tagErotic CouplingsThe Face-Painter Ch. 02

The Face-Painter Ch. 02


So here I was, Connor Young, 28-year old male slut returning home from his first night on the job. As soon as I entered my house, I threw my car keys on the table by the front door and pulled the wad of bills from my pockets. I spread them out and recounted; yep, four-hundred bucks. I couldn't believe I'd just made that much scratch from fucking a beautiful woman!

"My first job of being a tramp was a success," I said to myself as I slid the bills into my wallet, a shit-eating grin spreading across my face. I knew that I was still a little too hyped up from the whole experience to get to sleep, so I figured I'd take a nice hot shower and then check my computer to see if I had any new responses to my ad.

I kicked my shoes off and headed for the bedroom, starting to pull my clothes off as I went. The light was blinking on my answering machine as I came through the door. I picked up the phone and listened to the one message, peeling off my shirt as a familiar voice reached my ears:

"Hi honey, it's Mom. I was wondering if you wanted to come for dinner tomorrow night. The girls are both going to be there. I figured we could have a little family barbecue and I need my big handsome son to man the grille. Anyways, I guess you're out for the evening; probably on a date with some lucky girl." My mom gave a girlish little giggle after saying that. "So, right now I'll count on you to come. If it's a problem, give me a call as soon as you can. I was just thinking later in the afternoon; but feel free to come over anytime. I'm sure the girls will be by the pool so bring your suit if you want. Talk to you later, sweetie.....bye."

That sounded like just the thing; a nice barbecue with the three women in my family. Mom had said both girls were going to be there, which was a rarity nowadays. Emma had gotten a condo apartment not too far away from me just a few months ago. She too had graduated from UNLV just a short time ago and was interning with a big legal firm in town in preparation of taking the bar exam. She put in a lot of hours and worked hard; so it was definitely surprising to see her available for a late afternoon dinner during the week. I was extremely proud of her; she was really smart and ambitious; much more than I could ever be. Any firm would be lucky to have her; and I knew it wouldn't be long before she'd be making partner and moving up.

Zoey was going to be there too. Although being a senior in high-school and still living at home, she always seemed to be on the go doing something; whether it be cheerleading or dance class, or just hanging out with her friends; she hardly ever seemed to be home during the day either. She was Miss Popularity, alright; always busy texting and calling her friends; a constant smile on that pretty face of hers.

I don't know if our parents had planned it that way or if it just happened; but there are almost exactly five years between Emma and me; and five years between her and Zoey. With that age difference, none of us three were really close to each other. We all loved each other and I naturally was a protective big brother to both; and the girls got along with each other well enough, even though they were quite different.

Emma compared to Zoey was kind of like night and day. Emma was the studious hard-working nose-to-the-grindstone type of person in everything she did; while Zoey, like I said, was a care-free social butterfly. Emma had participated in all kinds of sports and was extremely competitive; while Zoey was much more flamboyant and friendly and into......well.....let's call it the "social arts". While Emma had a few close friends, Emma was always surrounded by a flock of girlfriends, whether it was just hanging out or on their way to the mall or some kind of social function.

You would never know they were sisters by looking at them either. Emma and I had taken after our father; both of us being quite tall and muscularly built. Emma stood about 5'-9" and had a strong athletic body with long gorgeous legs and firm powerful thighs. She had broad shoulders and sleek arms; her perfect body honed over the years by her time spent in the pool. She had competed at the state level in both high-school and college and I noticed the attention given to her by many males in the crowds at her swim meets. Emma had just about the most perfect ass on any woman that I have ever seen. It was perfectly heart-shaped and the roundness of it just made you yearn to reach out and grab it. Her magnificent rear-end looked absolutely amazing in practically anything she wore; from the tight short business skirts she usually wore to work, or to a nice-fitting pair of jeans she'd usually wear on the weekends. Yeah.....and the way it swayed when she walked.....fuck.....it had caused more than one instant stiffening of my horny cock.

