tagErotic HorrorThe Evil of Hammond House Ch. 5

The Evil of Hammond House Ch. 5


FIVE: "Redemption"

The sound of ocean surf came up quietly in the background and Angela tried to use the effect to calm herself. Dr. Hammond must have put on an environments CD to help her relax. She liked the sea. She imagined herself walking naked on an empty beach at night, the full moon casting an oil painting glow on the water. Suddenly someone was there, next to her. It was Mark.

No, no. Not Mark. She couldn't handle that right now.

He took her hand.

"No, Mark, please not now. This is hard enough," she said to him in her mind.

He pulled her to his chest, feeling her breasts flatten against it. A rush of warmth flooded her loins.


"Shhhh, you need me now. Let this happen, Angela, so you can think of the baby as mine."

"I-I wanted -- last night, I wanted -- I thought about -- about you, making a baby -- inside me."

"I know," he told her and lowered his mouth to hers.

Angela accepted the kiss and wrapped her arms around him, their tongues diving and circling one another, and she felt his sex growing against her own.

Dr. Hammond checked the readouts and saw that Angela was becoming aroused. The video camera on the impregnator's probe showed her labia parting as her sex filled with blood. He pushed a button and entered a command into the computer. Slowly the image of Angela's sex filled the screen as the probe descended towards it.

A wave ran over Angela's feet and she slipped in the sand, bringing Mark down with her. He fell beside her, pulling her towards him. Their passionate kissing continued as she felt his penis sliding over her labia, back and forth, and brushing her clitoris. Her desire was so intense that she couldn't wait for anything else and she urged him to come to her. She rolled onto her back in the wet sand and Mark loomed over her, moving between her open legs.

Z:\> run phase1.exe

Phase I: Vaginal Penetration Sequence Commencing...

The probe slowly parted Angela's lips as it moved into her. The lubricant served its purpose well, the probe seeming to cause her no discomfort at all. Her hips gyrated, helping to adjust the mechanism's angle. As the first inch or two of the probe disappeared inside her, she let out an almost primitive, lustful gasp. According to his instruments, Dr. Hammond's procedure was going well. The camera showed the glistening walls of her vagina convulsing occasionally as his patient shifted her pelvis and clenched in response to the pleasure. Within minutes the tiny dome of her cervix, with its dimple-like mouth, was in sight.

Mark's erect penis plunged into Angela's burning sex. She cried out with relief as his member pushed her wide open, touching every nerve in her. She concentrated on it as it began a long, slow descent into her birth canal, the glans widening her as it went. Eventually it touched her womb, when he was fully inside her, and she let out another cry. Then Mark began to make love to her, pumping himself in and out of her body, sending her nerves into a frenzied overload.

Z:\> run phase2.exe

Phase II: Thrusting Sequence Commencing...

Transferring 1cc of Sterilizing Protein Suspension to Probe...

The probe was in place and the outer cylinder began to slide back and forth, while the inner cylinder, containing the camera, the nozzle for the protein suspension and the impregnation filament, remained stationary. The thrusting motion sent Angela's readouts even higher and the sensors near her genitals registered the increased nerve activity. Then Dr. Hammond triggered the release of the initial injection of the sterilizing protein suspension. The monitor showed a spurt of the clear fluid spraying directly onto her vaginal walls and cervix. He was ready for the next step, but he wanted to give her just a little bit more time to experience the pleasure.

Mark's thrusts pushed Angela's bottom into the sand, creating deep impressions of her globes that were washed away with each wave that came crashing over them. Mark held himself above her, his hands slowly sinking into the sand, and her hands rested on his lower back. Her eyes were locked onto his and she could see the same emotions in them as she had the night before. Warmth. Pleasure. Joy.

No, there was more. Something she had seen at the end last night. Yes, after he came and had lay next to her. It was Love. She saw Love for her in his eyes.

"Mark ... Mark ..."

He pushed deeper.

Z:\> run phase3.exe

Phase III: Cervical Penetration Sequence Commencing...

