tagLoving WivesThe Education of an Asian Wife Ch. 01

The Education of an Asian Wife Ch. 01


This is a series of two stories, on how I became obsessed of being a voyeur as well as a swinger. It took time and a lot of energy before I could influence my wife to fulfill my desire to see her with other men, but it was worth it. The combination of these two factors later led us to become involved with wife swapping. And this is how it happened.



It was a Saturday evening. Both Zaidah and I were watching TV, awaiting the arrival of guests, while our two young kids were sleeping in the next room. Zaidah looked great in her long dress. I wore only a t-shirt and jeans. As a young Asian couple, we entertained only close friends dressed like this, but as was also our custom, Zaidah had prepared a few dishes, now spread on the dining table as we awaited our friends.

When the door bell chimed we both stood up., I moved to the door and opened it. Our guests had arrived. I invited them in and shook Chris's hand as I closed the door...I embraced his wife, Janet and felt those lovely full breasts of hers push against my chest and her crotch grinding against my already swollen cock. I saw Chris pull Zaidah close and give her a passionate kiss while one hand roamed over my wife's own lovely tits. This could have gone on much longer, but Zaidah invited us to the dining table before the food got cold.

With the meal finished, we were sitting on the settee, eating snacks, drinking, and chatting. I sat next to Janet, while Zaidah was sitting beside Chris. At first it was just the innocuous chatter everyone engages in, but as the level of the wine bottles went down, I could see our libidos were going up. Soon the conversation turned to sex and I found that Janet was enjoying the fact my warm hand had slipped inside her blouse and captured her left breast. I had the sense that the same thing was happening between Zaidah and Chris, but couldn't say anything because my mouth was covering Janet's. I barely heard Chris suggest that he and Zaidah go into the bedroom, telling her that it looked like we would be joining them soon. Zaidah laughed and took his hand to pull him towards the bedroom. In the midst her laughter, Janet rose and took my hand, whispering that she too wanted to go into the bedroom.

Chris and Zaidah were not that far ahead of us, but by the time Janet and I reached the bedroom, Chris was already taking off Zaidah's long dress, leaving her in only her panties and bra. She looked beautiful standing there engaged in a passionate kiss while Chris's hands roamed over her body. I would have liked to have watched more, but Janet had already found the button holding my jeans up and was unfastening it as I continued fondling her beautiful breasts while trying to pull her blouse off. She won the struggle and knelt before me to take my swollen cock in her mouth.

I had just enough time to look over and see Chris finish undressing and steering my lovely wife onto the bed. Zaidah was giggling. She knew that within moments Chris would spread her legs wide and slowly slide his cock into her already wet pussy.

Janet had pulled my briefs down and was holding my rigid rod in one hand as her other grasped the balls hanging beneath it, filled with the milky white, thick load of cum I wanted to put in her own cunt. But she had other ideas first. I groaned with pleasure as I felt her hot mouth cover the head of my cock. Her tongue was like a serpent, coiling around it as she licked my pre-cum from the tip. I couldn't help but encourage her by putting both hands behind her head and pulling her closer to the curly hairs of my pubes. When she started that back and forth motion that captured every nerve ending in my cock, I almost blew my load without thinking about the fact I wanted it inside her cunt, not in her mouth – at least not the first time. As the lovely Janet sucked me, I saw on the other side of the bed, Chris, resting on outstretched arms, with only his cock touching Zaidah, slowly lowering his hips to sink his cock into my smiling wife. The view almost made me cum immediately. . How, and why did this all start?

Well, as the preface to this story said, my name is Zaki, an Asian man, born and bred in Malaysia. I am 35, married to a beautiful Asian lady, by the name of Zaidah. She is 29 years of age and we have 2 young children. We are a working couple, living in a modest home, with a maid to look after our home and the kids while we are working.

Before, whenever I read a lot of stories on the web or heard how men seem to be very interested in watching their wife get fucked by other men, I just laughed it off. I thought it might be some weird fantasies, or that they truly were. However it never stopped me from reading about it, more and more. It never ever crossed my mind that these fantasies or the weird thinking would ever happen in my life – at least until I really become obsessed with the idea of doing it.