Zoey clearly took after our mother; both of them being a fair bit shorter than the rest of us. Zoey was probably about 5'-4" and had the same curvy shape as our mother. Whereas Emma seemed made up of sleek toned angular lines and flowing plains, Zoey seemed to be all round hills and deep sloping valleys. Although she wasn't overweight, it was like she never lost just that little bit of baby fat that still made her so cute and endearing.

Emma had dark brunette shoulder-length hair similar in color to mine; while Zoey's wavy blonde locks fell well down her back. She had definitely inherited my mother's hair, both in color and the sexy flowing curls.

Their faces were equally beautiful, but again totally distinct from each other. Emma's face, like the rest of her, had sharp angular features and gorgeous pronounced cheekbones. Her most spectacular feature was her totally captivating green eyes. Her long lashes and perfect eyebrows seemed to set them off bewitchingly. At times, those gorgeous eyes of hers seemed to penetrate right into your very soul.

Zoey had a round warm face; her bubbly cheeks and dimples making a smile come to anyone's face. She had the same brilliant blue eyes as our mother and was blessed with my mother's soft full pouty lips as well. Your eyes were immediately drawn to that full sensual mouth of hers; her pillowy red lips usually glistening wetly and seemingly beckoning for attention.

The one thing that my sisters both had in common; that they had both inherited from my mother, was that they were both incredibly busty. They both had beautiful sets of round full heavy tits that would make any women envious. It was the size of her breasts that literally held Emma back from moving into the upper echelon of Olympic caliber swimmers. And of course, Zoey's voluptuous rack drew everyone's eyes when her cheerleading squad took to the field.

As I said, both of them were lucky enough to inherit those beautiful tits from my mother, Victoria. She'd had me when she was 19, so she was now 47. And you couldn't have asked for a more gorgeous sexy 47-year old than my mother. In height, she was about halfway between Emma and Zoey; about 5'-6". But every time I looked at her, I was reminded of Wifey, the women from Wifeys World on the internet. She could have been her sister. They looked to be about the same height and have the same perfect shape; big voluptuous breasts and the full lush body of a mature woman. My mother had the same flowing frosty blonde hair as Wifey and the inviting sweet smile in that wide welcoming mouth of hers. She had that same alluring sparkle in her eyes that makes Wifey seem so devilishly innocent yet so incredibly sexy at the same time.

Yeah......I could think of a lot worse ways to spend an afternoon than with my mother and two gorgeous sisters.

I pulled off my jeans and went into the en-suite bathroom. This room was one of the things that convinced me to buy this place. The en-suite was huge with a big glass shower stall lined from floor to ceiling with Italian marble. It was my oasis. I turned the water on and let it run good and hot before stepping in. I let the pelting spray cascade over me as I turned my face up into the steaming pellets, the hot water running off my tall body in slithery waves. I grabbed the bar of soap and got my hands good and frothy before running them over my recently satiated body.

The night with Callie/Tanya had been great. Watching her bouncing up and down on that rubber dick while she'd sucked me off had been an incredible turn-on. It had been well worth giving her those extra loads "on the house". Dropping five loads on her face while having her constantly work on my cock for a few hours had been heaven. She had looked so blissfully happy when I left that I had ceased to question whether what I was doing was morally correct. Fuck.......we both ended the night extremely happy.....and I was four hundred bucks richer!

Thinking about the session with Tanya had my own slippery hands making their way unconsciously towards that heavy piece of meat dangling between my legs. I re-lathered my hands until they were good and frothy and then wrapped one hand around my pendulous dick while my other hand slid over my abdomen sensually. Yeah, Tanya had been excellent...very enthusiastic and willing to do whatever I wanted. It would be nice if my mother or sisters were as willing......

As I started to think about all three of those sexy enchanting women in my family, my cock started to swiftly thicken and harden in my slowly stroking hand. My mind's eye kept picturing all of them, their voluptuous bodies and big tits mine to do with as I pleased.

Don't believe those guys who say they've never jerked off thinking about their mothers or sisters. If they have women in their family who are anywhere near as good-looking as the ones in mine, believe me, they're jacking off thinking about them; probably more than you could imagine. I make no bones about it; I've been jerking off thinking about my mother for as long as I can remember. I envied my dad; just knowing he was making love to such a beautiful sexy woman. And then when Emma and then Zoey started to fill out; well, let's just say fantasies involving them had me pumping out load after load. I relished the kinkiness of those bizarre fantasies I had of all of them; but I knew I would never make any overtures towards my sisters or mother. My secret infatuation with them was good enough for me.

