tagIncest/TabooThe Family Circle

The Family Circle


My husband and my relationship have always been different from other married couples. Most couple's will say they had met at work, or college or they were high school sweethearts. Robert and I meet at a family reunion, we are second cousins. Being cousins and married to each other might seem pretty weird but our family is into family loving or incest. It wasn't weird that we became sexual partners. When I became pregnant, Robert offered to marry me, not wanting me to go through have a child by myself. After getting the family's blessing, we move to a new town and began our lives as husband and wife. Twenty years later we're still happily married. Our only child, our daughter Susan was raised out side our family but even so she understood early that our family was different. But even though my husband and I were fucking cousins enjoying our incestuous lifestyle we choice to keep Susan out of the family circle of lovers.

But then one day she came to me and asked if she could join the family circle. I was stunned by this. Asking her if she really understood want she was asking to join.

"Simply it means that I get to fuck the members of the family I want to, and I want to start with you and dad, Mom." Susan said as if she was reciting a recipe.

I stunned and excited. Threesomes had always been part of my husband and my sex life, we were always looking for a partner to join us, family member or not. I looked at Susan not as my daughter but as woman, honestly she was very attractive twenty year old, well build, and smart. The fact she was asking to join into our special family circle starting with father and me, meant she had a naughty kinky side in bed.

Something I look for in a female partner. I also seen Robert looking at Susan the same way he looks at women he would like to fuck. So I didn't think he have a problem with it. Then I kissed my daughter, not a motherly kiss, but a hot hard tongue down your throat kiss, as my experienced hands cupped her tits. It was a test, that Susan passed as soon as her hand cupped my tit and her other hand began moving through my hair.

After broking the kiss I said a little breathlessly, "Go get a bottle of wine. You and I have plans to make about your father's prick."

Her eyes sparked as she bounced out of the room.

"Damn, that is a sweet ass." I thought to myself.

I called Robert and told him want Susan had asked of me.

I kept my voice calm and neutral as asked, "Have you ever had thoughts of Susan joining us or the family circle?"

The way I asked the question I knew he couldn't tell if I was ok with it or not. He sheepish admitted to me he had had fantasies about his own daughter. Hear this my pussy that was already moist began to leak into my panties. I asked what he had thought about, I knew his cock had to be iron in his pants as he told me one of his fantasy about fuck Susan and then me licking her clean and then watching one of the family fucked her and then again I licked her clean and this repeat over and over again. Till Susan was too tired to continue.

I said, "Robert you're sick," and laughed "Don't you think so Susan?"

I could picture Robert jaw dropping open as he heard his daughter's voice.

"You're a real pervert daddy," she said. "And I can't wait to do that."

Robert left work early when I told him we would be waiting for him. He even made it home in record time.

Robert eyes popped out when he saw our matching lingerie outfits. The lacy green teddies see-thru material that hides nothing and everything. Our legs were incased in matching green thigh high stocks. Our long hair was up like Robert likes, pen up so it could be released to fall around our faces so sexy. We didn't bother with panties so Robert could see that both his women were clean shaven. His cock was tenting his pants it was clear that Robert was in lust for both, his own daughter and me, his cousin and his wife.

I said, "Ok, my kissing cousin strip, we showed ours, now show us yours."

That was to first time I had said anything about her father and me being cousins.

Susan looked stunned, "You two are cousins?" she asked her voice a little shaken.

"Yes, Hun. Are you sure this is want you want to join?"

Susan looked at me and then at her father, who was now nude on the edge of the sofa, his hand wrapped around his cock. When Susan looked back at me there was a look of lust in her eyes. She kissed me as I had her earlier, a deep hard tongue in my mouth kiss, that got Robert's approval by the way he was moaning. After the kiss I turn on some music and began dancing with Susan, as we had planned to do. At first our movements felt strange but quick our hands began traveling over each other bodies as we grinded into each other.

I looked at Robert and told him "You better not cum. We have plans for your cum. I don't want it wasted."

That slowed his stroking.

We danced closer and closer to Robert till we were right on top of him. I felt Robert's hand slide up my thigh and squeeze my ass. I knew that his other hand had to be on our daughter ass, otherwise it be in my pussy. As the song came to end we knelt down and told Robert the sit back and relax. We touched his throbbing cock with our warm fingertips and Robert moaned. His moans became louder when my daughter and I started again kissing each other, this time with Robert's cock wedged between our lips. We covered his shaft with moist attention and I felt his eager fingers sinking into my tit flesh. I brought a hand up to my daughter tits and moaned my approval on finding my husband squeeze his daughter's tit, pinching her nipple as he pinched mine.

