tagNonHumanThe Ebony Alpha Ch. 14

The Ebony Alpha Ch. 14


Welcome back. Joe and Louisa are in for a very stressful afternoon. Fabio gets disappointing news and we find that first loves lasts a life time.


As the three travelers made their way from the Badlands of North Dakota to the Clarion Ranch, Stephan contacted Jackson through his bond and let him know they were on their way.

"We're heading back home Jackson. The manager of the trailer park has agreed to testify on Joe's behalf. He was actually the one who shot Remy that night."

"That's great news Stephan. I will find a nice quiet place for him to stay while he is here."

"Well that is why I contacted you. We would like to keep him secluded until the trial. We don't want anyone to make him disappear before he has a chance to give his testimony."

"You've been reading to many mystery novels Stephan. I am sure he will be safe on my compound."

"Please humor me Jackson, Louisa has a feeling about this and wants to keep him under wraps. He is Fey, and they tend to disappear anyway. We don't want the man to get spooked."

"I know the perfect place. I will ask Katelyn and Joseph to let him stay at their home. That is the last place anyone would think to look."

"I agree that's pretty clever Jackson. No wonder you're the Alpha, who else would be that devious."

"I will see you in a few hours. If I don't talk to you again, just assume that it is clear to go to the O'Hara's home."

"Alright Jackson see you then."

Stephan looked in the back seat at their traveling companion and let him know that his Alpha knew they were on their way.

"My Alpha is making housing arrangements for you Lefyr. He is showing his sense of humor by asking the couple that was attacked, to let you be their guest while you are there."

Louisa laughed and Lefyr joined her. It broke a little tension in the SUV and everyone breathed a little easier. Lefyr didn't think anything could dampen his good mood. He was on his way to perform his last assignment and soon he would be home.

Home. He had tried so hard not to think about it. He missed his family and just thinking about the smell of the air there made his mouth water.

Lefyr never understood how any of his Liosalfar kinsmen could voluntarily stay away from their beautiful World. Many had made the transition to the human world when they'd found their mates here, and he would never understand them.

The Goddess of Light said he was needed to correct a wrong. He would be happy to give his testimony, but what if there was more to it than that?

Their Goddess was often vague, and he knew that most of her messages often had double meanings. He leaned back into the comfortable seat of the SUV and relaxed. There was no use borrowing trouble, as he'd heard so many of the humans say and he closed his eyes.

Louisa looked at the pale blond man in the back seat and sighed. He was very handsome; even gorgeous some might say. He stood head and shoulders over her in height, and he was slender in almost a feminine way, but strength and power radiated off the man.

His eyes were a cool blue gray and his jaw was square and strong. He moved swiftly with little movement and it seemed as if he tried to take up less space than was required as if he was trying to make himself small.

His hair had caught her attention the most because it was blond but closer to silver. She was sure that if it was not covered by his old hooded sweat top, it would probably shimmer in the moon light.

It was odd that he was so calm traveling with strangers, and she assumed that he could take of himself just fine if he needed to. He kept himself covered up and his hair tied back under his hood. What was he hiding from she wondered and looked at him once again.

"My dear Louisa; ask of me your questions. I will answer what I can, the Fey are very mysterious and I am true to my people." Lefyr smiled at her and she decided to take him up on his offer.

"I mistakenly thought you were Elvin at the trailer park. Why didn't you correct me?"

"It is a common mistake among Earth dwellers. I suppose it must be the pointy ears." Lefyr smirked.

This brought a smile to Louisa's face and she pressed forward.

"Why were you banished from your land Lefyr?"

"I was accused of taking something very precious and I refused to defend myself. Our Elders could tell that I was innocent, but since I would not tell them who I was protecting; I was banished for fifty years."

"What were you accused of taking?" Stephan asked, joining the conversation.

"That is a question I cannot answer young Stephan. I am sure you know that."

"I sort of figured that, but I had to ask."

Louisa asked another question. "Are you mated in your land? One of our Elders is mated to a Were in the Clarion pack. Perhaps you know her; her name is Serena Kirk. Her mate is Jobel McKenna; he is an Elder on the Council as well."

A shocked expression passed quickly over Lefyr's face. Hiding his surprise at his friend Serena's name, he answered the first question.

