tagBDSMThe Family Ritual Ch. 14

The Family Ritual Ch. 14


(c)2013 angelface195 all rights reserved

Here are the main characters:

The Cassidy's
Matthew: The Patriarch
Helen: His wife
Hayley: Their youngest daughter
Samantha: Their middle daughter who is married to actor Brandon Mitchell
Denise: Eldest daughter married to Daniel Worth
Jonah: Eldest child and only son – he is married to Quinn
Lance:Elder brother to Matthew
Miriam: Lance's wife.

Son in law's
Brandon Mitchell - Actor
Daniel Worth –Sports agent
Quinn Cassidy – Daughter-in-law married to Jonah
* Mason Chadwell –great nephew to Matthew, being considered as possible husband for Daniela
Jake Harrison – Fiancé to Hayley
*Isabel Cassidy Smythe – Daughter of Matthew's sister Maxine, suitor to Daniela
*Stephen Cassidy – son of Dent Cassidy, Matthew's brother suitor to Daniela

*Margaret Jones – Assistant to Hayley
*Brian West – Assistant to Jake
Daniela –Frederick's daughter and now submissive to Hayley
* Marvina – New Housekeeper to Hayley and Jake

* New main character's

Matthew felt a great loss. He felt as if he had a cut that would never heal. He needed some time alone and that night after Hayley left, Matthew left. Helen knew that he would need time alone. His mother had done the same thing when she realized that she had lost her son. Helen went to bed knowing that soon Matthew would again be all hers.

Matthew went to Madame. She was expecting him. Madame took him into the punishment room and whipped him until he cried. He slept that night and the next in a cage where he was whipped and fucked by her slaves. He was punishing himself. He would heal and he would accept that Hayley did not belong to him anymore.

As he lay on the cot in the cage, Matthew Cassidy cried. He cried for the loss of Hayley, he cried for his treatment of Helen. Matthew wailed because Hayley loved Jake more than him, he wept when he remembered his emotions about his own mother and finally, Matthew cried because of the ritual; because to most of the world this would be so fucked up and illegal, but this was their family and no matter what, the ritual must continue. He, Hayley and the rest of his family had no choice. This deal was bigger than all of them.


Helen felt great love for her daughter. She took Hayley to lunch the next day. It was all a process they had to go through to reach this point. Hayley told her mother she loved her. Helen told Hayley that she was proud of her. There bond was stronger than ever and as mother and daughter, they knew this day would come and it had. They had a wedding to plan and they would do it together.


Daniela was feeling as if she was throwing up her guts. Millie brought her some crackers and some tea, which she ate slowly. Daniela would be leaving for New York in three days. She was eagerly waiting her time with Jake and Hayley but nervous about meeting Stephen and Isabel. A part of her was excited about seeing Mason.


Quinn and Jonah had found a house that met with their expectations. It had an attic and had once belonged to Kate, the President's wife. The attic was already furnished as a playroom. They would replace some of the items with updated ones and buy new ones but it was perfect for them. They would close in a month. In the meantime, Jonah spent a great deal of time on his knees eating his wife's pussy.

Quinn was happier than she had ever been in her marriage. She felt strong. She wanted this wedding over so that she and Jonah could start a family.

Quinn turned around and spread her ass cheeks, "Get over here boy and lick my asshole. See if you can make me come that way." She ordered as Jonah crawled behind her and began to lick.


Brandon called Jake to invite him to the movie premiere in New York after the holidays. Jake accepted for him and Hayley.

Samantha and Hayley spoke daily now that wedding plans were in full swing. Samantha was helping Daniela plan the shower and the bachelorette party.


Stephen Cassidy was really worried about all this Daniela business. He was also worried about going to Madame's. He wasn't exactly sure if he were a Dom or a Sub or a Switch. He wasn't sure if he wanted to be married and he wasn't sure if Daniela was right for him. He wished his mother would talk to his father about all this, but Sally, his mother always did what Dent wanted and she was pushing him. Stephen thought that after this meeting he would speak with his Uncle Matthew and ask for his help. Matthew was the only one Dent would listen to.


Jake and Hayley were snowed in the first day of December. The snow fell heavy and everything grounded to a halt, even Marvina called to say she couldn't make it. They slept late and spent the day enjoying each other. In the afternoon, they both did work on their computers where they sat facing each other at the breakfast table.