Susan closed he lips around her father crown and started sucking. Her humming sounds, soft and purring, caused her father to moan loudly, his enjoyment of what her mouth was doing to his cock. She monopolized the big knob and my tongue went to my husband's balls. I kissed and licked, tongued and nibbled. His sac was bathed in my warm saliva, as I heated the sperm in his balls. I could feel his balls pressing in upon themselves, as Susan sucked him all the way off, her lips never tiring. It was so beautiful sexy sight as I watched my daughter sucking off her own father. When she finally pulled back, cum was leaking out of her mouth, and down her face.

Reaching I pulled her face to me, I used my tongue to towel the sticky residue coating her face. Then opened my mouth and Susan opened her allowing the remainder of her father cum to spill out and into my mouth. I swirled the liquid, my daughter saliva and my husband's cum on my mouth enjoy the naughty nastiness of the act before I kissed my daughter again return some of her father's cum to her mouth with my tongue.

Then I asked Robert, whose rapturous face said it all, "So how was that?"

He was at a loss for words. He mumbled something incoherently before drawing his daughter into his arms. She used her tongue to spoon-feed him what sperm was still in her mouth. As they tongued, I watched the way my husband cock rose with new-felt desire. Once they finished tongue wrestling we led Robert to the bedroom, where we had him stretch out on his back, his dick was solid as Susan rubbed it, stroked it, and licked it.

Then she straddling her father hairy groin I reached between them and spread my daughter pussy lips, and grabbed my husband's throbbing hard-on and guild it to our daughter's hole. As soon as she felt the tip against her moist hole she slammed down onto his rigid pole. She remained still and motions-less, waiting for me to take up my position of pleasure. Moving over my husband smiling face, I settled atop Robert's talented tongue. Smother him with my wet pussy. His tongue speared high, as I reached out and grasped my daughter's nipples and she did the same to mine. She copied my action as she mirrored my nipple play as we grind our crotches against our male captive. Robert groaned his pleasure into my pussy as his tongue fucked my hole. I felt his hand squeezing my ass and I could see his other one had found his daughter tight butt. Susan try to hold out but she began humping slowly then faster I released her nipple, and watched her breasts swaying every which way adding a deep thrill to my humping of her father face. We moved in a rhythmic way, Susan and I exchanged knowing smiles. Then both our head jerked back as we screamed as our orgasm clash over us.

We relaxed lay Robert between his two women. When I reached over, a gasp escaped from Susan's lips as I ran my hand over her tit, goose bumps forming beneath my fingers as they glided across her body.

I looked up into my husband's face and asked, "Do you mind giving Susan and me the bed for awhile?"

Robert knows I have a thing for women, and he had the pleasure of watching me with women, so I wasn't surprised that he was happy to leave the bed. Besides this was the ultimate incest lesbian fantasy, mother and daughter, the only thing that might be more so would be twin girl on girl.

Susan lay on her back and looked up at me smiling, I smiled back. Susan had told me earlier that she had never been with a girl sexual, and I told her that was going to change tonight if she really wanted to be in the family circle. We have quite a few Bi-sexual women in our family. I leaned over and took one of my daughter erect nipples between my lips, sucking it, feeling my daughter body tense. As I sucked first one tit and then the other, she relaxed. Then I felt her hands on my head, her fingers running through my hair, as I nibbled on my daughter's nipples.

Taking her cue from me, she pulled me up and drew my boobs to her mouth, putting her hands on my breast, squeezing them gentle. She licked at my nipples and then rubbed them between her fingers. My daughter's touch was gentle and knowing of a woman's need. It felt good, and I found myself looking forward to the next step.

Pulling my breasts away from her sucking lip, I turned my body around, kissing my way across her belly to her bald pussy. As my lips neared her pussy, she spread her legs for me, and I saw her parted lips, they still gaped open from the fucking her father had given her. Her pink was beautiful and glisten form her juices and her father's cum.

I put my face between her legs and inhaled the sweet mixture of juices I extended my tongue and ran it along her outer lips. When my tongue dipped inside her, and I began to lap up the rich cream, she moaned and spread her les wider. Soon I was licking hungrily at her wide-open snatch, bringing my daughter closer to another orgasm. When I judged she was ready, I flicked her clit with my tongue, licking her sensitive little clit. She came hard, her whole body convulsing as she wrapped her legs around my head and frantically fucked my face.

When she finished cuming, she pulled me away from her pussy. I licked at my lips and smiled, pleased with myself. At my daughter's urging I straddled her face as I had her father, lowering my shaved cunt to my daughter's waiting lips. I looked down and watched my daughter, as her tongue snaked up inside me. Her eyes were wide open, staring up at me as she licked avidly at my pussy. Turned on as I was, it didn't take long to climax. I moistened her face with my juices, and she licked up every last drop. When I crawled off her face, Robert whom I had completely forgotten about walked over to the bed, his cock hard and throbbing in his hand.

All he said was "Suck it."

Smiling I open my mouth one or two hard sucks and I was rewarded with my husband tasty cream.

Our first adventure into family loving was over, as we cuddled together and fell asleep, but I was sure that there would be many more to come.

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