tagBDSMThe Enforcer Ch. 04

The Enforcer Ch. 04


What a fuck up! It’s taken almost a week, but I am happy to say I am a free man again. Fucking Columbians were able to keep the legal wheels to a crawl; Chang my lawyer had been keeping me up to speed on the occurrences. The fucking charges were, in my opinion, misfiled on purpose, so when the judge looked at them, and he could not pass judgement, so the charges had to be filed again. Ok, so the arresting officers had to be informed, but they were out of town, they had been picked to transfer a prisoner to another city for his trial. Great, so their sergeant was designated to refile the documents in their absence, and wouldn’t you know it, he was on vacation.

The next day he was called in. But, of course, the officers’ statements had been lost or never filed, so he had to call the officers and take down their statements again. Just my luck, yeah fucking right, their vehicle’s computer was in for upgrades and their radio’s range is limited, so we had to wait till they got back. Day three rolled around, Chang was less than impressed as they told him that the statements were being taken, but there was some confusion about the events and they were still trying to come to a compromise. And you can be certain that their final story was filed after the end of the day, so judgement had to wait till the next day.

On day five of this shit, the judge looked at the charges, they were filled correctly, but they were unsubstantiated, big surprise there. The judge said that since the charges were not valid he could not set bail until the local court reviewed the case, generally a two or three month process, normally. Like anything is normal with me! Chang was quite happy, with the corrupt police out of the picture, he could finally work his magic, I love to see him work; it has always amazed me to see what he can do.

It was noon, there were only four hours to get a motion for dismissal filed, usually taking a week or more, not with Chang. An hour later the motion was filed, Chang’s assistants, might I mention, all women. Actually, they’re his daughters, such cute girls too. They pulled that one off easily. An hour later a morning trial was set, and the motion for dismissal had been so well filed that my presence was not requested. Day six of this mess, and I am looking forward to starting my seventh day of incarceration, but who’s counting. Chang is in the court room for less than an hour, the charges are dropped, I was released and a formal apology was ordered by the judge. I was out an hour later and I was handed a signed letter of apology.

It took long enough, but I was still happy to get out. Candy met me at the front door. I hugged her close as I kissed her affectionately. I said lovingly: “I have missed you so.” She cried softly into my chest as I stroked her soft hair. We headed out of the police station. Oh well, nice to know that I would not have to worry about a fine.

On our way out of the station, I looked at Candy and asked: “Is the bar done, and how did the recruitment drive go?”

Candy was a little anxious as she said: “The bar is ready, but we have had a little bit of an issue with the recruitment. It seems that they don’t trust or respect Max and me.”

I was a little surprised and said: “Does this mean we have enemies?”

Candy smiled and said: “Nope, but you have a meeting tonight.”

I smiled and said: “Guess I am going to have to another busy day.”

Candy hugged me close and said lovingly: “I am your next appointment, then Max will brief you on the situation, and then you can meet with the reluctants.”

I smiled and held her close as we walked outside, meeting up with Max, Chang waved to us as he headed off. Candy, Max and I walked to his ride; he had a friend with a van bring Candy and him here. Candy hugged me close and softly said: “Let’s go to Max’s place, we can use the nice bed there. Actually that’s where I have been sleeping for the last week.”

I looked at Max, he smiled and said: “Sure you can use it.”

I looked at Candy and spoke softly: “I am sure Candy would not mind if you watched us again,” Candy grinned at the idea “do you want to see us making love again?”

Max smiled and said: “I would love to, but you do know you don’t have to do this?”

I smiled at Candy and she cooed: “But I like to have people watch.”

I grinned and replied: “Max, she gets hot knowing somebody is watching her; it would be a favour for her, not a favour from her.”

Max smiled as he replied: “Sounds like a deal, let’s head over to my place.” He walked up to the van and said to the driver: “Johan, take us all to my place.” We all hopped in as Johan nodded his understanding.

We were soon at Max’s place. We were greeted by Paul, Ed, Allen and Frank Candy softly said: “Oh yeah, they have been staying here ever since you were jailed.”

Max chimed in: “They have also bankrolled a little project in the back.”

I got out of the vehicle and said: “Hi boys, Max tells me you have been busy during my absence.”

