The Enforcer Ch. 10


Everybody in the room hollered back: “Yes, Boss!” I then got off the stage and sat down waiting to see how things would go. Maya was obviously not ready for the large audience, but Candy was visibly excited. The boys and I had all pulled up chairs. A few more rows of chairs lay behind us, but most of the crowd were standing. I have no idea how many people were watching, but more packed in by the second and soon the mess hall was filled to capacity. Obviously not helping Maya, but it did wonders for Candy.

After a few minutes of waiting for everybody to get comfortable, somebody turned on a boom box and the stage was set. Candy began to dance, showing her body off without removing her clothes. Maya soon started to dance. It started out rather tame, but as Maya relaxed and the music’s beat got to them, they became more active. Soon they were both dancing, hands teasing each others breasts as they pulled away from each other. The music was rather heavy rock and roll, perfect for fast and sweaty dancing.

The girls each took turns grinding their ass into each others crotch. Candy’s hands, with their teasing, were quickly breaking down the last of Maya’s resistance. The first song ended a little too quickly for the crowd’s taste, but none the less had made the two performers bodies get nice and warm. Quickly a new song started, it was a lot slower, nearly romantic, and well ok, it was a violent rock song, but it had a slower beat.

Candy took the opportunity and moved closer to Maya and started frenching her, Maya returned the kiss with all her passion. Soon both women were openly groping each others ass and grinding their bodies together. The crowd grew silent, enjoying the show; I was surprised at how quickly my rules had been accepted by the gang. I was a little amazed at how well behaved my boys were this evening and made a mental note to give them a reward sometime soon for their self control.

I returned my attention to the girls, their hands had migrated to their breasts, and slowly they parted and lifted each others top, exposing their bare breasts. Acting with incredible synchronism, the girls managed to remove each others tube top almost completely at the same time. Their arms moved in front of them as they simultaneously dropped their tubes. Just as quickly their boobs moved together as they once again locked into a lustful kiss.

They continued to explore each others body as, slowly and sensually, their hands sneaked into each others shorts, caressing the soft flesh underneath. The song was almost done and both girls knew, so they parted, faced the audience and waited for the next song. The guy with the boom box had a very limited number choices, but quickly decided on a little more action and put on another rapid song, this time it was when worlds collide by Powerman 5000. Not an ideal song to strip to, but it was popular with the boys.

The girls quickly started to dance, in a violent but individual stance; their tits were shaking and flying all over the place as their bodies covered with even more sweat. They faced each other and simultaneously removed their shorts in a graceful motion, leaving them both naked. They continued to dance, their body now completely exposed. I could feel their excitement as I noticed their pussy juices making their way down their legs.

Maya was obviously turned on to by this point. The song ended as they slowed and moved toward each other. They quickly locked into a passionate kiss. As they were kissing they permitted their hands to stray to each others pussy. I was a little surprised as they started to finger each other. The boys all watched on as the girls played. The girls broke their embrace; slowly they parted and removed their fingers from each others body. Then in synch brought their juicy fingers to their partner’s mouth.

Both girls smiled and they suckled their own juices from the finger in their mouth. It was a very sexy sight. Everyone in the room was locked onto the pair. Slowly they returned their hands to each others mound. This time they placed two fingers into each other. Their breath growing shallower by the second as their arousal rose. They moaned softly as they inserted a third finger into each other. Within a few seconds of playing with each other they began to orgasm violently.

Knowing exactly where this was about to end up I got up and jumped onto the table. I just made it to them as they started to collapse. I caught them and held them close. The crowd started to clap loudly. They didn’t stop until both girls had recovered and could again stand by themselves. Candy and Maya both blushed and proudly took a bow. Then they whispered to me that the show was not yet done, so I motioned for the audience’s attention. They grew quiet. I then said: “The show is not over, the girls have a second act planned, and so without further ado I will return to my seat and give the stage back to them.” The crowd clapped loudly as I returned to my seat.

The girls decided that a sixty-nine would be fun and laid on the stage, Maya on top and Candy on the bottom. Slowly Maya lowered her pussy to Candy, at the same time she moved her face to Candy’s cunt. Their tits rubbed against each others abdomen as they pleasured each other; their bodies completely covered in sweat. The guys watched quietly as my loves pleasured each other. It took them several minutes to work up to a climax, but when it happened they covered each others faces with their juices. Once again they collapsed. I moved onto the stage to check on them.

They recovered quickly and ended the show by kissing passionately once more. Their faces covered with each others. The crowd cheered the elegant display. I placed a kiss on each of their lips, tasting their wonderful flavours. I then announced the show was over. The guys helped them off the table and gathered up their clothes as I addressed the group.

In a loud but joyous voice I said: “I am so proud of you guys tonight, you showed great restraint. Now I can’t promise this will happen again, that’s up to the two lovely ladies that were up here.” They clapped again and cheered them. I motioned for silence, and got it instantaneously: “But if they want to we may do something like this again. Would you all like that?” The group all went nuts. I got off the stage and joined the girls.

I asked them if they wanted to get dressed before we left and they both shook their head. Max carried their clothes as we headed back to the house. The girls shook the hands of over a hundred men who wanted to thank them for the show, before we actually made it back to the house. Candy and Maya wanted to spend a little time alone with me, so we retired to our room.

They we both excited about the show. Candy was first to speak: “Vinny I really enjoyed that. It was fun and for the first time in my life, the gang actually behaved themselves.”

Before I could comment Maya added: “I am surprised by it, but I actually enjoyed that.” Candy smiled as Maya continued: “I don’t think I could do it alone, but with Candy by my side, I really liked performing.”

