tagErotic HorrorThe Edge of Darkness

The Edge of Darkness


All characters are simple figments of my imagination and are 18 years of age or older.


"Is it the beast you fear?" She asked quietly.

The small, dark skinned girl in front of her did not look up to where the soft, feminine voice came from. Her dark, tight curls were matted to the side of her face, sweat trickling down the tip of her nose only to be knocked off when her young body was slammed forward repeatedly by the man behind her.

This had gone on for over an hour and the youthful body of Rhonda Jameson was beginning to bruise as the large man behind her continued to pound his cock into her nearly dry pussy. The price for a rock was one that she had paid numerous times over the last year, a piece of ass for a bit of relief in her drug driven life. She didn't mind fucking, it was her second favorite pastime next to drug use and if she could get both then life was good...except this time. Oh, she had been beaten and roughed up before, even had rough sex numerous times, but never fucked until it hurt like tonight.

Her pussy had started to go dry after her third orgasm had taken her. The size of the cock stretching her pussy and the rough hands on her black tipped nipples had driven her over the edge but he had still not released his load inside her. When the first signs of soreness set in she had tried sucking the large mans cock with the hope of making him cum so she could get out of here but he just stayed rock hard until finally grabbing her and flipping her on the stomach. The saliva that was still on his cock served as lubricant for only a handful of strokes back inside her before the friction began to cause pain again.

'If only the pale bitch hadn't come in', she thought to herself. The thrusting from behind had not let up and she didn't want to look up into the face of the white woman that had come in only moments after they had started fucking. Knowing that some dealers liked to watch her eat their girlfriends pussy was nothing new so she didn't say anything about the woman being in the shabby room and seeing her get fucked.

"Go ahead," The voice whispered, "Taste me, taste what so many have died for."

The young black girl lifted her head, the intoxicating scent of the pale woman's pussy filling her nose, the smooth, white thighs spread before her only inches away. Her mind blocked out the pain coming from between her legs as she stared forward, mouth opening, tongue slipping out and stretching forward. The smooth thighs led up to a clean shaved, puffy pussy with slightly darker inner lips flowering out beneath a thick, swollen clit. A trickle of pussy juice was leaving a clear trail from the small gap at the entrance of the pussy onto a tight, hairless asshole, the moisture reflecting the light from the single bulb that hung from above.

Rhonda really didn't mind eating pussy and this one was absolutely beautiful to her. Her tongue reached for the huge, swollen clit just as the man behind her slammed deeply into her own pussy, the force pushing her face into the narrow strip of dark pubic hair that started just above that beautiful clit and ended in a neat rectangle several inches up.

"You are not very good at this."

"I'm...I'm sorry," She stammered out in between thrusts, "I will try harder to, ugh, please you." Her tongue finally found the large, fleshy clit and began licking up and down, her saliva wetting the sensitive area.

It wasn't that Selene didn't enjoy having her pussy eaten by crack whores but her true pleasure came from watching the humiliation they were willing to submit to for a quick fix. She would often reach an orgasm from the nasty street dwellers but rarely anything that left her satisfied for more than a few minutes. She had often been called a predator who fed on sex and humiliation, a reputation so severe that even her fellow Vampires were unwilling to bed her any longer leaving her twisted tastes to feed on humans and shifters.

Vanak, the man fucking Rhonda Jameson raw, was a shifter, part man, part beast who reveled in the sexual ludeness that Selene constantly offered him. Rhonda had no idea what this fix had gotten her into or that this would be her last night in this world.

"Vanak?" Selene called to him glancing down to the black curls buried between her thighs.

"What?" Vanak growled, his thick hands each clasped one of the girls big ass cheeks as he continued to pound her mercilessly, sweat dripping off his shoulder length hair and running down the back of the girls dark thighs.

"Shift." She ordered, a smile crossing her beautiful face.

"What?" He asked again, his thick cock pulling nearly all the way out before slamming back in.

"Shift." She ordered once more, eyebrows dipping in a demanding stare that locked with Vanak's eyes, "Now."

Rhonda knew something was wrong by the tone of the woman's voice and by the fact that Vanak had stopped fucking her for the briefest of moments. Then she knew pain.

When the thick shaft of Vanak's cock slid all the way back to the hilt he paused. His cock was large compared to most that she had seen but now it was impossibly swelling inside. Her eyes bulged as she felt him slide amazingly deeper into her womb, the wall of her pussy stretching, the pain nearly unbearable. The hands that gripped her ass were suddenly digging into her, sharp pricks of pain, until finally she felt the skin of her ass cheeks punctured by the tips of the claws. She cried out in pain, her face pulling away from the pussy in front of her only to feel two hands grab the back of her skull and roughly force her face back between the soaking wet lips, her nose buried in the wetness between the two flaps of moist skin. She couldn't breath and couldn't get loose of the pale woman's grip that held her tight against the wet, swollen pussy.

