tagIncest/TabooThe Family D'Enfer Redux Ch. 06

The Family D'Enfer Redux Ch. 06

byThe Needler©

The browser window opened, revealing Justine D'Enfer's head and torso. She wore moderate amount of makeup, her chestnut hair pulled pack into a ponytail; a plain white blouse hinted at the black bra underneath. Justin settled into the couch with his laptop on the coffee table in front of him on the back porch; his private piece of nature well protected by a screen of trees and greenery from neighbor's eyes. He had a Notre Dame t-shirt over a pair of swim trunks, legs and feet bare. Making sure that the camera was pointed at an optimal direction, he looked at his sister and asked, "Well, is this set up working?"

"Yes, baby bro. I think we've got this working as good as we can."

"Nice you finally figured out how to do this. I've missed your baby blue eyes."

"And I've missed your nice donkey dick, baby bro. How's it hanging?"

"Pretty well. What's going on in Italy?"

"The classes are all right, they're not too boring. Florence is a wonderful city to live in; I could stay here forever if they didn't speak another language. I like the Umbrian hills the best; Chelsea and I've spent days driving around the back roads admiring them."

"That's pretty dangerous, isn't it? From what I've heard of Italian drivers, I'd be scared to take the wheel over there."

"Well, Chelsea's been over here a long time, and she usually takes the wheel. I usually take it at night and times there's less traffic, like when it's siesta time. We ran down to Pompeii last week and took turns."

"I've heard about Pompeii. Lots of dirty pictures there."

"You wouldn't believe it, baby bro. Those ancient Romans must have fucked anything that moved, especially in a resort like that. I was reading the stories of the first Emperors: Tiberius and Caligula were amazing at debauchery, and even a warped cripple like Claudius had his moments. The story of Messalina was fantastic."

"Oh. You interested in taking on a whore at a gangbang contest?"

"No. You're enough of a gang to bang me. I've mooched around up north as well, and hope to get back there before my time is up here. Paris is just stunning; Vienna is charming; and Budapest is really wild. Party funds go a long way in Budapest and the Hungarians are crazy."

"Any Hungarians get his mouth into your goulash?"

"Absolutely not. How dare you! Greece was wonderful, too. I'd love to own a Greek Islands: the Onassises were right." She looked off screen and smiled; turning back, she said: "How's things going back home?"

I heard from Mom and Dad. Same old stuff: they hate the desert, but they're stuck with it since they're on an international most wanted list. Can't go to any European country, or any country connected with Interpol. I told them that Mongolia and North Korea were probably lovely this time of year and they practically spat at me through the Internet connection. It seems that Mom is making a new circle of friends in Casablanca; probably plenty bored wives over there who want to be dominated. Women generally keep covered up there, even with their husbands, and talking about lesbianism is taboo as well, so she can get away with a lot. Dad seems a bit edgy: I don't think there's enough action over there to keep him happy, and the penalties for adultery have him scared. He can't even download porn over there, so he's going out of his gourd. I don't think he's getting any action at all, other than what Mom provides for him."

"She may toss him a leftover from time to time, but his balls must be turning bright blue about now. That dirty old man deserves it: he made me take care of his old pecker often enough. I remember a couple of times Mom took me to watch her technique. She used to whale on Mrs. Cornish next door. I couldn't believe how far Mom used to stretch out her A cup tits, or how Mrs. Cornish kept begging for more after Mom wore out her arm whipping her. Once, we ended up fisting her up the ass and cunt at the same time while I twirled a chain with her clamped tits on the other end while Mom literally chewed her ass."

"Which hole did you have?"

"Well, I'm not sticking my fist up any strange bitch's ass, I'll tell you that right now."

"Thought so. Mrs. Cornish was my most regular customer for Brazilian wax jobs; never screamed out in pain and wanted to be sure I got absolutely everything by feeling around her cunt lips.. She made a pass at me a couple of times; I think Mom really took it out on her for doing that."

"Did you fuck her?"

"No. Let her rub my crotch a couple of times, but I like to fuck women with tits and a full ass, not a toothpick with big eyes and bleach blond hair. I was picky even when I was a virgin."

"That's what I love about you, Justin. If something isn't up to your standards, you pass on it."

"Damn straight. By the way, I quit the radio station. Things were just going nowhere and they brought in a new boss who was an asshole."

