tagTranssexuals & CrossdressersThe Emergence of Sarah Ch. 02

The Emergence of Sarah Ch. 02


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Autumn was approaching and the nights had a slight chill, so I grabbed my sister's short faux fur jacket and a black handbag. I quickly put in the lipstick and mascara I had used, as well as some money, my phone and my keys and headed for the front door. It was now or never.

I had fantasised about this moment for so long but now that it was here my heart was racing. As much as I wanted this moment, I could also taste the fear in my stomach. What if I'm recognised? What if I'm ridiculed or beaten? What if....

Just then the doorbell went. Shit! I mean shit. Who would be ringing my door at this time? It was after 9:30pm and we don't get people at our door at this time. I stood frozen to the spot. I was half tempted to open the door to see who it was but then I remembered how I was dressed. Shit!! The best I could come up with was to stay still and quiet and hope they would go away. The doorbell rang again, this time followed by a series of knocks on the door. I don't know what was louder the knocking at the door or the sound of my heart beating inside my chest. The doorbell rang again.

"They'll give up soon, they're bound to give up soon," I kept telling myself. Again there was a series of knocks at the door, but this time I thought I heard something else. Shit!!! That something else was the sound of a key in the lock. Now if I had been thinking I would have put the chain on the door to stop anyone from entering but thinking didn't enter my head, all that was there was panic.

Now I admit, part of the reason I wanted to go out tonight was to be seen, that was part of the thrill, but not here and not now. I thought I had planned for everything but I hadn't planned for this. What the fuck was I going to do? In the milliseconds it took for that door to open a thousand scenarios ran through my mind. What if it was my parents? What if it was my sister? How would I explain this to them? What the fuck would I do?

"Erm, Hi, is Steven here?" The voice wasn't that of my parents or my sister it was my neighbour Emma. Emma must have been in her mid to late twenties and she moved in next door after Mrs. Johnson died. I had once called her Mrs. Thomas just after she moved in but she insisted that I call her Emma, as being called Mrs. Thomas made her feel like an old spinster.

She was about five feet and five inches tall and must have been a size 10 at the most. She had short, straight brown hair done in the style of a bob and was what anyone would call the sexy side of cute.

"Is Steven here?" she repeated. I stood staring silently at her for what felt like an eternity but I realized I had to say something.

"Er, no. He had to pop out." I tried to say it in my best feminine voice, but I guess it wasn't good enough as she stared at me quizzically.

She stood staring at me, as if to try and comprehend what she was looking at. I could have been physically sick at that moment. I knew I was busted, but I had no idea what to do next.

"Do you know what time he'll be back?" she asked.

Her question took me aback. I might get away with it I thought. "Five minutes." I replied.

"Oh good, you don't mind if I wait then do you. I have a message for him."

Shit, why couldn't I have said something different or better? I had no idea how to get rid of her.

"Er, I could take a message for him if you like. It would save you having to wait." It was lame but it was all I could think of.

"No, it's okay. I'm happy to wait, besides I bet you'd like some company. I'm Emma by the way, Steven's neighbor. I live next door."

" Er, high I'm Sarah, Steven's erm....friend." My mind was racing. How was I going to get out of this. "Actually, I just remembered Steven told me to meet him at the entrance to the park." I stammered. "I'd better go or I'll be late."

"But I thought you said he would be back in five minutes." Emma asked quizzically.

"Erm, sorry I meant I was to meet him in five minutes." I stuttered back.

"Oh. Well I tell you what, just let me grab my coat from next door and I'll walk there with you. That way I can give him the message and plus it's not the sort of place a young, pretty girl like you should be heading to by herself. I'm really surprised Steven even suggested it."

Pretty? Did Emma just say I was pretty? Without even realizing I found myself agreeing to her offer.

"One minute and I'll be right back." She said disappearing out the door.

Shit!! What now? If I back out or disappear she'll know something is up. My only chance was to head down to the park with her and hope I could think of something on my way there.

"Right, you ready to go?" Emma's voice shook me from my thoughts.

"Yes, I'll just lock up and be right with you." I said closing the door behind me. Well at least I'm getting to go out tonight, even if it is not how I would want. As soon as I finished locking up, Emma linked my arm. "So how long have you known Steven?" She asked as we headed in the direction of the park.

