tagBDSMThe Facility Ch. 01

The Facility Ch. 01


For as long as I could remember, I had always wanted to visit a strong woman who would put me over her knee and give me a long, hard, thorough spanking. I tried to repress these feelings, but this made me miserable. I looked for clues in very person I met, hoping, they would have this shared desire of mine, but I felt totally alone and isolated, like a freak. I caught a lucky break when a new business opened in my town, The Facility. The Facility was an adult discipline center, not a prison, but a place where adults could go to be given a spanking and explore the other side of sex. As the owners expected, there was controversy around them wanting to open their business in our town. People weren't upset about the idea of having and adult spanking center in the town, it was the idea kids walking by might see naked people or adults they know with red bottoms. The owners reassured the worried town officials, it would be impossible for someone on the street to see the adults on the inside, as the spankings and discipline would take place further inside the building. So, The Facility was opened.

The grand opening was a huge success, with all appointments booked at The Facility booked for months. I was tormented, I wanted to go to The Facility, but I didn't want to wait months for my appointment. I was worried I would cancel at the last moment, chicken out, if you will. After weeks of mental debate, I decided to call.

"The Facility, this is Cassandra, how may I help you."

My mouth went dry, throat closed up.

"ummmm.......hi, I would like to...." My voice failing me.

"Oh sweetie, calm down. Take a breath."

I took a deep breath.

"Good, now, given how nervous you are, you are probably calling to schedule your first appointment."

"Yes, but I don't want to wait months. I am worried; I will chicken out at the last moment."

"Yes, cancellations were an issue for us at first. Then we implemented a no refund policy on cancellations. This seems to have cleared up most of the cancellations. Of course, they still happen."

I could hear Cassandra typing on the computer, no doubt looking at the schedule. It dawned on me; I was making an appointment for my bottom to be blistered.

"Your name?" Cassandra asked.


"And would this be your first ever spanking, Tim?"

"Yes, my bottom has never been spanked..ever. Not even growing up by my parents."

"We have had many first time spankees, visit us Tim. We offer both male and female spankers. Which would you prefer?"

"Female, please."

I heard more typing. It felt like when you are at the airport and the lady behind the counter asks you how many bags you have and she types for the next half hour. Finally, Cassandra spoke.

"Well Tim, you are in luck. We have been so busy here at The Facility, we had to hire more spankers. A female spanker, one of our new hires, has unscheduled time tomorrow morning. 9 AM, but you need to be here at 8:30 for paperwork. Does this work?"

I couldn't believe my luck, instead of waiting months, I could have an appointment in a few hours!

"Paperwork? How much paperwork can there be to spank me?"

I felt my face turn red. I couldn't believe I just said what I did.

"Tim" Her voice was stern, commanding. "We need to ensure you are over 18 as we have had teenagers attempt to sneak in in the past. You need to fill out what exactly you want done to you and you need to fill out all the consent forms. Shall I schedule your appointment?"

"Yes, please."

"Very good. Your appointment will be with Kate at 9. Be here at 8:30 to fill out the paperwork."

She hung up before I could say anything else. The rest of the day, I was nervous. I could hardly eat. I kept running my hands over my pale bottom wondering what I just signed up for. Well, if I didn't like it, I am sure I could manage to survive one spanking. Heck, people have been spanked for thousands of years and turned out just fine. I was so busy rationalizing my decision, I didn't notice my phone ring, or text alerts. I was lost in my own world. That night I hardly slept.

The next morning, I couldn't eat breakfast, but managed to force some coffee down. I felt the hot liquid flow through my body and it seemed to give me the kick I desperately needed. After pacing around my apartment, I decided to leave to go to The Facility. I arrived at 8:20. I stood outside the door for what seemed like forever, but I took a deep breath and opened the door and walked in.......

What a disappointment! It looked like a doctor's office waiting room. There was a receptionist sitting behind a desk, chairs, coffee table with magazines and some terrible elevator music filled the waiting area. I walked up to the receptionist.

"Hi, I have an appointment at 9 with Kate, my name is Tim."

The tiny brunette looked up and smiled.

