tagMatureThe Factory

The Factory


I grew up in a small coastal town in New England. My dad worked the fishing boats and his boat sank and took him with it when I was 12, leaving mom and I to go on alone. Mom took a job at the only local employer that offered benefits, Brighton Cannery.

She worked long, hard days as I went to school, trying to etch out an existence for us, although meager. Dad didn't have any insurance, so she struggled to pay the mortgage and utilities and provide food. Brighton Cannery was a family empire, with canneries all along the coast, but this was the original one and John Brighton III, grandson of the founder, ran the empire from this one.

As I grew up, I became aware of myself physically as well as sexually. I was so excited when my breasts began, but hated it when my periods soon followed. I remember standing in front of the bathroom mirror, for what seemed like hours, constantly watching for enlargement in my chest area, feeling and stroking to notice any minute changes. My breasts never really did grow that much, about the size of a large navel orange was the most I ever got and that occurred when I hit 17. Mom worked all the time it seemed, and I pretty much took care of myself. They would even call her back sometimes after she got home, but she needed her job as supervisor, and went without hesitation.

It was a company town, everything was owned wholly or in part by the cannery. With the meager wages, you had no choice except to charge things and they had you because you had to work for them to repay the charges. Mom worried all the time and I sensed it and saw that she began to look slightly older than her 45 years, I wanted to help out. When I turned eighteen, I took a job at the cannery on the production line. Mom was not pleased, but the money helped, so she let it go. "I had bigger plans for you baby," she would tell me and hug me.

I had worked at the cannery for about 6 months, it was tough getting used to the smell, but you soon adjusted to it. Mr. Brighton sent word that he wanted to see me in his office to discuss my job performance, I was scared to death! I sat outside his office while his secretary told him I was there just looking at the people on the factory floor scurrying around trying to work as fast as they could.

"Mr. Brighton will see you now," his secretary motioned me in.

"Hold all calls," he told her as she closed the door. It was a nice big office, well appointed and comfortable looking and he motioned me to sit at the big chair facing his desk. "Kim, is it alright if I call you Kim?" he asked me.

"Sure," was my reply.

"Kim, I called you in to discuss your performance with the company today," and I nervously squirmed in my seat, mom had gotten accustomed to the extra money and I just knew he was going to fire me. "Your performance has been slighly above average and I wanted to talk to you about your career goals, Kim".

My heart was elated. "I hadn't really thought about it Mr. Brighton," I said and he smiled at me.

As we talked, I felt like I was under a microscope and could feel his eyes burning through my clothes. "It's like this Kim, if you want to continue here...if you want your mother to continue here, then you have to make some important decisions today," his words cut through me, 'what decisions' I thought. He stood up and walked over to the door and I heard it lock, my heart sank.

"What decisions Mr. Brighton?' I stammered.

He moved up behind me and put his hands on my shoulders and stroked my long brown hair, "The most important decisions, Kim," and his hands slowly moved to my breasts. Everything was running through my mind at once, mom, me, the house, our life. I jumped as he thumbed my nipple and felt it grow erect at his touch, "It's your decision Kim, I will help you and your mom, but you have to help me." My mind was a blank as the words rushed through it, and his fingers continued their gentle assault on my nipples.

"Mom has been here for 6 years Mr. Brighton, and a supervisor for 2. You can't just fire her!" I exclaimed.

"But I can Kim, and you too for that matter. Your mom owes my stores over $3000 in credit, she would have to get my money somewhere else. No one in town pays as well as I do."

My mind desperately searched for a simple way out of this predicament, but couldn't come up with one. My nipples felt so good from his manipulations, and the feeling was beginning to spread throughout my body and especially my pussy. With mom working all the time, it was easy to find my sexuality. Richard had taken my virginity when I was 16 and I had explored my wants with him since then, and now Mr. Brighton was arousing my sexual needs. "No one would know about this, would they?" I shyly asked as his manipulations of my small tits were hitting a peak.

"Not unless you made it necessary," he told me as he began unbuttoning my shirt. When the buttons were all undone, he pushed my shirt off to either side and his hands roamed over my breasts encased in their white bra, delighting at the hard nipples straining against the fabric. He pushed me forward, and removed my shirt and then unclasped my bra and my hard nipples pushed into the cool air, making them even more erect. His bare hands on my small tits made me cringe, but yet excited me as he gently rolled my nipples between his fingers.