Hayley slid her leg up his thigh. Jake grabbed her leg and held it as she moved her toes on his cock through his pants. "Hayley, I have work to do. Please stop." Jake said his voice playful.

Hayley kept it up. Jake's voice was much more stern, "Please Hayley if you don't stop, I will punish you."

Hayley didn't stop. She wanted to see how far she could push him. Jake very annoyed finished what he was doing. He got up from his chair and grabbed Hayley by her ponytail. She fell off the chair onto the floor. Jake pulled her by her ponytail into the playroom.

Hayley fought him. "So you want to play. I have work to do and I'll make sure that you behave." Jake said as he pulled down her sweat pants and spanked her bottom.

"More Sir more." Hayley begged.

"I'm glad you're enjoying yourself." Jake said as he dumped Hayley onto the floor. He took a length of rope and tied her hands together. Jake picked her up and took her over to the bed. He removed her sweatpants but left on her shirt. Jake tied her legs to the bedposts. Jake pulled her tied hands over to the headboard and attached the rope to the headboard.

"When I get back, I'll deal with you." He said as he left the room.

Hayley lay there fuming. She wanted to play. She had hoped Jake would spank her and then fuck her. Her pussy was itching for his cock. She lay there for an hour. She called to him. He didn't come. She fell asleep and when she awoke two hours later she was still tied. She had to pee. She held it. Hayley yelled at the top of her lungs, but no Jake.

A half an hour later he came into the room. He had a glass of water which he took a sip of. "I bet you have to pee right about now?" He said.

"Please Sir; I don't want to pee on myself. I'm a grown woman." Hayley said obstinately.

"No you're not. You're my slut, my submissive, my fiancé, my slave, my whore, but you are not a grown woman." Jake said taking another sip of water. He went over to the bathroom and turned on the faucet. "Today you acted like a spoiled brat. I think you wanted punishment and then to be fucked. If you had let me finish what I was doing I might have given you exactly what you wanted, but instead you decided not to listen. I should make you pee in the bed, but I won't. I will let you pee in the bathroom and then I will show you what it's like when I tell you to stop." Jake said as he walked towards her.

Hayley's bladder was ready to burst as Jake untied her and helped her to the bathroom. She stayed in there for nearly five minutes before she washed her hands and came out.

She dropped to her knees. "Master I'm sorry." Her voice was soft, but with a hint of mischievousness. She was still toying with him.

"I don't know what's gotten into you today, but you will be punished Hayley." Jake said seriously.

Hayley looked up at him through her lashes, a smile playing on her lips. Jake was getting really pissed off.

Grabbing her by her hair, he brought her over to the spanking bench. He tied her to the bench and got the cane. He almost picked up the punishment cane, but he was too angry and didn't want to hurt her.

Jake began hitting her legs, her buttocks and the soles of her feet. Hayley was screaming and begging. She had never felt such pain. "Master, I was only playing, please, please. It hurts." She cried. She used her safe word, "red, please." Jake stopped.

She was weeping. He pushed down his pants and shoved his cock in her mouth. Jake fucked her mouth and didn't look at her. He fucked her as if she were some whore on the street. He pulled her hair hard and fucked her mouth until it was sore. Hayley wept. When he came, Jake held Hayley's head all the way down on his dick nearly choking her. Suddenly he pulled out and walked out the room without looking back.

Hayley wept, but through her tears, there was a smile.


Jake calmed down. He left her for a half an hour. He returned and untied her. He massaged her feet, legs and buttocks. Hayley was exhausted and Jake picked her up. Taking her to the bedroom Jake laid her gently on the bed. He went into the bathroom and ran a bath for Hayley.

He took off her top. Her breasts were magnificent and he couldn't resist taking her nipples in his mouth. "I'm sorry Jake. I don't know what got into me."

Jake looked at her, "You wanted to see how far you could push me." He said simply, "I know you will do it again."

"Probably." She said smiling. She leaned up on her elbow and looked at him, "Were you really angry?"

"Yes Hayley. I was very angry. I was in the middle of a big project that needed to be finished." He said.

"Good. I wanted to see another side of you. I don't think you've ever been angry at me." Hayley said.

Jake thought for a moment, "I haven't until now. Was this very intense for you?"

Hayley bit her lip, "yes Sir, but..." She hesitated. "I kind of enjoyed it. I guess that makes me a bit of a masochist doesn't it?"

