tagErotic CouplingsThe Explosion Continues

The Explosion Continues


She is headed to Canada, worn out from the amazing night before. Her head is still spinning, having just hung up the phone from his amazing voice. The drive was long, she decided to stop in Mauston, WI at about 4 that afternoon to rest. She just could not go any further.

She got a motel room and immediately undressed and fell asleep. After sleeping a few hours she awoke, made a couple calls to check in with her family and the friend in Canada and then went back to sleep. She slept awhile longer and got up about 10pm, she decided she was not going to go to Canada that she would just head home the next day, maybe take a few days to herself before she made it home. She went back to sleep and slept the rest of the night, waking up at 10:30 the next morning, just enough time to shower, pack and check out.

She headed towards home, every intention of going home down through Illinois stop somewhere along the way and then go the rest of the way. She called his cell phone and left a message, letting him know Canada was out and that she would be headed home instead. After going through Chicago the thought hit her to go to him. She wasn't sure what to do. She hit Gary, IN and knew that one would take her home, the other would take her to OH. Something told her to go, take the route to OH, let fate lead. So she did.

She hit the other side of Indianapolis, and as she approached the sign that said Columbus 169 miles, her phone went off with a message from him. Fate involved again. He had sent, "Where are you?" She sent, "It doesn't matter." They bantered back and forth a bit, and as she was crossing into OH, he sent, "If you are coming here, let me know."

How does this fate thing continue to work with them. She tells him that she is headed there, will stop in Dayton, if he wants her to come all the way to tell her. He says it is her decision. This goes back and forth a few times and then she realizes he is not saying no. She sends, "Fate says yes, I will be there in the morning."

He tells her where to get a motel and to call the cell when she knows where she is staying. She says she will and the line is disconnected.

She stays at a motel in Dayton, anxious about the next day, she doesn't sleep very well. She is up and out of there by 5am, not realizing she will not be able to get in a room for a few hours. As she gets closer to her destination she becomes nervous, knowing that she is getting closer and closer to him. She finds a decent exit and gets off the highway, the thought is if she goes cheap on the motel that she can stay a few extra days if he wants her to.

She finds a motel that will do, finds out it will be a few hours so she goes to McDonalds and waits. She starts to write about their first experience. Not knowing why but feeling it needs to be put to paper, to be shared. She is writing it for him, so that he will know her full view of what occurred.

She gets quite a bit of it down and then realizes it is probably time that she could check in. She leaves and heads back to the motel. They tell her it will be about 30 minutes or so. She waits in the van. The clerk comes out and lets her know it is ready and her phone rings. It is him, asking about the arrangements, if she is settled in. She says that she is just headed up to the room. He tells her that she has about 30 minutes and he will be there. Her heart skips a beat and she becomes wet at the thought of him being near her again. She acts calm and says ok.

She rushes to prepare for him, and watches out the window awaiting his arrival. She sees his car drive through the parking lot and gets more anxious. He knocks on the door, she stands behind it and opens it for him. As he comes in she remains back just a bit, closing the door behind him. He sits on the bed, she teases with him and pushes him back, laying on top of him. She kisses him a few times and can tell that there is something on his mind. He finally says that he needs to talk to her about something.

She moves off of him and he goes and sits in a chair by the door, she sits down on the bed. He tells her that he wants her to know that the feelings he felt for her were pure lust and only lust. Lust for her sexual openness, her body but that was all it was just lust. She says ok. He is taken aback by her response, he thought she would give an argument, put up more fight. She says, so as long as I keep this sexual we can do this for the next 20 years, he says yes. She reassures him that she is not going into this blindly. That she knows where the boundaries are. She is not nor would she ever ask him for a commitment. He says ok.

He then asks about Canada and why she did not go all the way there. She says that she realized financially it was going to be more than she thought, that physically she just couldn't see herself making it there and back so she decided that she was not going to go up. He asks if he had anything to do with the decision and she says very, very little. He says ok, that he just needed to get those things straight.

He moves to her and they start to undress. He takes off a second t-shirt and tells her that he brought it for her to have. She smiles and can't believe that he remembered. He lays her back on the bed. Their bodies once again entertwined with each other. He kisses her passionately on the lips, caresses her large breasts and sensual nipples. Sucks it into his mouth, mmmm what a beautiful nipple, how very succulent. He slides up between her legs and whispers, "Do you want me from the front or the back?" She wants him in her ass. She knows now what it feels like and wants to experience it again.

He obliges her, will give her anything she wants physically. She rolls over and he lubricates his finger, sliding it in. She moans from delight. He moves it in and out of her, she continues to moan. He takes her toy and slides it in, she lets out a scream, lifts up and pushes back to him. Oh my god this is more amazing than the first time. He moves the toy in and out, her hand finds its way to her clit and she begins to rub it. She has lost all control, the feeling of him moving the toy in her ass and her hand rubbing very hard on her clit is almost to much to handle.

Then all of a sudden he stops, and walks away from the bed. She doesn't understand why, but she doesn't care she continues to rub her clit. He comes back over and watches her for a minute and then moves her to where she is laying on her back. He mounts her and slides his cock in her, moving in and out their bodies again becoming one. She reaches up and grabs the corners of the pillow, one of her trademark moves, one that drives him crazy, he loves to watch her do this.

He moves faster, in and out of her, loving the feel of her hot, wet pussy around his cock. She can tell that he is about to explode inside her and she welcomes it. Gripping his biceps and squeezing with all her might. She can feel the explosion as he shoots inside her. Their juices mixing together. He looks her in the eye, gives her a kiss and lets her know that he must go.

While he dresses they discuss her staying there for the week. He tells her she has picked the worst week possible. He has all his reports due at work and will probably not be able to get away at all at least Monday or Tuesday. She says she is willing to take that chance. He says he would feel bad if she stayed and he couldn't get away. He says that he will call her in the morning on his way to work. He kisses her quickly and heads for the door. She asks for another kiss and he tells her he has to go. He opens the door and walks out, shutting it behind him.

She is left in a whirlwind, which she is finding to be very typical where he is concerned. She is not at all amused by his ability to decide to go and just go. It drives her insane. She sits and thinks about all that has happened. Uncertain of what to do. She decides that since he is not able to spend time with her there really is no point of her staying, so she packs and leaves.

She calls and leaves him a message that she has decided to go. She drives home getting there very late. The next morning she hears her cell phone go off, it is him. He left a message, "Hi, it's me. I understand that you have left the motel and are headed back to Kentucky. I'm calling at 6 um 25am my time. I'll talk to you later." She can hear the disappointment in his voice, although he is trying to hide it by sounding casual. She calls him back immediately from her cell letting him know that she is already home. He calls her back on her home phone.

He asks her when she left and she says within two hours of him leaving the motel. She figured there was no point in staying, so she came home. She can still hear the disappointment in his voice and is ecstatic. It is confirmed then that he lied about only feeling lust for her, as she already knew. They talk for a few more minutes and the line is disconnected.

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