tagErotic HorrorThe End of an Eternity Ch. 03

The End of an Eternity Ch. 03


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Part III: Awakening

Dalia lie awake, blindfolded, trying to feel, to understand the changes in her body. She first noticed the silence of her heart. While alive, she never noticed its constant rhythm. Now its absence was deafening. Her fingers felt cold, but not numb. She could feel the very air currents rushing around them as if a gale force wind was gushing through the room.

Besand removed Dalia's blindfold. She blinked repeatedly. The faint purple glow around the edge of her curtains burned her eyes. She brought up her hand to shield them. "Is it this bright to you, Master?"

"No, Dalia. It is instinct that makes you fear the light. It is quite harmless like this, and as your mind understands that, so your eyes will adjust."

Dalia rose from the bed and walked over to the mirror on her vanity. She wanted to examine her new self. Besand laughed. "I have never seen my eyes, young child. You shan't either." Dalia frowned into the empty mirror. She turned to face Besand. She started to speak, but Besand hushed her with a motion of his hand. He made another motion, and she felt her legs buckle. She could not help but to kneel before Besand. Her eyes cast themselves at her master's feet. "Now listen to me."

"You were blessed, as well as cursed, last night. You are stronger than any mortal, faster than any animal. You are time's mistress; she cannot touch you. Soon you will learn to fly, to drift, to charm, and to kill. But remember this. You are my possession until I choose to release you. You are weaker than I, slower than I, and you are my slave. Though you have lost your mortality, you can still die and it would be far greater a death then anything you ever could have imagined or experienced as a mortal. The moment you forget that, die you will. Nod if you understand me, Dalia." She did. "Now look at me."

She lifted her eyes. Besand pupils were slits lying amidst ruby irises. She had never seen him like this. Fear coursed through her still veins. There was no going back, she told herself. She was now pledged to this demon of a man, for better or for worse. Not that that should matter, for she too was a demon herself.

"Are you thirsty my love?" Dalia nodded her head in agreement. "Then stay here. Do not leave the house." Besand looked at the bed. The sheets were covered in Dalia's spilt blood. "Change the sheets before I return." Besand walked over to his kneeling slave. He touched her cheek, and then silently walked out of the room.

Dalia sighed and rose from her knees. She stripped the bed throwing the sheets into the hamper. She wasn't sure why she bothered. They were ruined. Then it occurred to her that she couldn't live here anymore. Where would she go? It didn't matter. Besand would take care of her. She opened the closet and pulled a set of dark red sheets from a shelf. Absently, she made the bed.

Her thirst was growing rapidly. She finished tucking in the sheets and walked into the bathroom. She jumped slightly when she looked into the empty glass above the sink. Strange. It would take some getting used to. She filled a cup full of water and drank greedily. It did nothing to satisfy her. All she could do was wait.

Dalia returned to the bedroom and stretched her naked body out on the bed. She closed her eyes and ran her hands along her body. Each touch of her fingertips felt like little sparks of electricity. She wriggled around on the bed and giggled. Hugging the pillow, her giggles turned to mad laughter. Despite her new state, she felt more alive than she ever had. Her fear now gone, she had no regrets.

The door downstairs opened, and she heard a woman's laughter. She sprang from the bed and grabbed a silk robe from the closet. Then she sat down on a chair in the corner of the room. Besand entered followed by a tall blonde woman. She was wearing a short, leather skirt, high heels, and a very loose sleeveless tee shirt. She wore more makeup than a painting. "Tina, this is Dalia." Besand said. Tina turned to Besand.

"She can watch for free, hon, but anything more will cost you."

"Money is not a problem, Tina."

"Ok then. Hi Dalia." Dalia just waved back. She felt out of place all of a sudden. Besand smiled at her and sat on the edge of the bed. Tina straddled him. She pulled off her shirt and pulled his head in between her large breasts. He began to run his tongue over her flesh. "You like these, honey? Ouch," Tina giggled. "Don't bite them so hard, you devil."

