tagLetters & TranscriptsThe Fantasies Series Ch. 01

The Fantasies Series Ch. 01


I'm naked, full breasts dangling freely and brown nipples taut from the slight breeze, the short curly hair at the juncture of my legs hiding how absolutely turned on I am. I'm blindfolded -- you kiss and fondle me at your leisure, run your breath over my skin, and I never know from where to expect the attack. You come up behind me and press your erection against the crack of my ass as one hand reaches around to fondle my breast, the other working its way between my legs. I press against your fingers greedily, wanting the friction, the contact, wanting more, more. You laugh, and pull away. A tongue running from my hip to my waist, kisses on my tummy, lips on my breasts, my neck.

I'm moaning, I haven't moved, and suddenly there is light. Standing behind me, you take the cloth off my eyes and use it to bind my wrists behind my back. You push down on my shoulders, and I sink to my knees. There I am, sitting on my heels, hands restrained, and if I move I'll topple over. You come around and shove your erection at my face, but I turn my head away. You run it across my face, cruelly, crudely, leaving streaks of pre-cum on my cheek before you grab my head between your two hands and push your cock between my pursed lips.

God, that image -- me bound on my knees before you while you fuck my mouth. My eyes close in concentration every time you push down into my throat, open again each time you pull out and smear your cock amongst my face. I suck desperately, making up for the lack of my hands.

And then you stop, lift me up, only to shove me forward, bending me over the bed. My ass is in the air, arms bound behind me, face pushed against the bed, and you grab my hips tightly to gain purchase. I can feel you pulling my pussy lips apart, viewing the pink, glistening mass. Fuck. I feel the head of your cock against my entrance, feel its smooth head just barely pressing against me and I moan. I want so badly for you to take me, to just ram it into me and fuck me from behind, to end this sweet torture and I can hardly stand it and I want to push back but you're holding me tightly and I can't move and all I can say is "Please, please, now. Lo necesito, por favor."

And then, then you push into me soooo slowly that I can actually feel the bulbous head of your cock pushing into me, the ridge of the head, the shaft, every inch, every goddamn fucking inch and you're taking your goddamn time and fuck, fuck it feels so good. God, I'm so fucking turned on thinking about it, about me there on your bed and you buried balls-deep inside of me and take me from behind and all I can do is take it at the pace and depth that you wish and repeat my litany of "please, more, por favor" and you can oblige me or not.

You're still going at that fucking slow pace pulling out slowly and then purposefully thrusting back in so that I can feel every single inch of you moving inside of me, and on every outstroke you look down and see your cock emerging from my pussy gleaming fucking wet. I'm moaning like a banshee and suddenly something snaps in you and you begin to fuck me furiously, with quick shark strokes like a horny rutting dog and I grunt with each stroke "unh, unh, unh" and goddamn if you're not hitting that spot right there on the inside that I always aim for when I'm thrusting my fingers desperately inside of myself in the shower. I can feel a drop of sweat fall onto my back.

I can tell you're close, and you undo my bindings and come to stand in front of me. I suck you off willingly, loving the mixed taste of us on your cock, using my newly freed hands to run my palm up the length of your shaft, over the slick head, and back down; alternating hands and mouth, and suddenly your body jerks and you let out a gasp and a moan, and I close my eyes as hot semen lands on my cheeks, my eyelids, my lips.

I've masturbated to this fantasy. Three in the morning with everyone else asleep and I'm there imagining streams of cum on my face with my fingers furiously working my clit and it's a damn good thing it's so late at night because I cannot silence the short escalating gasps of my orgasm and I lay there panting for a good while afterwards with the intensity of it. You've no idea how I've been, desperate for cock, desperate for *your* cock. I want to feel you inside me, your member lodged deep in my (mouth, pussy, ass). I want to feel that fullness that my fingers won't satisfy, that rhythm that I can't duplicate with any convenient substitute or toy. I want your kiss, and the weight of your body upon mine...

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