Jake didn't answer for a few minutes, "I don't think so. I just think you're finding your strength through all this family ritual stuff." Jake kissed her forehead and continued, "I have a theory that you need me to help balance you through all this. I think that's what your family does with each other. I think it's ingrained in your DNA."

Hayley thought about all this. "You might be right." She pulled him over to her for a kiss, "Please forgive me."

"It's over and you are of course forgiven. I'm going to take you in the bathroom and we are going to bathe together." He said as he sat up. Jake picked her up and took her into the bathroom. He placed her in the tub then got undressed and joined her.

They lay together in the bath, the steam rising up around them. Jake held Hayley in his arms. She relaxed onto him and he played with her nipples. "Uhm, that feels so good Sir." She said.

Hayley turned her head and Jake captured her lips with his in a very deep kiss. "I don't like being angry with you." He said as he lightly pinched her nipple.

"It's good to know that you can get angry and let go. Jake, it's unrealistic to think that we won't get angry with each other." Hayley said.

"Yes, but I don't like it. I love you and I want to take care of you." He said.

Hayley turned her body around to look at Jake, "You do. I love everything we do. Yes it hurt. It hurt like hell, but I knew you wouldn't seriously hurt me." She touched his face, "I trust you Jake, with my life."

Hayley continued, "I know you went to Madame and so did I. She told me that I could take a great deal of pain and that you would push me little by little. I want that. I want to satisfy you in every way. I want you to take me the way you want to take me. I am completely yours. I told my father that. I told my mother. You are the love of my life, Jake."

Jake pulled her towards him and onto his lap. He eased his cock into her pussy and they made love in the tub. Jake sucked Hayley's nipples as she came on his cock. He held her as he moved inside her pussy. He came deep inside her. "I can't wait to feel your pregnant pussy and your pregnant breasts full with milk. I love you girl. I love you with all my heart." Jake said.

"You complete me Jake." Hayley said as she exploded again her lips pressed to his.


Matthew returned home and Helen pretended as if he had never left. He was a changed man. The two nights he had spent at Madams had made him realize a great deal. His heart was still heavy with loss, but he was able to deal with it.

Matthew kissed his wife. He took her into the bedroom and for the first time in a very long time Matthew made love to Helen and told her that he loved her. Helen was getting her husband back. She knew it would take time, but she was certain that when Hayley and Jake got married, Matthew would, for the rest of their lives be hers. The ritual always made it that way.

Helen and Matthew had been together for thirty-five years and they loved each other. However, from the moment Hayley was born, Matthew knew she would be his heir. He might have fucked the rest of the children, but Matthew loved Hayley. If he could, he would have married her himself. Even as a child, Hayley got most of his attention. Business sometimes kept him away, but for Hayley he never missed a ballet recital, a singing recital, an equestrian meet or a soccer meet. Hayley was the apple of his eye and he doted on her. So everyone including Helen was surprised when he let her go to New York.

Matthew did that for two reasons. The first because if he didn't he knew he would fuck her before the time came and he needed to resist that temptation, the second reason was simply that she had asked. He could deny her nothing.

She was now going to be married to a young man that Matthew had the greatest respect and admiration for and he had to give her up. His heart was broken, but he accepted this. It was the nature of things. Hayley, after her wedding night, would be just his daughter. He would and could never touch her again. He could never sink his dick into that succulent pussy that he had deflowered. He would never again feel her beautiful mouth on his cock. She would always be his favorite child, but he would lose the young woman he had fallen in love with and yes, Matthew was in love with her. He would walk her down the aisle and give her to Jake and it would break his heart all over again.

He now owed Helen so much and would spend the rest of his life making up to her. She would become his focus, something that Helen had waited over twenty-one years to feel again.

Matthew held Helen and vowed that he would make the most of his time with Hayley until then and then he would let her go.


Daniela arrived on Thursday. Jake left work early to pick her up at the airport. He was happy to see her and she him. He ran his hand up her leg and she opened for him. "I plan to fuck you every day while you're here. I will try to keep Matthew away from you."

"Thank you Master." She moaned as Jake slide his finger in her pussy.

Jake drove her to the house. He introduced her to Marvina and brought her into her room. Hayley was still at work.

As Daniela went to unpack her suitcase, Jake lifted up her dress. She stilled. "Continue unpacking but don't move from this spot." Jake ordered. He left her there and went into the playroom. He returned with the paddle.

