

"Congratulations, I'm so happy for the both of you. But I'm so sad to think that you could be separated because of me."

"This is not your fault baby girl. You weren't even born when this happened. Greed and blood lust are the blame for the mess we find ourselves in right now. Keep your head up and pray to Luna that this will be over soon."

Louisa hugged Megan close and kissed the tears from her eyes. This was going to be a long day and she was happy that they had gotten the ball rolling. Now it was in Fabio Marconi's court, and she would be ready for any move he wanted to make.

"I'll go back to my room and get dressed. I'll meet you in my office in twenty minutes."

Jackson rose and pulled Megan into his arms, trying to kiss her fears away.

"It will be alright my love. Luna is not so cruel as to separate mates. Keep the faith and I'll see you soon."

He walked into the closet and reopened the sliding panel quickly disappearing into his room. Jackson's face became pensive and he hurriedly took a shower.

This was awful. He would never have guessed Joe was involved in the attack on his mate's parents. It didn't look good for him unless Stephan could work his magic.

"Damn!" He swore. "I don't need this shit right now. The mating ceremony is so close and now this. I was hoping things were going to be calm from now on."

He dressed and went to his office. Joe, Louisa and Megan were already there and he took a seat behind his desk.

"We are going to turn you in to Fabio Marconi, the security enforcer for the Elder Council. I'll make sure that Stephan is on the case, and we'll take care of this before it can become a problem."

Jackson sounded more confident than he felt. He knew that they were in for the fight of their lives and he would protect Megan and her family with his own. He just hoped it wouldn't come to that.

He cringed as his phone rang and wondered who was calling him this early.

"Jackson here." He said into the phone.

"Marconi here Alpha Clarion. Jobel and I would like a meeting with you as soon as possible. We hope that you can spare a moment for us it is of the utmost importance."

"Of course Fabio. I am in my office, you may come right over."

"Thank you Alpha Clarion. We will see you soon."

Jackson put down the phone and looked at his new family sitting anxiously before him. Sighing loudly he said;

"It has begun my friends, the wolf is at the gate."


Becky and Alisha met Ambrose in the dining hall for a late breakfast. The young women were still excited from their night together and decided to let Ambrose in on their suspicion about Abe.

"We think he is hiding his scent Ambrose. Louisa Metairie gave the men a potion that would mask their scent when they were in New Orleans and we think Abe is using it."

"I didn't smell anything at all when he joined us last night and that is just not normal."

Ambrose looked at the two plotting females and rolled his eyes. His brother was in trouble now and he wasn't going to be able to help him out.

He was beginning to see that Becky was as stubborn as his mother was, and there was no stopping her when she got started.

"Why would he want to hide his scent Ambrose? You are his brother maybe he will tell you what his problem is." Becky looked at her mate and pouted her face taking on a sad and moping expression.

"Damn! Damn! Damn!" Ambrose groaned to himself as he recognized that look.

"I don't want to interfere with whatever my brother is doing Becky. I am sure he has a good explanation for what he is up to, and I don't want him thinking I care one way or the other."

Alisha and Becky each crooked their arms in Ambrose's and gave him that face. He could feel his composure cracking. Becky's scent combined with both of their young hot bodies hugged against him was too much for him to handle.

"Alright I'll see what I can find out, but I'm not promising you anything. He's my brother I owe him a little loyalty, we are family after all."

"I know my mate, but we will be family soon and you are just taking care of me. It's what mates do for each other." Becky was certainly taking advantage of their emotional tie and he knew it.

Ambrose sighed and finished his breakfast as soon as the two women let go of him. He was pissed at Abe for putting him in this position. He reached out with his bond and felt nothing.

Abe was blocking him and he regretted his insistence for him to do so. It would make things much easier if he could use their connection to find out what he was up to.

Maybe if they spared together; he could make him angry enough to drop his guard. He just hoped it would be long enough for him to find out his secret.


Fabio was so excited, that he had to force himself to slow down as he followed Jobel and Serena to Jackson's office. It was about to happen, he was going to get his man! His black eyes shown with glee and he shivered with ecstasy.