"Hi Tim" I noticed her name tag said Cassandra. The lady I spoke with the day before. "Please fill out these papers. Also I will need your driver's license." She handed me a clipboard filled with papers and a pen. I handed her my driver's license and she ran it along some scanner as if it were a credit card. A moment later, the machine flashed a green light.

"Very good. Your ID is legit. Now, please fill out the papers. If you have any questions, please let me know."

I tried to manage some response, but all I could do was nod my head. I was feeling better until I saw the stack of papers. I sat down nervously in the waiting room. It was then I noticed I wasn't the only one in the waiting room. There was a woman, probably about 35, with black hair and with a few hairs turning grey, her hair pulled back in a pony tail. She had blue eyes, which seemed to make her eyes stand out against her black hair. She wore a pencil skirt and button down shirt; it seemed to accentuate the curves of her body. She looked very worried, as she kept shifting her weight and subtly rubbing her bottom. The other person in the waiting room as what looked like a college student; he wore a hoodie which said State College on it and jeans. He had blonde shaggy hair. He had an aloofness about him. I shook my head, in an attempt to focus.

The first page of the paper work was the typical, name, address, birthday, height, weight. This isn't so bad, I thought. The next page is when things got more interesting. There were questions about spanking, if I was spanked as a kid, how long I had wanted to be spanked, implements I wanted used on me. The implement question listed various implements, brush, strap, belt, cane, flogger, and paddle. Even though I had never been spanked, I was familiar with each implement from watching spanking videos on line. I wanted to feel each one, so I checked each box. I flipped the page, more questions. This time it was regarding WHY I wanted to be spanked. They wanted to know if I had done something wrong to earn this punishment. My mind was blank. Suddenly, the door to the next part of The Facility opened. A young woman, with long brown hair appeared in the doorway.


The aloof looking college kid got up and swaggered to the door. The young woman and a small smile on her face, like she knew this young man was going to be a challenge and was looking forward to seeing him squirm.

"Right this way, Joey..."

She continued to talk to him, but the door shut before I could hear the rest. The lady in the business clothes and I exchanged glances. Knowing she would be called next since I was still working on the paperwork. After a moment, I went back to the paper work. I didn't do anything wrong to get spanked, it was purely sexual for me. Finally, at the bottom of the page there was the question regarding sexual release. YES! The thought of being spanked was a huge turn on for me. I had masturbated countless times to the thought of being put over a woman's knee and spanked. I stopped writing for a second, I couldn't believe what I just wrote, and it was as if something else possessed me. At the very bottom of the last page in bold and italic letters said the following statement: THE FACILITY BELIEVES IN SAFE, SANE AND CONSENSUAL EXPLORATION. IF FOR ANY REASON YOUR SESSION BECOMES TOO MUCH FOR YOU, THE AUTOMATIC SAFE WORD TO END ANY SESSION IS RED. Finally, done with the paper work, I returned it to Cassandra at the reception desk. She gave me a small smile and starting to input my answers into the computer. I nervously sat down, and the thought popped into my head. This would be the last time I was sitting comfortably for some time.

After what seemed like an eternity, the clock showed 9AM. The door opened. The same lady as before appeared again. She must be the one who takes you to the spanking room perhaps.

"Tim and Katarina."

We both glanced at each other with a sense of dread. Were we going to be spanked together? I was confused, nervous, excited all at the same time. We followed lady with long brown hair; she didn't wear a name tag so I didn't know her name. She escorted us to a door that said Changing Room.

"Please go inside, remove all your clothes. Place your clothes in the locker and then go through the door marked Spanking Waiting Area. Do you have any questions?

"Umm...th..th..there is only one changing room? For guys and girls?" I said.

The lady with the long brown hair laughed.

"Yes, we have found forced nudity in front of the other sex can be a great punishment."

Katarina opened the door and we walked in. The changing room was nothing more than a small locker room, like you would expect at the gym. There were 6 lockers on each side of the room for a total of 12 lockers and a bench to sit on, if you still could, to help you change. I nervously unbuttoned my pants and unbutton my shirt. Soon I was standing in only my blue boxers. I noticed Katarina was down to her bra and panties. They were matching in color, black. They hugged her body wonderfully. I heard another door open and it woke me from my trance of Katarina's older, but still very attractive body. I slipped my boxers down and I stood in the Changing Room naked as the day I was born. I closed the door to the locker holding my clothes when I saw her. It was one of my friends, Vanessa. She was my age, with medium size breasts, hour glass figure, hazel eyes and brown hair that went down to her shoulder blades. She had tears still running down her face, making her makeup run. When she saw me, we both jumped.



