tagErotic HorrorThe Evil Mirror Pt. 01

The Evil Mirror Pt. 01


I could see her standing there partly in shadow. She was wearing that green shirt which I always thought brought out the color in her eyes. I wanted so desperately to cry out to her and warn her, but my voice was stilled. I could not speak. Paralyzed, I sat in the high backed chair. Trapped, unable to look away, unable to speak.

Her head was pulled sharply back as through she were looking at the ceiling, but her eyes appeared to be closed. Then I saw why. A clawed hand was grasping her by her long chestnut hair and pulling her head back. Her wrists I could now see were bound together in front of her. One of my silk ties had been used to lash them together She was not struggling, but I could see the tear streaks on her face.

Then I could see it. Watching me. It was there in the darkness behind her looking over her right shoulder, laughing at me, though through the mirror there came no sound.

Reaching from behind her with the other claw, I could see it caress her beautiful throat and then reach down and begin to unfasten the buttons on her shirt. She was trembling, her eyes clenched tightly shut as one by one and slowly, it popped the buttons, it's hooked claw moving lower and lower, till with a last jerk it pulled the shirt open. She was wearing nothing underneath but a pair of panties. It released her hair and with both claws pulled her shirt wider and began to paw at my wife's beautiful breasts.

I could see it plainly now and clearly it could see me trapped in my chair watching, but I don't think my darling could see anything but her own reflection in that cursed mirror, her own reflection and that of the hideous thing that was making ready to rape her. It was tall maybe six and a half feet and covered in a coarse dark fur. Its eyes were slitted like a cats, but otherwise its features were more lupine, with a cruel mouth filled with jagged yellow teeth. It had two small horns on its head, like a gargoyle. It was sinewy and obviously quite strong as it turned my wife around to face him. Again the monsters eyes met mine as he positioned their bodies in profile to the mirror and to me. I was to miss nothing.

With one hand it pulled my wife's bound wrists above her head while with the other he cupped and caressed her chin, her cheek and her throat. Still his eyes sought mine through the mirror and made mockery of what he was to do to her. Her eyes were clenched tightly shut and he whispered in her ear and I could tell from her expression and the motion of her lips that she was begging, saying, "No please! No" While with his free hand he reached down and tore her panties from her. She screamed and tried to break free but it was completely in vain. The fiend was laughing at her gloating already over her. Suddenly he gripped her by the hair with one hand and began to force her head down toward his jutting phallus. He was going to force her to fellate him. He looked through the mirror at me and smiled and then turned back to her and spoke.

I could not hear them but it was obvious what he was demanding and after he had slapped her across the face three times she acquiesced, first licking and then taking him into her mouth. He looked through the mirror at me again just to show me how much he was enjoying her lips on him right before he came inside my darlings beautiful mouth. Holding her head tightly against his cock he emptied himself into her, forcing her to swallow his semen.

She gasped and choked as he threw her down roughly on a rough stone slab that resembled stone pagan altar. The carvings were very similar to the cursed mirror that had been our wedding "gift." She struggled weakly with him as he fastened her bound wrists to a metal wring above her head and climbed on top of her. He straddled her and stroked his member in between her breasts while with his clawed hands her clasped them rudely. Finally when he had made himself ready again he knelt between her thighs pulling her legs wide by her ankles. As he fit his cock to her with one hand with the other he grasped her head and forced her to look at the mirror. Then leaning down he whispered to her. For the first time my wife could see me through the enchanted mirror. Though I could not hear any sounds I could tell that she screamed my name, just before the fiend thrust himself into her.

She writhed under him as gripping the stone table with both hands he forced himself fully into her. Slowly at first he took her while she wept with her eyes tightly clenched shut. I could sense his gloating evil pleasure each time he pushed into her body. How he enjoyed her torment, her violation. Then slowly he began to increase his rhythm till he was fucking her brutally. It was then that my darling's body began to betray her and I could see the signs that despite the pain and horror she was feeling she was also coming closer to her climax. He grinned at me again through the enchanted glass as I saw her body tremble and buck up against him as she came and then sticking himself with one last thrust of his hips deep inside her he released his demonic seed into my wife. He laid on top her, in her gloating, while she trembled and sobbed.

"We are only just beginning my beauty." He whispered to her. "This is just the first of many violations I have planned for you. Just the first... I will write my history of rape on your voluptuous body and your husband will have to watch you. He will have to watch each and every-time you are taken against your will, watch you writhe like a whore as you are. "

As he laughed and she wept the black glass of the mirror expanded to fill everything until it felt as if we were both falling into darkness. I heard my darling scream one time and then I lost consciousness.

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