tagErotic HorrorThe Extender

The Extender


(Author's Note; Though the story is complete within itself it is a sequel to Silver Buckles if you want to read that story.)


The tinny bell echoed in the crowded interior as the young couple entered the shop and gasped at the goods they saw stocked on the shelves or on offer. The air seemed to be filled with the musty smell of dust, old polish and beneath this an unusual and repellent odour that neither could work out. Yet every surface seemed to sparkle and beckon to their weary eyes. Looking about them the couple saw highly polished wood, gleaming Moroccan leather lounges and chairs and deeper in the shop they made out boots and other leather clothing.

Gasping the black haired woman grasped her partner's arm and pulled him towards the leather clothing she saw in the back. Her pale face painted a shade of white relieved by dark red lipstick and black eyeliner, her hair was greasy and long though tied back in a single braid. A silver stud pierced her nose and she wore a black waistcoat that struggled to hold her large white breasts inside it, her legs were sheathed in black jeans and a pair of Doc Marten's boots. In fact anyone seeing her would have correctly labelled her of that cultural tribe called Goths.

Her partner was a scruffy young man also clothed in black who was almost unhealthily slim and clad similarly in black. His fine face covered in unkempt hair and a dark stubble over his chin and cheeks. He seemed both innocent and corrupted by the world. What was easily known was that the woman was the dominant partner in this couple.

"Michael this place is a treasure house," the woman declared in awe.

"Whatever," the man mumbled though he also felt that the shop was very different to the ones they usually went to.

"Whatever, just look at this stuff," the young woman said as she lovingly touched the tooled leather corsets and boots.

"Annie! You don't really need it you've got enough leather stuff," Michael said despairingly.

Before the woman could say anything a sharp step echoed on the wooden floorboards. It almost seemed to be like the step of a horse however the steps seemed to be unusual almost halting. As the steps ceased a slim elderly man stood in front of them. As he looked at the young and it must be said oddly attractive couple he licked his lips and combed the trimmed goatee beard with his fingers. He wore a flowery waist coat, white shirt and tight black trousers.

"Customers, can I help you madam, sir. We are purveyors of fine and often exotic goods and leather work. What do you wish?" the man said with a light tenor.

As he stepped forward both of them noticed he seemed to walk on tiptoes as though he was dancing in a ballet. Though friendly there was a sense of unpleasant mischief that he radiated. Looking at the woman he smiled engagingly and stepped forward.

"The young lady has excellent taste," he said softly as he took from her hands the black corset in them," Perhaps you would wish to try it on."

The woman licked her lips and continued to stroke the leather as though she was stroking a living thing that seemed to whisper to her body of things forbidden. She took a step towards the man and felt her body tingling. She felt her cunt growing wet and she was virtually aching for a cock to be thrust into her body. Beside her Michael stirred restlessly and was growing increasingly worried about how Annie was acting in this place.

"Annie we really don't need it," the man said petulantly.

As he spoke Annie started and the corset fell from her hands onto the floor only to have it quickly picked up by the storekeeper. Glancing at the young man the older man smiled lazily and with an unspoken menace.

"Perhaps the young sir is right that these things are not what you want but can I show you other things that may be of interest. Items of a more risqué nature," the elderly man said as he took both Micheal's and Annie's arms and began to lead them towards the darkened back of the shop.

Annie leading with a dragging Michael with her followed quickly. Pulling a draw-string that turned on a light into a small room hidden from entrance the old man entered with the woman still holding onto Michael following and marvelled at what it held. Mesmerised she touched the leather and metal instruments smelling the scent of metal and leather polish they gave off. The sight and smell of them excited her and she felt her body responding to what she wanted.

Her hand ran lovingly over whips, quirt or crops that looked both beautiful and cruel, helmets that gagged and blinded their wearer completely featureless helmets robbing their wearer of their identity. There were things that she could not even guess at and finally she came to a combination of leather strips of about eight inches long pierced with metal loops along it's length. Picking it up she smelt again the rich smell of polished leather and the sharp acid tang of metal and what almost seemed to be the taste of control and desperation.

"Ah yes the Extender and excellent choice," the older man purred.

"The Extender?" Annie queried.

"Oh yes a form of cock ring but where there is only one ring this device has many to hold the man hard and rigid, two of the loops fit about the man's balls holding it in place. I am told the rubbing metal of the rings has a most pleasurable sensation on a woman's nether regions," the man spoke archly," When she is ready she releases the rings about the balls and the man will flood cum into her hole which ever one she wishes to use.

"Annie we don't need this," the younger man whined annoyingly.

Looking at the youth contemptuously the woman replied savagely," Don't we do we. I think something that keeps you from cuming too quickly might just be what we want. How much is it?"

"Oh just ten dollars," the other man said casually.

Surprised by the lowness of the price the woman quickly paid the price and hurried out dragging along her wake her frightened boyfriend. As they left the older man smiled cruelly and unzipped his fly exposing a weapon of truly awesome measure. As he did so a young attractive woman hurried from the back clad only in black thigh high boots and a red corset that pushed her breasts out obscenely. She hurried to him and knelt reaching out with her hands to the hard cock. Quickly he batted away her hands and turned her around so that instead he was offered the sensual curves of her ass and the lips of her cunt.

