tagErotic CouplingsThe Escort Ch. 02

The Escort Ch. 02


Chapter 02: The Payment

Vanessa opened the bathroom door to spy. Zack stood naked. From behind, water was sluicing down what she thought was a perfect body. He stood in Vanessa's open shower, the sound of the water drowned out the little "Unh," that escaped her at the sight.

Vanessa stood at the edge of the old sink, glancing down at her own nakedness. He'd seen her closely, all night long, covering every inch of her, devoured her instead of going to the party as she originally planned. Vanessa kept telling herself, it's only sex it's only good, hot, wild sex.

Zack looked over his shoulder, his gaze meeting hers before dropping to give her body a slow, heat-inspiring perusal.

"Hiii..." he said.

"I'm all dirty," Vanessa said with a wild grin.

"That's what I'm counting on." his sexy grin crept up into the corners of his mouth.

Vanessa let a playful smile leak free as she stepped into the shower with him, the cool spray blocked by his large frame. Immediately he focused on her breasts, causing their peaks to tighten under his watchful eyes. The fire began in his blue eye's, burning as he backed her against the shower wall.

He pressed her arms over her head, his fingers threading with hers against the old tile, as his body enveloped her from chest to thigh. His kiss came hot, long, capturing her as Vanessa felt her nipples rake against his chest. His length became harder against her belly, making the small of her back ache with desire.

Kissing down over her neck, her chest, and then her breast, he took her nipple into his mouth. Suckling, slowly without hurry, the exquisite pull reached into the very center of her core.

"Ohhh" Vanessa could hear herself practically purr.

"I love the taste of your sweet, soft skin." he admitted, then swirled his tongue around her nipple.

Vanessa couldn't help but glance down at his hardened excitement, still pressing into her. She hadn't really seen what was once inside her, only hours before because of the darkened room they both shared. She bit her lip, weak at the sight.

"Like?" Zack asked her, catching her reaction. He was so hot, Vanessa had to swallow.

"A lot," she breathed, proving it by wrapping her hand around him.

"Mmmm..." he moaned as his eyes started to close.

Only he managed to force them open as he looked at her with heated eyes. Vanessa looked up at him and then released him, raising her hands, laying them flat to his chest. Her fingers playfully tickled at his hardened nipples, releasing and squeezing them. Then to her surprised, he reached for her shampoo and said,

"Lean your head back." When his fingers sank into her hair, massaging her scalp, she felt it all the way to her toes. Vanessa never dreamed a guy's hands on her head could produce such tantalizing sensation, even making her moan.

"Feel good?"

"Mmmm." she replied. And after she stepped under the spray, Zack helped her rinse while she looked up into his eyes.

He leaned forward, softly kissing at her lips. She embraced the melting feeling of his touch, once again reminding her of last night.

"My turn" she said, impatiently.

A small amount of shampoo dropped into the palm of her hand as she fished her hands up the back of his neck, climbing into his thick hair. Pulling and rubbing his head, his eyes began to close, only this time not opening. His mouth dropped open as she pushed toward him, her heated creases putting out heat against his hardened length. She pulled his head down with his hair still curled in her finger tips as she slowly kissed his open lips. The soft sucking sounds of her mouth were heard dancing off the tile in the shower as his soft moan followed.

"Mmmm, your lips feel so good against mine." Zack breathed.

Her shampooed fingers dropped down onto his shoulders and then slid down further, once again meeting his nipples, raking at the palms of her hands. Turning her hands over, she wiped the lathered shampoo over his chest, dragging it down his torso until she felt his excitement leaping at her hand.

Swirling her hand around, Vanessa covered it in suds until it was almost unseen. His muscles tensed slightly beneath her touch, as his breath grew heavier. Her legs began to feel weighty with building passion as she slid along his length, watching his hips move up and back.

Finally releasing him, Vanessa pressed her finger tips into his chest, pushing him back into the spray as her hands slid back up into his thick hair. Rising the soap away, the water slid down between them, uncovering his once hidden excitement.

