tagLoving WivesThe Escort Ch. 04

The Escort Ch. 04

byJust Plain Bob©

Chp.4 The Cowboy

As I poured cream in my coffee Annie said, "So, have you decided yet?"

"Decided what?"

"About what you are going to do?"

"About what?"

"Are you going to keep working for Jim or are you over your hissy fit at John?"

"Why would you ask me that?"

"Oh come on girlfriend, I know you. You only called Jim because you were really, really pissed at John over money and lack of sex. I wasn't at all surprised when you told me that you spread for your first date, but I did expect that he would be the only one and that you would have gotten the mad out of your system. I sure didn't expect anything like your two nights with the car guy."

"To be honest about it neither did I. I never intended to do Phil. I was just going to be a nice little B list girl, hang on his arm, look pretty and then come on home. Phil just happened and I'm afraid that it woke up something in me that I thought I had buried and put away for good."

"Buried? What are you talking about?"

"I was a slut in high school and college. I loved sex and I took all I could get. Back then to me a double date didn't me, my guy and another couple; it meant me and two guys. I even did a gangbang or two. I loved sex Annie, and I just could not get enough. That was one of the reasons it was so easy for me to become an escort. All that sex and I got paid for it too. When I met John I had to bury that side of me or he would have caught the wind and been gone. Luckily he loved sex as much as I did and we were a perfect match until just lately. I'm afraid that the combination of John stopping having sex with me and my giving in to Phil has let the slut in me out of her jail cell."

"What are you going to do?"

"I don't know Annie, I really don't know."


I did know what I was going to be doing that night though. I knew that I would be naked and spread out on the bed in Don's room and my pussy tingled just thinking about it.

I was sitting at my vanity applying my makeup when the phone rang and when I answered it was John.

"I've been invited to play golf with some guys at their country club. It is a private course, not open to the public and I stand a good chance of signing two of them as clients. I won't be home until late Sunday. Sorry to screw up your weekend honey, but the deal is just too good to pass up."

I wondered if the bitch was a blond, brunette or red head, but I kept the sarcasm out of my voice as I said:

"You just go ahead and do what you have to do John. I'll find some way to keep me busy."

As I hung up the phone I said to myself, "Yes indeed, I will most definitely find some way to keep me busy." I got up from the vanity, went over to the closet, got out an overnight bag and packed it. Then I picked up the phone and called Don.

"Hi there stud. Still want a nooner?"


The nooner was a major mistake on my part. All it did was wind me up and I spent the rest of the afternoon and evening antsy to get the auto show over so I could get back up to Don's room. By the time seven rolled around and people started tearing down the show I was ready to do Don on the backseat of the damned car. It came as a big let down when he said we had a cocktail party we had to go to before we could go to his room.

"You haven't lost your allure sweetie, it is just that this party is one of the places that business gets done. I promise that we won't stay long, but I do have two or three people that I have to talk with."

I was disappointed and I suppose that I might have even pouted if I hadn't had a sudden flash of reality smack me in the head. "This isn't a love affair stupid. The man is paying for your time. You might want to fuck right now, but if he doesn't you wait until he does."

"What was that?"

"What was what?"

"That look that just swept across your face."

"Nothing honey, I just remembered something I forgotten. Come on, let's go to your party and I'll do my best to make everyone envy you."

I was surprised to find that I was the only woman at the party and as such I seemed to attract a lot of attention. I pretty much stayed on Don's arm as he moved around and talked to people. About half an hour after we got there Don turned to me and said:

"I've got to sneak off and talk to a couple of guys. You think you will be okay being alone for a few?"

"I don't know lover. From the way some of them are looking at me I feel like a gazelle standing alone in a clearing surrounded by a pride of man eating lions."

"Come on then, I'll get you some protection."

He took my arm and walked me over to a tall lanky looking guy who looked like he just stepped off of a horse. He was wearing Levi's held up by a belt with a buckle that was as big as a pie plate, cowboy boots, a brush popper shirt and a string tie. All that was missing was the ten gallon hat and I would bet that it was in the room somewhere and that he was just too well mannered to wear it indoors. I was not the least surprised when Don introduced him to me as Tex.