It all started when I was sent to the city for a short course of a year. Since my wife was working, and not able to apply a long leave, I went alone. I had been offered hostel accommodations for the duration of the course, but since my sister-in-law, Zarina, Zaidah's elder sister, lived not far from my course center, she invited me to stay with her and her husband, Osman. It was much more convenient because, if my family wanted to drop by, they too could stay with us rather than my having to search for a hotel or something.

They only have one child who currently was away at college, so only they were living in the house. Initially I didn't see anything strange after moving in. In the morning, when I got up, both of them were still in their bedroom. When I came home, either one of them was home, both away, or both are home. Once in a while, there were visitors to the home, friends who dropped by. At times they had dinner parties or watched television. Regardless of whether they returned home or not, I wasn't disturbed and I always got to sleep early.

One day, I was supposed to return home for the weekend. I told them that I would not be home after class and would go straight to the airport. However, due to bad weather, the flight was cancelled, so my trip is also cancelled. Returning home, I saw only my sister-in-law's car, not Osman's and the house was dark. Maybe thought they might have gone out together. I go straight to my room, and after doing some reading, I felt sleepy. Switching off the light, I went immediately to sleep. Sometime later, I was awakened when I heard some laughter from the hall. I felt a little thirsty and since they were downstairs, I thought of joining them. Just as I was opening the door to my room though, I saw a lady's bare back and a man about to enter their room, which faced mine. At a glimpse, I thought it was my sister-in-law and her hubby. Since they were almost inside I said nothing and started downstairs, but on the way down, I heard my brother-in-law's voice. Moving just a little lower on the stairway, I could see he was still sitting at the settee watching television. So, who was with my sister-in-law? I quickly tip-toed back to my room, locked the door and started thinking.

My mind kept racing, making various assumptions. The next morning, Zarina, Osman and I almost bumped into one another. They were surprised to see me around. I told them the flight had been cancelled due to the weather. Just to put them at ease, I told them I had been sleeping ever since returning from the airport.

Day by day, from that incident, I became curious about what they were up to. I knew something very interesting was going on, but what?

Later that week one of my classes was cancelled and I decided to become my own investigator. After they left for work, I quietly entered their bedroom, to see what I could find that might hint about their activities. I found nothing at first. Everything was in place, but I kept going through their room methodically. There was a rack of cds. I took one and saw that it, as well as the others, were cinema stories. Then I found blank cds, with some of their names on it. I pushed one into the player. One after another I found each was just holiday or family shots. With only my sister-in-laws wardrobe, left to search I began that task just like a thief, looking up and down, including under the piled dresses. I saw a few shoe boxes at one corner and opened them. Shoes and more shoes. I had almost given up when one of the boxes seemed to be a little different. I opened it and found a few cds. I took one and pushed it in the player. Watching it confirmed my suspicions. One after another each cd showed my sister-in-law, my wife's sister, in all kinds of sex activities with various men. I assumed the cameraman to be my brother-in-law, as all of the pictures showed only my sister-in-law with other men. My brother-in-law it seemed was a voyeur.

After watching all the cds,I put them back carefully to avoid my search from being detected. In the days that followed I ventured back into the wardrobe when I had the opportunity, hoping there would be something new. While doing so, I found that my curiosity had only increased, not been repelled by what was obviously happening in this home. I tried to imagine how I would feel if I were to be in my brother-in-law's position, watching my wife doing it? I became obsessed by it, day by day. Deep inside me, I realized I wanted to find ways and means to see my wife doing what her sister been doing, and more.

