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** This is a story about an involuntary cuckold. Don't read further if you find this topic offensive.

** The following story is NOT a retelling of real events. It is the second story in a planned trilogy, exploring an individual man's reaction to discovering his long time wife, whom he deeply loves, has cheated on him. In this story, a man is unexpectedly given evidence of his cuckoldry. What will he do? Whether or not, you agree with my protagonist's decisions, I hope you find the reading enjoyable.


---------- AN UNUSUAL LUNCH ----------

It was a typical Friday. I got up, showered, dressed and went to work where I attended some meetings, and conducted negotiations. When lunch time came, I looked out the window at a bright Dallas afternoon and decided to walk across the street to the Galleria for some food. Walking through the mall towards Potbelly's I chuckled to myself as I realized what a creature of habit I had become. In the last year I have probably made this same walk 3 days a week, to eat the same sandwich, at the same place. When I was younger that would never have been the case, variety was something I had craved. Now, when I found something I truly enjoyed, I had no problem with a little repetition. Okay, perhaps a lot.

I was in the middle of my first bite, when a woman took the seat next to me. This piqued my interest for two reasons: First, there were a several open tables; Second, I deliberately choose this spot because once I am seated, taking the adjacent seat places the person in very intimate quarters with me. Typically this means I get to enjoy my lunch without distractions. Since close quarters did not bother this woman, I started pulling my coke and chips closer. As I did, she said, "No, need to rearrange anything on my behalf John."

I turned to get a better look at her, and saw a woman who was about 5'6", 120 pounds, olive skin, shoulder length, light brown hair and full soft lips. But it was her light brown eyes that caught my attention; not because of their color but because they seemed so sad. Looking at those eyes I asked, "Do I know you?"

She smiled softly and shook her head, "No, we have never met before and honestly, I wish we were not meeting now."

What do you say to a beautiful woman that you have never met; who deliberately takes a seat next to you and obviously knows you, then tells you she wished you weren't meeting? I didn't have a clue so I just looked on in silence.

Holding out her hand, "I am sorry for being so rude. My name is Stella Holmes." We shook hands perfunctory and she continued. "I won't take much of your time but I needed to talk to you about a problem we both share."

Turning away from Stella, I deliberately looked around hoping to find friends laughing at their practical joke, but could not see any. Turning back to her, I said "Stella I don't really know you, so I can't imagine you have any problem I can help with. It is probably best if I just leave." As I started pushing my unfinished meal into the paper sack from which it came, I felt her hand lightly touch my arm.

"Please John, give me 10 minutes, then I will leave you alone."

I should have ignored this stranger and just left. Hell thinking back on it, I should have turned around and ran as fast as I could, but that is not what I did. Instead I stopped fiddling with my food and turned back to her. "Okay, you have ten minutes," and for dramatic affect I hit the timer on my watch.

She looked at me, paused long enough to take a deep breath and with a sad smile slowly said, "John, my husband has been seeing another woman behind my back for the last 6-months and that woman is your wife Sue."

The words came in crystal clear, but I didn't believe them and I told her so, "Stella, I am really sorry your husband is cheating on you but you have me confused with somebody else. My wife loves me and I love her. We've been married almost 15-years now and I'd bet my life, I'm the only she man she has ever known."

Stella's eyes got sadder with every word she heard. She reached into her purse without looking and pulled out a 2" thick manila envelope and placed it in front of me saying, "I'm sorry, truly I am. I know this hard for you accept, but I assure you the other woman is your Sue." Taping the envelope with her forefinger she told me that inside were pictures, a DVD and a Private Investigators report.

As I started reaching for the envelope, she placed a gentle restraining hand over mine. "Please John, don't look at this material until after I have left and my advice is not to look at any of it until you can be alone for several hours. Reviewing the material will be quick, but processing it may take some time."

At this point I was one part angry, one part confused and one part scared so a little more loudly than necessary, "Lady, what the fuck is this and what exactly do you want from me?"