They knocked on the door of the Alpha's office and Jackson called for them to enter. Fabio stopped in his tracks as he saw the faces of Louisa and Joe as well as Megan in the room.

"Good morning Jackson, I see you have already started you day." Jobel had noticed the group and took a seat with Serena on the love seat. Fabio continued to stand.

"I think I know why you are here, my friend and we are ready to comply with any demands you have to make."

"You say we Jackson, are you aware of the crimes this man has committed against your mate and her parents?" asked Fabio.

"I am aware of the night in question, but as far as crimes I am not convinced there was one committed by this man."

"The evidence of his scent proves otherwise Alpha Clarion. I'll never forget his smell and we have more evidence than just my nose to prove it."

Fabio was livid. How could this Alpha show such blatant disregard for his authority? There would be no leniency here.

"I am not here to fight you Fabio. My goal and those of my family; are to find out the truth of what really happened that night. Joe has told me his story and I suggest you listen to him as well."

"The time to listen is not on my agenda, but his scent has sealed his fate Alpha Clarion. I will see that justice is carried out as soon as possible."

Louisa stood and lowered the collar of her sweater for the room to see. "We are mated you can't execute him now. We will have our day in court."

To say Fabio Marconi was speechless would be an understatement. His eyes bulged in his head as he looked at Louisa's scar. Joe stood at her side and showed his as well.

"We are ready to face the Elder Council Jobel. We will prove that Joe is innocent of the crimes you think he may have committed." Louisa's voice belied her fear at what was to come.

The enforcer pulled silver hand cuffs from his back pockets and gathered his composure. He walked up to Joe and made his arrest.

"Joe Chambers of Texas you are hereby accused of the attempted murder of Megan O'Hara and the forced turning of her parents Joseph and Katelyn O'Hara. This is a crime punishable by death, but you will be incarcerated until you can prove otherwise."

"No! He is innocent! Joe would never try to harm me or my parents!" Megan cried out as Fabio opened the cuffs in his hands.

Jackson gathered Megan in his arms and pulled her away from Joe.

Joe said nothing and Louisa stood proudly at his side. Fabio cuffed him and led him to the basement of the main house where the holding cells were located.

They were lucky; the house was virtually empty and they made it downstairs without incident. When Fabio took Joe into the cell Louisa made to join him, but Jackson pulled her back.

"We need you out here Louisa. You will need to help Stephan find out all he can to gain his release."

Louisa felt tears slide silently down her caramel colored face. They had just mated and the urge to be with Joe was unbearable. Megan pulled her into her arms and tried to give her some strength.

Louisa knew she was in trouble because she had mated with Joe, and could be imprisoned as well. It was a premeditated move and The Elder Council would not like what she had done. They didn't like to be outsmarted and would make sure she felt their displeasure at her actions.

Louisa looked at Jackson and saw him deep in concentration. She turned to take a last look at Joe before the door was closed between them.

"I love you my mate and I will do everything I can to end this nightmare. I promise you that you will be free!" Louisa felt Joe send her love through their bond and she held onto Megan a little tighter.

"Don't worry my love; everything will work out just fine. I have faith in you and our new family."

The large metal door closed between them and Fabio showed his happiness at separating the newly mated pair. Louisa Metairie thought she had thwarted him, but he would make her pay as well.

He would need the Elder Council's approval on that, but for right now he was satisfied to have her mate.

Today had started out a little shaky for Fabio Marconi, but now he could smile. Joe was in custody and Louisa would soon join him.

He could feel his arousal growing at the results of his morning. He reflected that life was good, and now he needed to find someone to share his hard on with.


Stephan hurried to the main house responding to Jackson's summons. His Alpha and friend sounded strange and he was curious as to what was causing his stress.

As he entered the hallway he saw Fabio Marconi leaving the basement with Jobel and Serena. Jackson and Megan followed them along with Louisa trailing behind.

The only person that had a smile on their face was Marconi and it was more like a leer. Looking at Jackson with concern he followed him to his office.

A feeling if foreboding hit him and he knew this meeting was not going to be a happy one.

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