"No Jessica my dear, I think I might like to fuck you in the ass again, it seems such a lovely shade of red after my spanking of you last time," he said slowly and inserted a thumb easily into her ass-hole and began to prepare it for his mighty member.

As Jessica was violated and taken by the elderly shop-keeper the young couple rushed back to their flat between the rain showers that raked the streets. Throwing open the front door they rushed up the stairs to their third floor apartment. Then again in a rush they entered the room. As soon as they entered the woman sprung upon the slim young man and kissed him aggressively.

While she kissed the man she pulled at his clothes dragging the coat, jumper and t-shirt over his head exposing a pale body and pierced nipples. Pushing him against the wall she pinned him there as she licked and pulled with her teeth at the piercings and excited his sensitive nipples. Stopping for a moment she unsnapped the clasps holding her waistcoat together and with a sharp twist exposed her ample bosom which like the mans were pierced with silver rings. The light brown nipples stood already excited and she remembered how the whips had felt to her hand. She shuddered with pleasure as she imagined it striking Michaels lily-white ass. Twisting her rings once to send a thrill of pleasure through her body she pulled the jeans from Michael's unresisting form.

Quickly the submissive man was naked and she touched his large cock. Annie had lusted for the cock when she had first seen it. It seemed so out of place on that slight body, it was nine inches and thick to boot, it seemed to be a giant's cock on this slight youth. Finding him a natural submissive had been a pleasure beyond belief. She touched his shaved pubis and stroked along the erect length of his flesh and weighed it in her hand his large cum filled balls. Atop the head of his cock there was a piercing that went through the flesh of the head in front of the slit there.

Smiling she remembered how he had borne the pain as the needle had lanced through his unmarked cock and then watched as the ring she had chosen had been threaded into that marvellous weapon he used on her. She loved the way it rubbed along the walls of her cunt as he thrust it in and out of her wet cunt. That pleasure and the pulling at her clit ring would give her a pleasure that was almost too much to bear.

When she had first met him he had been a normal university student but he had easily been dominated. Though he had at first been unsure and unwilling she had stroked his cock until he had been unable to resist her demands. At first she had shaved him, then she had spanked him and tied him to the bed. Finally had come the piercings and that had cemented her control over him. Touching his cock she felt it harden and she wanted it into her wet cunt. Then as she touched the ring in his cock she remembered her purchase.

"No Mikey not yet we have a little toy to put on your cock," Annie said as she pulled off her tight jeans exposing her shaved cunt and the clit ring that glinted wetly.

"Do we have to?" he asked petulantly.

In answer to that she slapped his ass cheek hard bring up a red mottled hand shape on his white flesh. Sullenly he slipped into silence as she led him to the bedroom. As she did so she enjoyed how little it took to make the man her willing servant. Opening the brown paper wrapping she again felt a thrill as she touched the cunning device of leather and iron. Yes this should keep him from cuming too quickly and that would keep her in pleasure for a much longer time. As she fondled the device she imagined not allowing him to cum and how he would beg for the release.

The device slipped along the erect member easily as the leather stock was aligned with the underside of his cock. Safely settled at the base of the flesh she slipped his magnificent balls into the two iron hoops that held them away from the sac and firmly held them. The iron rings pressed into his cock flesh as she finally pushed the final ring into the slit at the head of his cock. She chuckled a little realising that not only was this something to keep him hard but also a male chastity belt not allowing him to cum until she released his balls from the two metal rings trapping them.

His cock firmly bound she pushed his head down so that he was kneeling in front of her as she sat on the edge of the bed and opened her legs. He did not need any instruction as he leant forward and began to lick and kiss her wet cunt. His tongue pressed and stretched the sensitive lips. He used his fingers to open the lips and then thrust his pierced tongue into her waiting flesh. She shuddered and came as the metal slid along the furrows in her cunt.

Her fingers pushed his face harder into her flesh as that his tongue reached deeper into her cunt and made her pleasure grow even further into her body. Cum flooded into her cunt and he lapped it up eagerly. As he did this he tried to stroke his rigidly held cock but the iron and leather stopped him from feeling anything other than his hard cock straining.

Satisfied that she was ready for him now she hungrily pulled him up to her face and kissed his lips and licked the cum off them. Leaning back she pulled him on top of her body and felt him squirm as he placed his bound cock at the entrance of her cunt. Pulling her legs apart she felt her cunt pull his cock into its wet depths.

"Oh fuck that is so gooooooodddddddd!!!!!!!" she screamed as the ringed flesh pressed into her body.

"Fuckkkkkk!!!! Fuckkkkkkk!!!!!" she continued to scream as he pumped his cock into her body.

Each movement made her cum as the metal rings and smooth leather excited and drove her body into ecstasy and he had become fucking machine as he vainly tried to cum.

