The Face-Painter Ch. 10


"I can do it, Mom," you said emphatically. "I've done it before." This was what I'd been hoping for; the next part of my plan was working out perfectly.

"Oh, would you?" I said innocently. "That's great, sweetheart." I stood on my tip-toes and gave you a quick peck on the cheek, letting you get a whiff of my delicate perfume as I pressed my breasts softly into your chest. When I stepped back, you looked flushed. Not wanting to potentially embarrass you any more, I grabbed my purse and briefcase. "Alright dear, I should be back in a little over an hour. I'll get dinner underway then."

"Not even waiting for an answer, I left and pulled the car around the corner and parked it. I hurried back to the house and made my way along the path to the backyard, just as I'd done yesterday. I crept up to your window and peeked inside. I was just in time to see you pull off your t-shirt and shorts. I noticed the laundry basket on the floor beside your bed, just as I'd hoped. You hurriedly pulled a big jar of Vaseline from your bedside table drawer and placed it on the bed, along with the same spread-out cum-towel you'd used the day before.

"I was happy to see that although you'd just cum a few minutes before when I'd been outside, your big heavy dick already looked swollen and in need of attention. I watched as you picked up the two pieces of the bikini and tossed them into the middle of your bed. You followed and kneeled near the foot of the bed, in the same spot I'd watch you jerk off in yesterday. You scooped up a generous amount of the Vaseline and I watched, my own excitement rising, as you started to spread the sticky lube along the length of your stiffening cock."

"Mmmmmmm...." I heard you let out a soft moan and I could see your tumescent member extending and getting thicker as your milking hand pumped slowly back and forth. I found myself licking my lips, wondering how that monstrously-huge cock would feel in my mouth, stretching my lips wide open. Once again, I hiked up my skirt and slipped my fingers down into my panties, my pussy-lips already soaked with my flowing juices.

"You reached in front of yourself, picked up my bikini top and brought it to your face. Your eyes closed as I watched you breathe deeply, the warm scent of my body flooding your senses. After inhaling deeply from each of the large bra cups, you set the top down and picked up the bottom. I watched with heightening excitement as you turned it over and lifted the inside panel towards your face. I saw your nostrils twitch and you paused, your eyes sparkling with elation as you saw how wet that soaked panel was. You brought it closer and your nostrils flared as you breathed deeply, the musky scent of my juicy cunt wafting into your brain.

"Oh fuck, Mom," you said as I watched you press it right against your face. Your hand started to pump more vigorously on your engorged prick as you breathed deep, the intoxicating scent of my sweet nectar swirling through your senses. You pulled it away from your face and looked at the wet gusset intently, your eyes feasting on the suggestively soaked fabric. Your tongue slid out from between your lips and I watched you tentatively lick upwards along the full length of the sodden material.

"Mmmmmm." You purred like a little kitten as you licked....and then you went back for more. I saw you press the flat of your tongue against the sopping gusset and lap at it, your eager tongue trying to gather in as much of the silky fluid as you could.

"As I watched, I kept my fingers busy between my legs. My dripping pussy was so itchy with need, I couldn't stand it. I had two fingers deep inside me and my thumb strumming my engorged clit as I watched, totally unable to take my eyes off you and that huge thick cock of yours. A shivering thrill of excitement went through me as I watched you push the gusset of my bikini bottom right into your mouth. I gasped with delight as I say your mouth and lips working as you chewed and sucked on the soaked fabric, your tongue pulling out every succulent morsel of my cunt-juice that you could get.

"Mmmhhphmmm...." A contented sound came from your stuffed mouth as you let go of the bottom, the piece of bright yellow material securely clamped between your sucking lips. You picked up the bikini top from your bed and I watched wide-eyed as you held it in front of your throbbing rock-hard erection. My hungry eyes feasted on your iron-like rod, the enflamed head purple and angry-looking. I could see the bold tracery of veins protruding from the glistening shaft as your greasy hand slid rapidly back and forth. You started to moan and I knew you were close. I shoved my own fingers deep inside me as I watched you point the engorged crimson crown into one of the bra cups.

