tagRomanceThe End of a Long Week

The End of a Long Week


Author's note: This story, like my previous posting "The Gift", was written for a specific lady and to her particular tastes. I met this lady online and fell in love with her. I found out later, after receiving a suicide email from her, that "she" was as fictional as this story. *Ugh* But, as this was written for a lady and as a sort of cybersexual monologue to a lady, I'm not sure my fellow men will get much from this story. Sorry guys.

I debated whether to post this as one really long story or to break it up into the four parts. One friend said to break it up. Another said to keep it whole. I'm choosing to keep it whole, so it is judged as a whole. I mean, you don't rate a book by its individual chapters, you rate the whole book. So, please forgive the length. If you stick with it, the story escalates through each part.

I also debated what category to post this under. There's a bit of BDSM and maybe a bit of reluctance, but ultimately it is a romance.

And as with all authors, I'd love to hear what people think about this, good or bad, whether through comments or email.


Part 1: Loving you

You arrive home at the end of a long and wearying week. I greet you at the door and enfold you in my arms. You wrap your arms around my waist and lay your head upon my chest with a sigh. Leaning back, you raise your head and I take your face gently between my hands and kiss you softly, then with a smile, I whisper, "Hi, my Angel."

You smile back and reply, "Hi, my Love."

I take your hand in mine and we walk back to the bedroom, where I have you sit on the bed. I kneel down and unlace your shoes and slip them from your feet. I remove your socks, then lightly rub your tired feet. Next, I pull your shirttail from your jeans, you raise your arms and I left your shirt up and off. I lay your shirt aside, then my hands descend, fingertips lightly grazing your skin down your face, your neck, your shoulders, down your chest, pausing for a moment to trace circles around your hardening nipples, then down your belly to your jeans. I unbutton and unzip them and you lie back, raising your hips, as I hook my fingers in the waistbands of both your jeans and panties and slip them down and off of your legs.

As you rise up, I lean in and once again taste the honey of your lips.

I stand and take your hands in mine, lifting you to your feet and leading you into the bathroom, where a steaming bath awaits. I hold your hand as you step into the tub and slowly descend into the scented, heated waters. You lie back to relax into the soothing heat as I slowly undress.

I step into the tub and kneel between your legs. I take the bath gel and pour some in one hand, then reach into the water with the other and lift your right leg. Placing your foot upon my chest, I rub my hands together building a lather, then begin to wash your leg from your ankle, down your shin and calf, then down your thigh to where it disappears into the water. Up and down. Up and down. My fingers kneading your muscles, slowly covering all of your leg from front to back. I take your foot in my hands and run my hands over your foot to soap it. With your foot between my hands and I slowly massage your sole pressing hard with both of my thumbs, gliding them up and down, releasing the stress in the muscles. I press the palm of my hand to your sole and rub it up and down, then lace my fingers between each of your toes, slipping my fingers back and forth between them, squeezing and flexing them gently. I take hold of your ankle once again and lower your leg back into the water as I take your left leg and lift it to cleanse and massage it, too.

Once your legs are washed I rise and ask you to slide forward in the tub so I can get in behind you. I move around, sitting and placing one leg on each side of yours. I place a hand between your shoulders and press so that you lean forward. "Tilt your head back," I say, and when you do I take the shower sprayer and run warm water from your forehead down your silken tresses, wetting your hair. I pour some shampoo into your hair and begin to work it in with my fingers. My fingers slip through your hair and up to your head, raising it to an upright position Cupping your head in my hands, I flex my fingers slowly massaging your scalp as my thumbs glide up and down the back of your neck. You moan as my fingers glide through your hair and over your scalp. I slip my fingers from your hair and placing one hand on your forehead, I tip your head back and taking the shower spray in hand, I rinse the shampoo from your hair as I comb the fingers of my other hand through it.

When done I ask you to rise and kneel, sitting on your feet. I lift your hair over your shoulder so that it lies down your chest and out of the way. I pour a stream of bath gel on your back then slowly rub it into a lather with my hands. Starting at the small of your back, I work my hands up your spine to your shoulders, then down your sides. Up... and back down, Up.... and back down. My fingers and thumbs squeezing and kneading your muscles along the way. My hands rise again and pause at the base of your neck, rubbing squeezing and kneading your muscles till they slowly enter a state of relaxation.