"So are you working another station?"

"Nope. Auntie Pru is helping me find a nightclub to buy. Figure with the lame nightlife in this town, a class establishment ought to rake it in."

Justine frowned. "That sounds like a lot of work, and if I remember right, we've got enough money socked away from the folks that you don't need to. I've got a full time job for you when I get home, remember that."

Justin watched as a couple of bees buzzed close to his chair before flying off. "I need something to keep my mind occupied other than Internet investing."

"Aren't you supposed to be twenty one to own a nightclub?"

"Auntie Pru is going to be president of the ownership group for now, and we have an purchase agreement already drawn up that takes effect on my twenty first birthday next year. I'll let her keep a share of the place for the investment value." The wind rustled the greenery and splashed it with sunlight. "You been to any good topless beaches?"

"A couple. Chelsea and I were up at St. Tropez last month for a couple days. It's strange: there were so many topless women, even old women like Auntie Pru with huge floppy tits, that nobody noticed us. You should see Chelsea's boobs, they're positively righteous so they're so big and so wonderful."

"Well, you've got my ideal set hiding on the lower part of my screen."

Justine put her finger in her mouth and cooed. "What a nice thing to say."

"It's true. You gonna show me the tan line?"

"Not yet. How's Auntie Pru doing?"

"She's doing all right. I've been going over a couple of times a week to do her yard work and have supper with her. She so nice, and she's taken such good care of me."

Justine's brow furrowed. "And how has she taken good care of you?"

Justin looked away for a moment and continued nervously. "You know, she's a good cook, and she smothers us with the kind of drippy affection that Mom could never manage. . ."

"You've been taking a lot of special affection from her, haven't you?"

He tried to look innocent. "Whatever do you mean?"

"I can see it on your face. It's hardly possible, with the confirmed lesbian she is, that you're getting any, but you're taking advantage of her, somehow. Spill the beans."

Justin fidgeted. "Are you mad at me?"

Justine paused and frowned. A moment later, she looked up thoughtfully. "No, guess not. I suppose you're a grown man, and now the door is open, you need your fix from time to time. I wish I was there to give it to you, but I guess I shouldn't worry about Auntie Pru, she ought to be safe and clean. At least you're not cruising the streets looking for hookers or picking up tramps in bars. Tell all."

"Well, it started with abusing her tits and ass and went downhill from there. She seemed rather curious what it would be like to suck or fuck a man, and she seems to like it now. I think I can even get up her ass in a week or two, if I play my cards right."

"That sounds good, cause you're never getting up MY ass, peckerhead."

"The other night I had her bent over doggy style, clover clamps on her tits with the chain in her mouth, and was whipping her hard with a riding crop as I fucked her. When she came, I thought she was coming completely unglued and almost called 911."

"How can you pound such a huge tub of lard?"

"Well, 'cause it's Her and she's so nice and lonely and vulnerable. I'm not turned on by other women that big, but seeing her tit mountains and fat ass gets me hard in nothing flat. I've taught her to be a great cocksucker, too, almost as good as you. Last week, I dropped by her office and she dropped everything to blow me right then and there. Her tongue is really finding all the sensitive spots on my dick, and she never gives up."

Justine smiled and laughed. "I'm glad that you're finding good company with her then, but I'm going to have to remind you who's best when I get home. Chelsea and I've become rather tight; she's such a good fuckbuddy. We even made it in a Vatican bathroom once: I thought the echoes would bring the whole Swiss Guard on our cases, but nobody batted an eye."

"And how much pain can Chelsea take?"

"None at all, she can't even think about that kind of stuff. But she's a lickmonster in bed, and as I said, her tits are so wonderful they're absolutely righteous."

"Tell me about it." He said with a gleam in his eye and a bulge growing in his pants.

She gave him an arched eyebrow and a smirk. "I don't know if I should. Who knows what kind of effect it may have on you."

He sat up indignantly. "I told you about how I was fucking Auntie Pru, at least you can come clean." Justine snorted. "You know what I mean. I'll give you a show over the Internet."

She toyed with the top button of her blouse. "Point the camera down a little bit." He refocused to move it down. "Now recline the deck chair so I can see most of you. Good. I like that bulge in your swim trunks. Don't touch it until I tell you to."