And hey, those guys......those same guys who say they never jerked off thinking about their mothers or sisters; well, they'll probably try and tell you they never looked in their underwear drawer or sniffed their dirty panties either. I've done all that; so many times that if I had a dollar for every time I did, I'd probably have this house paid off by now. There have been many times where I've had their bras lying out before me and pumped out a hot creamy load thinking about the tremendous tits that those loving cups had encased. It was interesting to watch the cup sizes of my sisters increase as they got older until they had held steady over the last few years. My oldest sister, Emma, wore a 36D, while Zoey, had recently stopped growing and settled in at a delectable 34DD. But both of them were still outdone by my mother's impressive 34F. She had a beautiful collection of bras, most of them with lace-trimmed cups and some pretty serious underwiring to enhance that gorgeous rack of hers.

As I thought about the gorgeous tits on all three of them, my cock quickly reaching full hardness in my stroking hands. I even surprised myself; after cumming five times with Tanya, it only took a few moments of thinking about my mother and sisters before my dick had become brick-hard. With visions of all them swirling through my head, my soapy hand slid luxuriously up and down my rigid erection, pre-cum drizzling from the oozing red eye. I pictured my mother standing beside me; a wicked smile on her face as her own hand slid back and forth deliciously on my throbbing dick; while I slid my hand down into one of her low-cut tops and cupped those tremendous round tits of hers. I pictured her pointing my long thick rod downwards; down towards the waiting faces of both Emma and Zoey kneeling in front of us. My mother's hand slid smoothly back and forth over full length of my engorged cock until a long white rope streaked forth to land with a forceful splat on both of their beautiful faces. With this vivid image swirling through my brain, I felt the cum quickly speed up the shaft of my pulsing rod. My body shook as the scintillating contractions coursed through me. I looked down as wad after wad of pearly seed shot forth against the shower wall. I continued stroking my dick and pumped out gob after gob as I pictured Emma and Zoey wantonly accepting my creamy load as my mother's magical hand continued to direct shot after shot onto their upturned faces. When the last ropey strand hit the shower wall, I stopped my jacking hand and squeezed the final few drops to the tip before flicking them onto the tiles beneath me.

With my racing heart starting to slow, I watched the streaks of milky fluid slide down the marble wall before slithering away like silvery snakes on the watery shower floor. I took a few deep breaths and released my spent cock as I turned back into the spray and let the steaming pellets wash over me once more.

I sat down at my computer after I'd finished, a towel wrapped around my waist. I was anxious to see if there'd been any responses to my ad during the evening. I was happy to see that there were two. I opened the first:

"Dear Painter, I found your ad very intriguing. As a professional in the adult film industry for a number of years, I might be interested in meeting someone with your.....shall we say....talents. If you are as you say, it may prove beneficial for both of us to discuss possible future business interests we may pursue together. Of course, we would need to meet privately first for me to......interview you. If, like most men your age, you have seen some degree of porn, you will likely recognize me. I have attached a link to a clip from a recent film I've done. You can get back to me at..........."

She had left her e-mail and attached a link to the video clip she had mentioned. I immediately clicked on the link and saw a sexy blonde sucking on a big cock. Yes, I recognized her right away from numerous pornos I'd seen. At one time I had found her to be incredibly sexy; now, and I'd noticed this in her movies over the past years; her arms and a lot of her body was covered with tattoos and her once-gorgeous face with various piercings. Fuck.......what the hell are people thinking when they do shit like that?!?! I don't mind the odd delicately placed tattoo, but to cover large portions of your body with that shit? Yeah.....that'll look real good when you're seventy or eighty. Years ago, before she did that to herself, I would have jumped at the chance to fuck her; now, no fucking way.