I see you visibly relax, so I let my hands glide down your sides until the slip under cupping your ass and lifting you until you are kneeling with your hips out of the water. I lift your hair so that it lies down your back. Pouring more gel into my palm, I rub my hands together, then begin to wash your delectable bum. My fingers can't resist squeezing and feeling the taut flesh of your cheeks slip from my fingers. I let one finger dip down and drag it slowly up between your cheeks. I feel you shiver. I rise to my knees behind you and then circle my arms around you. You lean back until you lie against my chest. My semi-erect cock nestles between the cleft of your ass. I run my hands from your ass, around the front of your thighs to wash what had been below the water. I trail my fingertips and nails lightly up your inner thighs. You try to press against my fingers as they glide up beside your pussy, but my hands continue onto your hips, never quite touching your pussy.

I bend my head and nuzzle the back of your neck as my hands start rubbing at the middle of your belly, toying with the jewelry dangling from your belly button. I slowly rub in ever-widening circles. My soap-slick hands caressing back and forth across your smooth belly and up along your ribs.

I nibble your ear as my hands slip upward, taking your breasts in my big, warm palms. Your breasts fill my large hands. I feel your hot nipples poking into my flesh as I circle my palms across them. My fingers close, squeezing and kneading your tender titties. My thumbs press inward, capturing your nipples against the sides of my hands. I squeeze and tug them, rolling them with my thumbs. I pinch them harder until your slippery flesh squirts from my grasp. I quickly grab and pinch them again, milking them with my hands.

I trace my tongue around the outer shell of your ear. My breath falling warm and moist inside it. My tongue goes round and round in smaller circles, licking the inner shell before wiggling wetly into the center of your ear. I moan into your ear, hearing you moan and pant in return.

"Fuck me", you say.

"No", is my reply.

"No?... Please, Baby?", you plead.

"No, my Angel. I'm not going to 'fuck' you... yet," I say, with a smile in my voice. "First I'm going to love you."

So saying, I glide my right hand down your belly, until my fingers comb through the hair on your mound. My left arm crosses your chest. I take your right tit into my left hand and tighten my arm, pulling you hard against my chest.

I cup your pussy in my hand and squeeze it with slow pulses. You moan out loud and try to thrust your pussy harder against my hand, but I keep up just a light pressure. I feel your body trembling against me in frustration.

"Please?", you plead again. "Please, my lover?"

I pinch your right nipple hard as I curl the two middle fingers of my right hand and plunge them into your burning, aching cunt. My fingers drive to the last knuckle, spreading you as your inner muscles clamp tight around them.

You scream out and buck as I hold you tight against me. My fingers slamming in and out of your tight pussy. My palm slapping against your clit. You writhe in my grasp. Your ass bouncing against me. My now steel-hard cock slipping up and down along the cleft between your ass cheeks, the head pressed between our bodies.

As I feel your body tighten and quiver with approaching orgasm, my mouth drops to the side of your neck. My teeth close upon the tender flesh at your nape, as my lips seal around it and suck hard.

You explode. Your body trying to curl forward as your belly muscles clench, but my left arm holds you locked in place. My fingers are a blur inside your spasming pussy. My palm grinding against your super-sensitive clit. Your juices gush and flow across my hand.

I hold you tight to my chest as your legs give out. I slip my cunt-creamy fingers out and bring them up to you panting lips. I trace your wetness around your mouth like lip-gloss until pressing them inside. You moan and suck your own pussy-juice from them, as I slowly fuck my fingers in and out. Then I slip them from your mouth and press them to your chin, turning your head to my won awaiting lips. My tongue dives inside dancing with yours like two dolphins frolicking in the waves. You thrust your tongue into my mouth and I suck it hard, savoring the tanginess of your pussy on it.

I lift you so you can straighten your cramped legs, then slip out from behind you and lay you back in the tub to relax. I take up some cream rinse and work it into your hair before running a comb through to make sure there are no tangles. I turn on the tap to run some hot water to warm your bath again, then quickly towel myself off and leave the bathroom so that you can relax for a while.

