The Fall of Reason


"What a delicious affair, Martin..."

"You make it sound like it's over..."

"Not at all. There is so much more work to be done. In fact, I have a wicked surprise planned for you."

"What might that be?"

"You'll see, baby... You've been such a good lover and so eager to indulge in my fantasy. But I'm not finished yet and... neither are you."

She picked up her knickers off the chair and was about to slide them up her endless legs when she stopped and looked at them. Then at me. She tossed them onto my chest.

I smiled and picked them up. They were white nylon g-strings and hardly filled any space on my palm.

"Mmmm. A souvenir." I placed them under my nose and inhaled.

"I can smell your cunt on them..."

She smiled a naughty smile. I should have known better.

"You can call them a souvenir if you want, baby, just as long you're wearing them..."

"Wearing them...?"

She pulled up her short business skirt and buttoned it before bending over me on the bed.

"Tsk. Tsk. How soon they forget. You gave me your cock, baby, remember? I fucked you with it... remember?"

I nodded.

"You enjoyed it, too, baby. Didn't you? What did you tell me when I was fucking you?"

I swallowed hard. "I was your sexy little bitch..."



I could feel her breath on my breath. She stared at me with those eyes – intense, insistent, dominating.

"You gave me your cock, I give you my knickers. If you want more of my body to pleasured and to be pleasured by, Martin, you'll wear my little knickers like a good girl... And you DO want more, don't you?"

The fall of reason, indeed. Yes. I did. I would be mad not to. Fuck it. I was already mad. Mad for her.

"I want more, Sophie." There is was again, my voice gone meek with a touch of pleading.

"Mmm. I thought so."

She peeled her tiny knickers out of my fingers and let them dance down my torso to my cock. Yep. It was hard. With her deft, elegant fingers she tied her knickers around my shaft.

She kissed me passionately and drifted out of the door of my hotel room on a dreamy cloud of perfume, with a wink and a knowing smile. I didn't dare try to imagine what it was but I knew that I needed to find out. She left me aching for her in the room.

I didn't make it out that day, making calls and planning some meetings in the room. Even my passion for business, however, couldn't erase the images of Sophie dancing inside my head, invariably naked, invariably engaging me in sexual acts. The images overwhelmed me. Everything was on playback, every detail came to view. And, in particular, the visions of her fucking me like a girl and the words that came out of my mouth were repeated over and over and over.

I amazed myself by ending up on the bed with a raging erection and my hand teasingly stroking my cock. Aroused by the sex of the past few days. Electrified by Sophie's effect on me. I picked up her nylon knickers and inhaled her once again. The scent of her sent me to the bathroom.

Under a hot jetstream of water, cock hard, nerve endings on fire, I was not a little afraid to find myself jacking my cock slowly and surely with my other hand reaching between my legs, seeking out my asshole. I promptly proceeded to penetrate myself. Working my finger past my reluctant muscles. Tentative at first and then with increased gusto. Jacking my cock harder, thrusting my finger farther up my ass, feeling myself sinking lower into the hole of submissive passion Sophie had dug for me.

I caught sight of myself in the bathroom mirror and didn't recognise myself at first. There I was, head supporting myself on the shower tiles, one hand jacking my soapy cock, knees spread and bent, ass thrust out, other hand pumping a finger in and out of my ass. Who was this man? Where was I? The strange reflection didn't seem to care, he was intent on cumming and sharing the sensations with me. My cum splattered onto the tiles as my ass muscles squeezed my finger so tight on every contraction I thought my finger would break.

The time came to finally leave the room and head to the reception. Sophie's knickers were on the bed. Tiny, lighter than air, but filling the entire room with their symbolism and promise of previously forbidden fantasies.

I stood there naked and stared at them for ages. Until the inevitable occurred. I padded over and, with trepidation, picked up the knickers. With a deep breath I bent over and placed first one foot in and then the other. Hooking my thumbs into place I proceeded to pull them up – the higher they went, the tighter they got and it was no small matter getting them up over my thighs and ass.

After a struggle, I felt the g-string slide between my ass cheeks – a strange sensation I can promise you – and rest against my asshole. When I pulled the knickers forward in order to lift them out and over my balls, the g-string felt like a thick rope against my tender ass muscles.