"Vanessa, what are you doing here?"

"I just got caned." She turned and bent slightly, showing me her full, but not large bottom. It had 6 cane marks across her bottom. The marks were deep red with a slight shade of purple on some. It would be hard for her to sit for some time.

I was speechless, I had often wondered what she looked like naked and with a spanked bottom and here she was!

"Are you going in or coming out" She asked.

"Going in, my first time...." my voice trailing off.

Wiping the remaining tears from her face, "I'm sure you have earned it." She said with a sly smile.

"I better get going. I don't want to be late." I said

"Good luck!"

Katarina had left the Changing Room and I walked over to the door that said Spanking Waiting Room. With a deep breath, I opened the door and walked in.

I saw Katarina, she was tied to a chair at her wrists and ankles. Everything was on display. Then I noticed each chair had those ties, so it was impossible to cover anything up. I felt a sense of dread wash over me. Before I could move, a blonde lady with brown eyes grabbed me by my arm. She took me to a seat directly across from Katarina and bound me to the chair.

"You will wait here until Kate is ready for you." The blonde lady said curtly.

I looked around the room and saw another door....Spanking Rooms. I gulped. I knew what lay on the other side of the door. Suddenly it opened. A maternal looking lady walked through pulling a naked Joey by his arm. As the maternal looking lady brought him into the room, Joey's freshly spanked bottom was on full display. I have never seen a bottom so red; there were clear belt marks and cane lines.

The lady brought Joey to the center of the room where there was a small scaffold. She told him to stand there with his hands on his head to finish his punishment. She hung a sign around his neck which read, "Spanked for being lazy at college."

Katarina and I both pulled on our bonds at the sight of Joey's bottom, knowing we would be next. As the maternal looking lady was leaving, an older father figure looking man walked through the door. He scanned the room.

"I see my naughty daughter, Katarina, is back for more spanking."

"Yes Sir, I'm sorry Sir. I tried to be good." she said, her eyes downcast

"I'm sure you did, but you know the only way you learn is through a proper spanking."

With that, he had untied her bonds and led her by the wrist through the door for her to receive her spanking.

Shortly after Katarina left to receive her spanking, the door opened again.

"Hello Tim, I'm Kate." She said. She had short brown hair which hugged her face. She was dressed in a black skirt and black tank top. She quickly undid my bonds and grabbed my head. She looked me in the eye and said, "I am going to take you to my room and spank you cause you have been a naughty boy."

She led me through the Spanking Rooms door and soon the sound of naked flesh being spanked filled the air. I could hear Katarina, begging, pleading, promising to be a good girl, as her 'father' scolded and spanked her.

Kate sighed. "Katarina is one of our best customers. She needs a weekly spanking otherwise her attitude is terrible. We have found that she needs a strong male figure to tan her backside once a week. Here we are."

Kate opened the door and inside was her room of discipline. There was a small table, small bed, and chair and on the walls was just about every spanking implement one could think of. I was immediately filled with dread.

"Tim, relax, not all of those will be used on you.....yet. We have found that each room needs to be fully equipped so we don't break up the scene and more than one person can use the same implement at the same time. Now stand in the middle of the room, with your hands on your head, legs shoulder width apart. I want a good look at you."

I did as I was told. I never felt more exposed in my life. She paced around me, her eyes going up and down.

"You will address me as Miss Kate. Clear?"

"Yes Miss Kate."

"Very good" She said smiling. She sat down in the chair and looked over my file. I stood there, naked, hands on head, as she read through my answers from the paperwork like I wasn't even there.

"Very interesting Tim. Never been spanked and yet, it is highly sexual for you. I think you have waited long enough, let's get you your first of many spankings."

She moved the chair away from the desk and put a hairbrush on the table, well within arm's reach.

"Tim, ask me nicely to put you over my knee and spank you."

"Mmm..Mmmisss Kate, spank me."

"Tsk tsk tsk, I said nicely."

