The Face-Painter Ch. 10


"I want to do this right," she said with a winsome smile as she slipped the elasticized hairband down over her head and pushed it back, pulling her hair away from her face. "I want to enjoy this and I don't want anything to get in the way." Oh fuck, was she ever good. The hairband brought all of her pretty face into view, and I remembered how different it had looked a short time before with my milky cum all over it. "Now, you just sit back, sweetie, and let Mama do all the work."

She crawled onto the bed with that hungry look in her eyes. l brought my knees up and let my long muscular legs roll open to each side. With a smile on her face, she moved forward on her knees before finally sitting back, her high heels beneath her as she settled in between my spread thighs, ready to get to work. She ran her hands up my strong thighs and over my abdomen, her lithe fingers rubbing softly as she moved closer and closer to slowly-stirring prick. I brought my arms up and crossed them behind my head, totally content to watch her.

Here I was, lying back in my mother's bed while she got ready to give me a long leisurely blowjob, something I had dreamt about forever. I looked at her big round tits, beautifully encased in the tight white singlet, the prominent buds of her stiff nipples thrusting invitingly against the stretchy fabric. My eyes moved slowly upward to her pretty mature face, her warm blue eyes focused on my beefy member, her soft red lips wet and glistening.

"It's so beautiful," she cooed softly as her teasing hands finally reached their destination, one wrapping around my slumbering rod while the other rubbed gently around the thick root. I watched mesmerized as she lifted my swelling manhood to her mouth and slipped those ripe red lips over the flared head.

"Mmmmm," she purred warmly as I felt her coat the pebbly surface in a sensuous bath of her warm saliva. I settled in to watch as she used her magical mouth and lips to pleasure me. Her technique was amazing, better than any woman I'd ever had. She took her time and slowly licked and sucked every square inch. One minute the tip of her slithery tongue was feathering deftly into the joint between the inside of my thigh and my midsection, and then the next minute, she'd be taking long leisurely licks up the full length of my stiffening pecker. It didn't take her very long at all to get my overused prick back up and ready for action, but I could see that she was in hurry to finish this one; she wanted to enjoy this as much as I did.

"Oh fuck," I moaned softly as I watched her take my fully rigid cock out of her mouth and rub it all over her gorgeous face, my oozing pre-cum leaving a scintillatingly erotic snail-trail all over her smooth skin. She'd then slip her lips fully back over my upright dong, her head bobbing smoothly up and down, her flowing saliva trickling from the corners of her mouth and glistening as it flowed down to the broad base in shiny rivulets.

"Got another nice big load in here for me?" she asked coyly as she lowered her mouth and gently sucked my swollen testes, her lips slipping over my silky bag as she enveloped one nut at a time into her hot buttery mouth.

"Oh fuck, yes," I replied as I fought back the urge to cum right there while she tenderly worked over my nuts, her magical fingers stroking my brick-hard erection in a warm loving corridor.

"I'd like that," she said as she lifted her mouth and poised her pouty lips over the engorged crown once more. "I want to swallow this one......every last drop." She punctuated her words by slipping her lips back over the broad flared head and slowly moving downwards, her alluring eyes locked on mine as she did. I watched, totally enthralled, as she tilted her head slightly like she'd done in the car. With her brilliant blue eyes locked on mine, she continued downwards until her full red lips pressed flush up against my groin, over 10" of rock-hard cock buried to the absolute hilt inside her beautiful mouth.

"Oh fuck me......." It was amazing to just lie there and watch as she pleasured me, her fantastic mouth working its magic. She could suck cock better than any porn star I had ever seen. She would deep-throat me like that for a couple of minutes, and then slip her mouth fully off again, only to use her tongue and lips somewhere else. She was a supreme expert at cocksucking, taking me to the brink of orgasm multiple times before stopping just in time. Her timing was impeccable, not getting me too close to make me angry, but just close enough to let me know that when she did decide to take me over the edge, this climax was going to be amazing.

For an hour she sucked me, her soft red lips and loving tongue bringing me more pleasure than I thought imaginable. She never tired, never let up, her mouth and lips sucking ravenously, her soft warm tongue bringing me to point of ecstasy time and time again.

"Are you ready, sweetie?" my mother asked me as she slipped her lips off the enflamed helmet, a glistening web of pre-cum stretching between her lower lip and wet red eye of my throbbing dick.

"I've been ready for over forty-five minutes," I whispered softly as I looked at her through half-closed eyes, my whole body thrumming with need from the continuous pleasurable sensations she'd been treating me to for over an hour.

"That's good, sweetie......I'm getting a little hungry," she said temptingly as she slipped her lips back over my thrusting erection and started bobbing her head up and down. Her cheeks were drawn in tightly, the smooth tissues on the inside of her mouth providing me with an exquisite buttery channel for my rampant prick. Her fingers slid down my glistening shaft to the base and she started to scratch teasingly around the root, her blood-red fingernails sending a stimulating new sensation right to my torched libido.