"And now you're clean." Vanessa said with a wicked smile.

"Only parts of me are." Zack hissed at her lips.

Vanessa surged with moisture at his words. The burn inside grew hotter as his hand was felt gliding from the back of her knee up to her cheek.

"And just how dirty are you?" Zack gripped her cheek tightly, pulling her into him.

She looked deeply into his eyes without blinking as she dared herself to say exactly what was on her mind. Her hand dropped from his hair as she pulled it in between them, his eye's watching her every move. She playfully took her fingers, brushing them a crossed her sex then dipped her fingers inside, feeling the liquid heat just pooled at the hot entry.

His eyes were trapped, not able to look away with his gaze concentrating on the motions of her hand and fingers. Pulling them away, she brought them to her lips, rubbing them with a half-heated smile.

"As dirty as you want it." she said wickedly, finally closing her lips around a finger as she began to suck on the end.

"Show me" Zack said, his tongue showing at the edge of his teeth.

Zack stood there motionless, his stare consuming her. Vanessa picked up the shower gel and poured it down one side of her breast. Replacing the bottle at the base of the shower, her hands began to slide over her breasts. Her hands then dropped down her tummy, following the flow of the water until she reached her parted lips. Her hands laced with soap, she began to stroke the open crease, washing back and forth. A tilt to her shoulder, the water rushed down her breast, tummy and then dropped off her sex, washing the soap away.

"There are places that I can't reach." she said, heatedly. Her fingers parted her sex, offering the taut little bud that was far from being hidden.

Zack went to his knees with a slow moving stare as she watched his mouth part open, licking his lips. His hands came to her thighs, grasping one as he lifted it resting it on his shoulder. His tongue struck her hungry sex, her body shook for a moment as she braced her hands against the shower wall.

"Ohhh... yes!! Lick it clean." she moaned.

"Now hold still..." Zack paused striking her again, taking his tongue away. "... We can't have you falling down in the shower." he said, challenging her.

"I think you missed a spot." she said with a wicked voice.

"Ohhh, I did, Hmmm. Right here...?" Zack said, plunging his tongue inside her soaked tunnel.

"...Or is it ... Here..." he hissed, licking her forbidden entry.

A deep moan escaped Vanessa's lips as she gasped for air, bracing herself for another strike while she grabbed the top of his head, filling her hands with his water soaked hair.

"...I didn't hear that. Was that a yes?" he said, demanding an answer.

"Oh god... Yes... There! Right... There!" she cried, feeling his finger slip up inside against the dull ache that needed to be touched.

His tongue matched his finger and then another began to flutter against the padded core, taking what air Vanessa had left in her lungs as her gasps came quicker. Her moans almost sounding like a slow whine, stopping to breath and began again, shaking uncontrollably. Zack's hand came around gripping her cheek, holding onto her tightly.

"Unuhh Uhh..." her body jerked at his tongue, trying to move away.

Zack came to his feet as he reached under her cheeks and aggressively picked her up, bracing her against the shower wall. Her hands went to his shoulders wrapping around him tightly, trying to hold onto him with what strength she had left. His strong hands cupped, squeezed her cheeks as he pulled her down onto his hardened excitement.

"MMmm." he growled into her neck.

"Deeper, harder..." she whispered. "...There is one more spot." she teased, talking into his ear.

She locked her legs around his back and pushed toward him, squeezing what strength she had left as she tightened her grip around him.

"Ohhh!" a sharp tone suddenly came from his open mouth as he grasped, pulled and held still.

His body silently jolting inside as Vanessa began to feel warm once again only this time it wasn't just her excitement alone. His labored breath began to quiten and then he released her, her toes now touching the shower floor as they leaned against the cool tile gazing at one another.

"Looks as though I owe you another payment." Vanessa laughed as her smile never left, staring deep into his eyes.

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