"I am not mated Louisa. In all my years I have never met the one. I envy you Louisa. I hope that I am truly of help to you and your mate."

The comment quieted Louisa and gave Lefyr a chance to think. He had not seen Serena Kirk since his banishment and he wasn't sure if he wanted to see her now. He was glad that he would be secluded and relaxed at the thought.

It wasn't easy living without magic. He couldn't fly or cast a spell. The only thing he was left with was his immortality. The Elders wanted to make sure he didn't die before he completed his tasks.

Was Serena a loose end they wanted tied up? Did they know about their past? Oh well he thought, only time will tell.


Megan sat listlessly starring out of Jackson's office windows. She was preoccupied with thoughts of Louisa and Joe, and Jackson thought it would be best if she stayed close.Unfortunately for him his mother and Aphasia Dupac had other idea.

The two women had gathered Joslyn Boscoyo and her daughter Becky along with Alisha and were on their way to retrieve Megan from Jackson's office. It was time for the younger women to learn what would happen on the night of the Blood Moon Ceremony.

Ophelia stuck her head in Jackson's door and smiled sweetly. "I have need of Megan my son. I hope you don't mind she will be safe with me."

Jackson went to the window seat where Megan was sitting and sat next to his mate. He felt helpless in the face of her unhappiness and took her face in his hands.

"Megan; do you wish to go with my mother? I know you are worried about Joe, but a little distraction might not be so bad."

Megan sighed heavily and rose from the window seat. She didn't try to hide her anxiety. "I think it's a good idea. I could use something to occupy my mind."

"Well; have fun if you can, I will be here if you need me." Jackson pulled Megan into his arms and kissed her slowly causing his mother to clear her throat.

"Enough son, we need to be on our way the other women are waiting."

"What are you up to mother? I don't want you giving Megan any unsolicited advice."

"Come now my son, would I do anything of the sort? We are just getting together for a little girl talk. Don't worry we sent word for Maddie to join us as well. We think Sullivan can stand to be without her for one afternoon."

Jackson laughed at the thought of Sullivan moping around without his mate and threw up his hands in defeat.

"Okay Mother, just don't scare her away. I do want to be mated and I will need Megan to seal the deal."

Ophelia took Megan's hand and lead her out of the room. They climbed the stairs to her and Anderson's suite and she opened the door. Maddie immediately grabbed her cousin and hugged her tightly having just found out about Joe and Louisa.

"Megan I am so sad. Mama Louisa has never done anything to have such bad luck. Someone has put the Gris Gris on our family; that is the only explanation I can think of. We just can't seem to catch a break."

Megan smiled and clung to Maddie for the warmth she radiated. She smelled of Sullivan and vanilla soap and that made Megan smile. No matter what Maddie thought was wrong; at least she and Sullivan were happy.

Ophelia clapped her hands to get everyone's attention and smiled at the group gathered in her quarters.

"Ladies a few of us here are already mated, two of you are waiting for the Ceremony and Alisha here is yet to find her true love." Alisha made a face and the women laughed.

"You won't be making that kind of face when He comes into your life. Maybe Becky can give you a few pointers when it comes to claiming him." Becky turned beet red and the room erupted with laughter.

This is just what I need; thought Megan, and was suddenly glad she came. Ophelia stood and walked to the table across the room, and Megan wondered if she would look so beautiful at three hundred years of age.

A knock sounded at the door and Becky rose to open it. A small woman entered, her hazel eyes standing out from her small dark face. Behind her stood the tall woman Megan had noticed last night at the dinner.

"Welcome Evelyn and Hazel. Evelyn is newly mated to Hosuk our shaman and Hazel has just discovered her mate the young man Abraham Gastoni."

Ophelia hugged the petite woman close to her side and smiled. "Hazel is also my niece. Her mother will arrive soon; she was elated to hear the news."

Becky and Alisha motioned for Hazel to sit by them and Evelyn took a seat on the small sofa close to the door.

Megan looked at Evelyn closely and the Beta returned her gaze. She is so beautiful, Megan thought, Why did she make Jackson so uncomfortable?

As she looked at the woman realization suddenly colored her mind and jealousy as well. It seemed that Evelyn realized the change and she quickly looked at Ophelia who was still speaking.

