tagGay MaleThe Enchanted Boy Ch. 14

The Enchanted Boy Ch. 14


Ellit leads everyone down the final sewer and they find themselves climbing out of a large pipe at the edge of the river.

"Excellent," Vernon says.

"Father look, there's a boat, it looks big enough for us all," Bain says.

"Not me, I'll stay behind, you don't want me slowing you down," Ellit says.

"What? No, come with us," Kian begs.

"No, it's best I stay, this is the only place I know," he replies.

Rafael grabs his hand shaking his head, he places a hand under Ellit's tunic and touches his scars in a gesture that suggests he's removing them and throwing them away.

"I don't understand," Ellit says puzzled by Rafael's mime.

"I think I do," Bain say's putting his hands on Rafael's shoulders, "When we get him to Aljeron he will get all his fathers powers, I think he's saying he can fix your scars."

Ellit's eyes widen, "Really? Can you do that?" he asks, Rafael nods eagerly. His eyes well up, so Rafael hugs him and kisses him tenderly on the lips.

"I think he really likes you," Bain says.

Ellit looks at Rafael through teary eyes, "I'll come," and for the first time in years he smiles.

They make their way along the bank and reaching the boat, all climb onboard. Pellon is laid out in the middle across the boat. Bain and Vernon grab the oars and they cast off. The rivers current is slow and is taking them in the direction they want, towards the mountains.

"Ere, don't I know you?" Pellon asks looking at Ellit sitting next to him, "I've seen you around town, you're normally half naked, and covered in..."

"Scars, Yes, I've seen you around too," Ellit replies.

Ellit takes Pellons hand, "I'm sorry you had to suffer this."

"Looks like you had it much worse mate," Pellon says squeezing his hand.

Rafael get's at Pellon's head and puts his cock on the boy's face.

"What's he doing?" Ellit asks.

"Oooh nice," Pellon says sticking out his tongue.

"Rafael has special abilities," Bain explains, "and one of them is healing."

Rafael places his hands on Pellon's head and closes his eyes, soon little sparks emanate from his fingers.

"Oh wow, this feels amazing," Pellon says, "Fuck! It's making me hard."

Ellit watches in amazement as Pellon's and Rafaels cocks expand to their full size. Pellon begins to pant heavily, and the wounds on his body start to fade. Ellit looks at Pellon's huge nine inch cock, it's beautiful but it scares him, having Soltan's cock forced upon him has made him nervous about having a cock anywhere near him.

"Look the wounds, they're disappearing!" Kian shouts.

"Oh this is incredible! Oh wow! Oh wow!" Pellon gasps.

He closes his eyes and he can see little sparks of light dancing around in his eyes.

"What's it feel like?" Bain asks.

"It feels like there's a thousand people stroking my skin," he pants heavily. "Oh fuck! Oh fuck! I'm gonna.. URRRRRGGGGHHHHHH! I'M CUUUUMMMMMMIIIINNGGG!"

Suddenly both Rafael and Pellon erupt, Rafaels cum showering down on Pellon, Pellon's cum blasting up his chest and stomach. Everyone on the boat starts to get hard seeing this, when Rafael suddenly collapses.

"Oh crap!" Kalen shouts, "is he ok?"

"Yeah, he'll be fine, he always zonks out after healing someone," Bain explains.

Ellit looks at Pellon, he is sleeping too and Ellit leans over and gives him a gentle kiss. His body perfectly smooth now so Ellit reaches out and strokes his skin, remembering how his skin used to be the same. His fingers run through some of the cum covering his body, and he absently mindedly licks his finger. His eyes widen and he can't help himself as he leans over and begins licking the cum off Pellon's body.

Bain and Vernon remember how good it tastes and they both have to adjust themselves to give their aching erections more room, they see each other do this and burst out laughing. Soon all the cum has been lapped up and realising what he had just done, he slowly sits back and blushes badly.

"It's ok Ellit, I did the same," Bain says, then realising what he just admitted to, blushes too.

The twins have by now fallen asleep in each others arms and Ellit moves round to talk to Vernon and Bain.

"I haven't thanked you for your kindness," he says.

"That's ok, I would hope someone would do the same for me, should I be in your position," Vernon replies.

Hours pass while Vernon, Bain and Ellit talk, about many things. The adventure, their previous lives and what lies ahead. Pellon and Rafael wake, Pellon is delighted that the wounds have gone. Vernon takes out the map and studies it.

"We need to get out at the next bend," he says.

As they approach the bend, a bridge in the distance comes into view. On it are a number of soldiers. They steer the boat to the bank and disembark.

"Which way do we need to go?" Bain asks.

"Fortunately that way," Vernon says pointing into Eccle forest.

* * *

"Sir, the sewers come out at the river and a fisherman is complaining that his boat has been stolen." A young soldier reports to Phabian. He admires his enthusiasm, just like he used to be.

He despatches a troop of soldiers and sends them south to search the river for the boat

He heads back into his barracks carrying some clothes, he wonders if Will is still sleeping as he left him, but when he enters he sees the young man washing and naked as the day he was born. He stands there admiring him, his slim smooth pale body, his large cock hanging low between his legs topped with a tuft of ginger pubes and his large sorrowful eyes that sparkle. Will smiles when he see s Phabian.

"Sleep well?" Phabian asks patting him on his ass cheek, his whole hand almost completely covering it.

"Yes thanks, you've been so kind, I don't know how I could possibly repay you," Will says.

