tagErotic HorrorThe Evil Mirror Pt. 02

The Evil Mirror Pt. 02


As I dreamed in the blackness, I in memory saw how the evil mirror had come into our lives. It was a gift for our wedding that had been sent to us by an old girlfriend of mine. It seemed odd at the time for I always thought that Lydia had held a grudge for the way we had ended, but we accepted it in good faith. How naïve and stupid we were. It was this cursed thing that would be the source of all the misfortunes in our life that were to follow.

I saw in my dreams my wife whom I loved so dearly and lusted after more than any woman I had ever known. She was not tall, only five foot three, but she had a wonderfully sexy body, an incredible rack, and a slim, athletic waist (she had been a dancer when she was younger.) Her chestnut hair reached in lovely waves to her shoulders and framed her beautiful heart shaped face and contrasted fetchingly with her green eyes. I called her Dee and even after seven years of marriage I was still desperately in love with her.

I was awoken from this pleasant vision of my wife by a jolt as if I had fallen a long distance and found myself blinking in the bright sunlight. I was sitting in an amphitheater surrounded by a crowd of men and women dressed in the manner of Rome in the early empire. Once again I could not move, except to turn my head nor make any noise, but around me the throng were working themselves up into a fever pitch. The arena at the center of the amphitheater was small, not more than 100 feet in diameter and covered in sand as was usually the case. There was an imperial box, which was tenanted by a rather cruel looking man of about fifty wearing the purple cloak of an emperor and a haughty looking noble woman of maybe forty years of age. The remainder of the crowd seemed like they came from the upper echelons of society and I guessed that this was a private theater used by the nobility for their special performances. Another odd thing was the wooden bed in the center of the arena. It was shaped strangely almost like a letter A with two posts close together at the head and two posts far apart at the base, with a cut out between them. It was carved with flower and satyrs and nymphs all in the throws of some sexual act. Then the crowd roared even louder and I saw what had their attention.

Two Roman Soldiers were dragging my wife by her wrists through the archway into this small private arena. She strained against them, pulling in the opposite direction, dragging her feet, but they just laughed.

"There is something special planned for you domina." One leered at her.

She sees in the middle of the arena sitting on the sandy floor, the mockery of a marriage bed and she knew. She was going to be raped.

"No! No, Oh God."

She broke free for an instant twisting away from her captors and running for the exit. Waiting at the archway was a third soldier. Together all three men restrained her again. The third lifted her by her ankles and transported her struggling body to the place of her destruction, the strange bed. Two held her standing before the throng, while the third ripped her cotton gown from her. She stood naked but for a white gauzy loin clothe barely covering her bush, her beautiful full breasts heaving. The crowd shouts its approval. Then while she twisted and struggled the soldier who ripped her clothes from her chained her ankle to one bedpost. Laughing the two soldiers released her and backed away, while the centurion tossed a gladius to the bed.

"To defend your honor, domina." He mocked with a half bow and then left the arena with the others.

She is confused but she took up the weapon and glanced around to see what new threat awaited her. The crowd is hushed with anticipation. What special fate has been reserved for my poor darling. They didn't wait long. One of the portoculises is raised. My wife whipped around to see what has been released into the arena with her, and gasped with disbelief. Four bestial creatures shambled onto the sands. They walk upright like men but have the features of wild boar. Their lower halves are hairy and their legs terminate in cloven hooves. Their corpulent torsos are no hairier than a hirsute man, but their faces were a hideous blend of a human face and beast, tusked and drooling. They sighted their prey in the center of the arena and squealed and grunted with anticipation.

"Porkus!" The crowd shouted. "Porkus construpator!"

My wife screamed in disbelief. "No! God no! This can't be happening. She looked around for some means of escape, but all she sees is that cursed mirrors all identical to the first are being lowered down to the arena. She saw all around her the reflections of herself and the beasts that approached her, their intent now hideously clear. The boar-men spread out and tried to encircle her, while she tries desperately to use the blade to fend them off. They snorted and drooled with lust for the half-naked woman before them and one impatiently lunged toward her. My darling swung the gladius around just in time and impaled the beast through the gut, mostly by chance. It squealed madly and thrashed in its own blood it falling to the sandy floor. But, never having killed anything larger than a bug before, she hesitated and was lost. From behind her one beast grabbed her sword arm while another grabbed her left wrist. They Quickly disarmed her, and, together they began to drag her to the bed. She struggled and kicked, but to no avail. The third beast-man, the largest of the remaining trio, tore her loin-clothe away from her body and she is displayed naked to the cheering crowd. She was screaming with rage and terror, weeping and cursing as they held her thrashing body down on the bed and the third one grasped her by the ankles and begins to pull her legs wide. He positioned himself standing in the v-shaped cutout in the bed. He wanted to take her standing. She struggled fiercely, but they are too strong. The big ones hands are on her thighs, his cock jutted hard in front of him, dripping with his lust. He motioned to the other two and they pull her upright so she is in a sitting position face to face with the monster.