"Tex here will protect you from all the starving lions and see to it that I get you back safe and sound."

As Don walked away I asked, "And just what is it that makes him so sure of you?"

He answered me with an honest to God Texas drawl, "Well mam, I reckon he knows I need the job. I work for the man and he pays me well. He knows that I won't do anything that will screw that up."

"That's a hell of a shot to my ego. Here I am thinking that any man would give up anything for me and now I find that it just isn't so. Well, at least you can get me a fresh drink and then you can tell me about your horse while we wait for Don."

He gave me a funny look and said, "How did you know I had a horse?"

"I just took a shot in the dark honey. Tell me all about your horse."

"Horses. I have three of them."

For the next half-hour Tex and I talked about his horses, his small ranch where he kept them, his dog and his job working for Don. Then Tex switched the conversation to me.

"You aren't anything at all like the women that Don usually brings to this gathering."

"How so?"

"He usually has a gal from an escort service."


"You? But I saw the rings."

"What can I say? Married women need loving too."

Just then Don came up to us. "I see that you are none the worse for wear so I guess Tex held the lions and wolves at bay."

"He did a great job. So good in fact that I was just about ready to find a broom closet somewhere so I could properly thank him."

I said that without thinking. It was just supposed to tweak Don's nose a little for abandoning me for so long, but what happened was that Don turned to Tex:

"I didn't know that the lady had a kinky side. How about it Tex, want to join us?"

"Don't mind if I do."

"Well go make your manners then and we can take this little lady to my room and party with her."

As Tex walked away to say good-bye to whomever he needed to say good-bye to I said, "I don't know if I can do this. I was just making a small joke there."

"Never had a threesome before?"

"Not that; it's just that this is my first week working for Jim Queen and I really don't know all the rules yet. I don't know if I'm allowed to do it if it hasn't been arranged for ahead of time."

"Don't you worry about it. I've done it before and it won't be a problem. I'm paying for your time and what I chose to do with it, within certain limits of course, is okay."

"Easy for you to say, but I don't want to start out my relationship with Jim by getting on his bad side over something I should not have done."

"Again sweetie, don't you worry about it. I'm one of his better customers and I'll handle it if necessary."

Tex came back and Don took my arm, "Come on sweetie, lets go party."

I hadn't done a threesome since my college days, but, like riding a bicycle, once you learn how you never forget. Once in the room the three of us stripped and then Don took me in his arms and gave me a warm kiss. As our tongues swirled and wrestled I felt the heat building. I had been hotter than a forest fire all afternoon and I was ready to boil over.

I broke the kiss with Don and leaned over toward Tex. I exchanged a passionate kiss with him while Don worked on my breasts with his hands. I broke the kiss with Tex and moved back to Don. The kisses were longer now and Tex joined Don in playing with my breasts. My nipples were erect and Tex bent his head and took the right one in his mouth. Don broke our kiss and bent to suck the left one. I slid my hands down their bodies and found their hard cocks and I took one in each hand and began stroking them.

Two sets of fingers went to my pussy and started finger fucking me. I mewled and both men stopped what they were doing and lifted me up and placed me on the bed. I lay on my back as Don finger fucked me and Tex sucked on my right tit while rolling my left nipple between his fingers. I had a cock in each hand and I was stroking them both at the same time. I gasped and I panted and cried out in desire and Don pulled his fingers out of my cunt, spread my legs and moved between them. He pushed his cock into my wet hole and I pushed my hips up to meet him.

Tex left my tits and his mouth came down on mine and we exchanged a passionate kiss. Tex continued to play with my tits as Don fucked me. After a couple of minutes I cried out:

"Fuck me, fuck me, make me cum."

Don pushed into me faster and harder and I bucked up at him and moaned:

"Oh yes, oh yes, oh yes."

He put on a burst of speed and I felt him release in me as I was caught up in my own orgasm. Don pulled out of me and Tex lifted and pushed me into the dog position and shoved his cock into my cum dripping hole. Don moved around and lay down on the bed in front of me and I enveloped his cock with my mouth. Tex pounded into me from the back and my head bobbed up and down on Don's cock taking a little more of it in on each downward push. I felt his cock head hit the back of my throat just as Tex moaned:

"Oh God, I can't hold it any longer" and he pushed his load into me.