"I don't want you to repay me, I just.. I mean I... I... Ah fuck!" This powerful man, who can make life changing decisions at the drop of a hat, can't say how he feels. He swallows hard and forces it out. "What I'm trying to say is, I really like you."

Will looks at him, no one has ever said that to him before, he suddenly feels like he is home, a feeling he hasn't had since he was a child. He flings himself around the big man.

"Oh Phabian! I want to be with you always, please promise you'll never leave me." Will says.

"I promise," says Phabian, "but we can't stay here and there's some things you need to know first."

Sitting on the bed with Will on his lap he explains what he does for Soltan and all the bad things he's had to do in his name. He tells of how he wants it all to change, to lead a simple life with someone to care for.

"Meeting you has helped me make up my mind to finally put an end to all this," he continues. "Tonight I'm heading south, beyond the mountains where Soltan has no reach, I would love it if you came with me, we can start a new life together down there."

Will feels joy and for the first time in his life he feels wanted, "Yes, I would love to come with you." They kiss, then Will looks into Phabian's eyes, "I-I-I think I love you."

Phabian's heart overflows, "Oh Will, I love you too."

Will looks deep into Phabian's eyes, "Make love to me."

Phabian lifts Will as he stands then turning round lay's him down on the bed. He then lowers his battle pants and shorts and steps out of them, his big eight inch cock steadily growing. Spitting he lubes his cock and then lifting up Will's legs places his cock head at the boy's hole. Will grabs the back of his legs and pulls them to his chest.

"Are you sure about this?" Phabian asks.

"I've never wanted anything more," Will replies his voice filled with nervousness and excitement at the prospect of being fucked by this big man.

Phabian leans over and kisses him as he pushes, his cock head slips in and Will cries out.

"Are you ok?" Phabian asks concerned.

"I will be," Will say's his face red with the pain, "It's just that you're so big."

Phabian smiles, "let me know when."

"Ok, I'm good," he says his face turning back to it's normal colour.

Phabian pushes and his cock slides in deeper, Will gasps and grabs Phabian's head pulling him closer for a deep passionate kiss. Soon Phabian's cock is all the way in, and Will is panting heavily as they kiss. Phabian takes up a rhythm and slowly fucks his new love.

"Urggh! Fuck yeah! Urrrghh! Fuck me big man! Urrghh!" Will pants.

Phabian gets his feet up on the bed causing will's ass to go higher so that he is now only lying on his shoulders, Phabian's weight compressing him. Will realises his cock is on his face and he does some thing that has never occurred to him to do before, he opens his mouth and sucks on his own cock.

"Oh Fuck yeah!" Phabian says, "That is so hot!"

Will sucks furiously on his own cock grunting with each thrust of Phabian.

"Oh fuck Will! It's so hot seeing you suck your own cock!" Phabian pants, "it's gonna make me cum."

Will pulls his cock out of his mouth, "Oh Phabian! I'm gonna cum too!"

Will goes back to sucking his cock, he can feel Phabian's cock slamming in to his prostrate causing his orgasm to approach. Phabian is close too, the site of his boy sucking his own cock is a major turn on for him.

Will's orgasm is racing up on him now and he quickly pulls his mouth off his cock, "FUUUUCCCCKKKKK I'M CUUUMMMIINNNNG!" he shouts and his cock erupts showering his face and open mouth with his cum. Seeing Will's cock spurt so much cum onto his face and in his mouth is too much for Phabian and he growls deeply as his cock blasts deep inside Will's bowels. Will put's his cock back in his mouth and milks out the last couple of spurts, enjoying the taste of his own cum. Phabian eventually pulls off and Will stretches out on the bed. Phabian climbs on and lays down next to Will.

"How was that my love?" he says stroking Will's hair.

"Oh Phabian, you was fantastic, I want you to fuck me like that forever," Will says.

"I will my love, I will."

* * *

Will is heading back to the inn from which Carter had thrown him out, dressed in the new clothes that Phabian had managed to find. The trousers a pair of battle pants makes him feel a little invincible and the leather feels nice against his naked skin and cock.

As he walks he is apprehensive about confronting Carter after last night, but apart from his apprehension he is feeling on a high, Phabian has made him feel so good and he feels so much love for the big guy. He is on his way to tell Carter that he won't be continuing with him.

He approaches the inn and sees Carter saddling the horses. Suddenly he feels scared and hesitates.

"Don't be silly," he thinks, "It's broad daylight, he won't try anything here."

He gingerly approaches.

"Where have you been? I've been waiting all morning for you," Carter Says without even looking up.

"Er, I found somewhere else to stay like you said to," Will replies nervously.

"Good, I've just seen the soldiers we saw yesterday leave town, they're heading south, we should follow."

Will can't believe he's acting as though nothing has happened.

"I'm not going, I'm staying here," he says.

Carter doesn't say anything but pulls something out of his satchel. Suddenly he's standing next to Will with a knife at his throat. Terror races through Will's veins.

"Put you hands behind your back," Carter growls.

Will complies, fear controlling him. Carter ties his hands together with some rope, then lifts the boy up like he is a rag doll and puts him on his horse then ties his hands to the saddle.

"Please Sir, please let me go," Will begs. He thinks of Phabian, he'd told him he would only be an hour, realising that if he doesn't get back Phabian will think he's let him down.

"I promised your father I would keep an eye on you and I can't do that if you're not with me," Carter replies.

Will tries to break free but the bonds are too tight, "Please Sir, please let me go, I beg you!"

"Shut up you little fag before I gag you as well." Carter mounts his horse, grabs the reign of Will's and they Ride off.

Will begins to cry.

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