Tina pulled off Besand's shirt and pushed him back on the bed. She lifted her arms up around her head then leaned forward on his chest. Dalia felt her cunt moisten with excitement. She wondered if Besand would fuck this woman in front of her. Tina was now kneeling by the bedside, pulling Besand's pants off. She took his limp cock into her mouth and sucked him to erection.

Dalia watched Tina's head slide up and down on Besand's thick member. After a few minutes, Besand pulled Tina onto the bed beside him. As she was unzipping her skirt, Besand's voice echoed through Dalia's head. Come to me.

Dalia walked over to the bed and climbed in beside Tina. Tina smiled and slipped Dalia's robe from her shoulders. Tina cupped a hand around Dalia's breast and kissed her neck. Dalia fell back, Tina falling with her, peppering Dalia's body with kisses. Dalia's hands encircled Tina's body as she let Tina stimulate her newborn senses.

Besand suddenly grabbed Tina's shoulders turning her around to face him. As Tina gazed into his eyes, her composure began to change. She seemed to melt and succumb to some unspoken wish. Her eyes seemed to glaze slightly as she stared straight ahead seeing past Besand. Tina laid back onto Dalia. Dalia reached around her body caressing her heaving breasts.

Besand leaned over to the nightstand and withdrew a pair of handcuffs. Tina only responding to Dalia's caress, seemed not to even notice as the metal of the cuffs clicked around her wrist, securing her to the bed. With Tina laying helplessly on top of Dalia, unable and unwilling to move, Besand positioned himself between the two women's legs. With a single stroke, Tina's body jerked with pleasure as he entered her. He then withdrew and thrust himself inside Dalia.

The sensation was overpowering. She could feel every movement as Besand filled her. It was so new, so fulfilling. She felt timeless and ethereal as Besand made love to her. She clutched Tina's body tightly, wrapping her legs around those of her prey. Besand's voice spoke to her mind again. Watch me and learn, my sweet. Dalia opened her eyes, and saw Besand's mouth open. He licked Tina's neck as his fangs grew slowly from his gums. When they were fully extended, he plunged them into Tina's flesh. Tina jerked suddenly and moaned loudly. Dalia watched Besand as he drank thirstily, his cock still buried deep inside her, she felt the waves of an orgasm fast approaching.

She drew her lips to Tina's shoulder on the opposite side of her neck from Besand. She licked the length of her collarbone, feeling the new teeth start to fill her mouth. She opened wide and let her instincts guide her to Tina's artery. Dalia bit down and tasted the sweet lifeblood of her victim. She held Tina tightly, and let her life empty into her throat.

Besand and Dalia drank together during their lovemaking, feeling their life replenished. Tina's body became heavy as it hung limply from the restraints, her pulse faint. Besand pulled Dalia out from under Tina's nearly lifeless body, and carried her to the far wall where he resumed their lovemaking standing with her legs entwined around his waist. Dalia felt as if her orgasms would go on forever. Long minutes passed with Besand forcing her into the wall with every thrust. He came. She held his rigid body tight. Spent, he set her on the floor. She sighed. Besand walked over to Tina. Dalia opened her eyes and looked up.

"Is she dead?" Dalia asked.

"Not yet, does that bother you?"

Dalia thought on it then shook her head. "No."

"In time, you will learn to control yourself so you need not kill your human."

"Why does it matter?"

Besand replied, "It will. You will likely fall in love many times with humans over the next century. You may even want to bring some to the night."

Dalia smiled. "Like me, Master?"

"Yes, like you." He felt Tina's pulse. She was gone.

Besand stepped away from the bed, looking into Dalia's direction as an instant thought came to mind.

"Gather one small bag of clothes. We are going to London."

"To live Master?"

"No my beloved pet, so you can meet the others who are like us."

(To be continued...)

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