I return a little while later wearing a midnight blue silk robe, with a smaller, salmon-pink silk robe over my arm and two thick, plush towels that I had heating in the dryer. I have you lean forward in the tub and tilt your head back, so I can rinse the conditioner from your hair. I open the drain and while the tub drains, I have you stand so I can rinse you clean with the hand-sprayer. Taking your hand, I have you step from the tub and I use one warm, fluffy towel to dry your skin then take the other to dry your hair, then wrap it in the towel like a turban. I hold the robe up so you can slip your arms in it then tie the belt loosely around your waist.

I take you by the hand and lead you to the bedroom, where I urge you to lie down for a short nap. As you sit on the bed, I bend down and kiss you softly, then leave the room. You lie back still warm and relaxed from the bath and your orgasm. The silk of the robe caressing your skin, you are soon fast asleep.

Part 2: Loving You Continues

You lay dreaming of a puppy lapping at your foot and toes. You smile in your sleep and even giggle a bit at the ticklish sensation. Now the puppy is taking each of your toes in his mouth, one by one, and suckling each in turn. You lie there enjoying the heavenly sensation until a stray thought crosses your mind... "Wait... a dog sucking my toes?... WHAT?" You open your eyes and see me with your left foot in my hand as my mouth surrounds and sucks each of your toes.

I see your eyes are now open and ask, "Sleep well, My Love?"

You smile, saying, "Mmmm, yes I did. Thank you so much for the bath." You stretch your body like a cat, your arms already lying above your head. When you go to bring your arms down, they come up short. You crane your neck backwards and lift your hands to see that your wrists have been bound and tied to the headboard of the bed with the silk belt from your robe.

I bite your big toe and you turn back to look at me quizzically. I suck and release your big toe from my lips with a "pop". "Relax, lover. I'm not done with you yet. The night is young and I've only just begun," I explain.

You pull on the silk bindings, but that only tightens the bonds further. "Let me up!" you cry out.

But I just smile a mischievous grin and reply, "No."

"AHHHHHNNNNNGH!," you scream and try to kick out with your foot, but I just hold your ankle tighter.

Your squirming makes your belt-less robe fall open. The silk sliding deliciously across your hard nipples.

I press my warm lips to the arch of your foot and begin to kiss and lick you there, making you quiver.

You give up and lie back accepting the inevitable.

I bathe your foot with long licks of my tongue, before moving back to your long, straight, succulent, hot-pink-nailed toes. I slip my tongue along the bottom of your toes, before hardening my tongue to slip it between one pair of toes, then out to circle back between the next two.

You can't help it, you moan in response.

Seeing you beginning to relax and enjoy, my lips begin their slow journey. I start by again kissing the arch of your foot, working my way down to your heel. My lips part and surround your heel as my tongue slowly laves it with my saliva. I move on to your ankle. Kissing, licking, sucking each hillock and hollow of its contours.

My mouth slips from your ankle up along your calf. My tongue darts in and out tasting the sweetness of your washed flesh. My teeth join my lips and tongue, gently nipping at your tender skin.

Rising higher I pause and suckle at the back of your knee. Your body gives an involuntary spasm. Your legs kicking before relaxing as I move higher still.

I let your lower leg drape over my shoulder, my left hand wrapping around and clasping your upper thigh above the knee, as I begin to feast upon your soft, smooth and sensitive inner thigh. The fingers of my right hand brush feather-light along your skin as my mouth follows, licking, sucking, biting.

You spread your legs wider, offering your most intimate spot to sate my hunger upon.

Reaching the apex of your thigh, where thigh meets groin, I open my mouth and sink my teeth into the tendon that stretches from your thigh to your mound.

You growl at the suddenness of it as your pussy releases a small flow of your juices.

My nostrils flare as I inhale the headiness of your woman-scent, so uniquely your own. I drop my head and run my warm, wet tongue in the valley between your thigh and outer labia. My tongue teasing the soft hair there, wetting it and making it stand up stiffly. My lips then gently pluck and suck at it, slowly moving up beside your hidden, but aching clit.

