tagSci-Fi & FantasyThe Fate of Terra Ch. 09

The Fate of Terra Ch. 09


Michael walked down the gunmetal corridor of the Intrepid, the clanging of his black combat boots echoing along with Kat's as she kept pace at his shoulder. The girls had long since decided what he wore each day and had designed him a special uniform to unveil at the ruins of the White House earlier. With the new recruits coming onboard and him needing to act in a professional capacity, it would become his standard daywear.

It was a black military outfit similar to what the other crew wore, but with some obvious differences. It had a knee-length overcoat with silver trimmings on the chest, sleeve cuffs, and raised collar. The jacket had a half mantle hanging over the left shoulder emblazoned with a silver eagle, wings splayed wide, grasping the world in an outstretched talon, and on the right shoulder there was a silver spiked epaulet.

The top half was buttoned and the bottom half retracted to only show the tails of his coat, leaving his legs free. There was even a silver chain for him to attach his katana. The boots were also only worn by those on the Intrepid in the infantry, who were in black fatigues.

Turning a corner, he thought back to how his day had unfolded.

* * * * *

The Intrepid hovered over what remained of the White House. President Whitmore and his staff had been rescued from the underground bunker and were standing on the lawn. Those members chosen to sit on the Council of Terra were arriving from around the world. Once everyone had assembled, Michael, Kat, Takeshi, and a six man security team led by Marcus went down to join the party.

There were loads of photos taken and speeches made. There was a contrast between the ruins, representing the devastation and loss of life the aliens had caused, and the Intrepid, representing humanities strength and future. Michael thought the 100 Furies flying overhead had been a nice touch...

Afterwards, his group, the council members, and their aides, all boarded shuttles and went up to the Intrepid. There, in his main conference room, they hammered out a constitution and defined the duties and powers of the council. It was decided that the flag for the Council of Terra would portray the same olive wreath depicted on the UN flag. In between the two branches would lie the globe and underneath the symbol the ruins of the White House would be displayed. When they'd finished they broke for lunch and then Michael left the room while they had their first meeting.

Coming back into the room, Michael was amused that their first resolution was for him to hand over all of his technology and capabilities, including the Intrepid and Pandora. They didn't seem to like it when he explained that the constitution they'd just signed defined him and all those under him as a completely separate entity and didn't abide by their rulings.

He'd help them along, of course; provide them with the language of the invaders that Pandora had deciphered so they could properly interrogate the prisoners and take apart their craft; give them the moon base he was building, once he'd extracted the necessary ore to build a space dock; he would do what he could to protect the planet from invasion using all of his resources and actively participate in its defense.

However, he wasn't just going to turn over all of his work. With the captured ships the council would have access to the alien's energy system, along with weapons and shields, and even their faster-than-light travel. What they did from there was on them. Michael and Pandora, as well as the scientists and engineers that had chosen to join them, would develop their own technologies and if, at a later date, they wished to share them they would. But Michael was not going to simply roll over and be a pawn for a government that wouldn't even exist if not for him.

Oh, they argued, they threatened, they accused him of a lack of patriotism, but in the end, there wasn't much they could do about it. So, they left, except for President- now Councilman Whitmore and Councilman Matsushita who stayed to visit their daughters and Michael ordered the Intrepid to the moon to oversee the construction bots while he and Aurora planned a route to take the ship for recruitment drives. On the moon there remained twelve of the invader's vessels of four different classes.

Pandora had access to their medical scans so they knew the physiologies of the aliens and what chemicals knocked them out. It was then a simple process to construct a hose which Pandora allowed to access each of the ship's air supply and pump in the agent. She was even able to disable their rebreather masks. Then, using armored suits that had their own air supply, they entered each ship and, guided by Pandora, found the highest ranking members of the crew, restrained them, put the masks on them, took some of their food stores, and brought them to the brig.

* * * * *

Michael and Kat reached the sectioned off portion of the brig. Michael had designed the holding cells with the idea that they would need a different mix of air for each species they interacted with and had them completely isolated. It was thus easy to modify the air to suit their needs. Though, he was curious why an alien race that used considerably less hydrogen to breathe would attack Earth.