Set Filament-Control-Mode: Manual or Auto? (m/a)

Z:\> m

A tiny, wire-like flex-tube began to extend from the front of the inner cylinder of the probe. It slid towards Angela's cervix, then stopped right in front of it. Dr. Hammond was operating the tube by remote from the control booth, his fingers moving with a surgeon's skill on the trackball of his computer. The program offered him a targeting-like capability overlaid on the view from the video probe. With delicate care he aimed the tube and eased it forward, resting it right in the dimple. He left it there for a few moments to allow the local anesthetic to take effect, then he would be ready for penetration. The front of the tube was beveled and slightly rounded, so it should enter fairly easily, but the fact that Angela had never had a baby was going to make things more difficult. The tube started forward again slowly, but it met with resistance. Hammond checked the readings: no indication that Angela was feeling anything. He increased the force of the tube a bit and, after a moment, it slid past the mouth of her womb and into her uterus. There was a jump in the readings from his patient, but they died down immediately. Everything seemed to be working to plan.

Angela felt Mark's penis hit her cervix hard and she cried out, arching her back, but the discomfort died away instantly and she was able to concentrate on his thrusts once again.

Mark was looking down at her body, taking in how it moved and shook with him. Her breasts rolling back and forth, her hips lifting up to meet his, her hands squeezing his back every time he pushed inside. He lowered his mouth to her breast and began tugging at the nipple with his lips. She gasped.

Her hands traveled to his buttocks and clasped them, feeling their muscles tighten and relax with each thrust. She wanted him deeper, if that was possible. She wanted him inside her womb, which wasn't. In any event, the thing she wanted most was for him to come. She wanted him to come inside her.

A light came on next to the sensor readouts. Angela's nerve activity sensors indicated that she was reaching a key point in the preparation of orgasm. Now came the feature Dr. Hammond had hoped would make the experience most satisfying for her. He entered another command into the computer:

Z:\> run phase4.exe

Phase IV: Orgasm Triggering Sequence Commencing...

Clitoral stimulator on-line...

Anal stimulator on-line...

Activate? (y/n)

Z:\> y

Her lover's action was pushing Angela to the edge. She had never experienced lovemaking like this, not even the night before with Mark. The power and intensity of his movement was causing her to shudder and quake as pressure built up inside her body. Blood engorged the vessels of her loins, making her sex organs ache for release. Her breathing was heavy and each exhale was used for a cry of pleasure. Her heart had become a bass drum. If she didn't come soon, it would burst.

Suddenly Angela spasmed, as exquisite pleasure shot through her abdomen. She cried loud and deep, over and over again, as the waves of ecstasy surged through her. Her vagina clenched Mark's erection repeatedly with incredible force and she lifted him off the sand as a wave crashed over and around them. Mark was doused, water running down his back in rills, and his hair tangled and dripping, but his thrusts continued. Angela bucked again as another orgasm zapped her body like a lightening bolt. This time she felt a rush of liquid leave her body. It didn't feel like it came from her vagina, but from her urethra. Another orgasm sent another gush from her. What was happening? Was this what she'd heard about some women being able to squirt if they came the right way? It was an awesome feeling, being able to come like a man, feeling the fluid of her passion shoot out of her body. Like Mark was about to do. Which she longed for him to do.

Angela's scream caused Dr. Hammond to look out the control room window. He saw her laying there, the probe moving in and out of her vagina, her hips rocking and bucking in time to the indicators on the monitor, which showed the timing of the tiny jolts of energy the computer was sending to the nerves of her genital area. Her body, though restrained, was free enough to move comfortably during the mock intercourse. The probe was also designed to allow for her movements, pivoting on its support shaft to adjust for sudden changes of angle. The internal monitor showed her vagina clasping the probe with furious intensity, rippling and convulsing. There were no signs of bleeding or any indication that Angela was experiencing anything but exquisite pleasure, so he returned his gaze to the monitors, preparing the system for Phase Five.

Angela's thoughts turned to Mark's climax. He had to be close, the way he was grunting and pumping. She had felt his penis swell several times, but each time he had backed off, waiting for her to come. Now she had come, and come, and come. The fluid from her urethra had showered all over their joining, making it incredibly slick, and Mark had picked up the pace when she did that. His balls were slapping against her bottom, brushing her anus, as his member drilled her like a piston. It was soon, so soon, and Mark's seed would burst inside her, coating her walls and the portal to her womb. Soon the seed would begin to flow into her, searching...searching...

