tagBDSMThe Elevator

The Elevator


She tries to keep her eyes on the ground, knowing she is being stared at. She tries to imagine what they are seeing, she looks down. She is wearing a mid-thigh length coat, so it almost seems like she is wearing nothing. There is a chain leading to the collar she is wearing, which He is holding in His hand as He leads her. He stops just before a building; He turns to her and asks her if she’s ready, that it is time for her to show Him how much of a slut she is and how obedient she can be. She afraid to speak for fear she may call it off. So she just nods. She knows this is something that would please Him, and she very much wants to please Him.

He takes her coat and gives her a once over, He is very glad He insisted she wear this particular dress. In the natural light it is almost see through. He reaches forward and pinches her nipples and rolls them in His fingers. She quietly moans and sways towards Him. He lets go of her nipples. He turns and leads her into the hotel.

She focuses on just putting one foot in front of the other. When they stop and wait for the elevator she glances around and notices there’s a lot of men watching her leering at her. She flushes and looks to Him for some strength; He pulls the chain until she is standing right next to Him. She can feel His strength and belief in her abilities. He leans down and whispers to her that He wants her to do this for Him, to make Him proud. She feels more sure of herself, remembering that she is doing this for Him. When the elevator arrives they step on.

He goes to the back corner of the elevator, and turns to her. As soon as the doors close, he tells her to kneel in front of Him, she can here the men turning to see what is happening. She gets on her knees before Him. He winds a hand in her hair, as He tells her to take His cock out and suck on it. As soon as she has His cock out He forces her head forward. Although He isn’t having to force very much, knowing that she has always loved sucking cock, though this is the first time He has made her do it like this.

She puts His cock in her mouth; she relaxes and lets Him control her movements. He moves her head slowly and deeply, letting her enjoy feeling His cock slide in and out of her mouth and throat. She lets out a little moan from deep in her throat, which He feels. He quickens the pace, moving her faster but still just as deeply. She moans and squirms as much as she can with His cock in her mouth.

She knows the others in the elevator are watching her avidly, she can feel they’re eyes roaming over her. She can feel her pussy getting very moist; she can feel it starting to slide down the inside of her thighs. He pulls her head back until His cock is no longer in her mouth. He smiles gently down at her and tells her to turn and look at the men around her. She whimpers a little letting Him know she would really rather not look at them. His looks turns stern and He tells her much more firmly, leaving her with no doubt that she will regret it if she doesn’t do as he tells her to. She turns around and quickly looks at them not letting herself really see them, then turns back around and looks to Him. He crouches down before her and tells her to turn completely around so that she is facing them.

She moans not wanting to but knowing she must, to please Him. Once turned around facing the others in the elevator. She tries to keep her eyes on the floor, but she feels His hand under her chin lifting her head up until she has no choice but to look into their eyes. She shivers a little as she sees they are all looking at her with lust and desire in their eyes. She hears Him asking them if they’d like a sample of the lush young slut. She hears them all clamor to be the first one.

He tells them that everyone will get a chance, and that, we’ll start with the ones closest to her. A cock is put in front of her, and He forces her head forward. She takes the cock into her mouth, as she lets Him guide her and set the pace. She moans at the pleasure coursing through her knowing that this is pleasing Him. He leans down a little and tells her that He is very pleased, and that if she keeps it up He will give her a reward when they are alone. Encouraged she puts even more of herself into it. Moaning and moving to enflame them even more. The cock in her mouth explodes, and almost before she can swallow there is another there to replace it.

She loses herself in her desire to please Him and sucks cock after cock, losing track of how many she has serviced now. She has become nothing more than a vessel for they’re release, when she has serviced the last man. He pulls her up by her hair, and holds her close to Him. The men in the elevator are clamoring at her offering her anything and everything if she would just got with them. She holds Him tighter as he wraps her coat back around her. And whispers to her that He is so very pleased with her, and can't wait to show her how much.

The elevator opens on their floor and they step out as she tries to avoid their eyes. Once off the elevator He tells her to turn and look at them, to look at what she has done to them. She looks at them as they vie for her attention, hearing them trying to entice her away from Him. She holds Him tight and shakes her head at them, and looks to Him and says

“Only for You.”

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