The Fertility Clinic Ch. 07



"Yes, I promise." Sally knew I would do anything to avoid breaking a promise.

"Okay, let me show you how much you're going to like this. Lie down!" Sally patted the bed as she spoke.

I did as she directed and she immediately started sucking my cock again, though slowly this time. After about two minutes she paused and said, "Oh yeah, one final thing. You have to promise never to masturbate, no matter what. Promise?"

There was no point even hesitating. "I promise"

"Good," she said as she went back to her sucking. Slowly she was building me back to the verge of orgasm again. I was really enjoying this, knowing it would probably be quite some time before I got to cum again.

Just as I started to cum she stopped and squeezed off my orgasm for the third time of the morning. "Why did you stop this time?" I screamed again, my balls throbbing.

Sally had the evil smile I'd learned to fear the last several weeks, "Because I wanted to!"

"Now, come over here and lick me good!" she demanded. "And Joel, the happier you make me, the less time before you cum again."

And so started a new life-style. It was Monday night that first time before I got to cum and it wasn't the blowjob I'd been hoping for.

It is several months since that Saturday morning and our life is just as Sally described. She cums almost daily, usually on my face. I receive attention to my cock and balls far more often than before, and Sally is very good at mixing up the timing. I never know when I'll get to cum, or how. It is usually every 3 or 4 days, but sometimes it will be two days in a row. Once it was even three days in a row. Occasionally it has been as long as five days. Regardless, I spend a great deal of the time with aching balls. There have been no ordeals as long as the ones while were trying to get pregnant, but I'm positive from some of Sally's comments that there will be more ordeals in the future, especially later in her pregnancy.

I can tell you I'm much more attentive to Sally's wants and needs than before, always trying to be in her good graces and pamper her. All in all I can't complain. The sex is great and I truly love my wife. It's just the damn blue balls!

Well, this is really the end of the story for now, and I'd stop here except... I wouldn't be letting you in on a major issue about this whole story if I didn't tell you about a particular night that happened about two months back.

To be continued...

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