It seemed hours as she was fucked by the straining man who panted and worked his cock in and out of her with increasing desperation. All he could think of was how much he needed to cum. Each thrust strained his muscles with desire and need. Each thrust was driven by animal need and passion. Finally as she gushed cum he screamed in anger.

"Let me cum damn you!!!" he screamed in desperation and madness as he slammed his cock into her body.

As he screamed into her face he raised his fists and began to pound her smirking face. Yet as he struck her he continued to thrust with his cock into her cunt. Madness filled his mind and body as he struck her smirking face. Slowly the red rage faded and though still achingly erect he realised that he was looking into a lifeless face. Her head was twisted into an impossible position but then moved slowly and her lips opened to groan in pain. Jumping away he tried to pull the thing attached to his cock only to be defeated and in fear Michael threw on his clothes and without thought ran from the apartment block.

His cock ached as it strained against the cloth of his jeans and he felt a maddening lust through his body and a deep fear as he thought he heard the sound of sirens in the distance. Stumbling he made his way back to the store where they had bought the device. Panting in fear he opened the door and heard the tinny bell announce his presence. In the back he heard the slow clip clop of the old man's footsteps.

Then just as suddenly he saw the man though there was something wrong about him then he realised what it was, he was not wearing trousers and his legs were covered by a dark brown fur. Also surprising were the hooves that he stood on but Michael did not consider this as he saw the creature. Instead he started to speak.

"You must get this off me!"

"Calm yourself young sir. My word you seem so upset," the smooth tones of the shop-keeper said.

"The device we bought I can't get off. Please get it off," Michael begged tears running down his cheeks.

"Do not worry young sir, I have a solution. Please come with me," the man said softly.

Michael followed the man who seemed to walk so slowly. His mind seemed so confused as he barely noticed the steps he descended on until he was in a bedroom that was sumptuous in furnishing. He did see the woman who lay on the rich red brocade, she wore a deep red corset that seemed to make her waist seem tiny to her breasts and ass which appeared to stick out provocatively. He also noticed the thigh boots she wore that seemed to make her legs appear so sexy. Michael felt his trapped cock roar for this woman.

A snap of the fingers seemed to make the woman wake and she swept off the bed to kneel before the shop-keeper. Using his hands he raised her face and smiled with an unholy glee.

"This is Jessica, she is a true slut young sir and quite insatiable," the man remarked without passion though Jessica seemed wholly fixated on the man who was now caressing her breasts. When he pinched her nipples she moaned softly and started to rub between her legs.

"My she seems to be in need again. Perhaps the young gentleman.....?" the man next to him suggested slyly.

The sight of the semi-naked woman playing with herself was too much and Michael exposed his cock the head of which was a brilliant purple with the pressure of his cum behind it. Seeing the cock the older man clapped his hands and guided Jessica's eyes to the exposed member. As she looked at it a look of wanton lustfulness crossed her face as she crawled over to him. The touch of his fingers sent a thrill of pleasure through his body.

"Oh my dear Jessica he seems to need you. Do him my dear," the older man said archly.

"Why young sir you are so hard, do not worry Jessica will deal with it," he continued.

Then he lapsed into silence as he watched the man rip off his clothes and lead the woman to the bed. It was there that she pushed him firmly on top the bed and straddled his body. She screamed as the iron ribs enclosing his cock slipped between her lips when she lowered her cunt onto his impaling weapon. Grinding her cunt into his shaved pubis she left a trail of cum and juice. Slowly she began to lower her body up and down so that she rode his cock.

"Yesssss!!!!!! Oh Fuckkkkk!!!!! Fuck meeeeeeeeeee!!!!!" she screamed as his cock slid in and out of her well-lubricated cunt.

As she rode him his finger found her clit and he flicked it back and forth making her cum with increased in power. That drove her to ride him harder and quicker. Looking at them the man watched and stroked his own member, a cruel smile seemed engraved on his face as he watched the couple, the man who could not cum and the woman who was now an insatiable slut.

How beautifully she caressed her breasts twisting the nipples, how he rubbed at her clit and stroked along her hip. Suddenly he reared and throwing her onto her back he started to pound his cock into her lustful body. As he thrust his cock into her she screamed for more. Engraved on his face was desperation and madness the same emotions that were echoed in Jessica's face.

Stroking his goatee the man thought of how the iron and leather excited her cunt and how it bound the cock so tightly. He chuckled softly as he thought of the only way to take off the extender. My that will be fun he thought to himself. As he thought that the man moved pushing the woman onto her front and lifting her ass and spreading her wet cunt slammed his cock into the hole.

Soon he would take her in the ass and the old satyr knew that Jessica would scream with the wonderful pain and pleasure as he pushed the iron past her sphincter and rippled down that tight hole all the time beating vainly at her wonderful ass.

Humming softly to himself he imagined Michael begging him to relieve the pressure, allowing him to cum and remove the device. Oh he would make him beg and then explain the only way to take off the iron and leather device and when the man knew what it meant and begged even more for it to be removed he would pretend to be sad. Now he would watch the young couple in their carnal exertions.

Perhaps the knife would be slightly dull as he cut the young man's balls off and he laughed silently at the thought.

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