She screamed defiantly into its face and is rewarded by a backhanded blow across her face. Again and again he strikes her open handed, her head snapped back by the blows and then he struck her hard in the abdomen, knocking the wind from her. She gasped as the two holding her released their grip and she fell back on the bed. They moved off to the side to give an unobstructed view as their fellow forced himself on her. I could see the absolute horror in her eyes as in the accursed mirror she saw, the monster positioning his cock between her soft white thighs. She weakly tried to struggle, but she was still fighting for a good breath, when grasping her by her waist he began to force himself inside her body. Her hands futilely tried to push him away as, he goes deeper into her again, and again and then on the third thrust he is fully there and she founds enough wind to shriek with pain and outrage.

The crowd was on its feet and cheering my beautiful wife's violation, enjoying her anguish and humiliation as the beast began to rape her for all to see. The beast grinned down on her, its features a mask of lust and idiocy. Its drool fell from its slack jaws onto her fabulous breasts as it began its ride. It thrusted itself again and again into her body as she struggled furiously against it. Her fists beat against its head and shoulders as it continued to rape her, faster and faster the beast's hips pumped, driving its inhuman phallus into her. Finally it began to reach the inevitable conclusion. I saw the panic and despair in her eyes as she sensed that the beast was going to cum inside her. She desperately tried to push him off her body one last time, but too late, the beast pushed her down, grasping her wrists, burying itself deep inside her and emptied its balls into her. She sobbed hysterically as the monster rapist orgasmed again and nearly went limp atop her, his idiot watery eyes rolling back in its head. The others were impatient and pulled him off of her eager to violate my wife, themselves. She tried to seize the moment and flee, but as she got from the bed they were upon her. One grabbed the chain still attached to her ankle and tripped her to the ground.

I couldn't bear it but I could not look away. The crowd was loving every moment of my poor darlings ordeal as the two monstrous creatures dragged her back to the bed for more public degradation. They threw her across the foot of the bed face down while one of them held her arms down above her head. The other one stood behind her his hands roving over her gorgeous ass, pulling her thighs apart so he could work his knees between hers. He was going to fuck her from behind.

The crowd was yelling and laughing. Some called out to the beast encouraging it to sodomize my wife, but the instinct to breed must have been too strong. Grunting and squealing the pig-man forced himself into my wife's pussy. Again she wailed in despair and humiliation as this new rapist began his ride. It held her by the waist as it did her, hammering itself in and out of her.

The crowd was stamping its feet.

Over and over they yelled "Construpo!". It was hard to tell whether the rhythm of the monster's hips was driven by the beat of their stamping or whether they were stamping and clapping to the beat of my wife's rape. On and on it went until this one finished too and satisfied, pulled its dripping cock from my violated darling's body.

All the while the brutal assault on my wife was going on I saw the Emperor look on with a detached bemusement, his concubine however, watched with rapt attention, and obvious relish. She was clearly taking great enjoyment from the spectacle of a beautiful woman taken against her will by these inhuman monsters. It was only when she glanced my way and smiled a rather cruel smile that I recognized Lydia's features gazing back at me.

It was the turn of the third boar-man now and he too was eager to begin. My wife was offering little resistance now as the two who had already had her flipped her on her back and each holding a wrist and a shoulder pushed her down on the bed. The third one his hands on her thighs was just about to sink his flesh into her, when Lydia signaled by waving one hand and a trumpet blew. There was a sound of metal raping on metal and a new portcullis was raised.

There was a loud bellowing sound and then a Minotaur nearly seven and a half feet tall was slowly released into the arena through the Iron Gate. Its progress controlled by heavy chains manacled to its wrists and neck. Its head was that of a bull with long curled horns. Its eyes were red and wild and its snorted and bellowed incoherently, its nostrils dilating with some strong emotion. Its torso was that of a muscular, but heavy hairy man, but its legs were covered in fur like a beast and terminated in hooves.

The boar-man are clearly alarmed and abandon the continued rape of my wife. The look for escape but there is none. The largest boar-man, the first who had taken her found the discarded gladius and tried to defend himself. He was the first to die squealing and writhing in his own blood and intestines after the Minotaur disarmed him and rammed his own weapon into his gut. The two others he made short work of goring one with his horns and beating the other to death with his massive fists.

