The Fantasy


I get a call from you one morning at my office. You tell me hello in your soothing voice. I can tell that you are up to something when I hear you talk to me this way, even just with the word hello. I giggle out of instinct because I know that I am about to hear what you are thinking. Shouldn’t you be asleep, I think? After all, you do work the midnight shift so first thing in the morning is the middle of your night. I don’t ask because I want to know what is on your mind instead.

“Write this down” you tell me. You begin talking and I write. It is an address that I don’t recognize. “You get that?” you ask. Yes, I have the right address I realize as you repeat it again to be sure.

“What is this for?” I ask. You are silent for a moment and then you continue. You give me a time and then ask if I have that also. Of course I do. You know I am hanging on every word you say, very curious. One thing we have learned is that your patience is the opposite side of the scale of mine. I am incredibly impatient and for that you are good at making me wait to teach me the benefits of good patience.

“Be at that address at that time” you tell me. I look at the paper I have written on and then the clock. I have about 1.5 hours and I realize that I need to find the address still and prepare for whatever you have planned. The last thing you say to me is “Trust me and I will see you soon”. You know I trust you but it was nice for you to reaffirm that I don’t have to worry the next 1.5 hours but to get ready.

I leave my office since I have nothing special on my calendar that day. Of course, you know that from a conversation the evening before. I go home and put a sexy teddy on under my business suit. I freshen up and reapply my make up. I then go to the computer to use map quest to look up the address that I need to be at in a short time. I am still curious but not worried. You will be there and I am sure to enjoy whatever you are up to.

The computer tells me that my travel time is approximately 32 minutes. That gives me time to anticipate the trip for about that long. I put on a video that you and I have enjoyed together and before I realize it, my suit is off on the floor and my teddy is drenched. I watch the movie and picture you sitting on the couch next to me watching with me. I finger my very wet pussy, cumming just at the thought of the call a short time ago. I look at the clock and decide that I need to redress and start for my destination.

After just a few minutes, I am in the car freshened up again with my directions in hand. I turn up the radio and start to follow the path set in front of me to the address in question. The directions are right on and I soon realize that I am merely minutes away from the place. I am in a fairly nice neighborhood and am about 10 minutes early. After locating the exact address I sit in my car up the street careful to get there at the exact time you told me to.

As I sit and wait, I anticipate the hours ahead and I feel my pussy get wet with my own thoughts of what you might have in store. Finally, the time passes and I pull my car to the street in front of the house and park. I see the blinds move slightly in the front window and hope it is you assuring I am there. I briefly think that this may be a surprise party for something and I might feel silly with a teddy on and a soaking wet pussy. What if there are tons of people I know in there ready to yell “Surprise!!!”? That is very unlikely; I decide and chuckle to myself as I reach the door. I ring the bell.

It is very quiet on the other side of that door and I start to wonder if I am in the right place. Just as I consider going back to the car, the door opens. You are standing there fully dressed with a big smile on your face. I can tell that you have a hard on due to the bulge in your pants. The site of you is awesome but I look at you puzzled. You reach out and hug me and kiss me, feeling all over my body as you do so. What an awesome hello, I think. You whisper in my ear “It is okay, follow me”, and then feel my body relax in your arms.

You step away from me and take my hand, leading me into the house. There is no one in the living room but the two of us. I am still puzzled but know that it is okay, so I do my best to display patience and I wait for you tell lead me. “You know how we have discussed your fantasy of me teaching you to lick pussy at length?” You say. I nod yes. “Well, I came up with a very interesting way to fulfill that fantasy. Do you want to see it?” I smile and nod again. “You pussy is already wet, isn’t it?” You ask. I take your hand and slide it down my suit pants where you feel the nice slick wetness of it through the teddy. “Very nice” you tell me and kiss me again.

This time you take my hand and start to lead me down the hall. Stopping periodically to kiss me and touch me, assuring I feel safe the entire time. We stop at a door that is shut and you open it. You step back for me to go in first. I look in the room and see a very attractive woman tied to the bed. “Is that you?” She says. You don’t answer but you look at me and encourage me to enter the room. As I do so, I take in all the details of this room. The blinds are pulled which makes the room dark, yet there are candles all over the room. You start to light them as I look around.

The bed is huge and the woman is tied right to the middle of it on her hands and knees. She is naked and has handprints on her bottom that strikingly resemble yours. She has on a blind fold and is trying to see out of the bottom to see what is going on around her. She can hear the match ignite and turns her head to where she thinks you are. She can hear me move also and you can tell she is confused. “Who was at the door?” she asks. “What is going on?” “Are you here at all?” She sounds a little worried to be honest.

You stop what you are doing and go over to her. Looking at me, you touch her hair and her face. I can see her body relax as she feels your touch. You eyes locked with mine as you trace down her neck to her breast. Her nipple just perks right up with you that close to her and I can relate to that feeling. “You are okay” you tell her “I am here”. She tried to reach out to you but can’t with her hands tied up. It is evident that she is not trying to that hard, of course. I have been tied in the exact same way and didn’t try to get away either. She is definitely a smart woman, I think.

I move a little closer to you both and she senses me there. Her head turns my way as she tries to see from the bottom of her blindfold again. You get her attention back to you by sliding your fingers across her pussy lips. I hear her moan and watch her legs spread instinctively due to your touch. I am so wet I can barely stand it and I slowly slide my pants off as you watch me carefully. She is oblivious to my presence, only enjoying your fingers slide into her wet pussy as she practically begs to cum.