"Seen bigger tits on a bitch dog," he remarked as he began kneading them with his hands, stretching their flesh as he pulled on them. It hurt, but in a way it felt good, it was hard to understand. He moved in front of me now, and took my head in his hands and kissed me and I just sat there motionless as his tongue pressed against my lips and I slowly allowed it to enter.

His hands returned to my tits as he fucked my mouth with his tongue, and then one hand traveled to my pants and he tugged to unbuckle them and push the zipper down. He caressed my pubic mound as he fucked my mouth with his tongue and his other hand ravaged my poor tit. He ran his fingers along my snatch and pushed one part way inside me, covered with my panty.

I let out a little groan as his finger entered me, feeling the slightly rough cotton of my panties against my inner lips. Soon, he pushed the fabric of my panties to the side and reentered with his bare finger and sank it deep, causing me to jump, ramming it even deeper. After a few finger fucks, I could tell the angle was bad and he withdrew and pulled me to my feet and my pants fell at a heap around my ankles.

"Take them off," he whispered as he gently nibbled on my ear. I pushed my sneakers off and then the pants and he reached down and grabbed the waistband of my panties and pushed them down as his eyes stared at my almost virgin pussy. I stepped out of my panties and he led me around behind his desk and picked me up and sat me on the edge of the desk and sat in his chair. He pushed my legs apart and slowly lowered his face to my pussy and spread the lips with his fingers.

He blew into my opening and the warm breaths caused me to shudder and then he licked the length of my pussy with his long tongue, swirling it over my clit. He gently pushed me to my back and raised my legs up over his shoulders and I felt his hot tongue enter my pussy and I gasped. His tongue assaulted my pussy relentlessly as my heat began to grow and I know that I greeted his mouth with my fluids as I heard him begin to slurp. Richard hat eaten me, but he was just a kid, this man knew what he was doing and soon an orgasm raced through me as I clamped my legs around his head instinctively and moaned aloud.

He greedily took my offering and as I relaxed, he slowly picked his head up and stood up and removed his clothes. He wasn't a bad looking man, about 6 foot, brown hair, moustache but as he removed his boxers, my eyes grew wide. There before me was an eight inch cock, Richard was five inches, tops. It throbbed and jumped as it stood there outstretched and I wondered what it would feel like in me as he moved closer. He rubbed the head of it up and down my slit, moistening it and rubbed it against my clit. The sensations it was providing were better than any I had ever felt before and I licked my lips in anticipation of having it in my tight pussy.

He slowly pushed the head inside and I felt it's enormity as I struggled to accept it, then he inserted a little more at a time, allowing my pussy to adjust. The walls of my pussy were well coated and there was really no pain, other than it's size and I struggled to cope with it, both in my mind and in my twat. When he had it all inside of me, he stopped and I felt his hairy balls tickling my ass and then he began to stroke in and out and my mind went blank as the sensations took over and I began to struggle to get more of it as he withdrew.

He slowly increased his tempo and soon his balls felt like a small hand slapping my ass as I accepted his length and I felt another orgasm ripple through me as he fucked me harder and harder. I looked at his face and saw it tense and then it was like a water hose had burst as his hot cum squirted deep into my pussy and he moaned and kept his hammering up as he drained himself.

He stood there between my legs, with his cock still buried in me looking at me and smiling. "I thought you were still a virgin," he said, "That's why I went slow, but you were still tight," and he smiled and slowly pulled himself from me. He pulled me up and down off of his desk and put his hands on my shoulders and pushed me to my knees. His semi erect cock stared at me and he took my head and guided me towards it.

"I've never done this before," I blurted out and he stopped.

"Then this will be a learning experience," he laughed and pushed my lips against his cum soaked member. "Open you mouth Kim," he said and I slowly did and he pushed it inside. "Now suck on it," he barked and I slowly closed my lips around it and tasted the salty cum.