Its foes dead or dying the Minotaur now turned its attentions on my wife. Naked and with its member already half-erect it approaches her. I can smell its animal stench of musk and sweat all the way to my seat.

Lydia smiles again at me and in her head I can hear her voice soft, sweet and cruel.

"I offer you another gift. I offer you a chance to save her. Do you accept?"

"Yes, I accept. Please let me help her."

I saw her nod and then two guards approached me holding something. It was a large bronze mask shaped exactly like the Minotaur's head. They laughed as they forced down over my head, which it completely covered. It was hot, and stifling inside and at first I could not see. Then a wave of heat washed over me and I nearly passed out. When my vision returned I saw to my horror that I was looking out of the Minotaur's eyes and that in fact I could feel the sensations of the monster's body. I could feel its heartbeat, and breath. I could feel the sun and air on its flesh and most of all I could feel the growing lust it felt looking at Dee's naked body. I could feel the stiffening of its cock and all the violent lust it felt toward my darling wife. It wanted more than anything to rape and brutalize her and I was a prisoner in its body.

I heard Lydia's mocking voice inside my head again. "The beast will take her again and again. It will rape her to the death unless your "love" can restrain it and you will feel every bit of pleasure that it takes from her."

The beast surged forward only to find its progress checked by its chains. Frustrated, it struggled against its restraints only a scant ten feet from its goal.

Dee had viewed the appearance of this new assailant and the brutal fashion with which it dealt with the boar-men. Now it stood before her, its lust for her body all too apparent.

She got from her feet and tried to put as much distance between her and the Minotaur as possible, but the chain on her ankle bound her to the bed still.

"The Domina doesn't seem eager to reward her rescuer." The emperor quipped.

"Perhaps we can make her more accommodating." Lydia called out and at that signal six women entered the arena dressed as dryads or tree-spirits. Dee begged them not to but they pulled her back to the bed and held her down on it. They re-chained both her ankles down on to each bedpost at the foot of the bed. Then they went to work on my wife. With practiced hands they rubbed her whole body with scented oil, till she glistened with its slickness. Their hands caressed her fabulous breasts. They kissed and fondled her nipples. Their fingers probed gently and expertly between her thighs, till she was completely aroused.

All the while the beast's lust grew and grew, as did its frustration. Dee's body looked so sexy and inviting as she writhed and moaned under the hands of the women.

I too could feel the throbbing ache as the beast's penis grew rock hard, its tip dripping with pre-cum.

At a signal from Lydia all but three the women retreated and slowly, click, by click the chains, which hold back the monster are winched out. Her legs are bound wide apart and soon he stands between them straining to reach the object of his desire. Two of the women hold her wrists down while one strokes her hair. She is helpless

I can see the desperation in her eyes, the fear. The beast's arms cannot reach her but its cock brushed against the smooth white skin of her thighs sending waves of pleasure racing up its body. The Minotaur roars with bestial lust. Its cock reached her curly brown bush the hairs tickling its tip. Finally, one of the women spreads her labia and guides the beast cock into that soft sweet opening between her thighs and the bulbous tip began to enter. The chain is slipped another notch and he was in her. The pleasure was almost unbearable and I saw her body receptive from the attentions she had just received and perhaps from some aphrodisiac property of the oils, spasm in involuntary pleasure. God, my wife was so incredibly sexy, sublimely beautiful when she was in extremis. Further and further the Minotaur pushed himself into her, until she cried out and came for the first time. The women, their work done, my wife impaled on the monster's cock left the arena and the show began.

The chains were slackened even further on the beast and he grasped the side of the bed with his hands and heaved himself out and then thrust himself back into her. I could feel the delicious sensation of his cock in Dee's body. The familiar feeling of her tight little box squeezing down on his cock was so strong; the same yet very different. Again and again the Minotaur thrust himself in and out of her body, which writhed so fetchingly beneath him. I could feel the beast's orgasm building. I tried with my thoughts to gentle its rape of my darling, to make each thrust less violent, less forcefully, but still she cried out each time he put it to her. She came the second time after the thirtieth time he thrust into her, her mouth opened wide in a silent cry, her hands fluttering helplessly in surrender. I wanted to kiss her, to comfort her but it continued. The crowd was on its feet stamping and cheering, but it was all dim background noise to me. On the ninety ninth heave of the beast's hips the minotaur came erupting inside her, a volcano of semen and I could feel her come too. Her hands clutched at his chest her body strained up to meet his. It was a little death, When I came to I was back in my seat and a docile and satisfied minotaur slumbered with its head on my wife's belly.

"Very well, you win this round, but this is just the first test, the first ordeal." I heard Lydia's voice speaking in my head. Then I was falling again, into darkness into the demon mirror.

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