Seconds later Don spurted and his cock hit the back of my throat and triggered my orgasm. Both men pulled out of me and 'high fived' while I tried to catch my breath. Don and Tex laid down on the bed with me between them and I took a limp dick in each hand and began fondling them. After a minute or so I moved down and took Don's dick in my mouth and went to work on it. After thirty or so seconds I switched to Tex's rod and then I alternated until they were both hard.

Don was paying the bill so I mounted him first and fucked him cowgirl until he got close to coming and then he wrapped his arms around me and rolled me over so I was on my back and then he screwed the living hell out of me. I had two orgasms before he spilled himself in me and then got out of the way so Tex could take me. Don pushed his cock in my mouth and for the next forty-five minutes the two of them took turns using my pussy and my mouth. I came so many times that I was starting to feel weak. And then suddenly both men were tired and the three of us fell on the bed to rest and I fell asleep.

I got maybe an hour of sleep and then I woke up as Don was pushing me into position. Tex was leaning against the headboard with his cock erect and throbbing and I knew what was expected of me. I leaned forward and wrapped my lips around him just as Don entered me from the back. Don was fucking me for all he was worth and I was crying out that I loved his cock and begging him to keep fucking me. He slammed hard into me and came and then he switched places with Tex and Tex fucked me through two more orgasms until he pumped his load into me.

Don pulled me over to the edge of the bed. With my legs hanging over the side Don moved in behind me and pushed his cock at my puckered asshole. I whined and mewled as he fed inch after inch of hard cock into my butt. I started pushing back at him and he slowly started fucking me.

Tex laid down in front of me and I went after his limp cock and sucked on it while Don slammed his cock into my tight ass. My mouth was making slurping sounds as I moaned around Tex's cock and he was moaning:

"Suck it baby girl, suck it."

Don was pounding his cock into my ass and my sphincter was gripping him and milking his cock. My body was wracked by a series of small orgasms and I felt the hot wetness as Don shot into me. He pulled out and Tex pulled me up on the bed, pushed me on my back, lifted my legs up onto his shoulders and drove into me. He plowed me fast and furious for several minutes while I pushed my pussy up at him and had orgasm after orgasm. Don went and washed off his cock and pushed it into my mouth and after Tex had cum in me he mounted me and then it was Tex in my ass while I rode up and down on Don's cock. After that it was Tex or Don in one hole or the other until the three of us fell exhausted on the bed and slept like logs.


I woke up around six-thirty because of the fingers that were playing in my pussy. I looked down and saw Tex with his face only inches away from my love nest watching as his fingers worked on me. I got up on an elbow to look at him and he smiled at me.

"Wakey, wakey, baby girl. It's time to play some more" and he pushed my legs apart.

I was expecting him to mount me, but what he did shocked the hell out of me. He leaned forward and started to eat my pussy. That had never been done before. Oh, I'd had my box munched on before - countless times - but never when it was full of cum. Between Don and Tex they must have put a pint or two in me and as I hadn't yet been to the bathroom it was all still in me.

It felt so wanton and depraved and I couldn't believe how excited it got me. Sucking on my clit, wiggling his tongue around in me and the slurping noises he made as he cleaned me out brought me to a quick orgasm and had me humping my pussy at his mouth. I was already looking forward to more sex with him and Don again so Tex could eat me out again. He stopped and started to pull away and I cried out:

"No, don't stop, please don't stop."

"Sorry baby girl, but I have to leave a little in there to ease me in" and he moved between my legs and his cock split my pussy lips and lanced into me.

I looked around. "Where's Don?"

"He had to leave."

"Is he coming back?"

"No. He left you an envelope and told me to tell you that he would be back in a month and he plans to ask for you."

While he was telling me that he was working his cock deeper and deeper into me and I moaned and locked my legs behind his back and pushed my butt up at him. It occurred to me that I might get into trouble with Jim, but I also realized that I wasn't going to stop at that point. I pushed up at him and we fucked.