"OHHHNNNNNNNNN," you groaned into the bikini bottom stuffed in your mouth as you started to cum. I saw a long white rope shoot forth and plaster itself deep into the curved cup, the place where my breasts had been only a few moments ago. The idea of that cum being shot onto me instead triggered my own orgasm and I had to lean against the wall as I started to cum. I was shaking like a leaf and trying to keep quiet beneath your open window as I convulsed and twitched through my climax. I kept my eyes on you the whole time though, watching as you skillfully moved your shooting prick back and forth between the two bra cups, filling each with shot after shot of your milky cum. Once again, I was amazed at how much you could shoot. I watched you continue to stroke that beautiful big cock of yours, gob after creamy gob of pearly semen landing inside those deep curving bra cups, some heavy whitish strands dangling erotically from the bottom edge of the cups.

"The illicit thrill of watching my son masturbate over me shot through my sordid brain, and I felt that exquisite feeling as a second orgasm followed on the heels of the first. My fingers were totally covered with my gushing juices and I could even feel it running down the insides of my thighs as I trembled and shook through another delightful climax. As the blissful tremors slowly receded, I took one final look inside. I watched as you released your spent prick, the heavy member bobbing up and down slightly with each beat of your racing heart. You pulled the bikini bottom from your mouth and I watched you take one final long lick along the gusset before dropping it on the bed and reaching for your clean-up towel.

"I pulled my sticky hand from within my panties and quickly stole away, hurriedly making my way back to my car. I drove to the mall and did some shopping as I waited for the appropriate amount of time to pass before coming home. When I arrived, you were sitting watching some TV. I saw that the washing machine was running, and I was sure that my cum-soaked bikini was in there; the machine doing its part to remove any lurid evidence of your incestuous jack-off session. With a delighted smile on my face, I started to make dinner, wondering what I could do next to entice you even more."

As she finished her riveting illicit tale, I pulled my mouth away from her beautiful tits and looked up at her, my mind vividly remembering that day just as she'd told it. She seemed to be alluding to the fact that she was plotting something more, as if she wanted for more to happen between us......but it hadn't, and I wondered why. And then I remembered....

"It was right around then when Dad got sick, wasn't it?" I asked.

I watched as her pretty eyes start to brim with tears, but I saw her fight them back. She'd been through this too many times and she knew how to control herself. "Yes, it was that week actually. You know how our life changed after that."

Did I ever; the cancer seemed to hit my dad pretty hard and he started to deteriorate right before our eyes. Like I said earlier, my mom had quit her job at the real estate firm to look after him. I knew watching him go had torn a part of her own soul away as well. There was a terrible void in her life once he left; I knew she had loved him with all her heart.

"Mom, I can't begin to tell you how proud I am of you. For everything you did for Dad, and for us. You kept it together all the time while everybody else was falling apart. Dad wasn't the only one who needed you then, we all did. And you always had time for all of us. I'll never forget that."

"That means so much to me, Connor. I only did what I could. I hope it was enough."

"It was more than enough." I thought back on all she had to go through, all the heartbreak she must have suffered. That would clearly explain why she had never acted any further on those incestuous desires of hers; the ones I'd awakened inside her when she saw me masturbating about her. "So Mom, with what happened to Dad, that was know.....nothing more like that happened?"

"You know how much your dad meant to me. I lived every minute of every hour of every day for him at that time. I couldn't think of anything else except helping him and doing whatever I could for him."

As I listened to her, I realized it was because she was this kind of woman that I loved her more than anyone else in the entire world. She had been a saint to my father; there was no other word for it.

"I put all my own feelings aside, he became everything to me in the little time he had left. And then afterwards, it took me a long time to get over everything that had happened."

I knew how tough losing him had been on her. I was glad that she had her own sister close, as well as me and the girls to help her through it. We had talked many times since he'd passed away, and now, we were all moving forwards and trying to be happy, knowing that's what my dad would have wanted. I looked into her warm blue eyes and knew she had put those times behind her; that she was ready to move forward. When I thought about the fact that she'd asked me out on this date, and knowing now the way things had gone tonight, I guess moving forward included me to some extent, not that I had any complaints, that's for sure. She obviously wanted a change in her life, and I was okay with that too. If my sexy stacked mother wanted a lover, I was more than ready to fill that position......and any needy hole she that she might want filled as well.

"So, I'm curious," I asked as I licked at one spongy nipple, "after watching me those two times, you kept those feelings to yourself all this time? And why now? Why this 'date' right now?"

