tagExhibitionist & VoyeurThe Festival Ch. 01

The Festival Ch. 01


Set in the near future, this is the first of a projected 3-4 part series recording preparations for an annual celebration known as the Festival, or Initiation, in which young girls who have come of age are debuted into the community as sexual beings. This is my journal of events as I prepared my first daughter, Jenny, for her Festival.


George Ramer had already had three daughters take top placement in three previous Festivals, and had built a successful business coaching other fathers in the finer points of preparing their own daughters for their big night. His services included exercise and nutrition programming, movement coaching and choreography, grooming advice, and psychological coaching for both the father and the daughter in order to develop the winning attitude about this momentous event. He lived in Yarrow, a town about twenty miles from ours, and so, since he didn't compete in Stonewall, I had signed up with four other fathers for a special service he was providing this year.

Ramer's fourth daughter, Lilly, had turned 18 a week ago, and she was in the final stages of preparation for the Yarrow Festival next month. Ramer had used this as an opportunity to present a lecture series which gave fathers from other towns an opportunity to observe Lilly's development and training as the Festival grew nearer. Once every three months we gathered at the Ramer house and soaked in all the information we could from George over snacks and drinks, and engaged in question-and-answer sessions with him and Lilly.

Each month had a different focus--previous sessions had covered Evaluating the Strengths and Weaknesses of Your Daughter (a frank and honest assessment of every inch of her body, which laid the foundation for a successful winning strategy), Basic Exercise and Diet Guidelines, Choosing the Talent Portion of Your Daughter's Routine, and Designing the Photo Portfolio. It had been fascinating to watch Lilly grow up before our eyes and become a formidably beautiful young woman who was sure to take top marks next month. Needless to say, we were all glad none of us were competing against the Ramers.

Tonight was the last lecture of the series, and would cover final preparations for the Festival, as well as things to expect and things to avoid in the last weeks and days before the big event. The Ramer's den was well lit, with comfortable leather chairs, a large pool table, and a small bar across from the entertainment center, and the assembled fathers talked excitedly in low tones as George joined us from upstairs and motioned for silence.

"Thank you all for coming out tonight, gentlemen, for our last lecture in our special series on preparing your daughter for her Festival. I hope the last year was useful to all of you, and that my Lilly was a helpful learning aid. Sometimes things make more sense when you can see them and touch them then when they are just abstract concepts." We all nodded enthusiastically and voiced our appreciation with applause. Ramer held up his hand.

"I'm glad to have been of service. Good luck to you all this year. Now let's get down to business. Tonight we are going to cover some last considerations as the Festival gets close. Lilly, why don't you come in here now?"

Instantly the door to the spare room off the den opened, and Lilly walked up to join her father. She was a breathtaking blonde, about five-foot-six, with curvaceous hips and a well-formed, but not over-large, bust. She was wearing cobalt-blue strappy heels and a matching silk bathrobe that ended just below her mid-thigh.

"As always, gentlemen, feel free to ask questions as we go. This is your time, and I want to make sure we cover things that will be useful to you--but let's get started here. You'll notice that Lilly has very natural makeup on. This tends to play well with the judges; I can get you a couple recommendations for artists if you need to hire someone to do this. Just remember, don't go overboard with the blush or the eye shadow."

Lilly stood tall and motionless beside her father as he spoke, smiling at each of us individually, her hands clasped gently in front of her, hinting at only the slightest bit of shyness.

"We're also going to keep her hair fairly natural, focusing on lots of volume and liveliness," George continued, moving behind his daughter and loosening the bow that had held her rich blond curls back in a ponytail and letting them fall about her shoulders.

"Now, Lilly's been keeping up with her exercise regimen and diet, and she's looking fantastic. Obviously different girls are going to have different body types, but to place in the top three, you're almost certainly going to want good arm tone, curvy-but-not-chubby legs, and a little stomach definition. Let's take a look at Lilly, here." With that, Ramer reached around to the front of Lilly's bathrobe, untied the sash, and then eased the robe off her shoulders. Lilly blushed, but we were impressed to see her retain control of her instincts and allow her father to undress her in front of us. He had obviously trained her extremely well.

