The Enforcer Ch. 11


“I look forward to it. I have to go tell Pain and his boys. See you soon.”

Jillian replied: “I can’t wait to see you Vinny. I love you.” With that we hung up and I walked back to the kitchen. Maya and Candy were just coming down the stairs, both clad in a long night shirt, and from what I could see, nothing else. They came up to me and gave me kiss, then walked over to Max who handed them each a cup of coffee.

I was about to say something when Maya said: “Good morning Vinny. How are you today?”

I replied casually: “A little confused, but doing ok.”

Candy then added: “Don’t mind us. We’re just waking up, and are still trying to work out what to expect, as treatment, from all the men who saw us going at it yesterday.”

Max replied in a casual tone: “Well if you ask me, I for one was happy to see you two at it and would love to see something like that again.”

Candy replied: “Yeah, but that’s not the best of meters; you’ve watched me and Vinny making love a few times now. Last night we had most of the gang watching.”

Randal spoke next: “I enjoyed the show, and have nothing but respect for the beauty of it. I will make certain all my boys treat you with equal respect.”

I added: “Maya, Candy, I love you both, and it is general knowledge that I would do anything to make you happy, and if for no other reason, I know everybody will treat you the same or better. But in my opinion, there are many other reason to treat you well, not the least of which is the chance for a repeat show in the future.”

The girls ran to me and hugged me tightly. I smiled and hugged them back. Candy then said: “You are so sweet Vinny.”

Maya added: “I love you so deeply, I am glad Candy introduced me to you.” I revelled in the moment and just held on to them. The moment was ended by Domenic running through the door yelling: “We got him! We found your dad Vinny!”

I smiled and said: “That’s nice to hear. I secured you five helpers; they’re on their way here as we speak.”

Maya and Candy were a little surprised, but just listen to us in a stupor as Domenic said: “Cool, how are they getting here?”

“They’ve secure a military flight from their current location.”

“Where are they going to land?”

I replied: “Borden. I sent Ed and a few guys to pick them up.”

Domenic smiled and said: “I don’t suppose they’re coming in with a squadron of Harrier going there for a show?”

I replied a little surprised: “Yes they are. Why?”

Domenic replied: “Those are our air support. HQ had them scrambled for us from the HMS Britannia.”

I replied: “The girls were on the ship running manoeuvres, and coincidently they learned that the jets were heading out to Borden for a show. I’ll be damned! You actually inadvertently set up their transport for them.”

Domenic replied: “I love irony. Well since we know that they’ll be arriving with our ride, let’s go and meet up with them, we can set out from Borden together.”

I replied: “Damn, had I known that, you could have hitched a ride with Ed! Now I will have to call him back.” Just as I finished my sentence Ed came through the door. So I added: “Well look at this, just the man I wanted to see.”

Ed smiled and said: “What’d I do now?”

Domenic replied: “My boy, you are just in time to find out that you’re taking me and the other majors with you to Borden.”

I added: “Yeah it looks like the ride my aunts grabbed is actually here to help with the operation. So you’re taking the Majors to Borden, and if you want to stay the night, or even a few days to have fun, you have my blessing.”

Ed smiled and said: “Cool, let’s go, I haven’t seen some of my best suppliers in a while, they owe me a night on the town.” With that the boys all headed out. Ed took Allen, Paul and Frank with him, but I did not mind. They headed out in a small convoy.

I looked at Candy and Maya and said: “They’re going to rescue my father, that’s cause for celebration. What do you girls want to do?”

Maya smiled and said: “Hum, I was thinking a little trip to that lake we went to the other evening might be fun.”

Candy added: “How busy is it during the day?”

I replied: “It’s not too bad, but there are many of the women from the gang who go there during the day as of late.”

Maya added: “How about men, how many of them go?”

I replied: “None, the place is off limits to the men and the women have even posted sentries. They won’t even let Max go there.”

Candy smiled and said: “Do you think they’d let you go?”

I thought about it for a few seconds then said: “Probably, I haven’t tried, but I was once or twice invited to join them. Why? What do you have planned?”

Maya smiled as she said: “Let’s test out your hypothesis; I believe we could have some fun, especially if they won’t let any guys there. I have seen some of them naked, but I have not seen any tan lines. Which means it’s probably a nude or clothing optional beach.”

Candy smiled and added: “I am certain that every woman in this gang would love to fuck you, and I am sure a few might try if they weren’t worried about what their men would do.”

I looked at them puzzled and said: “Should I be worried about this?”

