tagGroup SexThe Erotic Surrender of Jane...

The Erotic Surrender of Jane...


Dick and Jane arrived at my house; promptly at 6:30 p.m. Jane was blindfolded and led into my house by Dick. Tonight would be the culmination of several months of e-mails between Dick and me in preparation for Jane's ultimate fantasy(ies). Dick had come across one of my blogs and after reading a few posts knew I would be the woman to help him bring all of Jane's sexual fantasies into being. I had no doubt I could make this happen and I was thrilled to be given the opportunity to help this couple.

I had the intimate group assembled and ready to receive their "sex toy" for the evening. I had briefed them a little bit earlier about how I hoped the evening would progress and my expectations of each of the participants. I shared with them Jane's desire to submit herself to all the sexual pleasures everyone could think of to accomplish in a couple of hours with her. To accomplish the anonymity of everyone, including Jane to a certain extent, Jane insisted on being blindfolded throughout the whole fantasy scene. The only time the blindfold would come off would be at the end of the session, after everyone had left and then Dick and Jane would sit with me and one of my male friends and talk a little bit before they headed back to their hotel for the night before embarking on the journey back home in the morning.

I helped Dick bring Jane into my house, into my living room where everyone was sitting. There I presented Jane to the group, "This is Jane, and she will be our sex toy for the evening." I announced. I saw the goose bumps rise on Jane's fair skin.

"Isn't she beautiful, what a lovely toy we have to enjoy."

I placed Jane in front of the massage table I had placed in the middle of my living room. I had chosen five other men besides Dick, plus another woman to help me bring this fantasy of Jane's into fruition. You could say I picked the "cream of the crop" to help me out, I knew this group would be all that Jane had hoped for and more!

One by one each person got up and approached Jane. Then each person took his/her turn touching Jane, feeling her smooth skin, admiring her body, running their hands over her arms, legs, along her ass, up her black, hosed legs...they outlined the plunging neckline of her dress, admiring the depth of her cleavage...Jane's breathing quickened and I knew her excitement was more than likely apparent between her shapely legs. Slowly my friends began to undress Jane...one man untied the wrap around dress, lifting it gently from her shoulders exposing her curves in the bustier with garters underneath the dress...then the bustier was unhooked, one hook and eye at a time...another man moved the straps of the bustier from Jane's silky shoulders...another had pulled the cups of the bustier down to expose Jane's perfect tits and very pert nipples...a couple of the guys voiced their approval of the beautiful woman before them...fingers brushed against her hard marble nipples. Jane would gasp and suck in her breath, her breathing quite erratic...a little whimper escaped her lips as a mouth went to one of the nipples to suckle it...then another mouth on the other nipple...

there was more groping of the newly revealed skin and body...kisses and licks were placed all over our toy's body...She was turned around and admired, compliments on her body...soon her bustier was unhooked, one hook at a time, very, VERY slowly. I wanted to watch as her beautiful tits were freed from the bonds of the material. As I knew, once the bustier was removed, those hands, fingers, mouths and tongues were free to roam all over her almost naked body. All that remained were Jane's stockings and high-heeled shoes.

Soon Jane was lifted up onto the massage table I had placed in the middle of my living room. The massage table would place Jane at a decent height for everyone to feast further upon her womanly delights. My main purpose was to make sure Jane was in her comfort zone and I made sure she knew I was right there in case there was anything that she wasn't comfort with someone doing or what was being done to her. I had discussed my role extensively with Dick before agreeing to take on this fantasy realization project. I knew the importance of Jane being able to feel safe in the midst of all this incredible sexual sensations. I would whisper in Jane's ear what a lovely vision she was, as well as asking her if she was doing okay. She would respond with a yes, in a half-whisper, half gasp. I instructed her to lie down on her back on the table. Just as her bare back settled on to the sheet covering the massage table, there were two guys setting to removing her G string panties, then her high heels and stockings. Jane was now completely naked. It was quite a hot site to see this beautiful naked woman with four men and one woman surrounding her, kissing, licking, and sucking, touching every inch of her nakedness. Her pussy was cleanly shaved and glistened from her excitement...her legs were spread and one of the guys was licking and kissing all around her smooth mound...another guy gently spread her legs farther apart and the woman that I had chosen to be a part of this inserted her finger into Jane's womanly depths.

