tagExhibitionist & VoyeurThe Estate Agent Ch. 05

The Estate Agent Ch. 05


Welcome to Part Five of this multipart, multigenre story. I recommend reading Parts 1-4 first, but I think this section is sufficiently self-explanatory that you don't have to. It contains plenty of exhibitionism, and some pretty hot sex towards the end; but is a little slow-burn initially - be patient!


I drove hurriedly back to the Keels' house, having showered, shaved my legs and got changed. Now, I was wearing a tight black skirt to mid-thigh, slit to just below my bum at the back. Underneath, I had freshly shaved and powdered legs, and a pair of sexy bright red knickers. Not that I was expecting anyone to see them, or anything...

A peach-coloured blouse with just the top three buttons undone, and a red wonderbra underneath (just visible through the peach fabric), and a short black jacket on top. And three-inch black leather heels underneath.

Just a little fresh made-up; and I have to say I looked pretty damned good.

Just the right combination of professional and flirt. Nothing slutty...

Soon, I was back at the house, where I started walking through my planned tour.

In no time at all, it was time; there was an infrared sensor on the open gate, so when the bell chimed, I knew it was time to go out and meet the customer...

A dark green sports car drew up outside the house as I opened the door, and stepped out onto the drive. Paul Newburgh stepped out - tall, with close-cropped dark hair. Quite good-looking, but not (as men go) all that gorgeous.

What the hell - this isn't a Mills & Boon, I thought. I want him to buy something from me - not to marry me. Still, flirting with him wasn't going to be any chore!

"Hi!" I said confidently, as I approached him on my high heels. His eyes looked me up and down quickly.

"You must be Paul," I said, without the slightest doubt. "Hi, I'm Karen."

"Hey Karen," said Paul. His eyes fixed confidently onto my face as he talked, which was nice. I caught a couple of quick glances down to my neckline, which was even nicer. As I've said before, a girl likes to be appreciated, after all.

"So, welcome to your new home Paul," I said with a cheeky smile. "How do you like it so far?"

I turned to gesture at the house, stretching out my long legs as I turned. I looked at the house myself for several seconds, turning back quickly and catching his eyes on my legs.

Paul looked back up at the house, then back to meet my gaze, either not knowing or caring that I had caught him looking.

"It looks good. Listen, I'm sorry to do this twice in one day, but I've had to agree to meet one of the club directors for dinner. You know how it is..."

"Right, okay - so is this just a flying visit then?" I asked, my heart beating faster.

"Yeah - but I figure it'll only take ten minutes to know if it's worth a second look. I've got some practice, you know." he said confidently.

"So I understand - this would be your fifth home?" I asked, cursing all footballers silently. Damn it - a ten-minute viewing for a £3/4m house? I had to get him hooked fast!

"Yeah, that's right. So the location seems okay. Danny told me a lot about the decor I'm curious to see though - like a naked art gallery, he said."

"Kind of," I replied. "Why not come in and see?"

I ushered him in, discreetly unbuttoning my blouse one more hole, and opening the neck up a little as I walked behind him.

Paul glanced around the large hallway, nodding approvingly.

"Cool" he said casually. "I like a bit of space when you come in."

He wandered over to a black-and-white still of a nude lying on a beach, murmuring to himself before going to another picture: this one of a nude girl on a bicycle.

"I see what Danny meant" chuckled Paul.

"Perhaps you'd like to have a quick look at the kitchen," I said, drawing him through the door.

"Oh yeah - it looks nice," Paul drawled, before we even made it through the door. "Danny had a nice picture with you at the breakfast bar. How come you were in all the pictures again?"

Hmmph. "Danny was too distracted by all the pictures. I had to get his attention somehow."

"I'm surprised the dirty old guy didn't suggest making his own collection!" said Paul suggestively.

He knows! Damn Danny!

"That's between Danny and I," I said with a smile and a wink; tossing my hair as I strode over and sat on the barstool at the breakfast bar and crossing my long legs.

Paul's eyes dropped reflexively as my short skirt slid up to reveal an expanse of firm, milky-white thigh. He recovered quickly and glanced around, taking in the fixtures and fittings.

"Okay," he laughed. "What's next?"

I stood, and smoothed my skirt down, drawing his attention back to my slim legs. "Well through there is the second reception."

This was not going as planned. This was far too quick and business-like. But I could tell he saw something in the place; from the way he was looking around. I led him into the second reception room, and then to the first, which we had missed. Predictably, the three nudes caught his attention.