I saw her eyes blink at my tone, but she never looked away. "John, I have already told you. Your wife is fucking my husband behind my back. As for what I want from you."

"Yes, Stella what the hell do you want from me."

"John I really don't want anything from you except, maybe forgiveness."

I was confused again. "Stella if your story isn't pure bullshit, what is there I should forgive you for?"

As she started rising she said to me, "I have given you all the information you need to make your own conclusions about who needs your forgiveness. But I will tell you what I want from this meeting. First, I wanted give you this news face-to-face, I owed you that. Second, I want your wife out of Justin's life and mine."

She was up and about leave when she leaned back towards me and whispered. "I do believe that Sue loves you, so please try to respond to this in a way that you will be able to live with and don't just react to the pain. This was the hardest thing for me, but I am hoping it will make all the difference." She started walking away, when I grabbed her arm.

"What are you going to do about your cheating husband?"

She gave me a very cold smile and firmly said, "I am going to confront him on Sunday. After that he will have one week to convince me that he will never cheat on me again and we will move out of town by the end of the month. Either that, or I will leave him without reputation, money or his balls." When I heard the emotion behind those words I knew her husband was in a deep shit.

While trying to decide if should follow her, she disappeared into to the crowd. Turning back to the envelope I started to pick it up, when Stella's voice came back to me and I knew I would wait for privacy.

There was no way I could open the envelope at work so I spent the longest afternoon of my life going from meeting to meeting, going through the motions. Neither my head or heart were on the day's work. Finally, my last meeting ended and I headed for home.

---------- AN OLD MYSTERY EXPLAINED ----------

Arriving at 6:30 I set down my briefcase and then walked into the master bedroom where I found Sue watching TV. Seeing me, she jumped up, wrapped her arms around me in a strong hug and kissed me lightly on the lips. The same way she had greeted me every day since we got married. Looking up to me she smiled again and said, "Home early. What's the occasion?

"Well, the weather man said it was going to be a nice weekend so I thought we could make an early night and head up the lake house tomorrow. We could do some dock fishing and later I could install the new hallway tiles."

Playfully she responded, "Awww, that sounds like fun but I can't tomorrow."

"Why not darling, you got a hot date with another man you can't break?"

Landing a soft punch in my left shoulder she laughed and said, "That's for making such a terrible accusation. You know I volunteered to help out with the Church's annual auction and that's what I'll be doing all day tomorrow. Now tell me you are sorry."

I looked for signs of a lie on her face, not finding any; I hugged her close and whispered my apology.

After dinner I loaded my fishing gear into the car along with a duffle bag containing some work clothes and work gloves. Once packed, I headed back inside to watch a little TV.

Later that night, sleep eluded me as lunch kept replaying itself in my head and the wave of emotions kept being repeated. Around 1:00 a.m. I became aware that Sue was now curled against me. As I was wondering how this could happen without my notice, I felt her hand starting to slide towards my cock.

"Are you awake?" she whispered into my ear.

"Yeah, too tired to sleep." I grunted back to her.

"Too, tired to sleep?" she chuckled, "Never heard that one. Is that anything like too tired to fuck?"

Before I could respond, she had pulled me onto my back and her mouth had engulfed my limp dick. I watched as she shifted her position until she was directly between my legs. Although she was facing me, her whole attention seemed to be focused on my dick. I closed my eyes and concentrated on the feelings of her tongue licking the under-side and then the head of my dick. I felt the inside of her cheeks as she created a slight vacuum before moving upward. God, I love a good blow job and my hard dick was a testament to her talent. I opened my eyes to look at her again and quickly closed them lost in the sensation. "So long, so long since she had given me one of these." And with that thought, my mind filled with many things besides her lips.

Prior to our marriage Sue would go down on me all the time, but once she surrendered her virginity the frequency started to taper off. Why was always mystery? But it was a mystery that I had stopped pursuing years ago. Now, the only time her lips went near my dick was on my Birthday and Christmas. And the one time I ever refused those lips, her response had been, "looks like no Christmas gift for you."

