tagGay MaleThe Engineering Club

The Engineering Club


Chris invited me over to his house to help out with the engineering club he was mentoring. He told me to come over a couple of hours before the meeting and he would go over how a typical meeting would go. He said the college kids were the type that were really smart, but didn't have much experience with girls, so they were a little shy. Chris said that since I was an engineer that I could help them with some of their problems.

When I arrived at Chris' house, he was dressed really casually, wearing only a pair of swim trunks (that were kind of see-through) and a tee shirt. He told me I was dressed too formally for such a casual meeting. After we get done prepping, we'll take a swim before the guys get here. Chris explained that there would be about fifteen guys from the state college, and a typical meeting lasted about an hour. After we talked, Chris gave me a pair of swim trunks to wear and we went swimming in his pool.

After swimming for a bit, Chris said he was having trouble with the draw string on his trunks. He asked if I could help him with it. He came over and I got on me knees in front of him and started working on the knot. While I was deep in concentration working on it, Chris slipped his trunks down in front of me. As the trunks dropped to his ankles, I was holding the draw string and staring at a huge semi hard cock.

I looked up at Chris and he said "What do you think Dan?" What I thought was wow. I had seen big cocks from all of my internet surfing, and this was as big as any of them, and not actually hard. I couldn't stop staring.

Chris continued "I could see when we were talking and swimming that you couldn't help but look in the direction of my crotch. I thought I'd show you what you were missing."

I said "I don't know what you're talking about," but the bulge in my shorts was growing and I continued to look at that monster.

"Dan, look at how hard you're getting. You want my cock and I want to give it to you. Go ahead and reach for it."

I don't know if I was in a trance or what, but I felt compelled to do what Chris wanted. I shouldn't really say this wasn't something I had wondered about. I had fantasized about Chris doing the most outrageous things to me for as long as I could remember. I wasn't gay, but had fantasized for over a decade about getting fucked in every position by Chris and being made to do it over and over again. So when Chris was telling me to touch him, I think I really wanted him to be giving me orders and I wanted to obey them without question.

I said to Chris, "I've never done anything like this before. I've only been with women. I'm a straight man."

Chris replied "Dan, I know you've never done anything like this before. But I can also tell that you have wanted to do something like this for a long time. Don't pass up on the chance to find out. Look at my cock. You know you want this."

How did he know? Other than the drool coming out of my mouth and my staring, I had never said anything to Chris to reveal my fantasies. But he was right; I did want to do it. I reached out and felt his cock. It was soft and spongy, and responded immediately to my touch. Chris told me to run my hands up and down, and have my hands continue up his body to his lower stomach. He was in really good shape. He felt like a real man should. This must be what gets a woman excited. At this moment I was a woman, and it was really making me crazy. I couldn't sit still and had a desire to put my hands on my own cock before I exploded from excitement.

After a couple of minutes of this, Chris ordered "Take off your shorts Dan and let your little clit out."

As I started taking off my shorts, I thought about what Chris had said and asked "Did you say what I thought you said?" Chris said "You heard me bitch. Take out your clit. Little girls don't have cocks, they have clits."

I had to admit, when you compared my cock to the monster Chris had displayed before me, it was only a clit. I had no right to call myself a man around him. If he said I was a girl, then that was what I was. He was a man.

After I took off my shorts, Chris ordered me back on my knees and told me to put his cock in my mouth. He didn't have to say it twice. I dove in. His cock had to be at least ten inches (probably more like 11 or 12), and I wanted to take every inch of it in my mouth. I sucked and stroked his cock and Chris continued to give me orders and tell me what a girl I was. He was debasing me in every form, and I wanted him to continue. He was helping me live out my fantasies that were so perverted, I could never speak them.

Chris' orders continued "Keep licking my cock, now work your tongue onto my balls, put each one in your mouth and savor it, work your tongue further back, lick my inner thighs, lick the space between my cock and my ass, ooh yeah that is a really sensitive area, keep using that tongue, work your way into my ass, get your face way in there, keep licking it while rubbing my ass, now rub my cock while licking my ass, you are such a bitch."

After about ten to fifteen minutes of running my tongue over every portion of his genitals, Chris said "I have never had a woman do the things you just did. You wanted to be treated like a pathetic girl. From now on, when I talk to you I will never refer to you with any masculine term and you will not speak of yourself with a masculine term. You are to refer to yourself as a girl and you are to respond as a girl in everything you do. Do you understand?"