She leaned forward and her chair and swatted my unprotected bottom. I winced and jumped at the shock. It stung, more than I expected.

"Miss Kate, please put me over your knee and spank me."

A huge grin appeared on her face, apparently, she really enjoyed her job.

"With pleasure."

Before I knew what was happening, I was over her knee, my hands holding on to the legs of the chair. I could feel her hand rubbing my bottom.

"Tim, you mean to tell me this is your very first spanking? That no one has ever spanked this naughty bottom? You are to remain in position and do not try to cover your bottom or you will get extra punishment."

"Yes Miss Kate."

I had barely answered her when the first blow of her hand landed on my right butt cheek. I swear the sound echoed though the whole room, if not the whole building. Before I was recovered from the first blow, she landed a swat on the left cheek, just as hard. I groaned a mixture of pain and pleasure. Feeling at last, getting what I had so long craved.

Miss Kate continued to spank my bottom, alternating cheeks and landing a few spanks on my sit spot and tops of my thighs. I squirmed under each blow. My eyes closed tight as the rain of spanks continued on my naked bottom, a slow burn started to form in my pink bottom. After several minutes of getting spanked my Miss Kate's iron hand, she stopped. My bottom felt like it was on fire. I had thought I was done with my spanking, then I felt something small and wooden tap my tender bottom. My eyes widen.

"Miss Kate, what is that?"



I nearly jumped off her lap from the blow.

"is a wooden hairbrush. I use it to correct the behavior of naughty boys."


I cried out in pain with every blow. I tried to put my hand back, instinctively, to protect my bottom. But Miss Kate pinned my arm to my back.

"Tim, that will cost you extra punishment. You were told to stay in position."

"I'm sorry, Miss Kate, it just hurts so much."

"Spankings should hurt otherwise they are not effective."

Right when she finished that statement, a fresh round of spanks crashed down on to my crimson bottom. My legs kicked in vain as I was pinned to her lap, with nothing to do but accept my punishment, the punishment I was yearned for. Miss Kate was very thorough with her brush; she covered every inch of my bottom several times, as well as my thighs. When she was satisfied with her work, she put the brush down and told me to go back to my standing position and to not rub my bottom.

I stood there, legs shaking, bottom on fire, hands on head.

"Please Miss Kate, may I rub my bottom?"

"No, you may not. And for as much pain your bottom is, I see you are still very excited."

I looked down and my erection which I had since the Changing Room when I saw my friend, Vanessa's caned bottom, was still very much around.

"You said spankings were sexual for you, guess you weren't lying." She said, her eyes fixated on my hard cock.

"Yes Miss Kate."

"As a first timer, I am not allowed to touch you sexually, yet. However, I can still help you. Get on the bed."

I gingerly laid down to on the bed, my face grimacing in pain when my thoroughly spanked bottom touch the bed.

"Stroke your cock. Such a naughty boy, getting all excited from your spanking. I will put you over my knee and spank you anytime you need it, cause Little Timmy needs lots of spankings." She scolded me as I jerked off for her. It didn't take long before long streams of cum were shooting from my cock.

"Nice load, Tim. But your punishment isn't over." Miss Kate said as she took me by my hand. She led me back to the spanking waiting area, as my cock bobbed as it dripped cum. Miss Kate opened the door and I saw Katarina standing on the small scaffold where we saw Joey earlier. Her bottom was a deep red, with some clear bruises on her cheeks. It was clear from her face, she had genuine tears during her punishment. The sign around her neck read, "Bad Attitude at home." Miss Kate led me to the scaffold and told me to stand with my hands on my head. She put a sign around my neck "Loves to be spanked."

"Stand here until all that cum dries. I'll come and get you at that time."

Katarina and I stood there, together in our public humiliation for 20 minutes. At which time we had to thank our spankers for our spanking. We were allowed to get our clothes on and return to the main waiting room.

"Tim?" Cassandra said, "If you choose to return to us, things can get much more intense, but you have to come back to find out what that means."

I smiled, "Yes, once I recover, I think I might become a frequent visitor."

With that I left The Facility and saw Vanessa waiting for me.

"So, you like to get spanked as well?" she said, "Wanna grab a cup of coffee and talk?"

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