tagLesbian SexThe Enforcer Ch. 20

The Enforcer Ch. 20


We headed off towards the east coast, stopping in St. John's Newfoundland to refuel and to see if we would have any problems getting Sarah and Kimberly into England. My contact in Interpol told me that the database had been updated, and everything should be good, but just in case he gave me a contact number that I could give to the border customs officers in England.

Since everything was now cool, I told the girls the good news and they were ecstatic. We all got onto the plane and headed towards the English coastline. We were in a fast jet, but the trip still took a few hours, and since we were heading against the clock, the sun disappeared mid flight, which did nothing for our morale. We were all quite happy to land several hours later in London at Biggin Hill Airport. Sean got off and accompanied us to the terminal building, but told Guido to get ready to fly him back. And with that said, Guido closed up the jet and headed to the taxiing area to refuel.

We all walked to the terminal building to pass through customs. Since we were a special flight we had to wait for a customs officer to come and meet with us. Or rather we normally would have had to; however Sean had a little more pull than I predicted and made a call while we waited; the next thing we knew the airport's rep returned and apologized for making us wait and cleared us himself. I later learnt that Sean had called the CEO of the airport and asked him to expedite our arrival, seems they were friends.

At that point Sean told us he had to head back out, but he promised us that Guido would be back tomorrow with a bigger jet to pick us up. But before he left he told that he had a little surprise waiting at the front of the airport. We got there and found a young man holding a sign that said: "Vinny, Maya, Candy and Company."

We approached the man and introduced ourselves. He told us his name was William, and that Sean had asked him to act as our guide during our stay. We thanked him, and then followed him outside where we were shown to the stretch limo Sean had ordered him to use to drive us around. It was getting late, so we told the driver to head over to my mother's dorm so we could drop her off because she had to get ready for tomorrow; Mandy stayed with her, I would have, but men were not allowed to spend the night in that dorm. The rest of us left to find a place to stay for the remainder of our visit.

That's when William told us that Sean had arranged for us to have a suite at a local hotel; of course Sean had paid for everything. So reluctantly I agreed and we were taken to the hotel. When we got there we were treated like gods, fresh flowers for each girl and a nice bottle of aged rum for me. We were shown to our room; it was magnificent, with an upper and lower floor, and three large bedrooms. We offered to tip the bellhop, but William refused to let us and tipped him himself. He gave him five hundred Pounds.

William gave me a cell phone with his number programmed into it, and said: "If you need anything just call me, night or day and I will make certain you get it." With that said he left.

Maya and Candy quickly began exploring the room, while Sarah and Kimberly just hugged me and snuggled up to me. Lynn and Amber were busy calling room service to order a little something to eat and of course drink. I was happy to back in England again, it had been some time since my last visit, and I realised just how much my life had changed as I held Sarah and her sister lovingly.

Eventually all the girls gathered around me and thanked me for taking them with me. I told them it was my pleasure, and suggested we decide the sleeping arrangements for the evening. Just as they started to discuss who would sleep with me there was a knock at the door.

I opened it; a young looking girl was trying not to look me in the eyes as she said: "Room service, I have a large order here and need to make certain that it is the correct room as per hotel policy." She opened a little binder and pulled out a bill and began to read it. At the top in huge read print was written: "Do not verify this order, it's a VIP request." She turned crimson as she read that. Her eyes had not looked at my face once, however she blushed so brightly that even her snow white hands turned red.

She tried to speak but her voice failed her and she covered her face with the book as she crumpled to a ball on the floor, and tears began to drip down below the little binder covering her face as she began to sob softly.

She was still in the hall, and she looked so vulnerable, luckily we were alone in the hall, so I softly said: "Don't worry about it. By the way, what's your name honey?"

She never removed her face from the little black cover as she cried: "Jillian sir."

I softly stroked her hair as I said: "Are you able to stand?" She just sobbed, so I tenderly said: "I'll be right back just stay here a second." I quickly got up and rolled the cart she was pushing into our room as I said to the girls: "The foods here, but I need to take care of the girl who delivered it, she is very upset."