Whenever I returned home, I let my wife become aware of my fantasy. As we made love, I could almost get her to agree to accept another man in our bed, but as soon as her arousal wore off, she would say 'no.' I even told my wife what I saw regarding her sister, but she wouldn't believe me. I wanted to 'steal' the cd and bring it home so I could prove it to my wife, but the worry of what if they wanted to see if during my while I had it at our home, prevented that. My wife kept on saying that I had gone crazy. Then one day a month or so later my wife and kids flew to meet me at her sister's place instead of me returning home over the weekend,

It couldn't have worked out better for my plans. Saturday night my sister-in-law and her husband announced they had previously told friends that they would attend a dinner party with them, leaving my wife and me alone in their house. The kids were sleeping soundly when I took my wife to her sister's room to watch the cd. To say she was surprised at what she saw would be an understatement.

Since that night, I have discussed it over and over with her trying to influence her to indulge my fantasy. Her answer was still no, but I could see that she was not as adamant as before. Day by day I never relented, reminding her that her 'pure' sister was enjoying a life that she too could have if she relented. It took months. I was almost finished with my course when she finally agreed during one of our hottest sexual romps, but first she made me agree to two conditions. First, I must agree to be with her when we entertained others. She said she didn't think she could do it alone with a strange man. The second condition was a little more difficult to meet, but it made sense. Those we met must be westerners. She was concerned about discretion. If we contacted others and found out they knew us or we knew them it could be embarrassing or even disastrous, if not at that moment, then possibly later. I tried to think of a reason why I shouldn't, then realized there was no reason for me to say 'no,' and I agreed.

That's when the web showed me just how widespread this lifestyle was and how many men, ladies, and couples were anxious to meet us. I was very cautious at first until I realized that anyone on the web who advertised as a couple were more than likely to be someone who had the same need for discretion as we. Once I got beyond that thinking, I began seriously looking for a couple with whom we could meet.

There were many, including several in our home city, but the number of men who answered our ad far outnumbered the couples. I showed the results to Zaidah who was shocked at the number of men who had answered our ad and who said they wanted to have sex with her. I remembered that she had said it had to be both of us involved in swinging, but I told her that the couples could come after we found out just how well she could handle the emotions of a strange man fondling and fucking her. I told her that she would not be alone with the man; I would be with her all the time he was in our home. Reluctantly she agreed and we began looking at pictures of those who would be the first man, other than me, to have sex with my wife. However, due to her condition that it must be a westerner, the number who responded was very minimal, and none to her satisfaction.

Then, it crossed my mind, that we could go to a club or lounge, and see who we can find. At least, we would be able to chat and see the man in person. Reluctantly, Zaidah agreed too on the idea. So, after sending the kids to their grandparent home, off we went on a Saturday evening to one of the clubs in a big hotel in town, which was always frequented by foreigners. We sat at a table, overlooking the dance floor. Many people were there, including many foreigners, some were couples, but there we many more single business men. Zaidah was very nervous when one of the guys, whose name we later learned was Jeff asked to join us since all the tables and booths were filled. We chatted a little, had some drinks, and became comfortable with each other. After a couple of hours, Jeff asked my permission to dance with Zaidah. I looked at Zaidah and she nodded her agreement. I felt that we might have met the right guy, and gave him my permission. In such a remarkably short time I could tell Zaidah was becoming more comfortable with him. I watched as they danced together. Both seemed very comfortable with each other and soon Jeff's hands began to wander. At first Zaidah was obviously nervous about that, but within a few dances, she allowed him to explore her body more fully. It was going well – and what was better, from my point of view, Zaidah was becoming more aroused than I had seen her since she first agreed to do this.

It was nearing the end of the evening, and while Zaidah was away at the loo, I told Jeff about my intentions. He was not surprised at all, telling me he had sensed something from the beginning. Jeff invited us to adjourn to his room, which was upstairs. When Zaidah returned we discussed his invitation. She wasn't comfortable with the idea. She preferred to return to our home and, since the kids would not be back tonight. I knew I might be able to convince her to let Jeff fuck her.

The ride back to our home was very erotic. Zaidah sat between Jeff and me in the back seat of the taxi. She had been giggling almost continuously since getting into the taxi. Jeff started cuddling with her. I didn't mind, because I wanted her to get used to being with another man, and Jeff seemed to be the kind of man I could only hope would be the best for her. Zaidah wasn't used to as many alcoholic drinks as she had consumed tonight, and I knew that she was very close to feeling no pain as I watched him coaxing her into a kiss. Zaidah was reluctant and pushed him away until I smiled and nodded to her. Then she allowed Jeff much more freedom and soon he was again exploring her body as she began to relax.

