tagNonHumanThe Experiment Ch. 01

The Experiment Ch. 01


Introduction: This story is dedicated to a certain CB who I met online. She has fired my imagination in a way I haven't had fueled for a long time. The basic premise of the story is a young student nurse falling under the carnal power of a university professor and his alien 'accomplice'.


Chloe Jones was in her second year of nursing studies at university and whilst she enjoyed the course, had plenty of good friends including her roommate Melinda and was looking forward to graduating, the previous two semesters had been a real struggle. Unfortunately for her she'd been forced to take up her degree without the financial backing many of her fellow students seemed to have, hence she spent at least 20 hours a week working as a cleaner in a local old folks home. It gave her some credit with her course, and the money wasn't bad per se, it was just a killer for her ability to keep up with all the academic and social activities on campus.

For example, only last week she had to go to the dean of the faculty and ask for an extension for her tutorial paper on the Canadian national health system, and this was a fairly demeaning process bound up in red tape and bulldust. She had to get two forms filled out by the dean's PA, run around to her tutor, drop by the faculty counselor and then sit through a 15 minute face-to-face with Dean Jaggers. Even now as she sat in her dorm room, scrolling down the screen on her PC reading the notices on the faculty's web site she felt this surge of bitterness towards the process. "Not my damned fault I'm not a rich bitch!" Chloe exclaimed to no one but herself. Melinda was out at a beer bust, and as Chloe kept surfing the web site she mused on her roommate's likelihood of scoring some well-endowed post grad (both financially and sexually).

This thought then dredged up some rather pointed and disappointed thoughts about Alan. Alan was a fourth year pre-med student she had met not long after Chloe started university, but although they had been very passionate and the dating was fun, it had ended fairly dramatically just before Christmas because he had wanted her to come home to his place and meet his family, but she couldn't go. Money was extra tight for Chloe and some extra hours plus subsidized board was available for that time if she took the increase in work, so she bailed out. He got mightily pissed, they had a raging fight and that was that. Miles away from home, having to work in a retirement home, Christmas and New Year's passing without much else to look forward to than the extra dollars in her bank balance; it was a low point in Chloe's young life.

But this was some time ago now, and Chloe reflected back on that time as best she could. Deep down a warm, friendly and loving person she wasn't willing to let life beat her down. She was going to finish her studies, maybe get into some specialist course with pediatrics or midwifery, find a position in some hospital that offered big dollars and a challenging work environment, and then find that special someone who she could get all the right support and love from. And as she focused on these private thoughts Chloe grinned, showing to no one but herself her pretty smile.

"Wait a sec...what's this?" Chloe said to herself as she saw a recently added post in the university's course information forum. The headline read "Well Paid Research Junior Required For Biomedical Professor". Clicking on the link she read the post, her interest growing more and more piqued. It ran as follows:

"Professor Andrew Dalkeith is conducting research on cross-hybrid mitosis genetic manipulation and stem cell resilience. He is willing to pay his preferred student research junior $60 per hour to help run his experiments over Friday and Saturday night this weekend, hours 11pm -- 4am. Contact Professor Dalkieth on ext. 475 or send the access code for your online university profile via the cited link below. Students with nursing majors will be preferred."

Chloe didn't hesitate. She clicked on the link and posted the requisite coding for her university profile (which included her academic credits, contact details and the obligatory photo ID), all the while trying to calculate in her head the dollars on offer. The answer of $600 meant she could probably afford to pay for next semester's textbooks (and then some) without having to pull any extra shifts at the old folks home. That certainly gave her a sense of relief. Then, as soon as the good feeling came it disappeared. "Everyone will want this job...shit!" Riding the waves of excitement and cynicism was something Chloe hated, so to try and clear her mind of it she went over to her closet and pulled out a secreted box of chocolates. "Mmmm...That's yummy." Chloe giggled as she popped one of the cream centred candies in her mouth. "I'll get that position...he'll have to choose me."

Sitting back down at her desk and staring again at her PC Chloe reviewed the post again, then opened a new tab on her Firefox browser. She looked up some more details about Professor Dalkieth, because she believed that if she was goingt o have any chance of securing the casual work she should find out some more about her potential boss. On the Biomedical Department's web site she found the Professor's home page. There was a photo of him, and Chloe was pleasantly surprised to see he didn't look like the old geek who he could have been. Short blond hair, a bit of a beard and moustache, green eyes (almost big and puppy-like she reflected), average height and build and of course in a white lab coat, Chloe thought he was at least friendly looking. His academic resume went for almost three pages and she didn't look into it too much. She saw some references to mutant recombinant DNA and citations relating to government authorities (including NASA), but that stuff was kind of irrelevant. Chloe's aim was to try and size up from Dalkieth's photo and any personal stuff on his web site (which was minimal at best...a reference to golf as a hobby and a recent trip to Sydney Australia was all he had), so if he interviewed her she had some idea as to how pleasant or how grueling he would be.

As it was getting late Chloe decided to power down her computer and try and get some sleep. The taste of the chocolate was slowly fading as she changed out of her jeans and t-shirt. Chloe was a very pretty 23 year old, with mid-length honey blonde hair, mischievous eyes, a grin that had broken hearts when she was in senior high school and a slender body that have all the right curves and shapes. She knew guys looked her at a lot, but since the business with her last boyfriend she'd steered clear of anything beyond friendship. She had her imagination, a certain device buried deep under the socks and panties in her top dresser drawer, and other more mundane stuff to keep her happy sexually, and besides university and part-time work were both sufficiently strong deterrents to her libido. It was getting late, Melinda was not going to be home for hours yet (if at all) so Chloe threw on a night shirt, tugged down her panties and put them in the laundry basket at the foot of her bed, and then climbed under the sheets. A flick of the light switch brought immediate darkness to the young student nurse's room and before she'd thought two or three more times about the $600 dollars she could get from Professor Dalkieth she feel into a deep, full sleep.

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