I tucked my balls in and up and eased the hem into place. The main problem, I was soon to discover, was that my cock was erect and throbbing and jutted rudely out over the sharp elastic. At least, I thought, it would hold my cock in place to hide my erection.

I stared down past my chest and stomach and saw my cock and balls imprisoned in their tight, nylon cell. And tight is an understatement. It was bitingly tight but the sensation was fantastic.

I turned, slowly slowly, to regard myself in the mirror. I was somewhat prepared for the sight that greeted me - but then again, not quite. It was that stranger again. Foreign but increasingly familiar as I sank further into this obsession of hers. A wave of arousal blended oddly with manly nausea at the sight of myself like that. Not surprisingly, however, given the events of the past few days and the power Sophie held over me, my first thought was – I need to jack off.

I restrained myself, eager to see her again. I slid on my trousers, shirt and jacket, followed my socks and shoes – every tiny movement of my body making me acutely aware of the nylon on my cock and between my ass. I looked at myself one last time in the mirror and headed out.

At the reception, held at a ultra-trendy and excessively posh bar, I did my best to play the part I had rehearsed for so many years – self-confident, cocky, business whiz. Pumping hands and cracking jokes with those I had done business with all last week came naturally but the thought of any of these businessmen finding out what I was wearing was petrifying.

I didn't give a shit about the reception, to be honest. I constantly scanned the crowd for a glimpse of Sophie. She was taking her time and the intensity and desperation of my fear when I thought she might not show at all was alarming. I needed her. I wanted her. I had to help her live out her fantasies. Not to mention my own fledgling fantasies.

Two hours late, I finally saw her head in the crowd and heard myself sigh in relief – a sigh bordering on a whimper. She spotted me and she smiled. I had learned that smile by now. Naughty, teasing, dominant.

She eased through the throng of people and I soaked up the sight of her. She was wearing an exquisite black dress – tight, so tight around her stomach and tits but billowing ever so elegantly out around her ass and thighs. Short enough to reveal thigh.

She was radiant, glowing with beauty and self-confidence. She approached me in slow motion, tits bouncing, dress dancing, hair flowing gracefully. Her lips reached out to mine and gave me a tender, fleeting kiss before sweeping past my cheek to hover sensually next to my ear.

"You're wearing them, aren't you, Martin?"

"Yes." My answer was little more than a rush of exhaled air.

"Good girl..."

We were against a wall in the bar and her fingers quickly found my fly, unzipping it in a flash and wiggling inside. They made contact with my cock and the nylon surrounding it. I gasped and whined a little.

"Mmm. Delicious. They're tight, aren't they? It hurts so good, doesn't it? Your cock has been hard the entire time, hasn't it?"

She knew the answers to all those questions so I merely added a nod. The ability to form sentences had, once again, left my brain.

I glanced around to see if anyone was noticing where Sophie's hand was. Not to worry, she withdrew her fingers and zipped me up.

"Let me buy you a drink, girl."

She took my hand and led me over to the bar. I followed her like a helpless puppy, my eyes glued to her swaying ass. We were soon sipping champagne and surveying the bar, saying hello to people and chatting with business associates.

All very frustrating with Sophie next to me and promise of a surprise in the air and a rock hard cock in her knickers.

She noticed.

"You're looking forward to your surprise, aren't you, baby?"

"Yeah... come on, let's get outta here... I want you, Sophie..."

"Do you really want me? Every part of me? No matter what? Every last fucking inch of me?"

"Fuck, yeah... please, baby... please... I can't wait anymore..."

"Are you willing to do anything for me, Martin? Are you REALLY willing?"

"Oh, god, yeah... anything... please... just make it soon..."

"Tell me what you're willing to do..."

"Anything... anything you want... I need you so bad."

I was falling further. Never before had I heard such whining, pleading desperation in my voice.

"You KNOW what I want, don't you, baby. I want you to be my girl."

"I'll be your girl. I'll be your little cuntbitch... I'll give you my cock... it's yours. Just fuck me with it. Let me feel your cock..."

I could see it in her eyes. She knew she had me. She knew hours ago, days ago even. But now she knew. She could see it my eyes, hear it in my whining, whimpering voice, smell it as it seeped out of my pores.

She put her slim fingers around my neck and pulled me close, her lips against my ear again. As she spoke, she shifted us around so that her back was to the bar and I was in front of her, back to the crowd. Her voice hissed sexily into my ear. All sounds from the busy bar faded away.