"All right," he said, putting his hands behind his head.

She unbuttoned one button rather slowly, and the next, before reaching over to lightly stroke the underside of her bra. "Last night was magic with the full moon and the warm breezes. We were on the patio right about at this time, around midnight. We started with soft kisses, running up to lick each other's ears. All the time we were running our fingers over each other's torsos." Justin responded with a growing bulge, and Justine unbuttoned another button. "Then I peeled off her t-shirt and her big beautiful brown breasts came into view, the large nipples poking out in expectation." The last buttons came unbuttoned, and she pulled the blouse back to fully reveal the rounded black cups. "I toyed with her nipples with my fingertips, rubbing them in circles like this, around and around and around. She reached down to stroke my breasts so gently back and forth, like this, and pushed me back on the lounger, sitting on my waist and grinding her hips into my crotch. Thank goodness I was wearing a front clasp bra, otherwise she would have ripped it away." She ripped her bra open, her perky tits bounced out and jiggled once on the screen.

Justin's eyes were rapt on the screen, his hand rubbing his thigh next to the tent poking up between his legs. "You're doing good, sis. Do you like what you see?"

Justine licked her lips once. "You're making me hungry, boy. Then Chelsea kissed her way down my neck, taking a lifetime to tickle and tease me with her tongue en route, before she reached the right tit. After making a circle around it, she circled closer and closer, her tongue barely contacting the skin when she reached the middle. I was squirming under her, frustrated and not wanting her to stop. The magic tongue traced itself across the canyon of desire and repeated its excruciating journey around my left breast, ending at that nipple like she'd done the other one. Her right hand reached down and she tickled my inner thigh with her long fingernails, brushing my cunt lips in invitation. My clit poked out for attention, and she played with it with her index finger as my juices started to boil." She was squeezing her left breast and her hand was down in her crotch. Justin was rubbing his thigh faster and faster, his pleasure pole straining the swim suit more and more insistently.

"Can I get it out yet? Please, sis, please! I'm begging you. He needs some air desperately!"

Justine gave him a sultry smile. "All right, pull it out. I want to see my favorite thing."

Justin pulled his suit down awkwardly over his insistent erection, which bounced up and down three times after being released. His shirt went up over his head and he lay back naked, his cock pointing up at the blue sky from its thick nest of black hair with his six pack abs and muscular chest as background. Her eyes grew big as she took it in, and she licked her lips around and around several times before she could continue.

"Finally, Chelsea penetrated my cunt, with one, then two then, three fingers. She sucked my right breast deep in her vacuum mouth as she stroked me; it was so wonderful I shivered with joy and never wanted it to end. Stroke that big boy, Justin, stroke it. Oh, it looks so good, I wish I was there. Her fingers are so cunning when she plays with my twat, she's able to get three inside me on a good day when she's teased me enough. Those little spits coming out of the end mean something's happening soon. My cunt wants you, Justin, it wants to swallow you whole. Slowly but surely I climbed the mountain, and at the summit the world went crazy like the Fourth of July; Chelsea pushing my orgasm around and around with her magic hand and her suction mouth. Ah, Ah, Ah, between that and seeing you again, I'm getting close again." It was obvious that the unseen hand was working below while the other was stroking the upper erogenous zones.

"Yes, Justine, come for me, come for me. I want to fuck you so badly, it's been way too long. See how my dick wants you, how it's getting so big and red and slick. I don't need lubrication to beat off, you're exciting me so much. Remember how you took this monster in your mouth, swirling and gliding your tongue over every sensitive spot around the head? Then you relaxed your throat and took more of my down there than I could have imagined. One night your nose made it all the way to my pubic hair. You used to lick my balls so wonderfully, making them tingle and fill with juices. Then we'd fuck lying flat on each other, every part of our bodies touching, from crotch to cheek. Oh, Justine, I wish you were here!"

Justine's eyes were closing and she leaned over, frantically wanking her canal as Justin spoke to her. Then came up to see him, and her mouth opened in a large O with her tongue darting inside. "I'm so close baby bro, let's come together, let's come together. Shoot me your love, Justin, all the way to Italy."

