The Family Jackson Ch. 06


"Yea. I've been asked out a few times since, Michael. I don't want to, though."

"You have to. I know it's hard and unfair, but we have to pretend we're like everyone else. That we're just family."

"And what about me?" Dillon looked over his shoulder at Samantha. "I have a past. A few old friends have been trying to get together with me over the break. I'm running out of excuses."

"Can't you be a jerk? Wait. Of course you can." Samantha said.

"I'm a jerk? Since when?"

"Since, always." Alexis rolled her eyes at him.

"Seriously." Dillon voice grew firm. "I'm kind of known to be up for anyone and anything. A character change is going to be noticed. I don't want to cheat on either of you, but what happens if I get cornered?"

There was a long pause as the girls stared at each other. Alexis broke the contact and lowered her head. Samantha's teasing fingers turned to a gentle caress as she ran her fingers through Dillon's hair.

"Is it really cheating if we know about it?" Samantha's calm voice broke the silence. It held an edge of sadness in it.

"Yes." Dillon answered. When his eyes turned to look at her, they were filled with worry. "I've always been careless with sex. It was just harmless fun. It isn't now. I've never had sex with someone I've truly loved before. How am I supposed to betray both of you, just to keep up appearances?"

"You might have to. We all might. I've got it the easiest. I can use Kyle as an excuse. No guy will want me with him tagging along. Alexis has to finish school and college. That's a whole big world of temptation. Are you okay with her seeing other men?"

Dillon was looking at Alexis when her head rose up and her eyes found him. He saw the tight lip and set jaw. "I've already given her permission, but she doesn't want to."

"I won't." Alexis' eyes turned a darker brown as her anger grew. "I've found the one man I want. Even if he's a clueless Neanderthal."

"What? What am I clueless about, now?"

"How about the fact that you lived in a house for six months with a girl madly in love with you. How about that?"

"Oh. Sorry if I didn't pick up on the signs that my little sister was imagining me banging her silly every single night. My mother must have taught me it was wrong. I don't have a clue who raised you. I assumed you were dating Michael because you actually wanted to date Michael. I'm a guy. Of course I'm a Neanderthal. I can hardly walk upright. Seriously woman, How long have you known me?"

Samantha was snorting as she hauled off and smacked him. Alexis glared, but the smile appeared soon after.

"And that can't help. I don't know how many smacks a guy can take before there's permanent damage. I could have a hematoma."

"Wow. Big word for Doctor Dillon." Alexis leaned across and kissed the side of Dillon's head. "Can we not talk about this for awhile?"

"Sure." Dillon aimed a smirk at her. "Can we watch you masturbate instead?"


"Can I masturbate?"

"No. You're driving."

"Fine. Can I ask you something and get complete honesty from you?"

"Sure." Alexis narrowed her eyes and put her feet back on the dashboard.

"I'm sleeping with both of you. And somehow I love both of you. I know part of it's because we're family and all, but it's more than that. Deeper. It doesn't hurt that you're both beautiful. I'm just worried that somewhere deep down this can't work. The three of us together, I mean. Sammy and I have played and chased each other for years. We've been in and out of relationships the whole time. But you. I'm your first. I assume I'm your first love. I am, aren't I?"

Alexis' bottom lip had disappeared into her mouth. She nodded and darted her eyes to look at Samantha before looking back at Dillon as he was concentrating on the road.

"Not very many first loves last. Statistically anyway. I love you. I truly do. I love you as a big brother and a friend and a lover. And well beyond that. I can't imagine ever not loving you completely."

"Do you have a question in this little speech?"

Dillon grunted and shook his head. "Maybe. I know you love me and this isn't just lust. I just want you to make sure that if this gets out, I don't ruin your life. Our family will come unraveled over this. Our parents. Amber and Kara. The shame of it will fall on them as well."

"You're ashamed of me?"

"No." Samantha broke in and put a comforting hand on Alexis' shoulder. "He's not ashamed of you. That's not what he's saying. He's saying people will judge us. Judge our whole family. They'll think we're sick monsters and our parents probably abused us. For the first time in his life, he's trying to be noble. It's actually sweet. You're in the rush of love right now. You're blind to everything else. It's the way you're supposed to feel. We just need to think it through and come up with some plans. How to live under the same roof and not give ourselves away. How to date and be together in the real world. You're going off to college next fall. That can realistically put a strain on your relationship. It might even be good for you. You'll find out if this love is the kind that can last."