"Nice." he said. "Lovely blonde - and the Italian girl has amazing boobs."

"Actually" I said quickly, drawing on his attention; "she's Spanish - and they look even better in person."

This got his attention. "You know her?"

"I...know her. And she... knows me." I said suggestively.

His eyebrows twitched, a little composure lost. "Really? You two...know each other?"

"Oh, Fernanda and I know each other very well" I said, in a husky voice. "She and I have even done some photos together."

Paul's head tilted. "Really?"

"Mmm hmm." I confirmed. "Would you like to see them?"

"Yes" said Paul, his composure cracking slightly.

I smiled at him. "I'll just bet you would."

I turned and flounced out of the room, and along to the study; Paul following like a puppy.

"So can I, then?" he asked, ignoring the room.

"Mr Newburgh! There is a lot of artistic erotica in this house - some of which even involves me. But I thought you were in a hurry to see the house and go?" I said accusingly. I had come up with a new plan.

"Um, sorry. It looks okay - I'm just a bit distracted, that's all," he said. "Big meeting".

"Mr Newburgh, I know this area. There are very few top-end houses like this, and none on the market at the moment. Now I can give you a thousand reasons to buy this house, and I think you should - but if all you can think about is erotic art, and some dinner appointment, perhaps we could re-schedule?"

"Ah..." said Paul, clearly not used to being told off like a big kid. I decided to show him the carrot.

"Paul. It's fine. But clearly, we should have rearranged, so you could focus on your dinner. Why don't we agree to do that - say, tomorrow morning - and we can spend the next twenty minutes admiring the pictures, and get you relaxed for your meeting?" I suggested.

"Yeah, okay" said Paul, clearly relieved. "Sorry about that, again."

"That's okay." I said in softer tones. "Tomorrow morning?"

"Sure. Ten-ish?"

"It's a date." I confirmed. "Now... This girl here is called Kate, I think...."

I changed my tour now, deliberately seeking out the pictures, and describing the girls in them. Fortunately, I had a good memory of Mrs Keel doing the same for me; whilst I walked naked around behind her. I made up a few details; but then that's what estate agents do!

Paul seemed to enjoy it, and I saved my own contribution until last; hoping it would help motivate him to return the next day. My over-the-shoulder nude on the stairs, showing my flexed bug, and long legs.

It certainly got his attention, provoking a long, low whistle.

"Whew!" said Paul. "That's nice!"

"You like?" I asked.

"Sure! You look amazing!" he said.

"Yes, I do. I look even better in real life," I agreed, with confidence that I wasn't feeling right then. "And I work hard to achieve it. That pert tushy takes a lot of effort."

I half-turned away from him, and looked down at my bottom; giving him the opportunity (and implied permission) to do the same.

"You wouldn't believe how many squats and lunges it takes to keep my bottom as pert as this," I said, running one hand over it caressingly. "Or how much time on the treadmill and stair-climber to keep my thighs so trim."

I pushed my bum out towards him. "So, do you think it's worth it, then? Danny said you liked a nice arse." I asked bluntly.

"Yeah - yeah, I do. And yours is amazing." said Paul enthusiastically.

"Well," I looked at my watch theatrically "my ass is going to be here at eleven tomorrow morning. And it's going to be enjoying a swim in the pool outside. Is your ass going to be here, too?"

Paul grinned broadly. "Sure. Does that mean we're done for today?"

"We're done - but tomorrow we'll view the house properly; take in the gardens, talk about the area. And no more appointments getting in the way!" I said, finishing firmly.

He chuckled, and leaned forward to give my bottom a quick smack, with a cheeky smile. I raised an eyebrow archly, and his grin got even bigger.

"Sorry - I couldn't resist," he said with a smirk.

"Any more of that, Mr Newburgh" I said, pausing for dramatic effect, "and I'll be smacking your bottom! Now, I'll see you tomorrow at eleven; and be prepared to try out the pool!"

We had walked down the steps as I talked, steering him in front of me; and I opened the door to the outer hall. I put out a hand, and he shook it firmly. He grinned, and I held my firm look for a moment, before allowing a wink, and a sly smile to slip out.

He left, and I let out a sigh.

It hadn't gone how I wanted - but then nothing else had done with this sale so far! Still, it had become kind of fun, and he was a pretty accomplished flirt. He liked my bum, too.

Mind you, most men did, as far as I could tell...