It didn't take me long to stop the clip and I was even quicker when it came to hitting the "DELETE" button as I got rid of her message. I felt good that I didn't have to do this strictly for the money; that I could be choosy if I wanted. I thought about her reply and how many guys would have loved the chance she had offered me. But then I thought about the types of women that I wanted to be with; and one that looked like her definitely wasn't on the list. Women like Tanya, seeking an adventure or an outlet for their sexual frustration seemed perfect to me. I figured if I wanted to be choosy; well, it was my fucking life and tough shit to anybody who thought otherwise.

Hoping for something more enticing, I clicked on the second reply:

"Dear Sir, I found your ad to be very interesting. I keep re-reading it and find myself more excited each time. I have never responded to anything like this before but I feel like I will never forgive myself if I didn't. I am in Las Vegas for a business convention and I'm staying at the Flamingo. My meetings end on Friday afternoon around 4:00pm but my flight home does not leave until the next morning. Would you be available after 4:00pm on Friday? I hope you can make it and I look forward to hearing from you. As you say in your ad, I hope you are discreet. Catherine."

I re-read Catherine's message again and felt a big smile spreading over my face. Now this was more like it! This woman sounded very sweet and sincere and in need of an adventurous experience.

It was now the middle of the night between Wednesday and Thursday. I was going for that barbeque at my mom's later today but I had no plans for Friday. I hit the reply button and started typing:

"Catherine, thanks for responding. I'm glad my ad caught your eye and you enjoyed it. Rest assured; I am as I have described. I would be absolutely delighted to meet with you after your meetings on Friday. Would 5:00pm be okay? We could get an early start on the evening and maybe I could give you a nice face-full for dinner. I respect your need for confidentiality and if you choose to give me your room number, it will be safe with me alone."

I hit the "SEND" button and shut down. I took a deep breath and let my head roll back against my desk chair. Yeah, I could really get used to this........I felt my eyes starting to close and decided to hit the sack. I threw the towel into the hamper and climbed beneath my down duvet; my mind settling down and sleep overtaking me as I wondered what Catherine looked like............

I awoke with the sun drifting in around the blinds and curtains in my room, a brilliant glow letting me know it wasn't early. Through squinty eyes, I checked my alarm clock—11:38. Well, the morning was pretty much gone. I couldn't complain though, the late night with Tanya had definitely been worth it. I figured I'd better call my mom back before it got much later. I reached into the drawer in my night-table and popped the lid off the jar of Baby-Fresh Scent Vaseline I keep there. I grabbed my cell off the night table and punched in the call before reaching into the jar and scooping up a gob of the slippery gel. While I lay back on the pillows propped up behind me, I threw back the blankets while my hand slid around the thick root of my morning hard-on.

"Hello," my mom's sexy purr came through the phone.

"Hi, Mom; sorry to be so late getting back to you but I just woke up."

"Just woke up?" she said with a naughty chuckle. "Late night, sweetheart?"

"Something like that."

"I'll bet. Was she worth it?" I was shocked speechless by her question but she answered for me before I had a chance to reply. "Never mind, I don't want to know." She paused for a second before continuing, a definite suggestive tone in her voice. "So, a late night like that; is that why you found it hard getting up this morning?"

Fuck! Did I ever find it hard getting up this morning! I had my slick fingers wrapped around that thick hardness right now as my greasy hand slid smoothly up and down. I felt a throbbing pulse go through my stiff erection as her provocative words registered in my brain.

"Yeah, it was pretty hard getting up this morning," I said as I watched a drizzling drop of pre-cum drip onto my stomach. Just picturing my stacked mom wrapping those gorgeous tits of hers around my slick hard cock had me close to cumming already.

"Do you ever think about me, honey?" she asked; an alluring innocent tone to her voice now. Geez.....it was like she could read my mind! My hand continued pumping rhythmically along the full length of my throbbing boner as my mind raced to figure out how to respond. In my confusion I came up with the best that I could as I tried to keep her talking.

"What do you mean, Mom?"

"You know," she replied slowly, that sexy purr to her voice again, "now that you're living on your own.....do you ever think about your old mom; wondering what I'm doing......maybe wondering what I'm wearing?" Oh fuck! Another jolting throb went through my cock as I pictured her in some of the tight low-cut sweaters she seemed to prefer.

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