Z:\> run phase5.exe

Phase V: Impregnation Sequence Commencing...

Transferring Ovum/Nutrient Solution to Probe...

Transferring Remaining Sterilizing Protein Suspension to Probe... Activate Ejaculation Sequence? (y/n)

Z:\> y

Dr. Hammond's finger paused over the key. This was it, the moment he had worked toward for years. All that he had done, all that he had felt compelled to do, came down to pressing this one button. The life his daughter had never finished could start again. Even if she never knew who or what he was, she would have a life and a mother that, he believed, would love her and care for her. He had to do this. He would pay the price for it later. Somehow, he felt that justice would find him.

He closed his eyes and pressed the key.

Angela felt Mark's body tense up and she knew the moment was near. Suddenly, and with unnatural energy, he grabbed her hips and pulled himself to his knees with her legs still around him. His penis was still moving inside her as he adjusted his hold on her, clutching her buttocks, keeping her suspended above ground. She tightened her abdominal muscles to help keep her balance while she threw her hands to his shoulders. Now she was bouncing on his erection, feeling it butt her inside again and again. She cried out as another wave of orgasms swept over her, juices gushing from inside her body and hitting Mark's abdomen. His penis began swelling again, then pulsing, then throbbing. Then he came. He came, inside her, like a hose turned on full.

The probe moved faster as the program triggered the mock-ejaculation. Inside Angela's uterus, the filament began moving side to side, spitting streams of pink fluid over the blood-coated walls of her womb. Outside her cervix, the probe unleashed the remaining protein suspension, sending it out in numerous semen-like spurts against the puckered dome and the glistening-pink walls of her vagina. Hammond watched on the monitor with deep satisfaction and pride.

"Mark! Oh God, Mark! Come, come! Oh God please come!"

He uttered a deep, passionate cry as he emptied his semen inside Angela. Another wave rolled over them, as if in time, but she was oblivious to it. She was experiencing another wave instead, as the proof of Mark's love was spilled inside her body. Each spurt sent a jolt coursing through her soul, each explosion charging her with passion, each impact reminding her of what was to come: the tiny, featureless embryo that would grow within her womb. Soon it would have arms and legs, hands and feet, eyes and a nose. Soon it would begin to turn and kick inside her, letting her know she it there. Soon it would be seen on a sonogram screen and Angela could view her little girl for the first time outside her dreams. Soon it would emerge from her vagina and be placed in her arms, wet and wrinkled, crying and yawning. Soon it would be nursing from her breast, like ... like ...

Angela realized that Mark was suddenly laying on his side in the sand, his mouth tenderly suckling at her left nipple. She ran her hand through his wet, sandy hair. He slid his hand down to her abdomen and lay it there, as if knowing what was going to be. After a moment he stopped suckling and lifted his head, looking into her eyes.

"Mark. Oh, Mark," she whispered. "I love you, I love you so much. I can't wait until she's here so we can --"

He raised a finger to his mouth and silenced her.

"Just remember, my sweet Angela, that I will always love you. I will always be with you. Never forget. Never forget. Never forget..." and as he spoke those words, he slowly faded, until there was nothing there, not even an imprint in the sand.

"Mark? Mark! Come back! I love you! Please don't leave me alone! Please!"

Dr. Hammond was shutting down the computer after having withdrawn the filament and probe when he heard Angela crying out. He ran out of the control booth and to the exam table. She was calling out for Mark, the man he had killed, the one whom she had only just learned that she loved. Tears were pouring down the sides of her head as she struggled against the restraints. He put his hands on her shoulders and shook her gently.

"Miss Smith? Angela? Wake up, wake up. It's over, the procedure's over."

Angela's eyes flickered open. "Mark, where's Mark? Oh God, that was so -- take your hands off me!"

She tried to raise her arms to ward him off, but then remembered they were still chained. The doctor lifted his hands and then proceeded to remove the restraints and lower the leg supports. She rubbed her wrists and stomach, as well as her arms and chest. She must really have strained against the bands to have caused such dents in her skin. It must really have been as good as it seemed in her dream.

"I'm sorry," he tried to explain. "You were having a nightmare. I didn't want you to hurt yourself."

"Yeah, all right. Just please, never touch me again."