Working in the fish cannery, your mouth is constantly assaulted with salt, as well as fish tastes, and all in all it wasn't that bad and I began to suck as he moved my head back and forth on his slick shaft. I felt his cock growing in my mouth as I sucked it and soon, I couldn't take it all, though he pushed more and more of it in. He sensed my lack of experience and kept his hands on my head guiding it over his shaft and soon, I felt it swell and my mouth was filled with his salty cum. I tried to remove my mouth, but he held me firm and told me to swallow it. I tried to just hold it in my mouth, but there was too much and I had no choice but to swallow.

After he finished, he let go of my head and I struggled to catch my breath as I looked down and saw that some of his cum had leaked out onto my tits and now coated my nipple. He laughed and pulled me up and took his finger and channeled the cum on my chin into my mouth and made me lick and suck his finger. He began to dress and told me that I needed to get back to work and that he would send for me again when he needed his little teen slut.

I pulled on my panties and pants and pulled on my bra and shirt and left. I did feel like a cheap teen slut, I had just been fucked by my boss, shamelessly and I had enjoyed it! As I went back to work, I could feel his cum dripping out of me and soaking into my panties ad it made me feel so cheap. I finished my shift and went into the locker room and stripped down, I had dried cum all over my tits and stomach and it had caked and dried in the crotch of my panties.

I turned the shower on and stepped in, letting the warm water wash away the evidence of my shame. I washed myself and my hair and dried off. I threw my bra and panties into the trash and dressed without them and brushed my long brown hair and left for home.

Mom looked up from her cooking as I walked in, "Hey Baby, heard Mr. Brighton had you in his office today. What was that all about?"

My heart sank. Did she know? "He just wanted to commend me for my production output," I lied and she smiled and kissed me on the forehead, "Get ready for supper, baby." We ate pretty much in silence and about halfway through supper, the phone rang and mom said she had to go back in to work.

After she left, I did the dishes and flopped on the sofa and watched TV. Just after dark, there was a knock on the door, it was Richard, and he came in and sat on the sofa. We watched TV and then I felt his hand move to my tit and my nipple popped out, "You're not wearing a bra!"

He pulled open my shirt and grabbed my bare tit, "I like it!" he said as he massaged my nipple. I really didn't feel like this, but didn't want to hurt his feelings or make him think that I was fucking someone else. His head moved to my chest and he sucked my nipple into his mouth as his hands groped me. I saw the bulge in his pants and reached over and stroked it, much to his delight. He jumped up, jerked me to my feet and dragged me towards my bedroom. He had his clothes off almost before the air from the closing door had subsided and stood there tearing at my clothes.

"No panties either!!" he shouted as he ripped my pants off. He pushed me back on the bed and his cock clumsily found it's way to my opening and he thrust it in. He sucked on my nipples as he pumped his cock in and out and I hardly felt it as I remembered Mr. Brighton's big cock. I squeezed against his cock with my vaginal muscles and he blew his load in record time and collapsed on top of me.

"Jeez Kim, that was great!!" he said as his breathing slowed down.

His cock eased out of me and I remembered what Mr. Brighton had said about a learning experience, "Would you like me to suck your cock Richard?" He looked like he had died and gone to heaven because I always refused before. I pushed him onto his back and took his hardening cock in my hand and wrapped my lips around it and began to take it inside. I experimented, swirling my tongue around it and I watched his face for a reaction, then I pulled all of it in my mouth.

He was much smaller than the only one I had ever sucked and it was easier to work with his cock. In a very short time, I saw his face constrict and felt his cock swell and his cum erupted in my mouth and I swallowed it all down. As he dressed to leave, it was like he had just won the lottery to see his face. I rolled over and went to sleep.

I woke up the next morning and jumped in the shower, anxious to clean Richards cum out of me and when I came out, I got dressed and headed downstairs. Mom had just set breakfast on the table and we chit chatted about work and how busy we were as we ate. Mom left for work as I cleaned up the dishes and went to get dressed myself. I picked out a sexy set of underwear today, hoping that Mr. Brighton might call me into his office again.

I put on my jeans and a flannel shirt and headed out, thinking about the previous day and not believing what a child Richard was. His orgasm was all that mattered to him, I hadn't even gotten off once to his twice and Mr. Brighton had gotten me off several times. I worked quickly as I went through the morning and I looked around several times and didn't see mom at all.