"Oh, I guess off and on all my life." I replied. I couldn't quite believe this was happening but I knew I had to play along to get through this if I wasn't to be discovered.

As we walked we chatted, mostly small talk but she asked me more questions about myself and Steven, which I made up as we went. We went to the same school and college, hung out with the same friends, etc. Basically, I was trying to keep it as plausible as possible. She even asked if I fancied him, but I said we were just friends.

It wasn't all one-way traffic though as it was a good distance to the park I had a chance to find out more about her. Emma was 26 and had never been married but was engaged once. She used to work in advertising but gave it up after being bequeathed money by an aunt to try her hand at writing, hence she spent more time than I realized at home.

The further we went the more my confidence grew, so much so that by the time we reached the park gates I almost believed Steven was meeting me here. More than that, I also realized we were acting just like any two girls who were friends, or at least I thought so.

"It doesn't look like he's here yet?" Emma said as we got to the gates. "No" I replied. "He'd be late for his own funeral." Emma smiled at my lame attempt at a joke.

"Shall we have a seat?" Emma motioned to the park bench just inside the gates. "Sure." I said heading through the gates. Although the walk would have been a relatively no problem in trainers, I had never walked so far in heels before and both my feet and my calves were beginning to ache. I was glad for the opportunity to sit down. I still hadn't figured out how to get home without Emma finding out about me, but the night was going so well I just assumed something would work out.

"Hi Emma, how are you?"

The voice startled me and it took me a moment to register where it had come from. I had been so engrossed in talking to Emma I hadn't noticed the figure moving towards us emerging from the park. He looked like he had been jogging, or at least he was dressed for it in T-shirt and tracksuit bottoms.

"Paul!!!" Emma exclaimed. "What brings you to these parts?" She asked getting up to give him a hug.

Fuck, I didn't think this night could get much worse. I felt a stone drop in the pit of my stomach. I might be able to fool Emma but I wasn't convinced I could pull it off in front of a guy. Especially one that could probably beat me to a pulp if he found out.

"I just moved into a flat on the other side of the park and thought I'd go for a run." Paul explained. "I didn't realize this was where the sexy girls hung out. It seems my moving may have more benefits than I realized."

"Hey you, stop being a perv." Emma responded with a jokey punch at Paul.

"Well, aren't you going to introduce me to your gorgeous friend?" Paul asked.

At first I wasn't sure who he was talking about and was just about to look around to see who he meant, when I realized he was talking about me.

"Sure, Paul this is Sarah. She's a friend of mine. Sarah this is Paul, he's also a friend but also a major perv."

"Hey, not as much as you." came Paul's reply. "Don't listen to her Sarah, I'm lovely really and only a perv in the bedroom." He smiled at me.

I wasn't sure but I thought Paul was flirting with me. Far from being nervous I was flattered and a bit excited. I've never been attractive to guys before but the way Paul spoke to me began to make me have my doubts. I mean I wonder what it would be like. He was a good looking guy, about 6ft 3 and quite muscular. You can tell he worked out. Any girl would be proud to be on his arm. Anyway what chance would I have with someone like Paul? He could have almost any girl we wanted and he certainly wouldn't want me if he knew what I have hidden in my knickers.

What the fuck am I thinking? I'm not gay. I shook myself out of my daydream.

"Well, as long as you are okay I'll catch you later. I'll give you a call tomorrow." Paul appeared to be saying his goodbyes. I had been so lost in my own thoughts that Emma and Paul had obviously continued their conversation.

"Sarah it has been lovely to meet you." He said bending to give me a quick kiss on the cheek.

"Erm, bye" was about all I could utter as Paul headed off on his run. I watched him disappear along the path with my heart was racing. He'd just kissed me. Okay it was only on the cheek but he still kissed me. Maybe he does like me, maybe...

"Penny for them?"

"What?" I replied

"Your thoughts? You were miles away."

"Oh, sorry. I er, I was just wondering where Steven had got to." I couldn't tell her what I was really thinking.

Emma laughed. "I bet. Cute isn't he?"

"Who? Steven?"

"Paul. I saw how you looked at him."

