tagBDSMThe Fertility Clinic Ch. 08

The Fertility Clinic Ch. 08


Author's note:

First, I would like to acknowledge and thank Wagoneer88 for his efforts in proofreading and editing this story.

This is a continuation of a story separated into several parts. For it to make sense you really should read the whole thing, in order.

Lastly, if you haven't read the Author's note at the beginning of Part 1, PLEASE do so.


Now on to the story:

The night in question started innocently enough, or so I thought. At dinner one night Sally rather excitedly told me that her old college roommate Tina had recently moved to town and she wanted to invite her over the following Saturday. I thought it a bit odd that Tina had been in town for a while and this was the first Sally had mentioned it, but I soon forgot it. Naturally I said it would be fine with me.

Sally had told me a great deal about Tina, though since Sally and I had met well after college, I'd never met Tina before. From the stories I'd heard, Tina was rather wild in college. Very, very bright, extremely good looking, but known as a terrible 'flirt' was the word Sally had used. Sally had told me more than once that while she and Tina were best of friends and very fond of each other, Sally had a problem with the way Tina treated guys. Sally, as I've said, had always been rather straitlaced, at least until recently.

Anyway, as the night approached I began to wonder if Sally's new attitude and Tina's move to town were related. I realized I'd find out soon enough and shrugged it off. It probably wasn't, and really didn't matter anyway.

When Saturday night arrived, Sally was in the kitchen finishing the salad when the doorbell rang. "Would you get that please?" she yelled.

I opened the door and nearly fainted. My jaw, I'm sure, bounced off my knee. Standing in the doorway was one of the most absolutely gorgeous women I had ever seen. She had light red hair and vivid green eyes. Her face was beautiful, her makeup perfect. She had a dynamite body that her outfit showed off extremely well, especially her large, firm tits! I was stunned and speechless. I just stood there like an idiot.

Finally she smiled broadly, then started to chuckle. I have no idea how long the two of us had been standing motionless when Sally finally showed up. "For crying out loud Joel! Invite her in," Sally said with a vast smile on her face and that twinkle in her eyes.

I still didn't move or speak until Tina walked by me into the house. At last I turned and closed the door. My mouth was still opening and closing like a fish out of water, with no sound coming out.

Tina held out her hand and spoke for the first time. "Hi Joel, I'm Dr. Christina Jones, but my friends call me Tina." It was Dr. Jones from the fertility clinic!

I finally croaked out, "Wha.. how, I don't ... EXPLAIN!"

Sally spoke first, "We will Joel, that's why Tina is here, relax."

Dr. Jones (I couldn't help thinking of her that way) laughed softly and began, "Joel, we owe it to you to explain the whole story. Sit down and be comfortable and I'll tell it all."

"You see, I learned how much I loved being a cockteaser way back in high school. Nothing else has ever given me the thrill of getting a guy totally turned on and then leaving him aching. It doesn't matter the how, it always makes me sopping wet. You can't imagine what 'treating' you has done to me!"

"It wasn't why I went into medicine, but once I did, this specialty was a natural for me."

"Anyway, ever since I met Sally I've known what a natural cock teasing bitch she could be. And I knew she'd love it too, if only I could get her to try. Back in college I just never could."

"Recently when you two were trying to get pregnant was just as I moved to town. Sally called me right away for advice and I convinced her not to let you know who I really was, just in case you two needed professional help. I thought it would be difficult for you if you knew the whole story. When after a while Sally didn't get pregnant I really was acting as physician to both of you, I am REAL good at my profession. The story you got about me being the best fertility expert in the East is true."

"Anyway, after I examined Sally I could tell that there wasn't a problem, just being her age it was taking longer than when she was younger for her hormone level to return to normal after the birth control pills. Examining you was a precaution, but I will now tell you that other than the physical exam, which was FAR more thorough than need be, and which I enjoyed immensely, and the first sperm count, which was totally normal, the rest was all a set up!" she giggled.

"I knew if somehow I could show Sally what an amazing turn on it is to give a male severe blue balls, she would be hooked. So you see, even Sally didn't know about the ruse for the first week, you know between sperm count tests. After that she was hooked. During your second visit she begged me to find a way to keep up the so-called need for stimulation and abstinence for at least another week. I'd already planned to. She was even more enthusiastic and became addicted far easier than even I dreamed she would."

"I must tell you that your wife is the most natural cock teasing woman I ever met. It took me years to learn some of the things that just came naturally to her."

"So that's the end of the story, almost. Other than feeling you had a right to know, I have one other reason for coming over tonight. Being rather new here still, and very busy with my practice, I haven't met many men. At least not any I'm interested in. And I really need a cock fix. I had a great time with you, and you are an especially responsive victim, but I can hardly do that with most of my patients. The AMA would have my head. If I didn't trust Sally to keep you in line, I wouldn't have had the courage in your case either. So, I called Sally and made her an offer. If she agreed to letting me tease you to my heart's content tonight, I'll teach her those 'advanced applications' I mentioned in your last visit. You know, the ones that are so frustrating for the male we normally need to restrain him," she concluded, sounding like she had simply asked Sally if she could borrow a cup of sugar.

I'd had it. "Are you two out of your minds?" I screamed. "I am NOT going to go along with this for a second!"

"JOEL! Tina and I have shared everything for a long time. Don't embarrass me by making a scene. You WILL go along with this, or I WILL cut you off until after the baby is born, just as I promised before. Now, you really have no choice, you can go without any sex for at least the next seven months, or you can co-operate. I know you won't choose seven months of abstinence, will you? Besides, I know you have come to like, even need the teasing I give you. Imagine what it will feel like to have a real pro work on you. And then I'll be so much better at it in the future too!" As she spoke Sally stared straight into my eyes and moved toward me. As her face was inches from mine she caught me off guard, and grabbed my crotch.

"He agrees, or at least his cock does. He's as hard as a rock," Sally laughed out loud.

I turned scarlet, but it was true. The thought of what these two would do to me had me stiff as a board.

Dr. Jones laughed hard too. "I'm not surprised. I could tell he was a natural subject during the office visits. I bet he's to the point where he'd do anything for you not to stop teasing him!"

Just as I resigned myself to what was obviously inevitable, the doorbell rang again. I looked at Sally and this time she was clearly surprised and confused herself.

Dr. Jones cleared up the mystery, "That will be Shelly, I invited her too. I hope you don't mind Sally?"

Sally started to laugh hard, "Oh what the Hell, that's fine."

I groaned loudly. Dr. Jones started to laugh too as she went for the door.

What happened the rest of that night is a story for a whole other time.

The end.

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by Anonymous

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by Anonymous12/21/17

Sally lies to him .......

No marriage survives lies . Trust never returns .
Cut HER off .

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