When she does, you pull your hand out and I see how wet your fingers are. I reach my hand down and rub my pussy through the teddy, dying to cum myself. You walk over to me and kiss me deeply, then slide the fingers into my mouth, covered in her wet pussy. You then kiss me again. She is recovering from her orgasm, but trying to keep track of you in the room by sound. She can tell that you are kissing someone. “Who is here with you?” She asks breathlessly.

“I told you who it would be” you say, “It is my girlfriend”. She laughs at your answer. She obviously doesn’t think that a girlfriend would really go for this and thinks you are kidding. I pull your pants down and am greeted by your nice hard cock. I kneel down to put it deep in my mouth. She can hear the slurping sounds and you moaning. “I can’t be faking that, now can I?” You say.

She seems to pay more attention and is trying to figure out if someone else is there or if you are messing with her mind. You are telling me what a nice cock sucker I am and I can see out of the corner of my eye, her squirm. Listening to you get head is driving her nuts. “Do you want me to spank you?” You ask her. “Be patient, I am busy” and she seems to relax a little.

She hears you cum in my mouth and although she can’t see it, her imagination is picturing every single moment. “Do you want to see me fuck her ass?” you ask me and I nod, wiping my mouth of the cum that got out. You take me by the hand and say “Please answer me, honey, so she knows you are there.”

She perks up as she waits for an answer. “Yes, baby, I do” I say and she seems to tense up a little bit. You lead me to her on the nice big bed. You lean down in front of her and lick right up her clit, covering your face with wet as you do. I watch the reaction of her body and love every minute of it. I slowly remove my top and teddy and am now fully naked. The room smells of soaking wet pussy between these two women right in front of you. I have my fingers in my pussy as I watch you VERY closely please this woman.

You sit up to kiss me and remove my hand from my pussy, replacing it with hers. “Return the favor” you tell her and she starts to fuck my pussy with her fingers. Clumsily at first which leads you to say “Just touch her the way you like to be touched”. This makes a huge difference as you notice the smell of pussy get even stronger in the room. I move on the bed such that she can finger my pussy and I can watch you lick her. I watch every movement of your tongue, the way your nose hits her clit, your fingers added periodically and ride her fingers as I do. I can sense she is about to cum by her breathing, her fingers in my pussy and the intensity with which you are moving.

Just as I cum, she says that she can feel me cum on her fingers and she starts to cum also. You quickly move back and pull me forward to lick her pussy as she cums from your tongue. The way that her pussy feels against my tongue is amazing. It throbs and gets even wetter, almost begging me not to stop. I surprise myself and start to follow the feel of her body as I keep on licking her cumming pussy.

You step back and watch the two of us. I am licking her pussy as she bucks and screams. She has one hand in my pussy deep and the other on my head just pulling me in. What a beautiful site. You start to stroke but then decide to move behind her and watch over her shoulder. She pushes her body up against you and you recall how badly she wants you to fuck her ass. You reach down and start to slide your cock into her wet pussy. You feel my tongue lick it as you do so. She shudders again, cumming immediately following the last orgasm. I start to pull away from her but you tell me not to stop yet.

After a few strokes, you pull your cock out and start to slowly slide it into her tight ass. “Lick her pussy while I fuck her ass, baby” you say to me and I hear her moan deeply at your words. I can feel her push her body back against you begging you to take her fast and hard. You, of course, pull your body back. You slap her ass. “Who is fucking who here?” You ask and she purrs. You take her by the hips and plunge her cock into her ass slowly. I continue to lick her soaking wet pussy. The three of us are in a perfect rhythm. The way that I am situated, I can lick her pussy, but look up and see your cock slide in and out of that nice tight ass.

Oh we are working her over, I think as I add my fingers to her pussy. I concentrate my tongue on her clit, feeling what her body is asking like you have described to me so many times. I can hear it if I pay attention to detail. You are fucking with more intensity but that is understood, we have been teasing you for a while now. I feel her pussy start to throb and I add another finger inside her pussy. I can feel your cock between the walls of her body, fucking her ass and you look down at me since you can feel me too.

“Oh cum baby” I say, really to both of you. She answers that she is going to and starts to scream, trying to pull my fingers out of her pussy but I won’t allow her. I keep fucking her and am amazed at just how wet it gets as you keep going. You hear her cum and feel it and that is all you can handle. You pull your cock out and start to cum all over her back. I move my face down to taste her pussy and finish her off with my tongue and get your cum in my hair. I just love to look up and watch you stroke the cum out of your cock.

The three of us sit, winded on the bed and try to catch our breath. You take my hand and help me up. “Say goodbye properly” you tell me and I go over and kiss her deeply on her mouth. This allows her to taste her own pussy on me. You help me gather my clothes and clean up, leaving her tied to the bed. You walk me to the door and ask me if I enjoyed myself. I smile at you and kiss you with a very slight trace of her pussy on me still. “Let me clean up here and properly say goodbye” you tell me. “I will be home an hour behind you and I will explain then”. You open the door for me and kiss me one last time.

I walk to my car as I watch you shut the door. I can’t wait to hear how we ended up at this address today. I have an hour to kill until you get home. I consider stopping at the grocery store or somewhere to run errands but find myself driving straight home. An hour gives me time to clean up again, put on a good video and be playing with my toys on the couch when you walk in the door. I think that is a better plan since I have a feeling that your explanation is going to make me wet again anyway. And we both know what that will lead to, don't we??

C K & L

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