Looking at the metal viewing screen that showed the 33 occupants inside the cell, he studied them. Without the gray plastoid armor, the beings were a gruesome sight. Yellowish brown bipedal creatures covered in wrinkles and bumps. They had four eyes that seemed to wrap around their head and a gaping maw.

Noticing the deference shown to one of them by the others, Michael pointed and said, "That one." One of Pandora's guard bots entered the cell from a side door. It was a 12ft tall block of ionized metal on treads with four arms and a fork that shot electricity. Grabbing the alien easily, despite the other occupants trying to intervene, it backed out of the room shooting a bolt of electricity behind it so the door could close again. Michael and Kat entered another door and found themselves on the opposite side of a window to the prisoner, still held tightly by the bot.

Michael asked questions and Pandora translated. He seemed stunned they knew his language. It was a 'he,' Pandora assured him. Unfortunately, he didn't have a much to say. Oh, a few well-placed shocks kept him talking and with Pandora accessing the history files on their ships, Michael was able to piece together who they were and what had happened. The alien however, didn't seem to understand why he 'shouldn't' have attack Earth.

To him, it was something they wanted and so they took it. The strong ruled. Now that he was a prisoner, he fully expected to die or be made a slave; that was simply the way of things. He was also certain that his father, who was a king or warchief or something, would send more fleets to level the planet. If they had not killed him by then, his father surely would in disgrace.

Michael sighed as data from Pandora scrolled across his vision. Apparently the B'Amuf, as they were called, were quite militant in this sector of the galaxy. They had conquered 29 different planets and enslaved 23 of them. Earth was to be number 24, if they could be made to gather minerals, ore, and water for their overlords, and possibly fish and wildlife. They would take and use any new technology they found and continue their expansionist activities.

Rubbing his chin, Michael wondered what happened to the six planets that hadn't conformed to this idea of a hunter-gatherer society, working to fill their subjugator's coffers. He waved his hand and the bot tossed the maybe-prince back in with the rest of the captives. Turning, he strode back down the corridor, leaving the brig.

"I hope the next race we find is more pleasant to look at," Kat said, striding along beside him. Michael glanced at her. "How are we supposed to get you some hot alien pussy if they're all like," she paused, shuddering, "that."

Michael flashed her a smile and said innocently, "Perhaps the females of the race are easier on the eyes." She shot him a look as if questioning his sanity.

Then Pandora said something that stopped them in their tracks. "I've identified four individuals of three other races in one of the holds on the enemy carrier. They were in a sealed compartment without any cameras inside so it took me awhile to find them," she told them. "From what I can gather from the records, these are slaves taken from conquered planets when they were young and taught the language of the B'Amuf. These are the only 'outsiders' permitted to learn their tongue and would have been the ones to learn the language of a newly conquered race in order to give them their decrees."

Kat clenched her fists. "So we're so far beneath their consideration they won't even talk to us directly," she spat. "They deserve what's coming to them."

"Can they survive onboard the ship, Pan?" Michael asked, getting them moving again.

"Yes, master," Pandora affirmed. "They were chosen specifically because they could breathe in our environment, though one seems to have gills and looks to be quite uncomfortable in his dry condition."

"Alert Marcus to their location and bring them aboard," Michael ordered. "Are there any more of them on the ships we sent down to Earth?"

Pandora gave a negative, stating they were a special contingent onboard the prince's flagship. "They appear to have collars around their necks that will explode if they leave the ship. Give me a moment and I'll disable them."

By the time Marcus returned with his charges, Michael, his girls, Stacey, Councilmen Whitmore and Matsushita, and a medical team were waiting in the hangar bay. Marcus led the group of four aliens, a trooper escorting each one, though the last one looked to have trouble breathing and was being supported. Michael made a snap decision and got them moving towards the lift. As they entered the beach area, the four aliens gasped at the sight of so much water and Michael figured it was quite a precious commodity in space.

