The Estate Agent Ch. 02


"That's excellent, my dear. Thank you so much. I wonder if I could impose one more request on you?"

"Um... Of course Mr Keel" I said, reminding myself to sound bright and cheerful. "What can I do for you?

"Well, I do have a particular affinity for a nice bottom, and I like a good close look. So I was hoping that you might just climb up and kneel on my desk. Just for a minute? Facing away from the window."

I smiled at him brightly. "Of course," I said, unfolding my legs and crawling up onto the desk. The hard wood was pretty uncomfortable as I knelt up on the desk and shuffled in front of him.

"Lovely dear. Now I think we'll both be happier if you knelt on all fours with your knees well apart. You can just gaze at the picture there of the windmill"

The camera flashed as I took up the pose suggested, and I felt the cool air on my warm pussy as my legs parted.

Mr Keel sat behind me, drinking in the unobstructed view of my pussy; my parted buttocks and tight anus displayed unobstructed for him as I knelt submissively and obediently on his desk.

Mrs Keel took several pictures from different angles as I stared absently at the couple of pictures I could see; trying not to think about what I was doing. I didn't really mind Mrs Keel seeing me in my undies, or even nude. But even though Mr Keel was ever so pleasant in his requests; doing it for a man made me feel really naked - even a bit dirty - and I wasn't sure that I liked it.

But I couldn't be sure that I didn't like it, either.

After a couple of minutes - actually, not long really - I heard Mr Keel sit back in his chair.

"Karen, thank you again. I honestly think if you did nothing else, showing me your bottom like that would be enough to make me very happy indeed. And if you don't want to climb on a hard desk or table mind, you could just bend over and rest on your knees like you did the other day."

I looked behind me, and caught his smile - a surprisingly innocent smile, without a trace of smugness in it - and was surprised not to feel at all angry with him. I suppose he was just a man, enjoying looking at a naked woman. His wife was much more pushy than him really. And I had agreed to do it in order to get the job.

Mrs Keel ushered me out of the room with my camera as though nothing had happened. Halfway up the stairs, she had me pause in several subtly different poses; all with my back to the camera, taking photos of my nude back, bottom and legs.

I found myself wondering how they would turn out...


Upstairs, I tried to focus on shooting the house whilst Mrs Keel followed me with her own camera. She steered me through the smaller bedrooms first, saving the Master bedroom for last. At last we were there, entering the grand room in which even the king-sized bed didn't seem oversized. I didn't look at the ensuite, remembering what had happened in there last week.

After I shot the room and moved to the bathroom, Mrs Keel congratulated me on finishing.

"Really, we are working you terribly hard, Karen." she said sympathetically.

"Oh really, it's no trouble" I said, a little untruthfully, as I brushed the hair out of my eyes.

"Honestly dear, you've been working terribly hard, and were very accommodating for dear William. And for myself too," she said, hefting the camera.

"Oh. Well that's okay - all part of the service!" I said with a nervous smile.

"Will you pose for just a couple more?" said Mrs Keel. "Perhaps sit on the side of the bed?"

"Of course Mrs Keel" I said confidently. I was pretty used to the idea of posing for photos now, and was kind of enjoying showing myself off to such an appreciative audience.

I sat on the bed and crossed my legs demurely for the first shot, and then rested my hands on the bed behind me; exposing my breasts fully to the camera's unblinking gaze.

"That's such a pretty pose dear. It really shows off your long legs, and those pert breasts of yours. Now how about leaning forward - that's right, rest your elbows on your knees."


"Now lean right forward - you'll have to uncross your legs. Press your body down to your legs, and hold your ankles."

Click. Click.

"Oh, you look such a doll like that. So fragile and vulnerable, with your pale skin. So beautiful. Now lie back on the bed. Legs over the side, still. And can you spread your hair out across the sheets above you? Keep looking at me." Click. Click.

"Oh, you are just gorgeous." she exclaimed, lowering the camera for a moment. "Do you feel it?"

Actually, I rather did.

"Yes Mrs Keel."

"Oh, call me Jessica, you beautiful thing. Let me just get a couple more."

She came round to stand looking straight down between my legs, which were slightly parted. My pubic hair was a little ball of fluff atop my pubic mound, projecting upwards above my closed lips. I didn't turn my head, keeping my gaze off to one side.

Click. Click.