"I've missed you. You should have called me and asked me to come visit you in Boston." Jake said.

Daniela's voice hitched, "I'm sorry Sir. I never knew when Matthew was coming." She said.

Jake raised the paddle and gave her three on her naked ass. He bent her forward and brought his cock up and into her pregnant pussy. "You feel very different. I like it." He said as he fucked into her. Jake held her by her neck and fucked back and forth.

"Oh Master I missed your dick so much. Please fuck me, please." Daniela said as Jake moved in and out.

"I'll do more than that tonight. Hayley is looking forward to you eating her pussy." Jake said as he moved his hips. "I love to watch the two of you. I'm also glad I can fuck you both without a condom."

"Your cock is so good Master." Daniela said as Jake grabbed her hair and pulled it as he fucked her.

"I'm glad to have both of you tonight. I will take you and Hayley into the playroom for a time. Tomorrow your suitors will be here to meet." Jake said fucking into her, "Oh Shit! I may not let you go with them. Your pussy is so fucking good." He said as he pushed himself inside of her and let go.

Jake came hard and held onto Daniela's hip with one hand and her hair with the other. "I know you haven't cum." He said exhausted. "I'll take care of that later. Finish unpacking and clean up. Hayley will be home soon." He said as he pulled out of her, zipped up his pants and left.

Daniela felt empty. She wanted Jake's cock back in her snatch. Reaching down she felt his semen and thrust her fingers inside her pussy. She pulled them out and licked them. He tasted so damn good, she couldn't wait for tonight.


Hayley and Mary had a nice lunch together. They laughed like schoolgirls and went back to the office in great spirits. Hayley told Mary that tomorrow Mason was coming over to visit with Daniela. She left out the part that Isabel and Stephen along with her parents would be there.

"I really think Mason is hot! I wish it were me he was coming to see." Mary said as she took a bite of her shrimp.

Hayley held Mary's hand, "Mason is not for you. He's a bit of a bad boy and your brother would kill me if I introduced you to him. Don't worry I'll find you someone, someone as nice as Jake."

Mary smiled and patted her hand, "I'll hold you to it."


Dinner was being prepared as Hayley came home. Daniela, who had changed into a red button down shirt and jeans, greeted her at the door and they hugged. Jake followed behind and kissed Hayley. "How was your day?" He asked.

"Busy but I had lunch with your sister. I promised to keep an eye out for a man for her." Hayley said smiling. "Someone sweet and kind like you."

Daniela looked at Hayley, "There's only one like him, Mistress."

Hayley agreed, "Your right, let's go have dinner."

Matthew phoned to make sure that Daniela had safely arrived. He and Helen would be joining them for dinner Saturday night. Jake was looking forward to finding out more about Daniela's three suitors. Mason had not impressed him. He hoped the other two were more agreeable.

Hayley and Daniela spent some time going over some wedding plans with Collin via SKYPE. When they were finished, Hayley who had changed into a chemise and a pair of pajama pants ran her finger down Daniela's back. "Get undressed. I'm sure Master will be here soon. You and I haven't spent much time together."

Daniela smiled at Hayley and took off her jeans and sweater. Jake walked into the bedroom. He was all sweaty from working out in the gym. Daniela was in just a bra as Jake entered the room. "Daniela from now on when it's just us, I want you to be naked. I bought you a present." He said and went into his dresser. "You won't be with us much longer so while you are we want you to know that you are loved." He handed her a box.

Daniela opened it. She gasped as she saw the gold collar. The front of the collar was engraved with 'Slave'; the inside was engraved with, 'you are always a part of us, Jake and Hayley."

Tears sprang into her eyes as she took the collar out the box. Daniela dropped to her knees and crawled towards Jake. "I'll put it on you in the playroom. You may crawl there and wait by the door. We will talk about tomorrow." Jake said as he went to the shower.

Daniela took off her bra and placed the collar in her mouth. She crawled past Marvina who had not gone home yet to sit by the door.

Marvina look lustfully at Daniela but said nothing. Hayley noticed and got an idea, which she would later share with Jake. Marvina said goodnight to Hayley, put on her coat and left.

Jake had gotten out of the shower. He was naked except for the towel wrapped around him. Hayley knelt in front of him. "Yes Hayley?" Jake asked.

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