The girls barely acknowledged my words, and just kept on talking as they tried to decide my fate for the night, normally I would have repeated myself but given the circumstances I was perfectly happy letting them continue their conversation. I walked back into the hall where Jillian was still sobbing on the floor. I bent down and, placing a hand on her back and one behind her knees, lifted her effortlessly into my arms.

She gave out a soft yelp as she felt herself being picked up, but didn't try to stop me, so I walked back into the room with her cradled in my arms. She had finally removed the book from her face enough to see, but she still blocked my view of her face, however the girls noticed her, and upon seeing her face they all said: "Hi!" Then they went back to their conversation. I saw Jillian wave weakly as I walked passed them.

I stopped by a large sofa and gently set her down. As she slid out of my arms I finally got to see her face, she had the face of a twelve year old. Her eyes locked with mine, and I could see the fear in her eyes, she was also shaking, so I tenderly said: "You're not in trouble little girl."

She looked a little miffed as she said: "I'm a woman, today's my eighteenth birthday." As the words escaped her mouth she raised her hand to try and block them, but it was too late and she started to bawl again and quickly buried her face into the soft cushions of the couch.

I realised that this was not the way I wanted any woman to remember her eighteenth birthday, and that it would be tough to change that. I sat beside her and eased her head off the sofa, and when it was high enough I hugged her tiny frame to mine. She was still trying to avoid me as she buried her face into my chest. She tried to pull away once she realised what she was crying on, but I held close so she wouldn't let go.

Realising she was trapped, she finally raised her head and looked into my face dumbfounded. I place my free hand against her tear soaked cheek as I tenderly said: "Well it's nice to see you again Jillian." She was still scared, but this time didn't try to pull away, so I continued: "My name is Vinny, and I would really appreciate it if you would stop crying long enough for me ask you a few questions."

She looked at me incredulously and weakly said: "What do you want to know Mr. Vinny?"

I replied: "First of all call me Vinny." She nodded softly. So I continued: "And as for my questions, let's start with an easy one. How long have you been working here?"

She was puzzled as she said, with a huge effort: "A few months, but this is my first week delivering room service, Vinny."

I rubbed my hand slowly against her cheek, trying to comfort her. She relaxed a little so I weakened my hold on her torso as I asked my second question: "Why are you working on your birthday?"

She sniffled a little as she said: "I was asked if I could, and since I have no family close by and I caught my boyfriend cheating two days ago, I really didn't want to be alone in my tiny flat."

She was more relaxed so I let her sit back into the sofa beside me as I asked her my third question: "You're not having a really good day, are you?"

She shook her head.

"Jillian I have one more question for you. I understand you're having a bad day, and since it's your birthday you don't have to answer this, but why did you react so strongly when you noticed that you had made that error earlier?"

Jillian was a little hesitant as she answered: "I don't know you well enough to answer that question right now. Maybe I'll tell you a little later." She looked at me expectantly.

I smiled as I said: "That sounds fair; after all we just met. But can I at least offer you something to eat? Actually if you want to join us for dinner I'd be honoured."

She smiled as she replied: "That's sounds interesting, but won't all those women you have with you be upset if I stay?"

I turned to the girls and in my booming command voice said: "Girls stop talking for a minute and listen to me." They all froze and turned to me, completely silent. So I continued in my regular voice: "It's Jillian's birthday, do you mind if she joins us for supper?"

They all replied that they had no problems with that, and then they each in turn wished her a happy birthday, and then asked how old she was. When she replied eighteen, they all grinned evilly at me and Maya said: "Looks like the sleeping arrangement may have been resolved for us already."

The girls all laughed at that as Jillian asked me tentatively: "Why are they laughing like that, and why did they give you an evil grin?"

Candy replied, as she approached Jillian: "Don't worry about it kid."

Jillian was still sitting beside me as I waved the girls away before they scared her away.

Jillian looked at me a little puzzled as I said: "Would you guys stop scaring our guest?"

They all giggled as they walked over to the cart that Jillian had been pushing. Jillian did not notice her face was locked onto mine, so I politely asked her: "Jillian is everything on that cart for us?"