The alien that had trouble breathing, a tall green scaly individual with webbed fingers and a prominent bone fin protruding from his head, broke from the group and ran towards the water. Amused, the group watched as he created a big splash and seemed to be frolicking around in relief and joy. The party sat on benches underneath a large oak tree while the medical team checked them with scanners Pandora had developed. The newcomers seemed to be fascinated with the squirrels that jumped from branch to branch overhead.

Michael noticed he wasn't the only one studying the aliens and saw Kat and the twins' attention was glued to a blue female around 5ft tall with smooth light-blue skin and azure-colored fur that seemed to cascade down her back like a long silky mane. He'd been astonished the first time her tail, slim and furry with deep blue stripes, had first appeared behind her. She was looking down and fidgeting on the bench and the girls were giving her hungry looks. With a start, he realized she was naked and he could see a firm bust peeking out from beneath a layer of short fur and a disturbingly familiar-looking mound between her legs.

Taking a blanket from the medical team and wrapping it around her, he told Aki to get her some clothes. The blue girl shot him a grateful look. The other two, one male and one female of the same race, one that reminded him of dogs with their floppy ears and protruding snout, didn't look as uncomfortable, but Michael ordered them covered as well to preserve any semblance of modesty they might still retain. He doubted their captors had ever permitted them to wear anything.

Once they'd gotten settled and the medical team cleared them, Pandora began identifying their races and their planets' histories as far as the records on the captured vessels showed. The newcomers looking around wildly, trying to identify where the voice was coming from. Michael asked the blue girl what her name was and how she was taken. Pandora translated what was said in B'Amuf, which in hindsight could have been done better as they promptly freaked out, thinking they were still in their conqueror's clutches.

After they had calmed down enough to realize the words coming out of the human mouths weren't in that feared language, that it was simply a means to find a common language, they began to open up. The stories they told were gruesome. Following the conquest of a planet, the children of the highest ranking family would be taken as slaves, first to ensure they didn't lead a rebellion, and second, because it was just efficient and logical that the rich and powerful would be the most educated and would be able to learn languages the fastest. They told of being forced from their beds in the middle of the night and anyone who tried to intervene was shot. The mother of Dejah (the blue girl) had been one of those gunned down.

Somewhere in the middle of the storytelling, the amphibious alien came over to our party and agreed to be scanned. He told us that while he could breathe the air, he needed access to a body of water to soak in otherwise he would eventually dry out. The three months it took to get here nearly killed him. Although his name couldn't be pronounced, a part of it sounded like "Isaac," and he agreed to be called as such.

There was more questioning on both sides. The four seemed shocked and more than a little impressed to hear they had defeated the B'Amuf, as they'd never heard of anyone overcoming them. They actually seemed a bit fearful of their rescuers and Michael hoped that would fade in time. He had them shown to their rooms, Aki and Rin leading Dejah away by grasping each of her arms, and retired to his suite with Kat and Aurora.

In the bath, he washed Aurora's back, giving her a warm massage and kissing her neck affectionately. Kat washed her front, spending a considerable amount of time on her breasts, each nibble she took sending shocks through the captain's body. When a stiff cock began teasing her up and down her ass and dipping between her legs briefly she moaned and couldn't take any more.

Aurora turned and mounted a standing Michael, both still submerged in chest-height water, her strong, powerful legs wrapping around him to help drive his prick into her. Her back rested against Kat who wrapped her arms around the woman, taking a handful of her luscious tits in each hand and began whispering all sorts of naughty things in her ear, biting down on her lobe every so often.

When the slow, sensuous mating of their hips under the water finally caused her to go over the edge Michael and Kat picked up the pace, drawing out her climax and sharing their love with her. Her cries echoed around the marble room, amidst the heat and steam.

After they'd dragged the limp woman to the edge of the bath, Kat laid next to her sister in all but blood and wrapped her arms around her, grinding her body against Aurora's, their wet tits mashing together. Michael busied himself with worshiping Kat's feet which hung over the edge of the marble. Massaging each sole he kissed each toe softly and worked little nips up her legs, showing his devotion.