"Now ladies; Megan is human and has no idea what is expected of her during the ceremony. We are here to inform and dispel rumors. No mating is the same and this one will be a historical event. I want Megan to be as comfortable as she can be, given the circumstances."

Ophelia was nothing if not manipulative. In a house with two domineering males she learned quickly to use her highly developed mind.

She wanted Evelyn and Megan to get to know each other and this was the first step. It was going to take all of her Alpha Bitch wit to bring them together but it was necessary.

Evelyn could easily dominate Megan, but she had known the Beta all of her life and that wasn't her style. Megan on the other hand was high strung, hot tempered and stubborn.

There were only five days left before the ceremony and ready or not, Megan would become Madam Alpha of the Clarion Pack.

She would have more than Evelyn to contend with in the days ahead. It would help tremendously if she and Evelyn were at least friendly toward one another. If that happened the others would fall in line.

"Come on ladies, have some food and get comfortable, we can talk while we eat."

Ophelia stood behind the table filled with elegant finger sandwiches, a veggie tray and assorted fruit. Cupcakes of every flavor sat on a three tiered plate and the women filled their plates with the goodies.

Megan waited to be last to approach the buffet table. After she had filled her plate she took a seat in between Maddie and Evelyn.

Ophelia looked on as the two women sized each other up. This was going to be interesting; she thought and began the chat.

"Evelyn you have just mated and so has Maddie, how are you two finding mated life?"

Maddie couldn't help but smile. There was no way she would tell these women what Sullivan and done to wake her up this morning, and she quivered at the memory.

"I love knowing that Sullivan and I are life mates. It is freeing to know that I don't have to spend any more time looking for the man of my dreams. I get to wake up to him every morning."

Maddie suddenly started to cry and Megan laughed at her cousin and pulled her in for a hug.

"I spent so much time trying to find the right man for me, and then one day Sully just walked into my life. It happened so fast I think my head is still spinning. But seriously he is the fairy tale come to life and I wish every woman could feel as I do." Megan handed Maddie a tissue and she whipped her eyes.

"I'm sorry for getting all sappy on you guys, but it's true. I feel like my life has just begun since we mated. The telepathic communication is a great perk. It's really cool to feel your mate with you, even when they are a hundred miles away."

"That's what makes our matings so special Maddie, it's the bond we share. Knowing that you're so close to your mate, makes your relationship that much stronger." Ophelia was pleased and nodded at Evelyn.

"Do you feel the same way Evelyn?" The older woman felt things were moving along nicely and didn't want a lull in the conversation.

"I feel like my life has just begun. Hosuk makes me feel truly loved and wanted. All of my past relationships pale in comparison to the passion that we share."

Evelyn was so caught up in her thoughts of her mate, that she forgot she was speaking to the Mother of her last lover.

"I mean no offence to Jackson Madame Alpha. He and I knew that we were not mates and that anything we shared would eventually have to end."

"Did you love him Evelyn?" Megan asked before Ophelia could respond.

Evelyn hesitated and looked at the woman at her side. "Yes I did love Jackson. We were together for a very long time and I would be a liar if I said I didn't care for him."

Megan nodded in understanding and Evelyn continued.

"But the love I felt for Jackson is a quiet whisper compared to the loud roar of my feelings for my mate. What I thought was love turned out to be only infatuation. Right now it is hard to remember those feelings; my mind won't let me dwell there."

Evelyn sighed and smiled joyously. "My mate fulfills all of my needs. My desires are his desires and we complete each other. I know it sound cliché, but it's true. When you and Jackson mate you will understand how I feel."

Hearing that Evelyn was so in love with her mate, filled Megan with a sense of relief. She took Evelyn's hand in her own and gave it a squeeze.

"Thank you for being so honest Evelyn, especially about your relationship with Jackson. He seemed uneasy when you arrived last night and I thought you were the woman he had mentioned."

"My son should have told you himself my dear, but he is just a man and probably thought he could wait until he thought the time was right."

The women laughed at the Ophelia's lament and waited to see who would speak next.

"Evelyn and Maddie mated privately which is totally acceptable among Weres. Becky you, Alisha and Hazel may be expected to have a more public ceremony because you are of the Alpha's family."