I started to blush. "Errr, no I wasn't I was just.....I was just wondering how long Steven would be."

"It's okay, all my girlfriends fancy him as well. Besides I think he quite likes you as well."

"REALLY!!! I mean I don't think so. Besides he's not my type." Well before tonight he wasn't my type but now I was beginning to have doubts what my type was.

"Yes, I've known Paul a long time and believe me he wouldn't have been so charming to you if he didn't fancy you. Besides he couldn't keep his eyes of you when he was talking to me. He kept checking you out."

I didn't know what to say in response. I was excited and I could feel my clitty getting hard in my panties. Paul was checking me out? Wow was all I could think.

"Well anyway I guess I'm going to have to go. Are you going to be alright by yourself?" Emma enquired.

"Erm, yes" I said shaking the fantasies of me and Paul out of my head. "I'll be fine. I'm sure Steven will be along in a minute."

This was it. This was my opportunity. All I had to do was wait long enough for Emma to go home then sneak home via the back way. She'll never know and if she ever asked I could always say I (Steven) turned up five minutes after she left. The sense of relief was almost palpable, so much so that I completely forgot about Paul. Well maybe not forgot about him but put him to the back of my mind until I got home.

"Okay, well it's been lovely to meet you, Sarah. Oh, and before I go, could you pass on this message to Steven. I almost forgot." Emma said as she stood to leave.

"Sure, what is it?"

She leant over as if to whisper in my ear.

"You're a very sexy girl Steven, but the next time you are going to get ready I would make sure you close the bedroom curtains." With that she kissed me on the side of my cheek and stood back.

She knew! In fact, she had known all along. I sat there stunned. It felt like my world was spinning. I could feel the blood rushing out of my face. I didn't know what to do or say.

"Are you okay? Steven, Sarah? Are you okay?"

I could hear what Emma was asking, but I didn't know how to respond. She reached forward and grabbed my hand.

"But, but...." was all I could stammer.

"Oh, honey. Don't worry. Your secret is perfectly safe with me."

"You didn't tell Paul did you?" The thought that someone else knew horrified me.

"No, I didn't tell Paul and I promise I won't tell anyone. You really do look very sexy as a girl. You could perhaps do with some help with your make-up, and a bit of practice with your voice but honestly, looking at you now, no one would know."

I could feel the tears well up as I began to tremble.

"Oh, sweetie. Don't get upset. It's honestly okay." She tried to calm me but I was awash with emotion. Seeing my distress Emma continued "Look, why don't you come back to my house and we can talk about it in private? I think someone could do with a drink."

Taking a hankie from her pocket she offered it to me. "Here, I think you might need this otherwise you're in danger of getting panda eyes."

"It's waterproof." I sobbed.

"What is?" she enquired.

"My mascara. It's waterproof." Try as I might I couldn't control my sobbing.

Emma chuckled. "Well that may be so, but no girl wants to be seen crying in public. Come on we'll head back to mind."

With Emma's assistance, we started back towards her house. I don't remember how long it took us to get there but before I knew it, we were inside her front door. I had calmed down a lot since we left the park but I still felt overly emotional.

"Right, red or white?" Emma asked taking my jacket.

"Red or white what?" I replied.

"Wine, sweetie. It's the best drink to have at a time like this."

"I don't know, I don't really drink." I explained.

"White it is then." said Emma heading off to the kitchen. "Make yourself comfortable in the lounge and I'll be through in a minute."

I headed into her lounge. It was tastefully decorated in neutral colours with two sofas on either side of a small coffee table. There was large modern gas fire on one wall and two paintings on the other. I sat down on the nearest sofa and instinctively kicked my heels off, tucking legs under me.

"Here you go. This will help." Emma said handing me a large glass of white wine as she entered the room. She sat down on the sofa opposite me.

"So, how long have you been dressing as Sarah?" she asked.

"Erm, look I'm sorry. I was practicing for the college play. It's a....it's an all-boy production of... er..of." I thought I would try and come up with an excuse, after all, I didn't want it to get out that I dressed like a sissy. "....of, er, An Inspector Calls!" I basically said the first play I could think of.

"Oh, I love that. Which role?" She replied.

"Erm" Shit! I couldn't think.