Candy smiled and said: “You can’t possibly tell me Vinny, the mighty leader of this gang, and the only man to have hospitalised more than half of the local Outlaws, is worried about a few women.”

I replied casually: “I only asked if I should be worried; I have learnt to ask. I have all but lost the ability to feel apprehensive.” The girls laughed at that. I then added: “Ok, get ready. We’re going to see if I have as much pull with the women as I do with the men.” The girls went upstairs and got ready; I followed them, put on a pair of shorts and grabbed a towel. I did not bother to get sunscreen; I had worked long enough in the sun to no longer worry about it. But then it hit me that I may not want to use it on myself, but it may be useful to have in case anybody else wanted me to apply some to them, so I grabbed a tube and my towel and headed downstairs to wait for the girls.

While I was waiting I talked a little with Max: “Max I am going to the lake with the girls and you will be solo most of the day. Will you be able to handle the delivery of the reefer and if they arrive, the generators?”

He replied: “Sure, no problem. You guys have fun, Adolph and I will be able to handle it.” Just as he spoke Adolph came into the room wearing an apron and I was barely able to stop myself from laughing.

I said: “Adolph I thought you weren’t going to wear an apron?”

Adolph replied: “I find it useful and, as an added bonus, I picked twenty fights today because of it. I can tell you, there are fifty guys in your gang who won’t laugh at my apron anymore. Fuck I have not had that much practice in a long time; I might get a pink one just to see if anybody will be stupid enough to comment.”

I replied: “I like your style Adolph.”

Max added: “Yeah, you would, I have had to replace his apron three times already today.” Adolph and I laughed at Max’s comment. But as we were laughing the girls made their way down the stairs. I said later to the boys and we headed toward to the lake.

We walked for a good ten minutes before we saw anybody. The first people we saw were a few biker girls walking back wearing their bathing suits who, when they saw us, walked up to us and the first one said: “Vinny, Maya, Candy, it’s nice to see you. What are you doing this far out from the base?”

I replied casually: “I am heading to the lake with these lovely creatures.”

Her friend replied: “Vinny, you’re actually going to the lake, I have never seen you even close to it, why the change of heart?”

I replied softly: “I have never had issues with going to the lake, just prefer going at night. But today Maya and Candy have talked me into visiting it.”

They both smiled and the first asked: “Will you be staying long?”

Maya replied for me: “If we can we hope to keep him there till nightfall, why?”

Her friend replied: “Because we have to check on our kids, but we will definitely be coming back after if you will be there.”

Candy replied: “Sounds like we will be seeing you at the lake a little later.”

The first girl replied: “We will be there shortly, hope you enjoy yourself till we return.”

I smiled: “I predict it should be an interesting afternoon, see you later.” They ran toward the camp as we continued towards the lake.

At the two thirds mark we came upon a sentry sitting on a chair. She did not react immediately, but as we got closer she opened her eyes. Once she recognized us she quickly got up and approached us, looked at me with a huge grin and then said: “Vinny, I never thought I would see you here, it’s nice to see you.” She turned to Maya and added: “I loved the show you and Candy put on yesterday.” Maya blushed. She turned to Candy and added: “Candy I must thank you for bringing Maya to this gang, she is such a nice addition.” Candy blushed at the comment.

I replied: “Are you acting as a sentry?”

She replied: “Yes I am Sir. My name is Sarah.”

“Sarah if you are watching out for something, may I know what it is?”

“This lake is strictly off limits for all men and I am here to enforce that rule.” She then added in a nervous tone: “Oh course that rule does not apply to you Vinny, you are the one man who is welcome here.”

I smiled and replied: “That is a high honour, what did I do to deserve it?”

Sarah replied in a submissive tone: “You fought for Candy’s honour and put all the aggressive members of the gang in their place. We are eternally grateful for that.”

Candy replied: “I am glad to know that my suffering was not in vain.”

Sarah added: “I would consider it a great honour to escort you to the lake. I am to be relieved soon, so we can head towards the lake; I am certain Madison will meet us on route and will want to say hi. ”

I replied: “Sounds like a plan, let’s go.” We all headed toward the lake, and met up with Madison less than a hundred feet down the road she said hi to us and headed back to the Sentry post.

Sarah led us to the lake; it was another eight minutes of walk at least.



If you want to read more of this story line or if you have a comment, feel free to drop me a line. I read all feedback I get. I hope you enjoyed it, I had fun writing it. I would love to hear from you if you have ideas for a next part, or want to see something special.

A Thank you goes out to MindFiend for all his help.

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Thank you.


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