tagInterracial LoveThe Farmer's Daughter

The Farmer's Daughter


"Thought so," I said while watching the girl standing by the door of the garage that doubled as a storage room, her hands in the back pockets of her jeans while she bit her lower lip. "All talk and no action."

"Am not," Roxie said as she shifted her weight from side to side while pawing at the dirt floor with her sneaker.

"Well, let's see what you got girl," I challenged. "Ain't got all day. Your old man ain't paying me to stand in his stinking barn with you."

"You first," Roxie said.

"Fuck it," I said, preparing to go back outside and get back to work. "I'm too old for this childishness. Get back to me when you grow up."

"I am grown up!" Roxie pouted. "I'm almost 18 and a half."

"Then let's see what you got," I said, pausing while Roxie decided what she was going to do. "From what I could feel before, you ain't got much on top anyway. That bra's padded."

The farm owner's daughter had been flirting with me while I picked her old man's apples, and I was getting used to that since she had done it since I started here a couple of days ago. Maybe it was because I was the only guy who could speak English here, or maybe she had a thing for black guys. I don't know which. Maybe she was just bored.

What I do know was that she made a grab for my crotch, and when she did, I reached over and grabbed her titty. There was a whole lot of cotton and bra around her breasts, but there was enough flesh to get may attention.

"Ain't never had no complaints about them," Roxie said defiantly. "How come you wouldn't let me grab you? Ashamed of what you got?"

"No, it's just that I don't think you're ready for somebody like me," I suggested. "Best play around with kids your age before you step up to the big leagues with a man."

"Let me see it," Roxie said. "Black boys are supposed to have big ones."

"I'm no boy, little girl. I'm a man," I snapped. "Old enough to be your Daddy."

"Sorry," Roxie said. "I didn't mean it that way."

"Apology accepted," I said, getting ready to go back up the ladder.


"Well what?" I asked.

"You gonna let me see your dick?"

"Sure," I said. "You show me your titties first."

"Not here," Roxie said as she looked around. "The barn. Fifteen minutes."


That was how a 47 year old guy got roped into meeting Roxie Berry in her old man's barn, and even though I found this gangly and only moderately attractive girl fun, she wasn't worth being made a fool of.

Besides, standing here in the sweltering and stuffy barn with farmer's daughter, I had a lot to lose. My job, for one thing. Don't know whether Mr. Berry would be more pissed about some old black dude showing his little girl his dick, or doing it on his time.

"Okay," Roxie said, her fingers slowly unbuttoning the buttons of her red and white checkered blouse, and as she reached the last one she tugged it out from under her jeans.

"That's a start," I said, appraising the skinny girl as she stood there nervously.

Roxie's bra was old and worn, probably a hand me down from her older sister or something. These people weren't wealthy farmers by any stretch, and I didn't need to see Roxie's worn blouse and jeans to figure that out.

"Promise you won't laugh," Roxie asked as she took the underside of the loose fitting bra in her hands.

"Why would I laugh?" I asked as I looked at the girl with her elbows raised high. Under her arms I could see that she hadn't shaved her armpits in a few days. That didn't bother me a bit, and seeing how thick and dense the stubble that covered those deep hollows was led me to believe that Roxie probably had quite a bush between her legs as well.

"My boobies. They ain't very big," Roxie said, and I was just about to tell her that I would be the judge of that when he lifted the bra up, exposing them for my eager eyes.

"They ain't big," I agreed as I took it the sight of her breasts, which stuck out proudly on her scrawny torso. "But they sure are fine."

The were like cones, slender tubes that must have felt lost in that old bra, but her nipples were incredible. Big plump aureoles that covered the entire ends of her tits, and I could feel my dick getting hard already as I yearned to close the five foot difference between us.

Roxie stood there with the bra around her neck, seemingly happy with my words, and as I licked my lips she shrugged her shoulders.

"Oh, that's right," I said as I slipped the shoulder straps off of my jeans and let them drop to my knees. "I got something you wanted to see."

The look on Roxie's face when I yanked off my boxers was a sight to see. Even though my cock was still pointing somewhat downward, it was as long and thick as it would ever get, and from Roxie's reaction, it was a lot more than she was used to seeing.

"Omigawd!" was the sound that came out of the girl's mouth as she watched my cock begin to rise up to point at her, and although I didn't know what that meant, I suspect it wasn't bad.

"Big enough for you?" I asked as I reached down and wrapped my fist around the shaft, giving it a tug or two, exposing the bell-shaped head under the foreskin.

Roxie only nodded, still staring at my cock as I slowly moved my hand up and down the shaft.