You shudder, anticipating my next move, but moan out in frustration when I lift up from between your thighs and lower your leg. "Please, my lover!," you beg, but I remain silent in reply.

I scoot back down the bed and lift your right leg, pressing my lips to your sole and beginning my journey once again.

You can feel the slow trickle of your arousal slowly slipping from between your swollen pussylips, trickling down over your anus and into the humid cleft between your ass-cheeks.

As I make my way slowly up your right leg... with lips... and tongue... and teeth... your body hums with a tension like the low vibration of a plucked string on a bass fiddle. Your heart is racing. Perspiration is breaking out all over, giving your skin a glistening sheen. Your breath is rasping in and out of your parched throat. Your head tosses from side to side. Your eyes alternate between squeezed shut, to open and darting about. You utter a continuous string of moans, groans and nonsense syllables. You know better than to try to talk to me, which would shatter the sensual bond building so agonizingly between us.

I once again arrive at the juncture where thigh meets groin, sinking my teeth into the tendon on your right side.

You struggle to remain still, wondering what will come next. As you feel my head rising, you look quickly down between your legs, but this time I do not move away. You relax and let your head drop back onto the bed.

I lower my head, tongue extended and lick with the flat of it up one furry outer labia and on to the top of your mound. I lick your hair-covered mound above your clit and aching pussy, like a cat licking its fur clean. I turn my head one way then the other and rubbing my cheeks in the softness of your pussy's pelt, coating my face with your scent

Once again, my head rises and dips down between your thighs. I blow a stream of warm breath from your juice-slickened asshole up through the center cleft of your pussy-lips, stopping to blow a bit longer at your clit.

Your body trembles with wanting. Quivering with the need to be released from this sweet torture. Quaking with a sexual hunger screaming to be sated. You gasp and cry out as my tongue parts your cunt-lips at the bottom of your crease and slowly licks up your central groove. Your outer lips spread open offering up your velvety inner lips which glisten with your your womanly nectar.

I moan. My lips vibrating against your pussy, as the richness of your cream tantalizes my starving taste buds. Pulling back just a bit, I look down and see a pool of your honey collecting at the base of your crease. My tongue plunges in, like a swimmer off of the high-diving platform. My tongue knifing into your wetness. My lips press into your lips and seal as I suck hard at your flow. My throat pulsing with each suck and swallow.

You cry out and thrust upward with your hips, driving your pussy harder onto my face.

With your hips in the air, my hands reach under and grab hold of your taut ass-cheeks, one in each hand, squeezing them tight.

I slither my tongue in and out of your hot cunt-hole, licking your slick-textured inner walls, then out to circle the edge and up across your pee-hole, before slipping back inside once again.

Your internal lubrication is pouring hotly now in a steady stream from your aching pussy, coating my goatee, before dripping cooled onto the sheets below.

Your body hovers at the precipice. Your thighs press in, clamping my head between them. Your lower legs now rest down my back. Your feet rubbing up and down as your legs tighten and relax, like a frog treading water.

Feeling you so close to the edge, I tilt my head up between your clasping thighs and take your clit into my slavering mouth. I surround it with my lips, sucking hard, lightly grazing it with my teeth, as my tongue lashes across the red and swollen tip.

Your heels slam hard into my back as your own back arches, thrusting your hips against my face. Your thighs clamp around my head, deafening me to your screams. You wrench your arms against the silk bindings, desperate to grab something, ANYTHING, with your grasping fingers. Your tits... my head... just something!. You settle for taking the balusters of the headboard in a white-knuckled grip and holding on tight as the rest of your body writhes.

I hold you suspended by your ass with one hand, as the other hand crams two fingers deep into your spasming cunt. I curl them upward, so they rub back and forth across your g-spot.

You howl like a she-wolf as your soul shatters. Your pussy spouts like a fountain into my face, washing it in your hot juices.

I hold tight to your ass and keep plunging my fingers in and out of your clenching cunthole. My mouth devouring your throbbing clit, as wave after never-ending wave of ecstatic orgasm crashes through you.

Finally your body collapses as the last of your energy is spent. Your thighs release their stranglehold on my neck, as your legs fall weakly onto the bed. Your chest rises and falls like a bellows working the furnace burning inside you.

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