Frank smiled and said: “It was Ed’s idea, let him explain.”

Ed moved forward and said: “This place needs a little money and it’s ideal for a neutral meeting ground, all we have to do is keep the Columbians in line, so I have started constructing a large party hall and a storage facility.”

I smiled and said: “Actually I was thinking the same thing, but where the hell did you get the money for this?”

Frank replied: “We pulled a little out of the fund; we have been pretty busy over the last year and have made a sizable fortune. Oh yeah, we are no longer Wheelers but we are still on good terms with them, and since your little tiff with the Outlaws, we have a few new clients and they set up a few thing for us, and well, you’ll see.”

We all headed to the back of the house, I was very surprised; two large holes filled with freshly poured foundations were now there. I looked at them and said: “Have you guys been working around the clock? Those must have taken at least a few day to dig and who knows how long to lay the forms.”

Max replied: “Actually yes they have, the guys finished pouring the concrete in the second hole a few hours ago. We started the holes the day after you were jailed, seems Ed works very quickly, and the Outlaws even faster. The first hole was done it less than a day, six backhoes and two dozen dump trucks get a hole excavated very quickly. The floor was poured the same night.”

“The forms were all up by yesterday morning, the longest part was waiting for the concrete to dry. We dug the second hole as they set up the base for the first building, they poured the first just after midnight, and the second was poured the next day. A few days of drying and they started erecting the rest of the forms two days ago, last night they poured the concrete in the first, and they started on the second hole this morning.”

I looked at Ed and said: “Fuck man I have only been in the joint for a few days, that is fucking impressive. Let me guess you had the plans with you.”

Ed smiled as he said: “I was trying to find a place to build this for over a month. I was actually planning to ask you for help, but Max Okayed the plan and well, when the Outlaws called me, it just came together so quickly, I felt it was a sign.”

I smiled and said: “Nice work guys. Have you secured the building materials yet?”

Paul replied: “They start arriving later today; we have also got a crane on the way to speed up constructions. With a little luck they say it should be done within a month.”

I looked serious as I said: “Nice, now how about the permits?”

Candy smiled as she said: “I have gotten those already.”

When I looked at her questioningly she replied: “I know somebody in City Hall and well, I was able to negotiate the deal.”

I looked at her softly and said: “You used your body as a bargaining chip didn’t you?”

Candy softly said: “Yes, but I wanted to make you happy.”

I held her close and said lovingly: “I don’t ever want you to make love to a man you don’t love, it’s just not needed.”

Candy smiled back and said: “Oh, then there’s no issue.” I looked at her worried, she saw it and softly replied: “I love the person I made love to.”

I looked at her and said: “When can I meet the man who you fell in love with?”

Candy giggled and hugged me close as she replied: “Vinny, it’s not a man, it’s a woman, and she cannot take your place, but we have been best friends for years and lovers also.”

I looked at her puzzled as she said: “I am bisexual, I love her deeply, and she loves me too, but she can’t be known to have me as a lover.”

I hugged Candy close and said softly: “I am relieved to hear that, but I want to meet her if that’s ok.”

Candy hugged me close and said: “Maya is the mayor’s daughter; I don’t think she would risk being seen with a biker.”

I hugged her close and said: “How about an honour student at the local university?”

Candy smiled and said: “That may work, but who did you have in mind?”

I turned Candy’s face to mine and said softly: “I am an honour student you know.”

Candy’s face filled with surprise: “I didn’t know that!”

I smiled and said: “I will graduate in a month, actually the final papers will be due next week, I have already handed mine in and the teacher will give a passing grade as soon as she is allowed. I have been honoured a few times, I am certain I can get Maya and her dad to meet with me.”

Candy hugged me close and said: “That should be fun to see.” She held me close like a child would and said: “Can I come too?”

I held her close and said: “I will have to see what I can do, but I see no issues.” Candy giggled as I held her close. I looked at Max and said: “You got Snake right?”

Max smiled and said: “Yep, I’ve got a few guys toying with him, last I heard they’d tied his hands together and buried him up to his neck in manure.”