"Men like you are rare, Martin. Men who are willing to trade places. Men who are willing to taste the other side of life. You are indulging my obsession, sure, but your own has developed and it's taking over your brain. But you're good at it, babygirl. I loved fucking you with your cock and fucking your ass with my little cockfinger. I loved watching you play with your little tits while I pummelled you with your own cock. I fucking love the thought of you wearing my tight little knickers right here, right now. And you love it, too..."

"I love it... fuck, I love it..."

"But I'm going to ask you again... just to make sure. Are you willing?"

"Sophie, I am willing... god, please... I'll do anything."

"You see, Martin, I don't need your cock anymore..."

She let that hang in the air. I didn't quite get it and I feared the worst – rejection.

But Sophie took my hand in hers, sucking my ear lobe into her hot mouth at the same time, and guided my hand around in between our bodies, out of sight of prying eyes.

"Your surprise is right here, baby. Right here for the taking..."

She guided my hand to the hem of her dress and let go. One thing is for sure, Sophie always kept you guessing. I figured out what she wanted me to do, though.

My hand slid under her hem and instantly felt the heat of her thighs. I caressed them briefly and Sophie kept her mouth against my ear, encouraging me, driving me madder than ever.

"That's it, baby... you're very close now... go on..."

I let my hand slide up her silky thigh, burrowing deeper between her legs.

She moaned into my ear, mumbling, "Yes... so close now... so close..."

Up, up, up my hand went. I swear I could feel the heat of her cunt before I was anywhere near it. When I made contact with her cuntlips, they were wet, hot and soft. My turn to moan now.

Instinctively, I started working a finger inside, past her g-string, but Sophie corrected me.

"No, baby... you're not there yet... Come on... up, up up..."

A little confused, I let my hand drift upwards. My brain didn't quite know how to interpret what I found at first. It searched my memory banks for previous input but there were none to be found.

My fingers made contact with something odd and unexpected. Nylon – that was her knickers, but what was THAT? I felt my fingers wrapping around something hard. Something warm, but cooler than her body.

As a man, the actions my fingers were engaged in were quite natural. They were wrapping around a cockshaft. But not my own.

"Yeesssss, baby... yeesssss..."

I had found it. My surprise. The realisation was slow in coming but violent when it arrived. My fingers were gripping a cock, plastic by the feel of it and, as they slid along the shaft, longer than anything I had felt before.

"What is this?..."

"This is for you, cuntbitch... I got me a cock now... a beautiful cock and it's all for you...

There I stood. In a crowded bar. My head buried in her shoulder, inhaling her perfume. Her lips whispering into my ear, her breasts pressing urgently against me. My own cock entrapped in her sexy knickers...

And my hand up under this exquisite woman's dress firmly grasping a strap-on cock. A strap-on cock that was intended for me.

Flight or fight. Isn't that the two basic animalistic instincts we possess? Flight crossed my mind but I was too far gone in this obsession. I chose to fight. Fight against the alarm sirens in my head. Fight to keep her, to stay close to her, to please her and to let her have her way with me.

She lifted my head up and stared me in the eye for a long while. My hand still grasped her cock. No words formed in my head.

There was only one thing for her to say.

"Come along, babygirl... we're going now..."

I nodded dumbly.

She pulled my hand away and held it in hers, leading me away through the bar towards the entrance.

I heard nothing, saw nothing, except her ass in front of me and visions of her cock beneath the dress.

The hotel wasn't far but the slow motion continued. We walked hand in hand down the street. Me wearing her knickers, her sporting a cock. Man and woman. But the roles were reversed.

Without even realising it, we were back in my hotel room.

Sophie stood me in the middle of the room, completely and utterly lost in her fantasy. Her eyes were wild, her breath ragged, her mouth open and her lips moist. She stood there with her hands on her hips and regarded me. Me. Her girl.

"Come on, baby, don't me shy... show me your knickers... Undress for me..."

I did so. Shirt first... She came over and pinched and rolled my nipples in her fingers.

"Lovely tits, baby... so lovely..."

I continued. Kicking off my shoes and pulling off my socks. Sophie was impatient, unbuckling my belt for me and then standing back to watch me pull down my trousers.

I let them drop and stood there before her, cock throbbing painfully in her knickers, my cockhead bulbous and red from the elastic.