"Just move those lovely legs of yours a bit further apart dear"

I did what she wanted, exposing my lightly-furred lips a little further.

She took more shots, from my feet; and then from off to one side.

"Put your left hand behind your head, dear. Lovely. Now, just bring your feet up onto the bed. Mmmmh."

She clicked away. I thought about how she could see me, exposing my pussy, and how she would be able to see my wetness. How aroused I was, just from exposing myself to her.

She stood right at the edge of the bed, between my feet.

"Mmmh. You look truly delicious my dear. A truly succulent, submissive little gem. Just relax your legs out as far as they'll go for me. Now, as I said; you've worked very hard for us today. I want to do something to show you how grateful I am for you being so good"

She sank onto her knees between my feet, and my heart began to beat faster. I swallowed nervously. No woman had ever done this for me - or even touched me there. Could I?

But then I'd done it myself just a few days ago; when I was so horny I felt I might die... And I had kind of enjoyed it.

I wasn't becoming a lesbian was I?

I felt her hot breath on my pussy. Her hands curled around the backs of my thighs, and she kissed her way down my inner thigh, completely annihilating my thoughts. I just wanted to be licked. Just someone to make me come.

Who cares if it's a woman?

Mrs Keel kissed my pubic mound, nuzzling into my pubic hair and breathing deeply. I felt her hands stroking up and down the inside of my thighs, making me tremble with lust as her thumbs came around to tease the outer lips of my pussy.

Oh God, I was so fucking horny. It was all I could do not to grab her by the hair and press her face onto my sticky mound.

But she was the one in control, not me.

Finally, she brought her face down and inhaled deeply for a moment before I felt the soft touch of her tongue delicately stroking my lower lips, like someone gently pressing open the petals of a flower to drink the sweet nectar therein.

I sighed softly as her tongue slid gently inside me, tasting my essence fully for the first time. At first her movements were gentle as she held back, teasing me to a peak of arousal. Her hands slid over my hips, one reaching up to glide over my breasts; gently stroking the lower slopes till my nipples were begging to be touched. Finally, her soft fingers teased my fat nipples, as erect as strawberries, sending tingles of pleasure through my chest, and up and down my spine.

My nipples are very sensitive, and once I came from having them teased and pleased; but that was by a man. Jessica's touch was even more gentle at first, her teasing strokes lighter until she finally grasped my nipples firmly and squeezed them with confidence.

A small orgasm rippled through me; and yet I got the feeling that we were just beginning.

Sensing my pleasure, Jessica's tongue pressed deeper into me, taking low deep licks. She moved slightly, and began kissing and sucking at my outer labia, making me gasp with pleasure and excitement. I had never had anyone do that, and was amazed at what I had been missing. It felt like my spine had turned to molten glass, glowing with heat as pure electrical pleasure ran up and down my legs. Even my toes tingled!

She switched to the other side, licking and even nibbling at my labia with the softest of bites, her teeth pressing into my soft petals just short of too hard, giving me the tiniest of pains that quickly turned to more pleasure.

It was as much as I could bear just to breath, taking gasps of air in gulps; my body wanting to do nothing more than lie there and be pleasured like this till I died.

She moved her hand to pull back on the skin half-covering my clitoris, exposing it to her clever tongue; which traced delicate sweeps across it and causing convulsions of pleasure in my stomach.

With her tongue, her lips, her teeth and hands, she built my excitement to ever-higher peaks; just slowing as my orgasm approached until my moans filled the air. My hands were entwined in her hair; not forcing her but caressing her, and I begged her not to stop.

She didn't.

Her slim fingers were pressed inside me to the knuckle, the crooked digits rubbing back and forth across my G-spot. Her other hand exposed my clitoris to her untiring tongue, flickering across my clitoris again and again before sweeping down to lick up my juices hungrily.

I moaned louder, finally cresting the wave of my orgasm. There was no stopping it this time; the passion enough to make my heart burst as it erupted over me. My eyes were long-closed, as bright colours burst behind the lids; and my body melted with purest pleasure, throbbing over and over again from the centre of my universe, between my legs.


I don't know how long it was before I could think a coherent word, but Jessica came onto the bed with me, now naked, and cuddled me to her chest as I slowly recovered. As I slowly gathered my senses, I snuggled against her womanly breasts.

I wondered vaguely what would happen next in this bizarre house. And how would I have changed by the time it was over?


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