"You're trying to talk me out of this too?"

"No, Lexi. I'm not. I just. We all need to be safe and careful. I don't want this to end, but I don't want to lose our family either. Do you think your Mom won't go ballistic if she finds out? My Dad will probably stroke out. And I'm serious. He's not all that healthy. This could actually kill him. I can't even imagine the guilt I'd feel over that. We have to date other people. Eventually, anyway. All of us. That means we might have to technically cheat on each other. At least to a certain degree."

"I won't." Alexis curled up in a ball and turned away to stare out the passenger side window.

Dillon and Samantha shared a look and shrug. They'd gotten used to the idea years ago. Keeping the secrets and not getting jealous of the other. Despite Greg Granger's douchiness, Dillon didn't mind the guy. How Samantha let him in her pants, was a mystery. They'd just agreed to the games and flirting and never get too involved. That was out the window now. Everything seemed to be.

The hours ticked by with a few idle comments and conversations. Alex stuffed her head into a pair of earphones and tried to ignore the world. The highway turned to a county road and then to a smaller country lane. Trees were replaced by pastures, fields, and fence lines as the Jackson farm appeared. Pulling to a stop in front of the two-story farmhouse, Samantha handed the keys to Alexis. She scurried inside, desperate for the bathroom.

Dillon killed the engine and walked around to open the door for Samantha. Before she could react, she was wrapped up in his arms and being kissed. His arms flexing to pull her against him as tight as he could. When he broke the kiss and opened his eyes, he saw her staring at him with a bit of surprise showing through.

"What was that?"

"That was an I love you. I didn't want you to think I was only thinking of how this would effect her. I'm worried about you too."

"I know. We'll always be fine. I know I love you. And I know you love me. I'm am the older woman, remember?"

"Oh, I know. Your tits are already sagging."

"Careful, Panty Boy. I know where the weapons are. You can wake up in the morning an entirely different gender."

Dillon lifted her off the ground as he chuckled. "Threats already. I love the way you foreplay. I take it, I'm getting lucky tonight."

If you're nice, you might get really lucky."


"Sure. I might let you sleep inside tonight."

"Awesome." Dillon dropped her and started unloading the bags from the back. "I love falling asleep inside a woman."

"That's not what I..."

Dillon's lips shut her up on his way to the house. A bit perturbed at losing, she bundled up Kyle and headed inside as Dillon was making another trip to the pickup. His innocent little smile caused her to glare at him.

The three of them started packing up the clothes Samantha needed. Most of the big stuff had been stored in the barn when she'd moved back home after finding out she was pregnant. Since there wasn't room for much in Dillon's old room, it was mostly clothes and little things she couldn't live without. A small antique makeup mirror and desk set had to go. With only a bit of playful grumbling, Dillon took load after load downstairs. He even eyed the crib he'd have to tear apart and reassemble.

After awhile, Dillon got distracted and sat on the living room floor with his back against the couch as he tried to play blocks. Kyle's only interest was gumming them after knocking them over. Dillon was attempting to explain basic block etiquette when Samantha slid in behind him. With Dillon between her legs, she leaned over and kissed the top of his head.

"It's feeding time."

"Great. I'm thirsty."

"Not you, you pervert. I can't believe you'd steal my son's food."

"Payback's a bitch. He's stealing my room. Besides, we had a heart to heart. I get the left boobie and he gets the right. If he gets any fatter, I'm gonna start taking him to the gym. I'd love to see him on a treadmill. I'm betting I can shoot him twenty feet. The little beach ball would probably roll another thirty."

"Fat? My baby isn't fat."

"He's so fat he can't even walk. Look at him. He tries to eat everything. I could put a bowl of cat food down and he'd scarf it up in seconds."

"If you feed my boy cat food, I'll brain you, you ass."

Dillon handed Kyle to Samantha before settling into the couch and pulling her closer. From over her shoulder, he watched her breastfeeding. His breath warmed the side of her face as he ran a hand up and down her arm.

"Do I get the leftovers?" He whispered in her ear right before his tongue drew a line along her neck.

"Hmmm. If you keep doing that, you can have anything you want."

"What are the sleeping arrangements going to look like, tonight?"

"We've talked, she won't go for a three-way. Sorry?" She teased.