I replied casually: “I am glad you both had fun. And I am certain the boys loved the show too. I know I did.” They moved close to me, still naked and hugged me.

Maya then added: “And we both have to thank you for catching us at the end.”

I replied: “It was my pleasure.” I then added: “So what do you two want to do now?”

Candy replied: “I actually want to take a shower with Maya, then climb into bed with the two of you and go to sleep; it’s been a long day.”

Maya yawned then added: “That actually sounds pretty good.”

I placed a soft kiss on their lips then said: “Sounds like a plan. I have to go and talk with my military buds before I go to bed, that should give you enough time to shower. Is that ok with you?” They nodded, then I headed downstairs while they went into the bathroom. I was greeted by Ed, Allen, Frank, Paul, Theodore, George, Victor, Domenic, Max and Adolph.

They all thanked me for a great show and commented on the beauty of the ladies I managed to snag. I thanked them but asked them to remember that these were the women I loved, so they should keep a little decorum. They agreed. We all sat down and Max asked us if we wanted anything to drink. The four majors and the boys asked for a beer. I asked for a cup of tea. Max and Adolph got eight beers out, and then Adolph started the kettle.

Max was happy to have such a good helper and thanked Adolph, who just smiled and said he was happy to be of service. Domenic then addressed me in a serious tone and said: “Vinny, we have been very busy and have yet to talk about your dad.”

My eyebrows rose as I said: “Yeah you said you had news, what’s happening?”

He continued: “HQ reported that one of our listening posts, in the general area where your father disappeared, picked up an encrypted transmission. They tried to decode it, but found that it was an older encryption algorithm, and it was one of ours. So they called the current expert on the old encryption format.”

I replied: “So Problems was called in.” Theodore smiled. I continued: “And what did you find out boy?”

Theodore replied in an adversarial tone: “Boy! I am old enough to be your father!” I shrugged it off and motioned for him to get to the point. He continued in a frustrated tone: “Well I was able to decrypt it fairly quickly. It was encrypted using your dad’s best formula, and having decoded it so many times I saw it instantaneously.”

He had my interest so I said: “Ok, so dad’s algorithm was used, and if I remember correctly there were only six people who knew it.”

Domenic replied: “I know that we four knew it, and your father, but even HQ does did not know it, heck they still don’t know it completely. Who is the sixth?”

I replied in a casual tone: “Dad let me try and decoded his stuff a few times and well, I eventually broke the damn thing, and showed him its weak point. He was surprised that I was able to see it and then told me that he had left the backdoor to the code as a precaution. So he taught me how to encrypt using it, since I could decode it anyway.”

Theodore looked at me in shock and said: “The best government cryptographers couldn’t break it, how the fuck did you?”

I replied: “It’s a long explanation, but if you want I can show you later.” He nodded, I added: “Since we obviously know that you didn’t write it that means dad wrote it, so what did it say?”

Theodore continued: “Your dad said he is imprisoned and needs help getting out. He gave us a description of what to look for, and how to locate the base. But he also indicated that we’d need to triangulate on his transmission location and that the transmitter was only used once a week. So we have the listening post waiting for the next broadcast and, as soon as we know where, we have been cleared to attempt a covert rescue.”

I smiled: “So dad is still alive and kicking. That’s good to hear, when’s the next transmission supposed to occur?”

Dominic replied: “Tomorrow at 0500. We will get the info by 0800. We will leave as soon as we are ready and with a little luck we should be back with your dad within a week.”

I looked at the four and in a sincere tone said: “You guys are one man short, do you think you could use another member?”

Dominic replied: “Who do you know that could actually keep up with us and has the clearance to be allowed to?”

I replied: “If I wasn’t tied down here I’d go myself, but since I need to be at my graduation, I guess this person will have to do. Do you guys know about an operative from the British Secret Service that goes by the name of Fenrir?”

George replied: “Yes, I heard of the name before. He has never been seen, and nobody seems to know much about him, but he has more recorded missions than anybody else. But from the rumours I’ve heard he’s about your age.”

I relied: “Well actually, you are wrong about two things. One Fenrir is not a single person, it’s a team of five, and they are all identical quintuplets; added to that they are all women. That’s how they managed to get so many missions under their belt. They are two years older than me.” Their faced filled with surprise as I continued: “Their names are Amanda, Valerie, Jillian, Camille and Roxanne. They are close friends; well actually they’re family.”

Victor replied: “Your dad had only you, and your mother was an only child. How is that possible?”

I replied: “My true mother was an only child, but dad married another woman, the one I call mother. And she is not an only child, actually she had five sisters.”

Domenic replied: “You’re telling me that your dad married the sister of a gaggle of British spies?”

I replied: “Yep! They almost killed him, when Dad and Mom were first dating. Partially because of how old she was, but mostly because she now had a good reason not to become a spy. But luckily he was able to explain his actions to them. They gave him their blessing. They have all been close ever since. I stay in constant contact with them and I am certain one of them would join you.”

Theodore replied: “A fifth member would be nice.”

Dominic said: “Sounds like a plan, brief them on the situation and see if they will go for it.”

I replied: “I will do it first thing tomorrow. Just one thing,” They looked at me attentively as I continued: “if more than one wants to go will you take them?”

Domenic replied: “Yeah, certainly, the more the merrier.” With that said I headed back upstairs. The girls weren’t done their shower so I got undressed and laid in bed waiting for them. I was a little tired and fell asleep without noticing it…



If you want to read more of this story line or if you have a comment, feel free to drop me a line. I read all feedback I get. I hope you enjoyed it, I had fun writing it. I would love to hear from you if you have ideas for a next part, or want to see something special.

A Thank you goes out to MindFiend for all his help.

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Thank you.


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