She snapped out of her daze and quietly replied: "Yes. Everything on the cart is for you guys."

I smiled as I asked her casually: "Jillian is there anything special you want to eat?"

She looked very nervous as she realised where she was and what was happening and had a very frantic look on her as she tried to get up. However, as she reached back to push herself off the couch, her hands failed to get a hold and she comically fell back down as her hands slipped.

I was able to stave off laughing as I calmly said: "What's the problem, why are you trying to run away?"

Jillian tried to get up again as she replied: "I have to go, I'm not supposed to take this long. They will be angry with me if I don't get back soon."

I calmly got up as I firmly said: "Wait for me here Jillian; I have to make a call."

Jillian was not having much luck getting up and froze as I spoke to her. I walked casually to the phone, picked it up and dialled the front desk. Jillian had finally managed to get up as the receptionist picked up.

I spoke into the phone. "Hi, my name is Vinny, I am staying in room 511, and a young woman named Jillian just delivered food to me." Jillian was growing more concerned as I spoke. "No I am not dissatisfied with her." Jillian's face filled with surprise as I continued: "Yes she is still here, but my problem is that she says that she can't stay."

Jillian walked slowly towards me. "Yes I understand that the hotel has rules on getting a person to serve food, and I know that I didn't request such service, but that's not the issue." Jillian was now standing less than a foot from me. "The problem is that I learnt through an incident that happened that it was her birthday today and I invited her to stay and have dinner with us."

Jillian was now tugging at my shirt sleeve trying to get my attention. "I understand that staff are not normally allowed to accept invitations by a guest, however if you check your records you should be able to notice that I am not exactly a normal guest."

Jillian looked at me wide-eyed and fearful as she said: "What are you doing? Are you trying to cost me my job?"

Before answering her I spoke into the phone. "Yes I'll wait while you pull up my account." As soon as I was placed on hold I turned my face to Jillian's and said: "I am trying to talk on the phone."

She looked at me in frustration and ruefully said: "I know that! What I meant is why are you saying those things?"

I nonchalantly replied: "I want you to stay. You agreed to stay. And now that you have told me that somebody else might not want you to stay, I am getting their permission, well ok, I am forcing my hand a little, but I feel that I have a good enough hand to try."

She looked at me stunned and said, in a doubtful tone: "Good luck. But whether you manage to get me fired, or to get permission, I'll stay."

Just as I was about to answer her the clerk came onto the phone. "So you read my file, and you're sorry about the mix up. No there is no need to come up in person to apologize. I will gladly pass you Jillian, but first please make certain to give yourself a hundred pound tip for your nice work. You're welcome."

I handed the phone to Jillian, who grabbed it from my hand. She was completely shocked. Her face turned white as the clerk spoke to her. Then she just replied: "Understood." and hung up the phone. Then she softly said: "Seems that I am to do anything you tell me. And the boss promised to reward me well if you're happy."

I softly replied: "I have only three demands from you tonight."

She looked at me attentively. "First I want you to stay until I give you permission to leave." She nodded her understanding, so I continued: "Second I don't want you to do anything you don't want to do." She was a little surprised by that one, but nodded again.

I hugged her to me before I said: "Lastly, I command you to have fun. This is your eighteenth birthday, and I promise to make it one you will never forget. And all you have to do is trust me and my friends a little."

Jillian replied reluctantly: "How many friends are we talking about?"

I turned her so she was facing the girls and said: "That gaggle of insane women scarffing down our food. That's all."

She sighed in relief as she said: "Ok, I can deal with them."

I bent down and whispered softly into her ear: "I seriously doubt that. They're bisexual, they're all horny and they have all set their sights on you little girl."

She turned to me and shyly said: "But I'm not bisexual, and I have never felt any attraction to women."

I softly whispered: "I don't think that will stop them. Besides, they want to try and win your trust before I do."

She looked at me wide-eyed and in a sweet tone said: "But you have already won me over Vinny. I am willing to stay here, and no sane eighteen year old would do that." She then placed a soft peck on my lips before she added: "And I think you're cute."