I smiled and said: “Make sure they wash him up before I deal with him.” I looked at Candy, still talking to Max I continued: “I will talk to him tomorrow, tell your boys to have fun with him till them.”

Max smiled and said: “Oh I am certain they will be happy to keep him entertained.”

Candy looked at me lovingly and said: “I almost want to see the bastard suffer.”

We walked back into the house together followed by Max and the boys. Once inside we went to the kitchen and sat down at the table. I addressed the group: “Ok, I would like a sitrep in an hour explaining what is happening with the gang, and where I stand. I also want a complete update on the construction projects and our funds, but before I get back to business, I am going to spend awhile with Candy, making love to her.” I looked at Candy and she knew what I wanted, she smiled “But if any of you want to watch, you can sit by Max; Candy likes an audience.”

Ed, Allen, Paul and Frank were quite surprised. Candy in a soft feminine tone said: “I would not mind you boys watching, just no heckling.”

We all started to laugh; Candy had succeeded in easing the mood and added in a serious tone: “But seriously if want to watch, you’re welcome to.”

Ed replied: “It’s a kind offer, but I will have to pass.”

Paul looked at me and said: “Vinny, I would like to see you two, you ok with that?”

I replied: “Yes, I am ok with it, Candy likes it, and I love to make her happy.”

Frank smiled as he said: “I’ll take you two up on the offer also.”

Allen smiled and said: “It really sounds like fun, I may watch next time, but this time I will have to pass. The building materials should start arriving soon and we want to set up for them. We’ll see you guys later.” With that Ed and Allen went back outside.

Paul, Frank, Max, Candy and I headed upstairs, when we reached the special room, the boys sat across from the bed while Candy and I stood by the bed. I was really starting to not care who watched, I did not get the thrill Candy received from being watched, but at least it was no longer bothering me. I hugged Candy close and whispered into her ear: “So what kind of show are we putting on today, my love?”

Candy delicately replied: “I want to tie you up, and be in complete control, even if it’s only an illusion.” I backed my face off far enough for our eyes to meet and nodded my approval as I moved in to place a tender kiss upon her lips. She giggled with glee as she moved forward to meet my lips; her arms flew around my neck as she held me close.

I was still wearing my white t-shirt and a pair of black jeans, I had been caught wearing them and had not been given a set of prison clothes, so I had been in them for a week. I was given a bar of soap and permitted to take a shower this morning, so I was clean, and I was able to talk the cops into throwing my stuff in the wash while I showered, so they were also clean. But needless to say, I shed them quickly.

Candy was in a nice pink dress, she had worn it especially for me. I was standing in my boxers as she said: “I am not wearing anything under this dress, want to check?”

I smiled at her invitation. I moved her closer to me, her back facing Max and the boys; I slowly lowered the zipper at the back, her tender skin appeared as the soft delicate pink material parted. My hands wandered to her firm behind, caressing it lightly as I kissed Candy once more. Our kiss broke; Candy’s face came to lay flush upon my chest. I held her close, smelling her natural perfumes. I realized just how wonderful she smelled.

I lovingly said: “I have missed you so much Candy.” We held each other close, basking in our shared love. I noticed that Frank and Paul looked a little nervous. I spoke to them casually: “You two look a little worried, is there something wrong?”

Frank replied weakly: “This is such a loving and tender moment, I think I speak for the both of us when I say, are you really sure you two don’t want to be alone?”

Max looked at me, I nodded, he spoke up: “Their love, their passion, their oneness that is why I watch. True their sexual acts arouse me, but it is their shared state of being that I see. That is what they share with me, with us. If you feel uncomfortable you may leave.”

Frank and Paul looked at each other, then sat down, and relaxed. Candy had turned to face them, when she noticed they had relaxed she smiled and kissed my hand as a sign to continue. I slowly lowered the top of her dress, exposing her aroused pink nipples. My hands brushed along the sides of her breasts as I lowered her dress. Leaving it bunched up at her waist I permitted my hands to venture back up towards her enflamed nipples.