It was pure animal lust and that's how we treated it - we went at each other like animals. He was slamming into me and I was grinding into him. My nails were clawing at his back and my heels were drumming on the backs of his legs. All too soon I felt my climax start to build and just as it rushed at me Tex moaned and I felt his sperm boil out of the end of his cock and splash over my insides. I pulled his face to me and kissed him deeply as his cock lost its stiffness and he pulled out of me.

"I don't want to stop baby girl, I want to go again and again and again. I don't think I can ever get enough of you."

"Thank you for the compliment, but I'm not going to do anymore until I've had breakfast and made a phone call."

"Who you gonna call?"

"My boss. I need to find out if this is all right. I was Don's date and now Don is gone. I have to check in and find out what the rules are."

Tex called room service and ordered breakfast and then I used the phone to call Jim. I explained what happened and asked him what I should do.

"Do what you want to do. Don paid for an all night so you were his until he was done with you. If he wanted to have a gangbang party he could do it as long as it was okay with you because you were his for the night. What you are looking at right now is a situation that is no different than if Don paid for two hours and then you had left him, stopped at the hotel bar for a drink, got hit on while you were there and decided to play with the guy. What I'm saying here is that once Don left you are on your own time. Word to the wise though, don't be giving it away to people who know that you are a paid escort. Word will get back to those who paid and they will get pissed and that would be bad for business.

"I see what you are saying. I guess it's a good thing I called and got clarification."

"Call me Monday; I've got something I'd like to give you for Tuesday. Better yet, come see me on Monday; I still haven't sampled your honey pot yet."

I hung up the phone and looked over at Tex. I wanted his cock in me again, but I had recognized the wisdom in what Jim had said. On the other hand I could probably get away with shading the truth a little bit this one time. I looked at my watch and then said:

"Don paid for all night so I'm still on his nickel until eight o'clock and Don did allow you to join us so you are included. You have twenty-one minutes. Think you can get something done in that amount of time?"

"I can if we don't waste any more time jawing."

I sucked him hard and he slid his cock in me and we fucked each other. I was just coming down from my orgasm when there was a knock on the door.

"Damn it," Tex said, "Room service. Why couldn't he have waited just a couple of minutes more."

He got off the bed, pulled on his pants and headed for the door. Just before he opened it he stopped and turned to me:

"What are your rates?"

"Three hundred an hour, fifteen hundred for all night."

"If I give you three hundred will you fuck the room service waiter for his tip so and then let me eat you out when he is done?"

I remembered that delicious feeling that I'd had when he had done just that when I woke up and without thinking I told him yes. Tex opened the door and I suddenly saw how rash my decision had been. The waiter was a fat, ugly and very old black man. As big a slut as I had been in high school and college I had never had sex with a black man until I became an escort and although I had had to fuck some of them for money I had never enjoyed it. Tex saw my facial expression and quickly said:

"Four hundred." I didn't respond and he said, "Five and that's the best I can do."

I wasn't thinking of the money. What was going on in my mind was a war between two thoughts. There was the "Oh yuck" where the old, fat and ugly black man was concerned and the remembrance of how electrified I'd felt when Tex ate my cum filled pussy. My physical senses carried the day. I gave Tex a slight nod and as he signed the bill he said:

"Your tip is over there on the bed. Show him baby girl."

I flipped the sheet off me and let the waiter see my naked body. He took it in and he looked at Tex and said:

"Is you serious?"

"It's your tip if you want it."

"Oh lordy yes, I do wants it, I do."

"Well then get to it. We don't want her breakfast to get cold, do we?"

Besides being short, fat and ugly he had a small cock, but I had agreed to take the money so I had to deliver.

"Come on honey, bring that black sausage over here to me."

He was pathetically eager and I had the feeling that I was going to get him off quick. I pulled my knees back almost to my ears and that opened me up wide for him.

"Come on honey, put that log in me. I'm one white lady who loves black meat. Use me honey; use me like the black cock loving whore that I am."

I saw the little smirk on his face and I knew what was going to happen. I had stroked his ego and got him excited and he was going get done in a hurry which is what I was hoping for. He mounted me and started fucking me and I hissed in his ear:

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