I affectionately said: "I think you're kind of cute yourself." She smiled at my compliment. I broke away and said: "But before I let this get any further out of hand, let's eat. I'm starved." With that Jillian and I joined the girls for some food.

The girls had ordered, so I did not know what to expect. They had moved the trays to the dinning table. As we came upon them Jillian's surprise told me that she had not yet read the list of items she was bringing us. There were four lobsters, four steak dinners, a large platter of fried calamari and a really nice looking pizza. I wondered who had picked out each item. But as I turned to see what the girls were eating it came together.

Lynn and Amber each had a lobster, guess they ordered six. Sarah and Kimberly each had a large steak in front of them, ok so they had maybe gone overboard on the food, I mean the steaks were huge and they had ordered six of those too. Maya and Candy each had a slice of pizza and good sized helping of Calamari. That left more than half the food untouched, so I turned to Jillian and said: "See anything you'd like to try?"

Jillian was a little on the small size to say the least, so I was surprised when she said: "Everything looks so good, but there's no way I'll be able to finish any one meal alone."

I smiled: "Don't worry about it. What you can't eat I will finish myself. After all you don't think I got this big eating nothing, do you?"

She smiled as she hugged me close and tenderly said: "You might be big, but there isn't an ounce of fat on you." She snuggled against my chest as she added: "And you don't feel uncomfortably hard even though you are so massive."

I hugged her affectionately as I said: "Thanks little one. Now let's get some food, I haven't had anything to eat since we left Canada."

She looked at me surprised and said: "You guys are from Canada?"

I answered: "Yep, we are. I'm here to attend my mother's graduation."

She looked at me puzzled and said: "What? You have to be kidding. How old is she?"

I realised that an explanation was needed: "She's not actually my mother, she's my step mom. And she's a few years younger than me. But she has always treated me like a son and I love her like a mother. My real mom died when I was still a baby. It's unfortunate, but she loved me dearly and even though I have never met her, I love her greatly. I guess that love has been transferred to my step mom."

Jillian was a little surprised, but took it in stride. She broke away from me and headed to the table, I stood behind her. She quickly grabbed a steak platter, and then waited for me to get something. I grabbed a steak platter, added a couple slices of pizza and a handful of calamari. I decided to leave the lobster for the girls.

We sat down together at the table where the girls were already eating. We were all quite famished and ate in relative silence; well I did as did Jillian, but the girls started to chatter about half way through their food. Not too surprisingly I finished off my food quickly; Jillian was still eating her steak, so I just went back for another serving.

Jillian was surprised when she saw that I had picked up another steak platter and four slices of pizza. She asked me softly: "Do you always eat such massive amounts?"

I replied casually: "No not really. I tend to eat only sporadically, but after such a long flight, and with all the exercise I've had over the last few days, I am just famished."

She shyly asked: "What exactly have you been doing for the last few days?"

I was busy eating, so I finished a slice of pizza before answering: "I stopped a kidnapping attempt at my graduation yesterday. I also have been busy talking with the members of my biker gang, and a few other things. Just boring shit to me."

She looked at me flabbergasted as I finished the last slice of pizza on my plate. When I was done I said: "What is it Jillian?"

She looked at me in complete amazement as she said: "You stopped a kidnapping attempt less than forty-eight hours ago, and you're not even fazed by it?"

I replied: "I'm a biker; there are very few things that faze me."

The girls all chorused: "Damn right!"

I looked into the concerned face of Jillian and said: "How about I explain it in greater detail after we're done eating?"

Jillian smiled: "Alright, I am pretty much full, so anytime you're ready."

Her plate still had about a third of a steak on it and most of her mashed potatoes. I quickly finished her plate and my second Steak platter. I was content, and decided that coffee would be nice to help me digest as I told her about us.

I quickly grabbed the phone and called the front desk and asked them to send up a pot of their best coffee. Jillian settled down on the couch at my request. The coffee arrived very rapidly. I gave the young lad a tip; he of course turned it down, and said that he had been ordered not to accept any money from me. But he told me that he was permitted to take a tip if it was placed on the bill, so I had him add a hundred pound tip.

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