"Look Steven, SARAH. It's okay. I know quite a few guys who like to dress like you do. Actually compared to some you are quite conservative in your attire. Honestly, it is no problem and I promise I won't tell a soul. Your secret is safe with me."

It wasn't so much what she said but the way she said it, which was reassuring. Although reluctant I felt I could trust her, besides I didn't really have much choice.

"So do you want to tell me about it? About why you dress? You don't have to. I'm just curious."

"Erm," I hesitated "I guess I don't really know to be honest. I have been fascinated with girls' clothes ever since I was little when my sister used to dress me up like one of her dolls." It felt easy to talk to Emma about it. Apart from a few other trannies I met online I had never really spoken to anyone about it and certainly not face to face. Emma seemed different and for some reason, I felt that I wanted to tell her.

"So what do you like to wear?"

"I guess whatever looks good in my Sister's wardrobe." I laughed.

"Well, I really like your style. If I hadn't seen you through the window I would never have known you were a guy." Emma replied.

"Yeah, about that. How exactly did you see me? I thought I had been ever so careful." I was more than just curious, I wanted to make sure I wouldn't get caught the next time.

"I think you forgot that from the bottom of my garden I can see into the back bedrooms. I was out doing a spot of weeding when I noticed someone move in the bedroom and because your Mum had said you would all be away this weekend, I thought it might have been burglars. So I thought I would try and get a better view to see if it was."

"You're lucky in some ways." She continued "because if you hadn't stood near the window when you were putting your bra on I would have been calling the police and you would have had to be a lot more at explaining yourself to them than you were to me."

"I guess that would have been more awkward," I giggled. I don't know whether it was the wine or the company or both, but I was feeling very comfortable sat here talking to Emma.

"Wait a minute! It must have been a good 45 minutes to an hour between me putting the bra on and you knocking on the door. How come you didn't knock any sooner?"

"Erm, well." It was Emma's turn to be embarrassed and start to stammer. "Okay, well once I realized it was you I thought I would leave you to your fun, but as I was cleaning up I became more curious as to what you would look like. As I said before I have a few friends who like to dress up and to be honest some look really good and some look really bad, but I thought you might make an attractive girl. I have to admit in the end curiosity got the better of me and I just had to find out."

"When your Mum phoned it just gave me the excuse I needed."

"My Mother phoned?"

"Yes. She just phoned to tell me that you were staying at home at the weekend and I wouldn't need to go in and water the plants and see to the curtains etc. It's why she gave me a key a week or so back." Emma explained.

"Well, that explains the key, but now you have seen me what do you think?" I was dying to find out. "Do I look as good as you thought I would?"

"Probably better, but if you don't mind me saying you could do with a little help with your make-up and something needs to be done with your bust. Wait here a minute," she said as she disappeared upstairs.

I was beginning to feel light-headed and I don't think I was taking it all in. Here I was dressed like a girl, sitting drinking wine with my cute next door neighbour. The night wasn't turning out as I had planned but I didn't know if it was better or worse than I had hoped. Better in that now I had someone to share my secret with but worse in that someone else knew and might tell others my secret. It would be fair to say my emotions were pretty mixed up, especially if you added Paul into the mix.

"Here try these." Emma had returned and was handing me what looked like a pair of chicken fillets. "They're breast enhancers, designed to make you look like you have a bigger cleavage. I use them all the time when I'm out clubbing, they make me look a full cup size bigger."

"Erm, I'm going to have to take of my dress to put them in." I said a little nervously. "Is there somewhere I can change?"

"Just do it here. I don't mind after all we are all girls together." Emma smiled.

I was nervous about the thought of it, but also felt a need to please Emma. I stood up to step out of my dress.

"I think it might be better to take it off over your head, here let me help you." Emma was quickly lifting the hem of my dress and before I knew it my arms were above my head and I could see nothing as she helped take it off me.

The action of taking the dress off resulted in my wig coming off as well.

"Here, pop these into your bra and I'll fix your wig into place." Emma took my wig and started to brush it out as I inserted the breast enhancers into my bra. I had seen these being used on YouTube videos and knew I had to pull my chest across to give the appearance of cleavage. It didn't take me long to get them into the right place.

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