His hand went faster and faster up and down his shaft before it blew a load straight up in the air. Pulsing three times, it shot a river of white liquid all over his crotch and stomach, reaching up to the base of his throat. Panting and gently stroking his sensitive cockhead, he looked straight up as he heard his sister reaching her summit over the Internet. A moment later he sat up to see his sister bent over, eyes closed, breathing heavily, twiching slightly as her left hand softly flicked her right nipple. Her eyes opened reluctantly, and she looked at her brother. "All that joy juice gone to waste. Thanks, baby bro. Was it good for you?"

"Oh, yeah. I've never done anything like this before. I'm glad I didn't get any on the notebook screen; that would've been difficult to explain to tech support."

She laughed. "I guess so. Don't have the same problem unless I sit on the keyboard and that's not necessary." Taking a deep breath and sighing, she came down from her orgasm. "Any chance you get come over and visit me? I'll buy the ticket."

"No, I've got a class or two to finish up tomorrow, then we're going club hunting for a week or two. By then, your class will be over and I believe you're planned to wander around England for a while."

"Yeah. You could meet me there."

"I can last till you get back. We may need another private chat session like this, but I can wait. It'll make your homecoming more hot."

Justine looked disappointed. "I guess. You better not make any plans for a month or two after I get back. We're going to fuck like rabbits and not see another soul."

Justin nodded. "It's a date. Any instructions for when cousin Chelsea shows up in a couple of weeks."

"Yes, don't fuck with her, she's mine. I can live with you messing with Auntie Pru and even wearing her out a bit, but don't you dare lay a hand on Chelsea."

"All right, if I get any ideas, I'll bang Auntie Pru instead. Same goes for you: I'll put up with Chelsea being your fuckbuddy, but don't you go looking for any stray dicks around Europe. I've got the only one that gets to fuck you."

"All right. Promise."


"Good night, Justine."

"Good night, Justin."

Justine closed her window and checked her program to see if it saved both sides of the session. Chelsea had been out of sight during that session, but where she could see the screen. "You're not fair, Justine. Your brother looks so hot, and that donkey dick is amazing."

Justine grabbed her throat in a playful mock- throttle. "That donkey dick is mine, and you can keep your hands off it, not to mention the rest of you. I'm going to give you all the fucking you need myself." She then stood her cousin up and pushed her to the bedroom and down onto the bed, where she immediately pulled off Cheslea's underpants. "Here's where you get yours, loving cousin," as she dived into her cousin's crotch, her tongue moving like a pinwheel as it made contact with the lower lips. Chelsea's eyes went back into her head at the assault, and Justine's hands came up to knead her breasts as her breaths grew shorter and faster.

Justin closed the window and shut down the camera and microphone. Checking the recording, he found that his program had captured both tracks of the conversation and he saved them to disk. Then he flipped open his phone and hit his speed dial. "Hello, Auntie Pru. Justin here. Just got off the Internet with Justine. She's doing fine, I"ll tell you about it later. Can you stop off after work today? We need to agree on the properties we're going to inspect together tomorrow. No, don't worry about dinner; I've got your dinner right here. I may even have some food for you as well." He laughed a couple of times. "OK, bye, bye, sugar." Justin picked up his dirty clothes and sprinted into the house to turn on the shower.


Chelsea found a young man and middle aged woman waiting for her at the airport as she cleared the Security area after deplaning. She recognized the young man from the Internet sessions: it was her cousin Justin. Throwing herself into his arms in a big hug, she kissed him hard on the lips and said, "Hi, cuz. Nice to meet you. And this must be your Aunt Prudence."

Justin struggled for breath after being almost knocked from his feet and stammered: "Yes, uh, this is my aunt, Prudence Tailleferre. Auntie Pru, this is my cousin, Chelsea D'Enfer, on my father's side of the family. She just got back from Italy last week, and has been up in Toronto since then. How's Justine doing?"

"She was doing fine when I last left her. Her agenda was a long cruise through the eastern Mediterranean and two weeks in England before coming home. It'll be a month before you see her again."

Justin nodded his head. "Sounds like her. Well, we'll just have to do our best to entertain you while you're here."

They collected her baggage at the carousel, and went out to Justin's Hummer for the trip into town. It was a rainy spring Saturday, and mid-morning saw relatively little traffic. Heading into town, Prudence was jolted out of making small talk with Chelsea in the back seat: "Justin, are we making a detour on the way home? I'm sure our guest would like to settle in and relax before we do much else."

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