tagSci-Fi & FantasyThe Festival

The Festival


"Fionaaa! Please hurry! We'll miss the opening ceremonies!"

Daubing a final coat of rouge on her nipples and labial lips, Fiona ran to the doorway where her sisters were waiting as the shuttle glided to a stop and they scurried on board and found seats. This was her first Festival since reaching the Age of Consent when she could be a participant and not an observer. The shuttle was filled to capacity with women all gossiping and chattering with excitement in anticipation of the forthcoming events.

When the shuttle stopped at the Festival grounds, she and her sisters linked arms and strutted proudly onto the field. Since she was the tallest, Rachel was in the center, hips swaying and firm breasts bobbing, proud and confident in her beauty. To her left, Angela and Rebecca strutted along, caroling the Song of Welcome in loud, clear voices; to her right strode Violet and Fiona, flaunting their charms in unabashed pleasure.

'It feels wonderful being without clothing' Fiona thought. She felt so proud being with her older sisters, knowing they all had inherited their mother's looks and body; that she had been Festival Queen for five years running before retiring to raise a family gave the women even more confidence.

They reached the center of the field and joined the other women forming the Circle of Acceptance, the scent of female arousal wafted over the stadium as trumpets heralded the Entry of the Bachelors.

As they marched onto the field, the men began to flex their oiled bodies in anticipation of what was to come. Many were already fully aroused, their manhood bobbing before them as the women watched with growing excitement.

Fiona's sisters had told her repeatedly of the many sensations she would experience in her first Joining, but she could not help but feel a thrill of fear at the sight of the randy males, wondering which one would choose her for their Festival Mate. Following her sisters directions, she had lubricated herself for ease of entry and could not resist teasing her clitoris until she experienced an anticipatory orgasm.

As the men drew near, they began chanting the Homily of Acceptance as they encircled the women who were whispering excitedly among themselves. Fiona shivered as a tall young man of her own age began eying her with interest and she wondered if he would fit inside her. Had she performed enough strengthening exercises? Would it hurt as some of the older girls in her class told her it could?

Then the dancing began and her fears were carried away on the music. The flutes trilled, the lyres strummed and the drums thundered as she and the other women capered and twirled, leaping high and pirouetting before their potential mates who murmured among themselves admiring the women's charms on such wanton display.

A final rumble of drums and a clash of cymbals signaled the end of the dance and the trumpets blared once more. The women's bodies gleamed with sweat and the scent of their arousal enveloped them all like a cloud. Trembling in anticipation, they stood motionless as the men passed among them, caressing their bodies and smiling as they made their initial choices.

Fiona sighed as the young man who had been studying her earlier stopped before her speaking the Words of Greeting. Her voice quavered as she replied with the Hymn of Acceptance and they embraced. They kissed tenderly then sank together onto the soft grass and she opened herself to him.

He entered her gently and it barely stung when he breached her maidenhead and they began their mating in a smooth rocking rhythm. Fiona wrapped her arms and legs around his muscled body as he thrust deeply into her as she gripped him tightly savoring each shock and thrill of pleasure. Grunting and moaning in a frenzy of passion, they became as one, their bodies slapping together as she matched him thrust for thrust. It was more wonderful than she had ever dreamed and she briefly wondered if her sisters were experiencing the same ecstasy she was feeling. His hips churned as he buried himself in her warm depths and she felt as if she was floating on a fleecy cloud. He began to shiver and she knew he was close to cumming. She had already had one orgasm, but she knew she would have another when he came in her. Crying out in their joy, they came together and remained in an embrace, breathing heavily as they recovered from their exertions.

She moaned in delight as he bit her neck, leaving his mark for all to see. She would mate with others, but at the end of the day she was his if she would have him. She answered with a bite of her own on his neck and he hugged her tightly in thanks.

He helped her to her feet as the music began again and they smiled at one another before separating for the second Choosing. The sun was low in the sky when the Festival came to an end and the participants left the field. Fiona was sore and exhausted, but happy when Randall scooped her up in his arms and carried her triumphantly away to his own bower in the forest. Fiona snuggled against his broad chest and thought he had the most magnificent horns she had ever seen on a male.

Hooves crunching on the carpet of fallen leaves, Randall laid Fiona gently onto the grass mat he had woven and they kissed. Her pink skin, full breasts, flared hips and long legs captivated him and he thought she was the most gorgeous Nymph he had ever seen. She gazed at him adoringly and thought his broad chest, muscled arms and hairy flanks made him the most handsome of Satyrs'. Soon he would play his pipes, she would dance for him in the moonlight and they would make love until dawn.


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