The three teenagers giggled at the thought of becoming mated women and Ophelia rolled her eyes.

"Megan, I am afraid that you must have a public ceremony because you are mating an Alpha of a large pack." She smiled at the red haired woman when she saw fear in her eyes.

"It is tradition Megan, and because this is the year of the Blood Moon your audience is bigger than most."

"Is it similar to the pyre burning we had at the Boscoyo Compound?"

"Just a little I'm afraid. The whole pack will be invited to be there, but this is not a death but a birth of a new love. You and Jackson will make love for all to see, and you will need to prepare yourself mentally for that."

Ophelia smiled at her oldest friend and remarked.

"I remember your mating Joslyn. I thought Napoleon was going to break you in half. He is so much bigger than you are, and I feared for your life." Ophelia laughed at the fake outrage on her friends face and the others joined in.

"I wasn't old enough to be there for your mating Miss O; but I bet Luna was there." Joslyn retorted.

"OOOOOOO!" The women said in unison and laughter erupted in the room.

"Anyway! Megan has to be a virgin for the Prophesy to be fulfilled. She is a rare commodity in the world today. The virgin blood is needed as a sacrifice to Luna, who will illuminate our world and bless our Nation. Weres and all nonhuman beings alike will prosper on that night."

"It has been very difficult to keep my virginity intact Ophelia. I thought there was something wrong with me because I couldn't even give it away."

"Now you know that it was because of the Prophecy. You and my son have not totally obeyed the Elders and that must end today. No more sexual activity my dear. I know you think it is innocent, but we have rules for a reason. Tell Jackson that he is not as smart as he thinks he is."

Megan blushed up to her hairline and Maddie gave her a thumbs up. Megan knew just what she was thinking; YOU GO GIRL!


Jobel sat in the empty conference room the Elder council was using to hold an emergency meeting. As the others entered the room his face brightened as he saw his mate.

Serena was talking to Nicolai Buskin, The Russian Elder, and stopped long enough to give Jobel a smile. When all twelve were seated Nicolai addressed the gathering.

"We have all come to the Clarion compound at this time to witness the Blood Moon Ceremony. This will be a different celebration because it will be available to the packs that cannot be here. The technology today makes this possible and we welcome this."

He stopped to look at his fellow Elders and smiled at Serena Kirk. She was so beautiful and brought sunshine into any room.

"But our time here has been darkened because of the past. Fabio Marconi our overzealous enforcer; has arrested a man by the name of Joe Chambers. He accuses him of attacking the parents of the Fiery One over twenty one years ago"

"Nicolai you well know that I support his claim. No one has a better sense of smell than Fabio and he has served this council well in the past." Jobel spoke calmly although his anger was apparent.

"I understand that my friend, but you should know better than most, that justice is not his only motive here. But my goal is to keep this celebration on track, and not spend my time trying to settle petty disputes."

"Twenty-one years ago this crime was not considered so petty Nicolai. We demanded that the attackers be found. Now that one has been brought into custody you don't seem quite so enthusiastic."

"The problem is the elapsed time and the timing of this arrest. This man came here of his own volition. He is mated to a very important participant in the ceremony, and he is backed by two of the most influential Alphas in the Were Nation."

The large man stopped to let his words sink in and looked at Jobel and Serena once more.

"If they choose to they could garner more support. I hear that Charles Dupac is one of those who would stand for him. Because of his history with Louisa Metairie; he would do anything to make her happy."

Jobel knew where this was going. In order to avoid a shakeup in the Council and anger the Alpha in question; these weak pompous asses were going to set Joe Chambers free. There wasn't even going to be a trial and Fabio wouldn't be happy.

"Just say what you brought us here to say Nicolai. I grow weary of this posturing." Everyone turned to look at Serena Kirk and gasped. Nicolai was their leader and no one spoke to him with such disrespect.

"I feel you forget yourself Serena my dear, but be that as it may I will do as you ask. There will be no trial. We are here now to discuss a fitting punishment for Joe Chambers for fleeing the scene of a crime. We also need to let Louisa Metairie know that she is not above Elder law. She mated with Joe Chambers to manipulate our actions."

"Is the Clarion shaman here already?" the Elder from Africa asked.

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