Then I thought to myself, "What the fuck is going on?" My birthday was months ago and in the middle of the night she just starts sucking my dick? "Does she know Stella met with me today?", "What is she trying to cover up?"

My dick started to flag and she must have noticed, because she stopped sucking long enough to ask if I was enjoying it.

I automatically responded, "You know I am," and then thought to myself, "What made you decided to suck me this tonight?"

For the next 10 minutes Sue gave me one of the best and strangest blow jobs of all time. Her technique was wonderful, but one instant as I watched her lips push down on my dick and felt her hair moving against my skin, I thought the sensation would drive me insane. Then I would remember the envelope. The result was a cock that was constantly alternating from rock hard to semi hard.

Eventually, I looked down on her with what I hope was a smile and asked, "What brings this on?"

Looking up at me with a playful smile, she pulled my dick out her mouth, and as she continued to tease me, by rubbing it against her cheek she said, "I was just thinking that it had been a very long time since I had tasted your cock and I wanted to see if it still tasted as good as I remembered." With that she returned to her taste testing.

After a few more minutes of praise worthy effort, she must have gotten frustrated with the continued ebb and flow of my cock and she stopped. As I looked at her, she smiled and said "Yup, it tastes just the same, sorry to have disturbed you."

To this I eloquently replied, "You are kidding, right?"

Then she gave an odd laugh and headed back to my dick saying, "Back to work."

Normally I would have ignored her banter, but the envelop had me on edge and her tone made me angry, so instead of chuckling and letting it go, "Back to work, what the hell does that mean? I asked.

Even worse than my having asked the question, she decided to actually answer it. "Come on John, you know that before I went all the way, giving a blow jobs the only way I could satisfy a man." "Yes I know that, but what's your point." I replied. "My point," she spat back at me, "is that I never enjoyed giving them, they were just something I had to do. The longer I kept my virginity the more blow jobs I gave. At some point giving head became nothing but work, something I dreaded doing but felt obligated to provide. But I love you baby, so I don't mind working hard to make you happy." With that she really went to town my cock. Unfortunately, with that revelation, regardless of what she was doing I was no longer interested. So I wrapped my fingers in her hair and pulled her up to me.

"Mmmm... What's wrong baby? I haven't finished yet and neither have you."

I continued to pull her up and then rolled to my right just enough for her to slide off me. Still holding her hair, I said "Sue I think it's much too late for you to be working so hard."

Her hand started sliding toward my cock as she said, "Aww... c'mon John don't be that way, I started this to make you happy and I think you were enjoying it. I know your dick doesn't want me to stop." At that point her hand found my dick and in surprised voice she said, "Well maybe it does."

She moved her hand away and asked, "John is there something wrong? The only time you ever turned down a blow job was after the company Christmas party where I had too much to drink and you accused me of embarrassing you."

"Sue, you did embarrass me that night, but let's not go there. Is there something wrong? There wasn't a few minutes ago, but there sure is now." Seeing the surprise in her eyes, "I've always loved the way you suck me off, but over the years you stopped doing it. You ignored any hints from me that I wanted some head. Hell, you plain refused for one reason or another every time I asked. Now it's to the point where I hope to get one on my Birthday and Christmas. Did you ever wonder why I stopped begging you to blow me?"

"John, name one time you ever begged me to blow you. You can't now can you?"

With an irritated sigh I replied, "Sue you may be right, I may not have ever begged you. But you know what, after a while it sure felt like I was, so I just stopped asking. At least now I understand why you never showed any interest as to why I stopped asking. That is what you had been working towards, wasn't it?"

With a touch of venom in her voice, "Now I'm sorry I tried to give you one tonight."

"You and me both Sue, you and me both."

After a long period of silence, I rolled over and as I lay facing away from her asked, "Sue, you really don't have idea how I am feeling right now do you?" When no comment followed, "After all these years I learn that you dread sucking me off. I always, always enjoyed your blow jobs, but now you have ruined that for me. I hope that makes you happy."