Sophie soaked up the sight, gasping when my trousers fell to puddle around my ankles.

"Fuck, yeah, girl... You are so gorgeous, baby, so delicious... Tell me what you want... because I have something you want, don't I?"

She was squirming as she stood there, hardly able to contain herself.

"Yeah", I said throatily. "Your cock..."

"You felt it in the bar, didn't you? You just couldn't keep your hands off it, could you? You want to see it, don't you?"

"Fuck, yeah... I want to see your cock..."

And you know what? I did. The fall of reason was complete. And, at the end of the fall, only pure pleasure remains. The walls of resistance had fallen and I only needed to see her cock.

"On your knees..."

I dropped down and she stepped toward me, lifting her hem up slowly but surely.

"This is yours, babygirl. Your destiny. Your pleasure. My power over you..."

I groaned loudly when it was revealed to me. I groaned out of pure pleasure and anticipation. Aroused by her cock, my submission and by this fantastic woman whom I only wanted to please if I did nothing else the rest of my life.

Packed tightly into a pair of the same white knickers as I wore was a strap-on cock. It was long, scarily long, and it was life-like – veins and all. It was held in place by clear plastic straps that were almost invisible.

"I know what girls like you are good at, baby... so get to work..."

Amazing how one knows what to do even though one has never done it before. Per reflex I shuffled closer to her, breathing hard, and watched as my fingers went up to the elastic of her knickers. I pulled them down over her cock and slid them down her legs. She kicked them away impatiently.

Her cock had sprung free and now bobbed menacingly in front of her. She stood there, hands on hips, legs spread and thrust her cock towards me. I did they only natural thing there was to do. I opened my mouth. I slid my tongue out over my bottom lip. I moved my head towards her cock.

As her cockhead glided into my mouth I moaned. I moaned in ecstasy at the act, but I moaned because I looked up at her eyes staring down at me. I moaned at hearing her words, loud and ecstatic:

"Jesus fucking christ! Yes, baby, yes!! Oh, my god, yes!!! Suck my cock!" They weren't shouted, they were expelled from her lungs on a rush of air mixed with a growl of pure passion. She was beautiful. And pleasing her was now my raison d'etre.

They say men are great at sucking cock because we know what we like. It felt so natural bobbing my head up and down her shaft, feeling her thrusting her cock into my cock, eager for more. I knew every subtle movement by heart.

I jacked her cockshaft as I sucked. I pinched my nipples with my free hand. I glanced constantly up at her, hoping for her approval. She liked what I was doing and that made me happy to no end.

She suddenly backed away and her cock slipped out of my mouth, leaving it empty. I whimpered in disappointment and tried to move my head to catch it again, but Sophie was already on her way to the next level.

Her dress flew off in a flash. She grabbed my head and kissed me hard and man-like, biting feverishly at my tongue and lips. She stopped only to stick her fingers in my mouth. I sucked hungrily at them, coating them with my spit. After all, I knew what she was going to do.

Her hand slid between my legs, under my balls and quickly found my asshole, fingering and rubbing it like a cunt. Feeling her intense groans on my tongue sent shivers down my spine. My cock was ready to explode - it had been all day – but the whole roller-coaster ride had just begun. Without ceremony, she shoved a wet finger into my hole.

"Such a hot little cunt, baby... I need some pussy...", she grunted, playing the part to perfection.

"I saw your sexy ass at the bar and I wanted it. I'm gonna fuck your hot little cunt, baby..."

"Yeah, fuck me with your big cock... fuck me... it's so big..."

"You like big cocks?"

"Yeah... so big..."

"It's going to fill up your hot little cunt..."

I groaned, whimpered and squealed all at once and she pushed me back on the bed, crawling between my legs. Muscling her way into position. She held my legs up high, her fingernails chewing into my skin, and bobbed down to lick my asshole, spitting crudely on it, lubricating it.

I did what I could to help her, reaching my hands down to my ass and spreading it wide for her, pulling the g-string to one side.

Sophie straightened up, kneeling between my legs raised high in the air, my ass-cunt prone and ready.

Seeing her like that, she was a vision. Those perfect tits, that hard, flat stomach, those female curves and a massive cock pointing at me, intent on fucking me like a girl. Her face was gorgeous, her beauty multiplied by a thousand now that her obsession was about to become a reality.

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