Getting out of the water, he crawled up her body continuing his passionate caress until Kat turned to lie on her back and opened her legs for him. Giving her steaming pussy a lick he drifted still upwards, painting her stomach with kisses. When he'd reached her mouth, their lips locked and he placed his prick at her entrance. Kat draped her arms around his neck and they moved as one. Their intimacy was defined by their actions and they knew they were as close as two people could possibly be.

Aurora propped herself up on one elbow to watch the couple. After a while she said, "You know Stacey has a crush on you?"

Kat laughed in Michael's mouth and pulled away, their bodies still moving in concert. "A crush, if she was any more smitten she'd be completely useless on the bridge," she said amused. Cupping Michael's face she murmured, "She can't stop looking at you. She's smart too. I imagine she'll be a welcome addition. I think if you hadn't told the twins to wait until she was 18 they'd of had her in our bed by the first week."

Michael grinned down at her and gave her a soft kiss. "It's always been and always will be your decision, my love."

Kat's eyes gleamed, "Then next month she's going to get one hell of a birthday party."

Aurora laughed, "Maybe there will be two additions." The other two looked at her and she snorted. "Pa-leeaze! I saw the way you were all watching that blue chick like a pack of hyenas. I bet the twins are breaking down her defenses as we speak."

Kat reached over a grabbed Aurora's hair, pulling her into a kiss. "I seem to recall a particular captain regarding her just as intensely," she growled.

Aurora blushed pink. "Well, you can't blame me, did you see her tits? And I bet that fur is soo soft," she moaned, a hand dropping between her legs.

Michael grinned and knew he was the luckiest guy on the planet- or off of it. He groaned and then chuckled as Kat climaxed and bit down hard on his shoulder. With the enhancements they healed fast and she had to make quite an impression. As he achieved his release he pulled out and sprayed his jizz over the two languishing beauties. They proceeded to rub themselves together, licking his offering off of the other and he felt his flagging erection bob upwards again, knowing it wouldn't be long before they went another round.

After they'd relaxed enough, their growling stomachs led the three to the ship's mess. While there were almost a hundred different places to eat onboard, the Mess was an enormous dining hall that could seat thousands and was reserved for crewmembers and military personnel. It was split into two parts, a larger 'ground' level that was open to everyone, and a smaller raised level that only sat officers, Michael and his girls, visiting dignitaries, and the civilian leaders of their sections throughout the ship. Guests could also be invited by any of those previously mentioned to join them at their tables. On this top level, they were served by actual wait staff and ate on white tablecloths with gleaming silverware.

Those seated in the bottom section were met with booths and long tables, each with sections of the table that would slide away so food could rise up via a small lift. Holographic menus would appear when they sat down, advertising a selection of thousands of different algae-based choices. When they were finished, the occupants would simply leave their food on the sections and they would descend below.

The dining hall had a high ceiling and one of the bulkheads displayed a screen that showed an image of the outside. As the trio sat down at their customary table, joining Aki, Rin, and Dejah, they were arrested by the image of the Earth down below. It truly was a breathtaking sight and they knew that all of the people on the Intrepid were getting a unique experience in more ways than one.

Looking down at the table, they were amused to see roughly fifty different dishes arranged on the white cloth. Aki and Rin were on opposite sides of Dejah and were feeding her a little of everything, trying to find out what she liked to eat. She seemed to prefer the meat products. While not actual meat, they did have protein in them and Michael had spent many sleepless nights getting the taste of a juicy steak just right.

While they could conceivably use real meat since they cloned cows down below for dairy products, it wouldn't be in nearly the same quantity and they'd likely have to stop in port often to restock their stores. The algae and textile plants they grew and the renewable energy they used would allow them to never be required to stop in a foreign port. They would still have to obtain ore for manufacturing things and water, but that could be acquired from passing asteroids, comets, uninhabited planets, etc.

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