Moans were escaping Jane's lips, soft, moaning and groaning as she basked in the touches engulfing her. I motioned for one of the guys to pull Jane's bottom to the edge of the table where her pussy was more accessible for someone to lick and eat. Two guys each took a leg and foot...one guy began to lick and suck on Jane's foot and toes...Jane immediately arched her back, a loud moan/groan erupted from somewhere deep inside of Jane...the other guy did the same, licking around her toes, then taking each toe and sucking on them...tonguing between her toes...another guy took a seat in position to feast upon Jane's delightful pussy, which was now completely exposed and open.

The combinations of sexual interaction with Jane were incredible...everyone was touching, kissing and licking Jane all over...one black guy got between Jane's creamy white legs to feast upon her fine, smoothly shaved pussy...Jane was busy fondling another guy through his trousers, The woman moved to kiss Jane full on the mouth, another guy was sucking on one tit, then the woman moved to the other available tit and Jane turned her heard to receive a hard cock in her mouth...

In a matter of about 30-minutes everyone, including Dick, was naked and enjoying the sexual fruits of Jane, the sex toy. I moved around the table getting a view from every angle...it was such an incredible, erotic site to behold. Dick was beyond thrilled. There before him was his prim and proper wife evolving into the most incredible sexual creature she could be!

Everyone moved well with each other, moving around so another participant could feast upon her pussy, another hard cock pulling out of Jane's luscious mouth to let another take his place...I brought Dick closer to observe the fantastic skin contrasts of the big black cock in her mouth...needless to say, I thought Dick was going to bust he was so proud and thrilled of the scene before him. He kept telling me this was the most incredible adventure he and Jane had ever dared to embark upon. He kept thanking me for bringing this into being. I told him to simply enjoy and relish!

The beauty of Jane's fantasy is that she didn't want to know how many participants there was...and so, for all she knew there were ten people present...nor would she know if they were black or white, purple or green other than the texture of someone's body or hair upon their head...that's the beauty of the blindfold...being deprived of your sight, your other senses are so heightened. It's just an incredible journey and to know that a husband and wife have embarked on this journey together, well, that is so damned hot!!! What better gifts to give each other than such a sexually charged scene?

Soon there was moaning and groaning coming from all directions...it seems that while the woman was sucking one of Jane's tits, one of the guys had moved around to fuck the woman doggy style...I managed to get my way between Jane's legs and was able to taste some of that fine pussy...I worked two fingers into her pussy and licked and sucked her little clit, while Jane continued to suck one cock after another...she was deep-throating a cock when I heard moans and groans coming from her lips...just as a cock would get close to cumming he would pull out and another would take his place...

When I was sure everyone had had a taste of our fabulous sex toy, it was time to move her to my bedroom and onto the king-sized bed where everyone could have their turn fucking Jane in all of her holes. Yes, ALL of Jane's holes were to be filled at some juncture of this scene. The men that I had chosen to help me were a nice variety of sizes and shapes...one very large cock, several about 6-inch cocks...a smaller, more pencil like cock, which I knew would work well for the double-penetration Jane was about to experience. I let all the guys take a turn inserting his hard cock into Jane's very wet pussy. I had two guys holding her legs open and up as she was mounted one by one...I pulled aside the largest cock, a very dear friend and fuck-buddy of my own and told him I wanted his hardness in her pussy and then I wanted the pencil cock to go into Jane's tight little asshole. We briefly discussed the approach to this DP and within a few minutes, the specific participants of the DP were maneuvered into place and Jane's DP slowly began to take place. The guys I had chosen are very good at listening and responding accordingly...you can be sure that I was right there, whispering to Jane to relax and simply go with it...I kissed her cheek and told her how incredibly sexy she was and what an amazing site it was to see her pussy full of a hard cock and another hard cock entering her tight little "rosebud" (asshole)...Dick's cock was so hard he could hardly stand himself...he was so turned on by the incredible site of his wife taking two cocks...he was on the other side of Jane telling her how hot she was and how sexy she was...it didn't take long until both cocks were moving slowly in and out of her...the two guys that were standing there watching were yanking on their cocks watching this live porn show before them. The woman that I had in the mix was busy receiving a hard cock doggy-style and when she began to announce her orgasm with loud moans and groans, well, that set off a chain reaction with Jane as Dick kissed her full on the mouth as she began cumming and the two hard cocks she was receiving began to empty their loads in the condoms they were wearing...what can I say, it was amazing, simply amazing!!!