I picked up my mobile, and called the Keels. I would need the house tomorrow as well, it seemed. I talked with Mrs Keel about how things had gone, and she seemed to think that it had gone pretty well. We talked about the preoccupation of both Danny and Paul with the artwork, and I asked about what to do if Paul made an offer for it.

By the time we had finished talking, I had thought through what to do the next day, and what I would need to pull it off. I would be arrive the next day at ten, and be all ready for Mr Newburgh by eleven. I'd have him eating out of my hand.


Soon enough, I was waiting for Paul to return. My various preparations were made well before his car pulled up, and he jumped out. This time, he was in sunglasses, a T-shirt and jeans, showing just how well sculpted his body was underneath. I was waiting in a floaty summer dress; pale cream with a flowered print. I had a broad-brimmed straw hat on, and sandals beneath. I looked like pure summer, and the weather hadn't let me down; with blue skies, and just a few clouds to see.

As for what I was wearing under the dress; well, that was summery too. In a manner of speaking...

"Hi Paul", I said warmly. I walked up to him, and gave him a kiss on the cheek. "Isn't it a glorious day?"

"Beautiful" he agreed. "Just like you" he said with a grin.

Cheesy, but still a bit charming, I thought.

"Come on in, and see the house," I said. "We'll go around downstairs quickly, then out back into the garden."

Paul followed quickly, taking off his shades as we went inside. I hadn't needed any, with my broad summer hat.

We walked through the downstairs rooms quickly. I had opened all the curtains throughout the house, and it was full of light - the place had been well designed for it; and even had some solar diffusers in the interior rooms. It was cool too; as I had turned down the air conditioning to demonstrate how well it worked.

After about ten minutes, I led Paul out into the garden. We walked around the pool, and across the grass, to admire the flower garden, and the concealed summerhouse. This little glass-fronted cabin also had air conditioning, heating in winter; and a tiny refrigerated mini-bar. Definitely designed to appeal to boys, with a view of the flower garden for, as I put it, any women he wanted to impress. The single long couch there was big enough to fill other uses as well...

Back on the grass, we looked at the house.

"So, how about that pool, then?" said Paul. "I'm boiling!"

"That sounds good to me Paul - did you bring a costume?" I asked.

"I thought I'd just wear my boxers," he said casually, "and go commando on the way home."

I smiled inwardly. "Well, you slip your jeans off and jump in then," I said; "and I'll quickly get changed in here" I continued, gesturing back to the summer-house.

He nodded, and walked up the garden, already slackening his belt. I watched as he stopped by the pool to push his jeans and shoes off in one movement, before pulling off his T-shirt to show his muscular back.

He glanced back, clearly hoping I was watching; and grinned when he saw me still there. I waved, and moved into the summerhouse. I didn't really need to - I had my costume on already - but wanted to make an impression when I re-emerged.

I slipped the summer-dress off, revealing a very skimpy wet-look bikini. Red, of course; and cut very high on the hips. The tight, thin fabric clung to my curves, making my pert C-cup boobs look bigger; and my nipples were clearly outlined. Eat your heart out, Phoebe Cates!

I tossed the hat away, and pulled my loose hair quickly into a ponytail with a hairband. A moment to apply a fresh coating of slightly brighter lipgloss, put on sunglasses and kick off my sandals...

I stepped out of the summerhouse, pulling the door behind me, and began to walk slowly and deliberately across the grass. I intended to get Paul's full attention from this point on, and took small steps, scissoring my legs in front of each other like a catwalk model. Or a pole-dancer.

Before I was halfway across, Paul was watching me, with his mouth open. I strutted up to the pool, and took a moment to pose there, taking off my sunglasses to toss them onto a lounger. I took a deep breath, lifting my breasts yet higher, and dived right over Paul's head, and into the pool.

The cool water felt fabulous on my skin, and I swam the length of the pool underwater before surfacing. I turned, and swam slowly towards Paul, who was quite focussed on my reappearance.

"Hey, good-looking" he exclaimed. "You're right - you do look even better than your photograph!"

"I told you so," I answered smartly. "So how do you like the pool so far?"

"Pretty good - especially the company" he said.

"Well, now can you imagine having a few friends round? Filling the pool? Come on out and look around - this is a great place for a pool party." I said confidently.

I swam across to the side, and climbed the stairs; looking around at the top as I climbed, to make sure he was watching my bum as he followed.