At this point, I would have said yes to anything Chris said. I answered "Yes sir."

"Very good. Now, lets go inside and see if that pussy of yours is as nice as your mouth."

I got up off my knees and Chris led me into the house. We went into the front room of the house and Chris had me bend over the arm of the couch. From this position, I could look out the front window that had a view of the street and the front door. He told me to beg for his cock. I sighed "Please fuck me. My pussy feels so empty. I need your cock to make me feel like a woman. I need your cock to fill me up. I need your cock so bad. Please fill this little girl's pussy with your manhood."

Chris couldn't help but laugh. "You really took me seriously out there. Maybe we need to start calling you Dani with an i. I have to admit, your desire is keeping me hard." He then placed his cock at my hole and pushed slowly. Thank goodness I had moistened it for the last fifteen minutes, otherwise he would have torn me apart. As it stood, the pain of a cock in my never before spread ass was making me scream loud enough for everyone on the block to come to the window to find out what was happening.

Chris told me to relax and my ass slowly took every inch of Chris' huge cock. I felt his pubic hairs rub against my ass, and Chris said "for a virgin pussy, it must be extremely deep. You just took my entire length of cock. I have had some women complain about the length of my tool, but you took it all. There is a word for girls like you. Slut. Tell me what you are."

I screamed back "I'm a slut. I will never think of myself as a man again. You have turned me into a woman. I have fantasized about this for as long as I can remember. Most nights when I masturbate, I am dreaming of your cock. I have finally fulfilled my deepest desires, and I want you to take them further. Please pound me hard and split me in two."

With that, Chris began aggressively fucking me. He continued to shout out insults and I continued to suck them up like compliments. He slapped my ass with each stroke and I came all over the arm of the couch. Chris noticed my violent shake. He said "That's a good girl. I'm gonna make you cum a whole lot more before we're done." Usually after cumming to thoughts of Chris using me, I would feel ashamed and swear never to have such thoughts again. However, this time, I felt like everything was the way it should be. I stayed as horny as hell and screamed at Chris "Please keep fucking me. I need more cock. I want to cum again and again. I want to do nothing but please you. Keep using me. Turn me into a cum receptacle."

Chris just laughed "I can't believe how easy this was. You really want more cock don't you?"

I said back "Chris, my dreams of you fucking me are of epic proportions. They included you taping and photographing me to blackmail me into continued service. They included groups of guys using me at the same time. But even I didn't realize how good it would feel to have your cock in my pussy. I will do whatever you say. Just please keep fucking me until you cum in my ass."

"I'm glad to hear you say that, and so will the engineering club," Chris said as he began speeding up.

When he said it, I couldn't believe my ears. I had completely forgotten about the engineering club meeting. I looked up and there were eight guys standing outside the window watching Chris fuck me. He waved them in as he continued to speed up. He was very close to cumming. As the door opened, I could feel the first shots of cum fill up my pussy. He started grunting as shot after shot filled my hole. When he finished, he slowly pulled his softening cock from my ass, and cum dripped out of the gaping hole.

Chris then turned to the engineering club, pulled on his swim trunks and said "This is Dani. She is a girl that I went to high school with. I invited her here today to help with your self esteem. Most of you have never been with a girl, and feel very awkward around them. Dani would like to take each of your cocks into her mouth and pussy, and show you how good it feels to be with a girl. Dani, come here and show the guys how much you can help them with their problems."

When Chris said the words, I had realized that this was how Chris wanted me to help the guys with their problems. He had planned this all along, and I had willingly gone along with him, even though I didn't realize what I was doing. I got off the couch and got down on my knees in front of the club. I couldn't look them in the face. My face was extremely red as I said "When Chris invited me here today, I figured I could give you some advice as a fellow engineer. That was before Chris showed me his cock and had me worship it. I am now a girl. Please think of me as a girl and let me show you how you are the real men. Although I am here for your pleasure, I will receive at least as much pleasure from being used. I need you to use me. Please use me."

With a smile, Chris then added "Who's first."

Immediately, I was surrounded by four guys unbuckling their pants as quickly as they could. I helped one guy, Jimmy, with his pants. He lowered his underwear and his quickly hardening penis landed right on my nose. The other guys laughed as I grabbed his cock and started sucking and rubbing like a slut in a porno movie. I had looked at picture after picture of women getting gangbanged on the Internet, always wishing I could be one of those women. Now, I was about to become one of those women.