Vanak completed the change, his snout elongating several inches to resemble a wolf head, his teeth becoming sharp fangs, ears pulling back. Dark grey and silver hair covered his body, his legs bulged with muscle his nut sack growing and hanging down. His eyes, a supernatural glow to them, traced down his ripped, fur covered chest and stomach to where his cock now stretched the whore's pussy beyond its limits, the animal in him panted heavily.

"Now fuck her Vanak, fill her with your Wolfen seed." And he did.

Vanak pounded the black ass in front of him, his cock tearing into the screaming whores pussy as Selene encouraged every one of his mighty thrusts. His eyes now locked on Selenes as his pace quickened, she licked her lips, "Time to cum Vanak." She said before lifting her left breast, firm and round, towards her mouth, the nipple set high atop the smooth curve, hard and extended from the excitement. Her tongue flicked out between pearl white teeth, between two razor sharp fangs, and licked the rock hard nipple before she sucked it longingly between her full, dark painted lips. The hard nub was sucked in and out of her mouth accompanied by slurping and moaning as her other hand effortlessly rubbed Rhonda's face up and down her gushing slit.

The huge beast flexed its powerful thighs, muscle rippling with power beneath a thin coat of fur, his hips thrusting forward violently and with amazing speed. The whore continued to try and please the sweet, intoxicating pussy in front of her but was having difficulty as the force of the thrusts from behind drove her harder and harder into the beautiful pussy. A mixture of severe pain and intense pleasure overtook her as she felt the massive inhuman cock bury itself as deeply as possible before unleashing a hot stream of cum. She screamed out as her damaged body gave into a mind shattering orgasm, her pussy throbbing as the beasts cock continued to pulse before finally all movement ended. Rhonda had blacked out.

Vanak's cock quickly began to soften and slipped from the whore's pussy with a squishing sound. A flood of cum with a hint of blood ran out of the whores stretched hole, her inner canal bruised and bloodied from the vicious fucking she had just received.

"Oh very nice Vanak! You've rocked the poor dear to sleep." Selene grinned, the tips of her teeth barely visible.

Shifting back to human Vanak was already pulling his jeans up and buckling them, "I don't think I should meet with you anymore Selene."

"Oh why is that my pet?" She asked rolling the unconscious black girl from between her wet thighs and onto her back. "She really does have a tender young body," She said looking at Vanak, "don't you think?"

"You already know why." He said gruffly pulling his dirty muscle shirt on.

"Oh yes, now I remember." She ran her hands over the whores dark, firm breasts, pinching the nipples back until they were firm once more, "You don't want your precious Rachel to know that you fuck around on her, that she can't satisfy your animal nature. Is that right?" She smiled satisfied.

"Yes, that's exactly right!" He stared at her, "I do it because you make me do it."

"Oh Vanak, always so dramatic. I could let you out of my servitude but then you would wonder every day if beautiful Rachel was going to find out how her older sister died." Selene finished smugly.

"I should kill you and be done with it."

"Vanak, how many times do you think I have heard that?" She asked sliding her body over the top of the prone whore, hands running down her thighs.

"Maybe I should just let you tell her. Then you would have to find someone new to be your twisted sex toy."

"Hmmm, that wouldn't be much fun," Selenes long, black fingernails slid between the whores closed inner thighs where they grasped the flesh and eased them apart, "besides, who else would do such a masterful job of getting my prey ready?" The whore's pussy was swollen, her hole still gaping with a steady flow of cum that had turned a shade of pink smeared down her ass crack, her inner thighs, and finally a puddle on the table.

Selene slid her tongue out, the tip slipping between the spread black lips of the unconscious whores pussy, scooping up a thick glob of the pinkish liquid, "Mmm," She grinned, "A bit of blood, a bit of cum, almost perfect. I wonder if your precious Rachel would taste as delicious?" She said before stabbing her tongue down between the girl's ass cheeks to lick at the thick glob of cum that had settled there. Greedily she lapped at the unconscious whore's pussy and ass until there was no sign of Vanak's cum or the girl's blood. Looking up, perfect face smeared with the mixture of fluids, she was surprised to see that Vanak had left without even saying goodbye.

'Pity.' She thought to herself before finally feeding her true hunger.

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