The Farewell


This could be a possible series finale to "The X Files."

"Who's there?"

"Scully, it's Mulder. Let me in."

Scully was unprepared for company, but she opened the door.

"You gonna let me in?"

"Oh, sorry, come in, Mulder."

The tall FBI agent sheepishly glashed at the beautiful redhead as he walked inside. "Scully, you look wonderful."

"Thank you, Mulder." Scully was dressed in a satin black dress. "Please, call me Dana, were off duty."

"Fine, just don't call me Fox."

"It's a deal."

He looked at his partners bare house. He couldn't belive she was going to be partnered with someone else, in some other state, after only 8 years together. He saw their was a pot on the stove. S"Sorry, Sc...Dana. Didn't know you were making supper

"That's ok, I figured I should make enough for 2, for emergincies like this. What's on your mind? The mailman get injected with alien serum?

"He what?"

"Mulder, I'm kidding."

He smiled, "Just hate to see all this go. Just as I was getting to the bottom of something."

"Ya, I know what you mean."

"Of course," he shyly looked at the floor, "I'll miss you too."

"AHHHH, Mulder," she gave her partner a hug, "I'll miss you too."

Without exactly realizing it, Mulder gave his partner a kis on the cheek. "I love you, Dana."

"I love you too, Mulder."

Mulder lowered his hands from Scully's waist to the plumpness of her ass. "I NEED you Dana. NOW!" He kissed the agent full on the mouth. He squeezed the beauties cheeks.

Pleasenty suprised at this development, Scully returned his kiss. Her hands were busy tugging at his Jeans. Finally, Mulder exepted Scully's tongue. When Scully hand Mulder's pants to his knees, their kiss broke. "Oh, Mulder, I've wanted this for so long." She grabbed the material of her dress and yanked it over her head. Underneath, she had on a silky black bra with matching black panties. She slowyly lowered them around her ankles and kicked them off. Her bush was smooth and shaved.

Mulder was tugging his shirt over his head. He had already kicked of his pants and underwear. Under it all, he had an 7 inch rock member. He whipped the shirt to the floor. "Know you."

Scully put her fingers on her bra and unclasped it. It whizzed to the floor. She had the perfect set of round breasts that Mulder has ever seen. The were milky white with bit nipples. Rubbing them seductvely she offered them to her partner.

He rubbed his nose around the nipples and them stuck out his tongue. Licking them with wild passion, he sucked them until his tongue went dry, and he had to swallow to obtain more saliva. Choosing a hand, he fingered Scully's soaking pussy.

"OH, MULDER! FINGER MY WET CUNT!!! I LOVVVVE IT!! The agent was humping his hand with enormous energy. YEESSSSS!!!! OH, YEEAAHHHH! FINGER MY SLUTTTYYYY PUSSSYYYY!

The vulgarity of Scully's mouth got Mulder VERY turned on. "Yeah, Dana, your a nasty whore.

"YEEESSS! I'M A WHORE! FINGER MY WHORE CUNT!" She was jerking her head soldly, that Mulder wondered how she didn't get whiplash."OHHH, GOD, I'm CUMMMINNNGGG!" A huge orgasm rocked Scully and washed over Mulder's finger.

He pulled his sticky finger form his stunning partner and put it in her mouth.

Putting her tongue on Mulder's finger, she licked her juices from it.

"Suck your nasty juice from my finger, slut," Mulder hissed. Erecting himself, he put a hand around his dick. "SUCK IT BITCH,!"the dark-haired agent ordered.

The pretty redhead grabbed Mulder's hard-on and guided it to her lips. Sticking her soft tongue out, she licked the head. Then, she stroked it a couple times.

"SUCK ME, SCULLY,!" Mulder commanded. He then forced the whole dick in. Grabbing her silky hair, he pumped his rigid member in Scully's mouth. "YEAH,"he whispered, "Suck my cock. Lick my dick.

Just then, Scully grabbed her partners balls and played with them.

"YA! Play with my balls. SUCK ME, SCULLY!!!" Just then Mulder fondled Sclly's massive boobs. "Oh, yeah. Lick it, slut."

Scully steadied hersel by placing her hands on Mulder's ass. She loved the feel of her soon-to-be ex-partner's balls on her chin as Mulder slammed hard into her mouth.

"OHH, I'MM, CUUMMIINNGGG!" He slapped Scully's mouth once more, and unloaded his huge wad of filth down her throat. Once finished, he let go of Scully's head, and popped his dick out of the redhead's mouth. He found a chair and rested for a minute. "Scully, I'm REALLY gonna miss you," he said as he tried to regain his erection.

"UM,!"She said hoarsely, "Me too. I'll come to visit every once in awhile, however. Now, about that cock in my wet cunt."

Hearing Scully say cunt, Mulder's dick went solid again. He sat up and Scully relaxed flat on her back on the cold, linoulime floor. "You ready."

"FUCK ME!! She commanded.

He guided his enormous member the beauties lovely pussy lips. He slowly guided in,, until his cockhead dissappeared inside Scully. Then, in one burst, he shoved his erection in her cunt.

"YA! FUUCCKK MYY PUUSSYY!!! HARDERR,! she growled. The lovely agent put her fingers to Mulder's tight ass and helped as he humped her wet pussy violently. YEESSSS! FUCCCKK MEE!! She was also humping herwaist to meet Mulder's thrusts. YEEAAAHH! HARRRDEERR! I LOVVVEEE ITTT! FUUUCCCKKK MEEEE! I WAANNT YOURRR CUUM IN MYY SLUTTY PUSSYYY! They were humping so feriously that Scully's knees were red from baning the floor. "YEEESSS! I'MM CUMMINNNGGG!

So was I. I eruptured my massive orgasm up Dana's pussy and, she, in turn orgasmed around my cock.

When it was time to go, Scully was in tears. "Bye, Mulder. It's been fun." She gave him one last smile through tears.

"See you around," he grinned. "You'll remember to fly back once every so often?"

"Of course," she kissed him.

Then, in a blink of an eye, he was gone and the X-Files were closed.

To be continued...I have plans to write a reunion story if this goes well.

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