My question brought a smile to her face and she purred as I latched onto her stiff nipple once more and gave it a gentle tug. "Mmmmmm, God that feels good." She paused as she reached down and tenderly ran her fingers through my hair as I pursed my lips around the tip of one large breast. "Well, to start with, I never really kept it to myself the whole time."

I looked up at her in surprise. She had a coy look on her face as she looked down at me with a playful smile turning up at the sides of those pretty lips of hers. She could see the questioning look in my eyes.

"I might have shared some of those feelings with your Aunt Julia along the way."

"What?" I asked in surprise, my sucking mouth leaving her soft warm tit-flesh.

"Yeah, one night awhile back, she was over and we had a little too much wine. The topic got around to sex, and the next thing you know, I'd told her everything. When we were girls, we shared everything like that. I have to tell you, I found it actually made me feel better to get it off my chest and tell her."

"Wh....what did she say?" I was totally thrown for a loop at the things I was just finding out. My mother had just revealed how she'd provocatively started on a plan to seduce me when I was much younger, and now, she shocked me even more by telling me that my Aunt Julia knew all about that too!

My mother had that nasty little smile on her face as I felt her hand slide down over my midsection, her fingers wrapping around my half-hard prick. "Well, she seemed pretty interested when I told her what this looked like." Her magical hand started working back and forth, her warm fingers drawing the loose outer sheath up and down as my beefy member started to quickly stiffen.

"So Aunt Julia knew all about the idea of this date before I did?"

"We kind of planned it together. As we talked, she convinced me that I needed to start living my life again. She told me that at the age you were now; with both of us being capable of making our own adult decisions, it was the time. She basically told me I should 'go for it'. I have to admit, when I thought back on watching you in your room those two times, it didn't take much convincing to get me to agree. She even helped me pick out the dress I was wearing tonight. Of course, I have to give her a full report tomorrow."

"A report?"

"You don't mind, do you sweetie?" she said as she leaned over towards me and I watched her slip her lips over the burgeoning head of my swelling prick. Between her stroking hand and that hot wet mouth of hers, it took only a few seconds of her ardent sucking for my cock to become brick-hard between her soft red lips.

"I....I guess not," I replied, totally flummoxed at this whole series of events. But I still managed to locate my sense of humor. "Just so long as I get an A on that report."

"I don't think getting an A should be too hard," she said as she licked at the head of my dripping cock. "But one thing she will ask is just how big this thing is. You said earlier it was a little over 10 inches?" She paused and looked me, eagerly anticipating my answer.

"Yep, afraid so," I replied.

"Oh fuck," she said as she looked back down at my stiff prick and licked all around the broad flared crown once more before looking back at me, excitement in her eyes. "Do you know how big around it is?"


"My God, no wonder I thought you were gonna tear me in two." She turned back and looked at my majestic cock with admiration. "It's beautiful.....and I definitely think that's worth an A+ on my report."

I smiled at that and watched as she continued to lovingly suck the head of my surging dong. The one thing I did know was that after listening to her scintillatingly illicit story about her and her yellow bikini, and after sucking on those fantastic tits of hers while she'd been telling me, I was primed to get off again. It had to happen soon or I was going to go crazy.

"Mmmmmmm," she said as she slipped her pouty lips off my thick cock and sat back against the headboard, "it looks like I'm not the only one who's ready again." The wanton look of desire in her lust-filled eyes sent a fiery shiver right to my surging libido. Fuck, I was more than ready!

"You're damn right I'm ready," I said emphatically as I scrambled to my knees, my pulsing rod thrusting out before me. "This time, I'm gonna fuck those beautiful tits and then cum all over that pretty face of yours," I saw a shiver of desire go through her as she listened to what I wanted to do to her. At this point, I could see that she was mine to do with as I pleased, and I knew she loved it as much as I did. Our incestuous desires were overwhelming us, both of us insatiable, unable to get enough of each other as our soaring libidos raged within us.

She released my throbbing pecker and brought her hands to the sides of her massive chest and lifted them towards me. "Reach into the drawer down there and you'll find just what we need," she said as she nodded towards her bedside table. I reached over and opened the bottom cupboard and spotted a bottle of baby oil inside. I pulled it out and shuffled over on my knees towards her as she settled herself a little further down on the big stack of pillows behind her. "There, that should be good."