That got to her as she leaned up on her elbow, "Don't be such a jerk, I haven't ruined anything. I sucked your dick tonight and I'll do it again. So quit playing the martyr and go to sleep."

She was probably right, but I was like a dog with a bone, "Sue, I'm not making this more than it is. This is major. I love you with all my heart, so how can I ever enjoy a blow job from you again knowing how you feel about them?"

"God dammit John, that is not what I said or want?"

"Maybe not Sue, but that is how I am feeling right now." Turning away and putting my head back on my pillow I sarcastically added, "Good news is, giving up 2 a year shouldn't be too hard for me and you should find Christmas and my birthday less stressful now that you are longer burdened with my expectations."

I felt movement and then her hand on my shoulder, softly she said "John, don't blow this out of proportion, you're making it sound much worse than I meant it. It's true that I don't go down on you that often, but doesn't that make it more special for you when I do. I don't suck your dick because I have to, instead I do because I love you and want to make you happy. Isn't that important too? Don't create a problem where there isn't one, please?"

Don't blow it out of proportion, what the fuck is she talking about. I was just about to respond when it hit me and before realizing what I was doing, I had turned towards her saying, "Sue did you give me one of your precious blow jobs because you didn't want to fuck me tonight?"

Hearing this, her face flushed slightly and for just an instant I thought she looked flustered, then "John, how could you say that? Why would you think that? You know I love making love to you, I always have? Really, why did you say that?"

Shit, this was not the discussion I wanted to have right now, but I had to respond it, didn't I? "Sue, I asked because you just told me that you always gave blow jobs to divert men from their desire to fuck you. What the hell else am I supposed to think?"

I could see real anger starting to flare up in her eyes as she started, "Dammit John, you are taking what I said all wrong. I started to suck you off because I wanted to taste you and to make you happy. In return not only do I get a limp dick, but you start a fight. We both need some rest so let's just go to sleep. We can talk about this tomorrow." With that she turned away from me.

Rolling back on my side I thought to myself, "What the fuck is going on. I woke up this morning and everything is fine. Now I got some stranger claiming that my wife is a whore and my wife is telling me she hates sucking my dick." One thing is for sure, this discussion is not over." I was wrong of course; I just didn't realize it yet.

Still awake at 4am I gave up on sleep, dressed and headed for the lake. Before leaving, I took a look at my sleeping wife and wondered what was going on and what would be become of us.

After a couple hours drive, interrupted only for a gas stop and the drive-through window at McDonald's, I arrived at the lake house. Some of my earliest memories are of this house. If the stories are to be believed my grandfather, designed this house and built the entire thing with his own hands. My dad used to tell me that it had taken his father 20-years to complete his dream. Even now, years after my parents had passed on, I still expected them to meet me at the door with a smile and a hug. And for years now, every time they didn't was a small disappointment.

As I passed through the gate and drove up the dirt road, I could see the house, which by today's standards was modest. In addition to the obligatory living room and kitchen, it had 3 bedrooms, 2 baths, a game room and a wraparound porch. What made this house special though was the 320 acres of lake front property it was situated on. As I got near, I could see that the sun was going to be peeking over the hills in a matter of minutes and as I saw my grandpa's house come into view, it looked like my own personal Shangri-La.

After hurriedly unpacking the car I pulled an orange juice box out the ice chest, opened the screen door and went to the white rocking chair. I thought that no matter what happened later, I would officially start this day by watching the sun rise. As I remember that morning, the sun painted a spectacular scene as it made the hills and water come alive with its arrival. I remember getting lost in its quiet beauty.

Next thing I remember was waking up with half a box of warm orange juice laying on the porch and the sun high in the sky. After a few minutes of silent bitching, I decided that it was for the best, as I probably needed a little rest to do what I had come for. With that thought, I retrieved a liter bottle of water from chest and the envelope from where I had tossed it on the dresser. I brought both to the dining room table where I sipped from one and contemplated the other.

"Oh fuck it!" I grabbed the damned envelope and extracted a second envelope with a two page letter taped to the top.

---------- THE LETTER ----------


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