After lunch, I went back to work and was told that Mr. Brighton wanted to see me and I almost ran to his office, I was so excited that my pussy got wet. I waited outside and my heart sank as I saw mom come out and head back to the floor, she never even noticed me sitting there. Just as well, I thought, less explanations. His secretary showed me in and again he told her to hold his calls, "Lock the door Kim," he said as I closed it.

As I walked towards him, I noticed another man in the far corner of the office. "This is my nephew Tod," he said and I said hi and he told me to sit down. "I'm showing Tod the ropes, " he said and Tod smiled. "Now, Kim, please strip for us," I stopped dead in my tracks and stared at him. "Hurry up Kim, Tod has a lot to do yet today," and I refused.

He pushed the button on his intercom, "Miss Hawthorne, please get Marilyn up here and prepare her termination papers," and she said "Yes sir," and he sat down. "You can go now Kim, "and he busied himself with some papers on his desk. "You're going to fire my mom, just like that?" I asked. "You knew the deal Kim, it should come as no shock," and continued reading.

"Wait Mr. Brighton, I'll do it. Don't fire mom," and I lowered my head. He called his secretary back and cancelled his previous order and said that he was not to be disturbed. They both sat there looking at me and I nervously kicked my shoes off and started fumbling with the buttons on my flannel shirt, until I had it off and my pink bra covered tits came into view.

I heard Tod sigh and Mr. Brighton remarked at my choice of bras. "You should have seen her yesterday Tod, she had on a cheap cotton bra, as you can see, her tits aren't much, but they're quite firm."

Tod got up and came over and rubbed them, "And her nipples get hard quite easily too," he remarked as my nipples popped out. He reached around behind me and unclasped my bra and pulled it off, and then stooped to suck a nipple in his mouth. His other hand continued to knead my other tit and as he withdrew his mouth, he lightly bit my nipple and I winced at the slight pain. "You're right uncle, they are firm. Can we see the rest?" he asked and I nervously undid my pants and let them fall and stepped out of them.

They both stared at my matching pink panties, and Tod turned and they nodded their approval to one another. Tod then began removing his clothes and I stared at his shorts and wondered about the bulge there, and then he dropped them and my eyes grew big, he was larger than his uncle!

He bent slightly and pulled my panties down and I stepped out of them and he brought them to his nose and breathed in the crotch aroma. "Mmmmmm, she's already been wet uncle," he said and smiled. Mr. Brighton removed his clothes and came out and they both stood on either side of me, looking me over. "Which end do you want Tod?" Mr. Brighton said to Tod.

'My God, they were both going to fuck me at the same time!' I thought in horror. "I think I would like her pussy this time uncle," and he moved around behind me and put his hand against my back and bent me over at the waist. Mr. Brighton positioned himself at my head and drew my lips to his hard cock and I took him in my mouth. Tod spread my legs and I felt his finger rubbing my slit and then the head of his monster cock against my pussy.

I tried to concentrate on Mr. Brighton's cock in my mouth as Tod's cock entered my pussy and I lurched forward and engulfed the cock in my mouth as the other one sank into my pussy.

"She is tight, uncle," Tod said as his impaled his length and his balls hit my swollen clit.

"Almost a virgin," Mr. Brighton laughed as he slid his cock in and out of my mouth. They began to fuck both ends of me and soon, I was feeling light headed and was getting into it and enjoying the sensations as an orgasm ripped through me and I bucked against Tod's cock and Mr. Brighton's cock slipped into the top of my throat.

His balls were slapping my chin and Tod's were slapping my clit and soon, I came again, screaming with Mr. Brighton's cock in my mouth and the vibrations of my scream made him cum and I felt his hot cum bathe my throat as it slid down. Tod soon grabbed both of my ass globes and he pumped his load into me moaning as he did and I felt his thick cum coating my insides. I kept sucking on Mr. Brighton, wanting more, but as his last trickle fell on my tongue, he pulled his cock out of my mouth and it stared me in the eyes, now only semi erect. Tod withdrew his deflating cock and I raised up, feeling Tod's cum ooze out of my snatch as I did, and it ran down the insides of my legs.

Tod gave me a slap on the ass and then led me to the desk and laid me on my back across the short part so that my head and legs hung off either side. He stroked his cock as our juices glistened on it and moved around to my head and slapped it across my lips a couple of times and then pushed it between my lips.

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