Dillon was gently sucking on her earlobe. "No reason to be. I only have one pecker. And you know how hard it is for me to focus. I'd probably get dizzy and fall off the bed. I've never heard of you working the multiplication tables. You switch hitting these days or just like being in the middle of two guys?"

"Wouldn't you like to know? And no to the two guys. There's too much chance of stupid shit happening that I couldn't stop. I'm not a fan of being treated like an object."

"See, that's where we're different. I love being your blowup doll."

"I can feel it blowing up as we speak. How are we going to do this?"

"You're going to lock Baby Huey in his cage upstairs after he's done with dinner and then come back down here."


"Yea, SportsCenter's on."

"You are not watching TV while we have sex." Her voice grew stern before she felt his stomach pulsating with quiet laughter. She let out a low exasperated growl.

"I'm not? I thought I could get a blowjob and some pizza. Where'd the love go?"

"It'll be upstairs, waiting for you."

Dillon cleaned up the living room and headed upstairs ten minutes after she'd disappeared. His fingers traced lines down the walls of the narrow hallway as he walked. When he got to Samantha's room, he saw Alexis staring at a laptop as she reclined on the bed. Her head came up and pointed down the hall. Dillon saw Kyle already fast asleep in his crib.

Stepping in, Dillon sat down beside Alexis and stroked her leg. "You okay?"


"You sure?"

"Yes. I just don't like thinking about it."

"About the consequences of our actions? Nobody does. I love you, Lex. I won't ever be ashamed of you or feel guilty for what we're doing. I'm your big brother. My job is to protect you. Can you understand that?"

"I understand. I don't need you to protect me. I had six months to think about this. And I knew what I was doing. It is what it is. If we get caught, we'll figure it out."

"And if Mom chops off my pecker?"

"I'll find someone new."

She tried to suppress the giggle when Dillon glared at her while pulling her flat and pinned her arms down. Alexis was squirming to get loose as he pressed all his weight down and then his lips kissed her cheek. She stilled and looked up at him in confusion at not receiving a little pain. He kissed the corner of her mouth and then her bottom lip.

"I love you, Lex." Her head came up to kiss him, but he pulled away and shook his head. "I gotta go take care of your cousin."

"I know."

His hand slid down her arm and caressed her cheek as he kissed her before pulling away to walk out of the room. He found Samantha sitting propped up on some pillows in her parent's king-sized bed. Her head was down as she filed her toenails. Dillon watched her for a bit as he leaned against the doorframe.

"Whatcha thinking about?" Her eyes appeared under her dark lashes as she continued to work on her toes.

"That karma's gonna rip my ass apart one day."

"Be a good boy and you won't have to worry about her. Besides, you love it in the ass."

He walked towards her, losing his shirt in the process. His head worked back and forth as he crawled up the bed on his hands and knees. "Not gonna happen."

"What is gonna happen?"

Dillon took the nail file away from her and snapped it before tossing it off the bed. His smirk grew when he saw her lips suck in to suppress her own smile. Gripping her feet, he pulled her flat on the bed as he scooted backwards. On his hands and knees, he crawled up her body to look down at her.

"All sorts of naughty things. You can invite all your little squirrel friends over."

He unbuttoned her pants and tugged at them as she wiggled her hips to assist. Samantha's shirt came off in her hands as he quickly stripped out of his own clothes. Her panties had worked their way down on one side. His eyes were locked on the angle of them as one thin strap was still on her hip while the other had drifted down her leg.

"You shaved my baby. She looks so cold."

"She isn't."

"I think she is. She probably needs a scarf. Maybe I should snuggle with her."

"You're going to. She needs you bad."

Dillon's hands were sliding up her legs. His eyes were locked on the smooth skin above the beginning of her slit. Her foot came up and stopped him as she placed it on his chest. Samantha wiggled her toes as her hands moved down her body and slipped between her legs. Inch by inch he kissed up her foot as his fingertips worked over her legs.

Samantha's panties came of in his hand. Her legs widening, allowing him to see how wet she was. With just a thumb, he traced up one lip and down the other before licking his thumb clean. His finger did the same, but then circled her opening and disappeared inside. Samantha was teasing her breasts. Running her fingertips across each curve. He could hear her trying to keep her breathing under control as his fingers worked.

With two fingers caressing and teasing, he let his breath drift across her skin. His tongue teasing, and wetting already wet skin. When his tongue did a slow circle around her clit, Samantha's fingers entwined in his hair.