"Oh fuck, that feels incredible," I moaned as I threw my head back into the pillows and closed my eyes, delicious waves of ecstasy starting to shoot through every tingling nerve ending. I was getting close again and I could tell that this time, she wasn't going to stop until she got her reward. I clutched the sheets and pulled at them in a death grip as she brought me closer and closer. Her hot sucking mouth felt incredible as her sucking lips and hot buttery cheeks slid relentlessly up and down my throbbing erection. At the same time, her lithe fingertips continued to toy with me, and it was the torturously sinful scratching around the base of my surging member that was the trigger that sent me right over the edge. The delicious contractions started in my midsection as my balls drew up close to my body, the boiling semen starting to race up the shaft of my tumescent prick.

"OH FUCK.........HERE IT COMES," I warned as my throbbing cock felt like it was about to burst wide open within her sucking mouth. I felt the first thick rope launch forcefully from the enflamed tip so hard, I'm surprised it didn't knock her sucking mouth right off. A second massive wad burst forth, and then a third as I really started to flood her vacuuming mouth. I could feel my hips thrusting up as she continued to bob up and down on the spitting head, her buttery mouth quickly filling with my creamy seed as I totally unloaded.

"Glmmppphhh," I heard her make a gulping sound and looked down to see her swallow, just as trickles of my milky cum started to seep from the corners of her stretched lips and run down her chin.

"OH GOD," I moaned loudly as I continued to shake and convulse through a mind-blowing orgasm. I felt her bring one hand to my swollen nuts and squeeze them gently, trying to coax as much of my precious cum up into her welcoming mouth as she could. My twitching cock continued to shoot, wad after wad filling her overflowing mouth. She swallowed again, and then a third time, her other hand still doing that exquisite scratching thing around the taut skin at the base of my pecker. I felt like I was about to pass out and I was sweating and breathing like runner at the finish line as my mother continued to suck, her soft lips drawing out the last drops of my pearly semen.

"Mmmmm.......," she purred softly as she swallowed again, my warm cream sliding down her silky throat to find a nice warm home in the pit of her stomach. I lay back gasping as she continued to nurse, the final drops of glistening semen oozing onto her waiting tongue.

"Mom, that was fantastic," I gasped in a raspy whisper, my chest heaving as my racing heartbeat gratefully started to slow down.

"Feel better now, sweetie?" she asked, licking her tongue down over her chin to gather in my precious spunk that had leaked from her overflowing mouth.

"Feel better? My God, you totally drained me."

"Did the doctor find anything wrong with my throat during the examination?" I watched as she reached up, pulled off the hairband and shook her head from side to side; her lustrous blonde locks falling sensually about her shoulders.

"Oh fuck no; it was in absolutely perfect condition. They should put your throat on display in The Smithsonian. I know a lot guys who'd pay to see that exhibit." I couldn't help but laugh, and she joined me.

"Mom, I have to admit, I'm exhausted," I said as I reached down and pulled the covers over us as she snuggled in next to me.

"Oh, my poor baby can't keep up with his feeble old mother?" she pouted as she ribbed me playfully.

"Oh, so that's the way it's gonna be. Well, it looks like it's time for a little payback. Take this, you old bat!" With a big grin on my face, I rolled over and pulled her into the middle of the bed as I quickly slid down towards the bottom. She laughed as I nudged her legs apart and brought my upper body between her widely spread thighs. She dug her stiletto-heeled slingbacks into the mattress and brought her knees up as I lowered my mouth and slipped my tongue into her glistening pink slit.

"Mmmmmm," she mewed as I feathered my tongue deep inside her. I ate her for well over half an hour, but unlike her, I let her cum.....and cum......and cum. I counted six times that she ended up squealing and thrashing about like a wildcat beneath me, my lips, tongue and mouth never leaving her weeping little box.

"Oh Connor, no more," she finally begged as she reached down and pulled me up from her tingling pussy. I crawled up next to her and she lovingly licked my face clean before settling her head on my shoulder as she fought to regain her breath.

"So, who can't keep up with whom?" I asked.

"Hmmmm, well see......" She kind of left that one hanging out there as she snuggled up next to me and closed her eyes. I could see she was totally exhausted too as she nestled against me, her hand coming up to rest on my broad chest. I reached down, pulled her sexy shoes off for her and dropped them on the floor before pulling the covers over us. As I settled in against the pillows with her head in the crux of my arm, I could already hear her gently breathing as sleep overtook her. I reached over and turned off the lamp on the bedside table, plunging the room into darkness. I took one last look at the clock: 2:19am. What an incredible night of incestuous delight this had been. As I quickly dropped off to sleep, I wondered what tomorrow would bring...

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