I had agreed to invite Jeff home because he had experience and most of all promised to obey any limits Zaidah put on him. I was hoping that there would be few, if any, and that I would see the seven inches of cock he described as having filling Zaidah's love canal to overflowing with his cum.

The taxi driver was a very sporting man. He didn't seem bothered by what was happening in back. Jeff was trying to be as discreet as possible when we passed street lights which illuminated the back seat almost as though it had been lighted. As these lights faded behind us, Jeff had his arm over my wife's shoulders with one hand inside my wife's blouse and I could see her arousal by the way the other nipple had began pressing against the thin fabric. Jeff was kissing her frequently, in long, passionate kisses such as I knew Zaidah liked while his other hand explored her breasts. I wondered how far she would let him go when I saw him push her bra down and begin sucking on one nipple as his hand moved under her skirt. I saw her lift her hips up off the seat as his fingers start touching her pubic mound. By the way Jeff is handling Zaidah; he obviously was very good at seducing a lady. The drinks Zaidah had consumed seemed to be catching up with her. She appeared to have 'forgotten' about me entirely. I had no complaint about that. I wanted to see how she would accept the idea that another man was going to fuck her with me watching.

Fortunately we were almost home. I was missing too much of what was happening between Jeff and my wife. I had told him of her insistence that, if and when they moved into the bedroom, I would be there with them. I had been surprised at how easily Zaidah had accepted the idea of another man having sex with her, but I was seeing it happen now – and I loved the thought.

Zaidah and Jeff were already in the house by the time I finished paying the cab driver. As soon as I walked in though, I could see things were progressing nicely. Jeff had my wife on the settee, her blouse off and one breast in his mouth as his other hand moved slowly up the inside of her thigh to where I knew heaven awaited. Zaidah was doing nothing to slow his advance. She sat with her head back, eyes closed, and a smile on her face, holding her breast up to his mouth. As I watched, her legs slowly spread and I could see the wetness on her panties and hear her moan softly as Jeff began gently rubbing her covered pussy. Jeff's lips moved to her neck. This was, in my experience, the most sensitive area of my wife's body. Trailing kisses down her neck would almost invariably result in her becoming so aroused she would yield to any sort of love making.

Jeff's experience was serving him well. He must have recognized it as one of Zaidah's weaknesses and was taking full advantage of it. He nodded when I motioned toward the hallway that led to the bedroom. We both knew he wanted to make it more comfortable for him to fuck my wife. It was now or never. If neither I nor Zaidah stopped this, another man was going to fuck her, and I knew I wouldn't. This was exactly what I had dreamed of seeing from the first time I had sensed my sister-in-law was enjoying sex with someone other than Osman. All the hours of dreaming what this would be like were happening. Jeff was helping and kissing her as he led her to h the room where we always shared our matrimonial bliss, his left hand circling Zaidah's waist. Once in the room, Zaidah seemed to just relax. She sat on the edge of the bed and let Jeff take off her clothing, kissing his way down her lovely form as each item was removed. I knew that she was high, but I could also tell my wife was enjoying this and was very horny. Jeff finished taking her clothes off, then his own, before he lay down beside her to continue his fondling of her body.

I sit at the edge of the bed, witnessing the final seduction of my wife by another man. Zaidah seemed almost in a trance as her first lover other than my self gently prepared her for the final act in her seduction by Jeff. Once in a while, she glanced at me with a smile which I returned to show my pleasure. One of the things I liked most about Jeff was he was taking his time, bringing Zaidah to a fever pitch. They kissed each other passionately as Jeff let his fingers trail over Zaidah's cunt lips. Those lovely lips already were sparkling with her need for him, but Jeff was only just gently rubbing up and down, exposing her inner coral colored lips, then slowly inserting a finger inside her.

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