"That's my Dillon. My baby needs you. Kiss her. Oh, kiss her so good."

"I love my little baby." He kissed her clitoris between every word. "My pretty pretty baby. I can't believe I get you forever. I'm gonna make momma angry sometimes, but you'll still love me. Won't you?"

Dillon nuzzled her with his nose. Breathing in her scent. He let his nose slide up between her slit and then his tongue.

"No matter how mad she gets for the stupid shit I say and do, you'll always bring her back to me."

"Always, Dillon. Oh, please stop torturing me." Samantha lifted her ass off the bed to try and force his tongue to continue licking.

Dillon drew her clit into his mouth and let out a low deep rumbling growl. It caused a wave of goosebumps to appear on her skin as she twisted her body against him. Her eyes flared open when he began to hum a lullaby as his tongue started to flick and twist. Shuddering, Samantha drew up her knees as her other hand found the back of his head. Her moans and coos increased in tempo as he did.

He could feel the heat. The wetness soaking his fingers and running into the palm of his hand. He dipped down and ran his tongue across his palm and let out a groan of pleasure. His cock twitched. Pulling her clit back into his mouth, he suckled it. His fingers and tongue now frantic. His other hand was lightly scratching at her leg as they straightened in anticipation of the coming orgasm. Her breathing was now loud desperate gasps.

"I'm cumming. I'm cumming."

Samantha's ass lifted off the bed and then slammed back to earth as her body shook under him. His head was pressed hard against her pussy as she screamed. Dillon could feel a small jet of cum strike his face. As her body slowly relaxed into the receding orgasm, he pushed her legs wide. His tongue was gentle and slow as he lapped at her. Drinking her completely. Over and over, his tongue flattened and moved upwards between her lips.

When he looked up, Samantha's hands were under the pillow she was lying her head on. Her face was a picture of blurry-eyed contentment. He had to chuckle at the smile she was aiming at the ceiling. Slowly, she looked down her body to see him staring at her as his tongue continued to work.


"Nothing. You look so beautiful right after. Want another one?"

"There's a stupid question. How long you planning on staying down there?"

"For one more. Mind if I play with Mr. Pucker?"

Her body twitched.

"I've noticed your fingers are disappearing every now and then."

"Just one. I've never tried two." They shared a questioning look and then she nodded. "Just one for now. Okay?"

"Of course, Cousin. Just lie back and try not to knock me out when Mr. Pucker fights back."

"Good luck with that."

Dillon saw Samantha's eyes drift to the doorway. Looking behind him, he saw Alexis peeking in with an apprehensive smile. When he looked back at Samantha, he shrugged. "Up to you."

Samantha mouth twisted as she thought and then patted the bed beside her and smiled. "Come in."

While nuzzling dangerously close to Samantha's clitoris with his nose, he watched Samantha's eyes follow Alexis' movements. She appeared at the side of the bed and stared down at Dillon between her cousin's legs. In a slow methodical motion, Dillon stretched out his tongue and traced up Samantha's labia. His fingers circled her vagina and then began to tease lower.

"Are you wet, Lex?" Dillon gave Samantha another slow lick as his finger found the beginning pucker of her asshole. It brought a throaty groan from Samantha as her hips flared upwards.


"You like watching us?"


Dillon ran his nose between Samantha's lips all the way up to her clit. "Have you two talked about all three of us together?"

"A little. I've never touched a girl." Alexis said quietly as she looked between the two of them.

"Samantha won't admit she has either. I don't mind if you experiment. It's up to the two of you. I'm not all that talented at pleasing two girls at once. Just warning you."

Patting the bed, Samantha nodded to Alexis. "You can lie next to me and watch."

Alexis let out a nervous sigh and swallowed hard. Dillon lowered his head and concentrated on what he was supposed to be doing. He tapped with his finger to warn her and then let it slide over and around her asshole. Her juices had soaked the bedding beneath them. As gently as he could, he teased her clit with his tongue.

"Leave her alone for a bit. You know where I need it."

His tongue moved lower and slipped into her. His free hand came up and around so he could hold her hips down. She was gritting her teeth and whining as his finger began to rub gentle circles. His tongue darting in and out of her pussy. Dillon felt a light caress run across his shoulder and looked up to see Alexis kneeling beside them. Her eyes moved up and down Samantha's body.

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