Jane was allowed to recover from her amazing DP orgasm, a drink of bottled water and some hugging and petting from Dick...then it all started again. One of the guys got down on the floor and took one of Jane's feet and began to lick and kiss her foot, then sucking one toe at a time...another guy laid Jane back on the bed and stuck his semi-erect cock in her mouth...another guy began sucking on Jane's luscious tits...Jane had no problem getting right back into play...I could tell Jane was definitely in her sexual element. Dick pulled me aside and told me that he had been keeping track of how many "firsts" Jane had experienced since they walked through the door...he was just thrilled beyond belief. I assured him that was why they had come to me...I had no doubt it would all come together and flow.

Jane realized the double penetration a couple of more times, then she rode a hard cock or two cock or two...Jane was moaning and groaning and cumming over and over again...the final "first" was when I had the woman in the group lay back on the bed and spread her legs...then I took Jane and instructed her to touch and lick. Since Jane was still blindfolded, she had to rely on me to tell her what to do...but it didn't take long until Jane was licking and eating that pussy like she had ALWAYS eaten pussy. I whispered to Jane as she tentatively licked at the pussy before her...lick that pussy like you like to have your pussy licked and eaten...it didn't take Jane long to have the woman moaning and groaning in ecstasy of an orgasm. Nothing is more inspiring to a new pussy eater than to hear and feel the recipient wiggling, moaning and groaning in her pleasure...it was a beautiful sight to behold and the guys watching, well, it didn't take any of them long until one after another had Jane's legs spread and were fucking her from behind while she feasted upon the woman's pussy.

The two hours of our sex scene continued for about two hours...one by one as each of the guys would get off a good load of cum, they would take his cue and slip out, dress and leave. I thanked each participant for his/her help in this scene. Needless to say, every guy and the gal that participated thanked me for allowing them to attend and participate and to definitely keep him/her in mind for future scenes. I was quite pleased with this group I had gathered. They performed every bit as well and more than I thought they would.

The lone remaining man left on the bed kissing, stroking and whispering to Jane was Dick, just as Dick and I had discussed. When I announced that the last guest had left, Dick would then take the blindfold off of Jane, help her gather her things and come into my living room where I was sitting.

I introduced myself to Jane as she sat naked in the oversized wing back chair. She was smiling from ear-to-ear. I handed Jane her overcoat and she pulled on her stockings and shoes. Jane kept thanking me, then thanking Dick and he would lean over and kiss her while he pulled on his underwear, then his trousers.

We chatted a little while longer, Dick Jane on with her trench coat. Jane informed me that she and Dick had another little dare going...Jane was going to wear nothing on under her coat, only her high heels!

I laughed as I told Dick and Jane that they needed to be careful heading back to the hotel and do their very best to get back to their hotel room before they started reviewing the evening. We all laughed and with fond good-byes and promises to get together again very soon, a naked Jane under her trench coat, coupled with that just fucked look and big ol'smile on her face...as well as Dick having that smile of his pride in his beautiful wife, Dick and Jane departed. Several fantasies were realized that Saturday night...

What can I say? It was an incredible evening of realizing a few fantasies...easy enough to accomplish with such incredible participants!!! I can only imagine how much more sexual fun Dick and Jane had when they got back to their hotel!!!

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