"Why don't you drop those jeans down for me?" I asked, looking at her belly button and the couple off black hairs that seemed to form a trail I was interested in seeing. "Bet you got a lot of hair down there 'tween your thighs."

"I like that," I quickly added when I saw Roxie blush at my remark. "Like a nice thick bush on a girl. How about it?"

I took a step and reached over, cupping that conical breast in my big black paw. It was wonderful. Firm without being too firm, and I could feel the nipple blossom as I kneaded her tit.

"Nice," I said softly. "You can touch me too."

My cock was just inches away from Roxie's hip, swaying lazily, and as I squeezed her titty I saw her hand reach over. She was wearing her high school ring, which was the only thing that broke the paleness of the image as she tentatively touched my cock.

"Mmm," I cooed when I watched her skinny fingers grab my cock. "That's my girl. Now how about these jeans?"

Just as I spoke, we both heard the sound of footsteps scuffing the ground outside. Funny only in retrospect, we scrambled around, Roxie grabbing her blouse while we ran for the only place out of sight, a little corner where baled hay had been piled.

We just made it as the door opened, and from the voices we could tell it was Roxie's father and one of the other workers. They had come in looking for something or other, and as we stood there trying to catch our breath we shared nervous smiles. What happened next was hard to believe even now.

Roxie pulled my jeans out of my grasp and let them go down to my knees. My boxers were already at half mast and she yanked them down the rest of the way. Taking my cock in her hands, she lifted the semi-turgid cock to her mouth and opened wide.

It took all of my might to keep silent as the farmer's daughter started sucking on my cock. She couldn't get more than halfway down the shaft, but the way she was working her hands over what she couldn't reach made it feel too good for me to really notice. Her father kept yakking about which attachment they needed for the tractor, and his little girl was slobbering over my cock so loudly I thought he must be able to hear us.

Mercifully, the two of them grabbed what they came in for and left the barn. Roxie jumped up to her feet when the door closed, and although I could still hear her father outside the barn talking as they attached the part to the tractor, Roxie couldn't wait.

"Fuck me," Roxie said, peeling down her jeans and panties in one quick yank, exposing a bush that was even more hairy than I had figured.

She bent over, touching her toes as she exposed her backside to me. The black hair of her pussy extended all the way back to the crack of her ass, and I let my fingers play with the curls that surrounded her anus as I pondered what she wanted.

"Not my ass," Roxie said from below. "You're too big. Fuck my pussy."

I moved up next to the skinny white girl, my hand reaching up between her legs. She was already wet, and when I stuck a finger inside of her she protested.

"No. Give it to me now!" she hissed while the metallic sounds on the other side of the barn wall came through the drafty boards as clear as day.

"Shut up," I whispered loudly as I brought the fat head of my cock along the sopping wet opening.

I could tell she was going to be tight when I felt the resistance to my finger a moment earlier, but I did what she asked, sinking my cock deep into her womb while she grunted in response.

"Harder!" Roxie gasped as I began thrusting in and out of her, and her words only inflamed me.

Grabbing onto her bony hips, I started slamming into her tight pussy with all my might, sinking all 9" into this sassy little girl who didn't complain but even thrust back into me.

The slapping sounds our bodies made in the barn sounded like thunder, as our grunts blended with the sounds of the gravel under our feet. Roxie's pussy began clamping down around my dick just as the tractor got started up outside, mercifully drowning out the sounds of her squealing as she came.

"Gotta cum," I snorted as I felt the rush of my spunk roaring through my loins while I struggled to pull out of her, but Roxie moved back into me when I tried to move away.

"In me," she grunted while squeezing her pussy even tighter around my cock. "Cum inside of me."

I started to protest but soon it was too late anyway. My cock erupted inside of Roxie, sending my seed deep into her womb, and Roxie sighed each time my cock jumped inside of her.

When I pulled my limp dick out of her a few seconds later, I stepped back and saw the gobs of my cum drooling off of the hairs of her pussy and onto the ground below us.

"Damn, that was good," Roxie said while pulling up her panties and jeans, and after she got them back on she spun and jumped into my arms, forcing her tongue into my mouth while giving me a kiss that rattled my bones. "Never had one that big before."

"You on the pill, girl?" I asked as I pulled up my own pants, and Roxie smiled as she stood in the doorway, straightening herself up before exiting the barn.

"Pill?" she asked with a laugh before peeking out the door to make sure the coast was clear. "What for?"

I shook my head, glad that harvesting was almost over and by the time it mattered I would be long gone.


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