Slowly my index fingers toyed with her nipples, eliciting a gentle sigh from Candy. I craned my neck; softly my lips brushed against her sensitive earlobes, a series of shivers cascaded through her body as I licked the tender exposed flesh. When my fingers leaving her breasts, Candy turned around, reaching for my head; she brought our mouths together in a passionate kiss. With tender care, Candy moved her hands behind herself to lower my boxers; I helped her and permitted them to drop from my body, then stepped out of them without breaking our kiss.

Lowering my hands to her waist I finished sliding Candy’s dress down her slender hips exposing her firm cheeks to our audience. I kneaded them softly as her dress gradually made its way to the floor. Candy looked at me lovingly as she turned me until my back faced the large bed. With a playful smile she shoved me onto the bed. Now laying on my back, I moved myself further back until I lay in the middle of the mattress, then turned so my head was pointing upward, placing myself in a perfect position to be bound.

Candy opened the drawer of the end table beside her and pulled out a pair of white silk scarves, she smiled devilishly as she turned toward me. She moved her hands over my body, grabbing my left arm first; she attached the scarf around my wrist then lashed it to the headboard. Seductively she walked over to the other side of the bed; she grasped my right arm, tied the other scarf around my right wrist then lashed it to the other side of the headboard, leaving me rather open and defenceless.

Candy slowly moved herself over my body; placing one leg on either side of my chest, she sat facing me, placing her now moist pussy against my lower abdomen. Lovingly she leaned forward and kissed me passionately. Her hands toyed with my nipples as she tenderly rubbed her exposed sex against my toned abs.

I could feel Candy’s juices trickling down towards my navel where they pooled, a most unique feeling I must say. Candy swayed seductively as she moved her chest away from mine, now with her torso in an upright position; she began to grope her own breast seductively, tweaking her nipple as she slowly slid her body down mine. Stopping as my rock hard cock came in contact with her luscious globes, she smiled seductively as she brought her arms to my waist then slid them up my sides, following my ribs she moved her hands to my chest again as she lay back on me.

Her soft lips moved to my left nipple, kissing it tenderly. I was a little surprised as her tongue started to tease my nipple, soon enough I grew to enjoy the new experience. I was amazed how erotic this actually felt. Candy eventually moved to my right nipple, teasing it also. I was painfully hard by this point and had to restrain myself or I would have ripped the bonds that held me in place. Candy looked at my strained expression and decided to take a little pity on me. She turned herself around and swallowed my rod. Her pussy was close enough for me to smell her arousal, but a little too far for me to pleasure her. I quickly lost control of myself and came violently in her willing mouth.

I was surprised by the length of my orgasm, and even more that Candy was able to swallow it all. I remained hard; Candy moved her body up a little, placing her aroused sex over my mouth. I quickly accepted the invitation and began pleasuring her with my willing tongue, I assaulted her clit without restraint; Candy was unable to control herself, and soon found her body convulsing in orgasm, trapping my head between her thighs.

Candy was now covered in sweat. As she slowly rose, grasping my still hard member between her small hands, she moved her body toward my feet, stopping once her abdomen reached mine. She was now sitting on me, facing Max and the boys; slowly she moved her body above mine, positioning my engorged member at the opening to her moist entrance. She moaned softly as she impaled herself on me. Her body fit over mine like a tight glove. I had really missed that; a week alone in a cell is a long time.

Once I was fully inside her body, Candy stopped while we both enjoyed the feeling. It still amazes me how much I enjoy making love to her, it truly makes the experience infinitely better knowing how much she also enjoys it. Gradually Candy started to move back up, stopping with only my head left in her, she waited for a few seconds then sensually moved back down. She repeated the process, with slowly increasing speed. Eventually her rhythm plateaued. Sweat was now running down her body from the exertion.

She kept up her relentless pace, cumming several times in the process, until she collapsed on me as I came, filling her with my seed. As she lay panting on my chest I felt a need to hold her, and with little effort snapped my bonds as I moved my hands to her small body. She looked at me, her face filled with tenderness. We stayed like that for several minutes. Max and the boys eventually left, leaving us alone. We stayed together for nearly an hour before getting up and heading downstairs.

Candy was still naked, I had put on a pair of boxers, Ed and Allen were a little surprised to see her naked and did their best not to look at her body. Candy said in a childish and teasing voice: “The bad men think I am ugly, make them stop.”

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