"So over here, you've got a solid stone barbecue pit, with a spit-roast placing; then the outdoor bar, with an ice-maker, two chiller compartments, and space for two beer barrels" I explained, pointing at some of the features of the patio.

I bent over at the waist to open one of the chiller cabinets, pulling out a couple of glasses, and a cocktail shaker I had filled earlier. I added ice, and quickly shook the cocktail before pouring an icy Mohito into each glass.

I turned to him, holding a cocktail in each hand.

"Get into the jacuzzi" I said, pointing to the sunken tub I had set to heat an hour earlier, just to take the chill off. He got in obediently, not taking his eyes off me for a minute. I leaned right over, my barely-clad boobs dangling inches in front of his face as I handed him his Mohito.

I stepped gracefully into the pool, and sat opposite him, keeping my breasts above the bubbling waterline. "Cheers!"

We clinked glasses, and took a sip, before I continued.

"Now Paul, tell me that this doesn't feel like home to you!" I said. "Inside, it's comfort and elegance. Outside, it's cool, sporty and fun! Pool parties with bikini-clad girls, and guys round the barbecue pit. Isn't that every guys' ideal house?"

Paul smiled and took another sip. He finally took his eyes off me, and scanned the sunny garden, pool and patio area.

"It's pretty good Karen, I have to admit." he said truthfully.

"Then how about some of the less glamorous facts?" I said, subtly sinking down in the water, to be a bit less distracting. I wanted to sell the house, not just myself!

"It's a great neighbourhood less than 15 minutes drive from your training ground, and with good road links to the M40. It's in a catchment area for Millgrove Academy, one of the highest-rated state schools in the country. And Westbourne Green is a public school with boarding facility twenty minutes away."

"You're convenient for two regional airports, and three major metropolitan areas, not counting London, of course. It's pretty fantastic for shopping, clubbing, theatre, and the arts. As a location for a Leyton United player, it's pretty hard to beat."

Paul chuckled. "Now this is what I call mixing business with pleasure! It's good to know, though. I'll be looking to re-sell eventually, after all."

Yes! Got him! He's talking as if he's properly interested.

"Paul, it's a brilliant area for re-selling." I said confidently. "Even with the property market as it is, the value of homes here has dipped just 4-5%, compared with 12% for the area as a whole; and 18-20% for the country as a whole. So although you're still getting a bargain, you can be sure that your investment will hold it's value."

Paul smiled thoughtfully, and nodded, looking around. I sat back and sipped at my icy Mohito as he did the same, glancing around.

"So, if you hadn't noticed, the 'party patio' has it's own spiral staircase up to a small balcony off the sun room. Since you haven't seen upstairs yet, why don't we start there?" I asked.

Paul agreed, and I stood up abruptly, letting the water cascade off me sensually as I finished my drink. I looked down to catch Paul admiring my thighs and the clingy fabric of my bikini bottoms.

I ignored him, and stepped out of the jacuzzi; posing on the edge to wipe off most of the water with my hands whilst Paul watched my hands slide over smooth flesh. Then I led him over to the spiral staircase, stepping delicately barefoot up the ornate cast iron stairs. Paul followed closely, just a step or two behind, and no doubt admiring my pert bum flexing right in front of his face.

Up top, I had left a thin red silk wrap dress over the balcony; and wrapped myself up as Paul watched. The thin fabric clung sensually to my wet body, enhancing my curves as much as it hid them.

"Don't want to catch cold!" I laughed. I gestured to the landscape behind the house with my arm. "How do you like the view?"

"It's great", said Paul, not taking his eyes off me. "Nice balcony, too."

"Step into the sun room" I said with a smile, opening the door for him to go first. I had left music playing, distracting Paul for a moment whilst I slipped the bikini top off under my wrap, and leaving it behind on the balcony.

He turned to look at me as the door closed, and immediately his eyes fixed on my tits, which bounced as I entered the room; no longer controlled by the bikini top. My nipples were erect from the touch of the cold, damp cloth, and the dress was plastered to my front revealingly.

Paul didn't even try to hide his open appraisal of my body now. He stepped forward, his own muscular naked torso inches from mine clad in clingy wet silk. His cock tented the front of his tight wet boxers alarmingly.

"You know, you'll catch your death of cold in that" he said accusingly, "with the air-con on so high."

"Oops." I said flatly. "I must have forgotten to turn it off."

"I'll warm up with a shower," I said, walking him quickly through the sun room, and along to the master bedroom. The en-suite here had the wet room where Mrs Keel had showered with me previously.

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