Not needing instructions, I straddled her gorgeous body and looked down at her, my menacing hard cock looming over her tits; a thrusting engorged lance about to find a slippery home between those voluptuous soft breasts of hers. I popped open the lid of the baby oil and drizzled out a generous amount all over the surface of her heavy round guns. I swirled the bottle from one side of her impressive chest to the other, the shiny lines of oil making an enticing piece of erotic artwork.

"Pour some on my hands before you put it down," my mother said as I was about set the bottle aside. She held them palm up and I filled her cupping hands before setting it down. She brought her hands quickly to my bobbing prick and I luxuriated in the feel of her warm slippery hands gripping my rigid pecker.

"Jesus, I can't believe how big it is," she said softly as her oil-slicked hands moved smoothly back and forth. I took my cue from her and used my own hands to start spreading the slippery lubricant all over those extraordinary breasts of hers. "Mmmmmm, that feels so nice. You sucked on them for so long, they're just buzzing. They're pretty sensitive.....and your hands feel so good. I think if you work on my nipples just a bit more I'll be able to cum."

Oh fuck, did that ever sound hot! Here I was rubbing baby oil all over my mother's astonishingly gorgeous tits, and she was about to cum. This day was just getting better and better. I circled my slippery hands all over the full breadth of her chest, spreading the oil everywhere, especially into the dark line of her deep cleavage. Just as she asked, I brought my fingers down and started to work on her nipples. The stiff red buds felt like hard slippery erasers under my fingertips.

"Mmmmmm, that's it," she mewed softly as I rolled the protruding rubbery buttons between my thumbs and forefingers. I looked down and saw her eyes close as the pleasurable sensations flowed from her nipples through the rest of her lush sexy body. I felt her start to squirm beneath me as I kept my fingertips busy at the front of her chest, rubbing and gently squeezing those sensitive pebbly nubs. She kept her slick hands moving smoothly back and forth along the full 10" of my engorged love muscle as her pleasure escalated. As much as I wanted to slide my surging prick between those two voluminous mounds right now.....I wanted to give her the pleasure she needed first.

"Mom, your tits are incredible. I've never seen anything so perfect in my life," I said softly as my fingertips tugged and gently squeezed her slippery nipples.

"Oh Honey........I........I........AAAAAAAAAAAHHHHHHHHHHHH...." A long gasp issued from between her parted red lips as she started to cum. I gave her engorged nipples another good squeeze as I trapped them between my slick thumb and forefinger once more. Her legs were scissoring back and forth as she thrashed about on the bed, a delicious orgasm flowing through her insatiable mature body. Her face was a mask of lust as she came, her soft red lips open as she gasped for air, her eyes closed in bliss, her whole face flushed with excitement.

"Oh God, that was so good," she moaned softly as she started to come down from her orgasmic high. She looked at me through half-closed eyes, the desire for more gleaming from those sexy blue orbs.

"Are you ready for this now?" I asked as I inched forwards, my thrusting erection mere inches from her sumptuous slippery rack.

"Oh God yes, it's so beautiful." She pulled my rigid prick towards her chest as she looked down at the enflamed tip, pre-cum dripping onto her already glistening tits.

"You want it right in there?" I asked teasingly, shifting my hands to the sides of her heavy breasts as she pushed down on the top of my pecker and pushed it deep into her cleavage. I pushed inwards and watched as the soft mounds of flesh closed over my buried prick, the underside of her sizable mounds pressed against my groin, about 4" of stiff hard cock protruding from the top of her cleavage.

"Yeah, right there," she purred as I rolled my hips slightly, testing the slippery channel. Fuck, did it ever feel great. It felt so soft and warm, the baby oil making it even more incredibly slippery and inviting. Oh man, I was in heaven. With my hands holding her spectacular boobs pressed warmly around my engorged member, I started to slowly slide it back and forth. I'd draw back until just the tip of my rigid dick was trapped between those massive pillows, and then slide it insistently forward until the broad mushroom crown and a few inches of shiny hard cock-meat emerged from the deep crevice of her long dark cleavage, the enflamed dripping tip almost reaching her neck.

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