The other three guys lifted my ass off the ground, putting me on all fours. My pussy was still dripping some of Chris' cum as Mark stuck his cock in me, immediately sticking his entire length in me. So now I was being impaled at both ends by a cock, and I was realizing that both of these cocks were much bigger than mine. I was again confronted with the realization that my cock really was just a little clit. I thought I was at least average sized, but I was much smaller than nerds that couldn't even get dates.

John and Michael then grabbed each of my hands and placed them on their cocks. I now had a cock in each hole and a cock in each hand. This was too much for me to handle and I came for a second time. Mark was the first to notice me shaking and said "this little slut just came. We must have hit her g-spot or something. You were right Chris; I am learning stuff in this club. I thought the g-spot was just a myth."

Chris said "Well Dan, I guess you are multi-orgasmic." Chris turned to the rest of the group as if he was teaching a class and said "Most women are. For men, their cock becomes flaccid for a period after they cum. However, women have clits that stay hard and allow them to cum over and over again. Dan here stays hard, so he couldn't possibly be anything but a woman."

The four guys then picked me up and placed me on the couch on my back. Michael had pushed his way into my pussy and John was making me suck him off. I took my legs and wrapped them around Michaels hips, allowing him to pump me harder. This position continued for several minutes and then Chris told me to smile. I looked up and Chris took a picture of me with a cock in my ass and a cock sitting on my lips. A third cock had just been put in my hand. Chris said, "This picture will look great as the flyer for next year's high school reunion. We can use a caption like 'cum on in and see our valedictorian'."

I was even more embarrassed than when the engineering group first saw me getting fucked. I begged Chris, "Please don't show that picture to anyone I know. I'll do anything you want."

Chris said "You are already doing everything I want. Why shouldn't I show this picture around? I'll bet there were some other cocks from high school you wanted to suck besides mine. Maybe they will want to use a slut like you."

Again I pleaded "I will do whatever you want. You can put the picture on the Internet, just please don't send it to anyone I know."

Chris smiled and said, "That's what I wanted to hear. Sign this waiver so we can begin your film career. The engineering club needs to raise some money and a pay per view site starring you might just raise that money. We can't legally put anything on the Internet without you permission."

I couldn't believe it. Another of my fantasies was coming true before my eyes. I signed Chris' form and the next thing I know three of the club members begin filming the fuck scene happening in front of them. I was now the star of films that would blackmail me into doing whatever Chris wanted.

For the next three hours, each of the club members got to star in their own portion of the movie. I was fucked over and over, and came four more times without ever touching my cock/clit. After every one of the guys was completely spent, Chris asked them if they had learned anything. John told Chris "I had no idea some women were so easy. Dan never said no to anything." Mark piped in "I have had a couple of blow jobs before, but nothing like this. If a girl is truly interested in pleasing a guy she can. I think Dani had a great time, and is actually happy that she will be a star."

Chris said "Dan, do you want to comment on that."

I said "I truly let everyone of my inhibitions down today. I'm not sure how other women are in that regard, but I have never been so sexually fulfilled. I think I will probably sleep for three straight days after this, but I am getting hard just thinking about how excited I made all of you."

Chris replied, "Wow. I really had no idea. I suspected, but had no idea. Guys, I'll see all of you in a week. You are all now members of the delta alpha nu society. In fact, that will be the website that will be devoted to the films and photos we took today. Dan here is the star of the delta alpha nu society."

After everyone left, Chris told me that I am to attend all future club meetings. I am to be naked at all times during these meetings, and will continue to be a woman whenever I am in Chris' presence. Before arriving next time, I am to shave all of my body hair and to put on body cream that will soften my skin. Chris finished with "You are unbelievable Dan. To think I considered you an equal in high school. And now you are my willing and able bitch. I'm going to enjoy humiliating you in every way imaginable and having you enjoy every minute of it."

That was a week ago. Chris just sent me an e-mail to let me know that word has spread on campus. I can expect the engineering club to have at least doubled, and there might even be some women there besides me. If things go well, we will be the largest club on campus, and may even start expanding into the community.

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Taking all that cock

Damn, can I join this club? I'd love to service all of those college cocks.

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