Angela sat up slowly. As she did so Dr. Hammond turned to the side table and picked up a fresh hospital gown. He handed it to her and she pulled it over her front, tying it behind her. Then she tried to stand up, but her legs buckled underneath her and the doctor instinctively tried to help her up.

"I don't need your help, doctor," she warned him, but her attempts to stand simply failed. Her legs were asleep. "All right, this one time," she finally conceded.

Hammond put his arm around her back and another under her legs, then carried her to the patient room. There he put her to bed, provided her with another glass of water when she requested it, and left behind the jug if she wanted more. He showed her the intercom in case she had a problem, told her he would be in the control room for awhile reviewing data, and bid her good night. After that she lay back, but doubted she would get any rest. Within three minutes, though, she was out and dreaming about her trip to Yosemite National Park with Brenda. A tear rolled down her cheek as she slept.

Dr. Olias Hammond rubbed his eyes. It had taken him several hours to go over the data from the procedure and to review the video from the probe. It all seemed to have worked just fine. No abnormal readings during any part of the procedure. Now it was done and Angela was resting. All he had to do was make a few tests over the next few days to see if implantation occurred and things could go from there.

He held his head in his hands, finally finding a chance to rest for the first time in almost two days. He began to think about all that had happened. All that he had done to make this work. He remembered the early days of the project, his research and experiments on animals, then the later days when he tried to arrange for a surrogate mother. Then there was Margaret's death. That day the project died with her. He remembered the day he closed down the lab, putting the samples into deep freeze and dumping all his files down to CD. Then there were all the empty, lonely years. Lonely and without happiness, until the night they came.

Dr. Hammond saw Angela's face the way she had looked that night. Frightened and tired. So much like Margaret had been when they met. Then he began to see other faces. He tried to turn off the memories, but they just flooded in. He saw Lisa's body tumbling to the floor, the feathered shaft sticking out next to her spine. He saw Carl's face of shock and grief, heard his pleas for life, saw the bolt pierce his brain. He also saw Robert's expression of total surprise as the projectile's impact with his throat woke him from a nodding sleep. Then there was the Asian woman. What was her name? Brenda. Thank God he hadn't seen her face when she died. He could remember the feeling of her breast in his hand and her buttocks wriggling against him as she struggled. Her pleas for mercy were burned into his mind. He would never forget the fountainous spurts of blood as he pulled the knife across her throat, nor would his dreams allow him to forget her heartbeat dying under his hand. His surgeon's hands. Lastly there was that man, the one Angela had loved, the one who fought so valiantly to save her. Mark. The vision of that man's death and the look in Angela's eyes afterwards were interconnected and he would never be able to remove them from his memories. What had he done? How could he go on living after this? Was Angela right, was he really insane?

Now there was a new face in front of him. Or, rather, an old face he hadn't seen in years. A face he once loved and cherished more than any other.

"Stacy," he called to her.

"Daddy? Daddy, what have you done? How could you do this, daddy?"

"Darling, my darling Stacy, I did this for you. I did this to bring you back ... so you could have what was taken away from you."

"Daddy, look what you've done. Look what you've become. I don't know who you are anymore. My daddy would never have hurt anyone. He swore an oath. You're not my daddy. You're just a cold-blooded murderer. I don't want anything to do with you -- ever."

He jerked awake, tears running down his cheeks. He grabbed his glass of brandy and drank the last drops. That was better. Wait, what was that noise? At first he thought it was his imagination, but then he heard it again. There was definitely someone moving around out in the operating room. Dr. Hammond got up to investigate.

"Miss Smith, why didn't you use the intercom. I would have brought you anything you need."

There was no response and the sound had stopped. Looking around the room, which was almost entirely dark except for the light from the computer over on the lab tables, he noticed that the door to the house was open. He had closed it, he was sure. Maybe Angela had gone into the house to look for him -- or to try to escape! He ran to the door, but before he could get through it something smashed into his chest and he flew back into an equipment cart, sending everything crashing to the floor. Someone was walking toward him, carrying something in his hand. It looked like a pole or a piece of pipe. His attacker raised it again and brought down hard across his back. The doctor hadn't been able to move quick enough, but he managed to keep on his feet and stumbled towards the lab table. The pipe flew again, this time smashing a whole tray of test tubes.

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