Beneath the robe Lilly was wearing a panty and bra set of the same dark blue. Both garments were constructed primarily of lace, with a tiny bit of solid blue fabric conveniently appearing in front of the very bottom of her vagina, just concealing the exact spot all our eyes had immediately sought. Her breasts were not so lucky, however, and we could clearly see her aureoles and her nipples, which pressed insistently against the intricate and insubstantial fabric.

Her body was a dream, and Ramer was going on about the finer details of her abs, her shoulders, and her hips; it sounded like he was underwater, though, as we devoured her with our eyes. I snapped back to reality as he began discussing the choice of lingerie, gesturing toward his daughter's breasts.

"...ensure you get her bra fitted properly. You need sufficient support, and you don't want any overflow. Lilly is just a B cup, so she does fine in a lighter, less heavily constructed bra like this." As he spoke, Ramer slipped his index fingers into the tops of the lacy cups of his daughter's bra to demonstrate that the sheer fabric hid nothing. "Slightly smaller breasts are actually an advantage at times, because you can highlight them more effectively in nearly transparent numbers like she's wearing. Believe me, the judges won't complain about getting a preview of her nipples. A girl with a larger bust would be forced to wear much more substantial pieces; while certain judges might prefer bigger breasts on a girl in general, that girl won't have the option of this 'x-ray' view, so to speak. Remember, it's all about working with what you've got."

We were taking notes furiously while trying not to take our eyes off the luscious bit of girl-flesh in front of us. Ramer then took his daughter by the shoulders and turned her around to show us her rear view. The panties turned out to be a thong, and Lilly's amazing backside was greeted by soft hoots and whistles.

"Speaking of which," Ramer smiled, "this is our secret weapon right here. Lilly's butt is obviously spectacular, and we are able to use a thong to emphasize the firmness and curvature of her glutes." Keeping one hand on her shoulder, he ran the other down to the small of her back and applied a light pressure.

"Let's pop that a little more, sweetie," he commanded, and she instantly complied by arching her back and raising her butt slightly into the air. "Good girl," Ramer said, patting her lightly on the butt, then running a finger under the thong where it emerged from between her cheeks and tugging lightly on it.

"If your girl isn't as blessed as Lilly, then regular panties or even boy shorts may be the best bet. We talked about some of your girls last time, and I think we came up with some good strategies. Make sure if you go with the thong, that it isn't too skimpy from the front--remember, the initial judging is looking for a more chaste style. Then, when you turn her around during the promenade, this type of rear side will cause a real stir."

Releasing the thong, he turned his daughter back around to face us, and indicated her breasts once more.

"Now let's talk about your daughters' breasts. When the bra comes off, you need to be sure that her nipples are erect and clearly visible, unless she has 'puffies.' Regardless, it has been clearly established that well-defined areolas score better."

As he talked, Ramer unclasped Lilly's bra and began easing the straps down her arms, loosening the cups from her breasts and finally removing the lacy bit of fabric altogether. Lilly flushed even more, and her arms wandered toward her magnificent breasts in an attempt to cover herself, even though she knew she shouldn't. Without missing a beat, Ramer took her wrists and guided her hands down to her sides, holding them there firmly until he felt his daughter stop resisting. Lilly demonstrated she was prepared to control herself by standing up a little straighter and pushing her chest out toward her appreciative audience, smiling sweetly and allowing us to enjoy the sight of her perfectly sculpted bosom. Releasing her wrists, Ramer resumed his discussion of the finer points of breast presentation.

"As I was saying, clearly defined areolas tend to score better. Lilly is of a naturally pale complexion, and her areolas are normally relatively faint. The color you see here is some very light rouge. You must ensure you have a color that will compliment your daughters' skin tone, and the effect must be subtle. When done correctly, as you can see here, it looks natural and draws the eye to the your young girl's nipples very effectively. I use a small bit of cloth and apply several light layers until the desired effect is achieved."

A hand was raised in the audience.

'Yes, Ted?'

"What if you accidentally color outside the lines, so-to-speak?"

"Good question. Make sure you have a makeup remover on hand, of course. But honestly you'll get the best results by not making a mistake in the first place. Steady Tawnya's breast from underneath by grasping it like this, and apply the rouge in small, circular strokes starting at the nipple and working your way out. You shouldn't have any problems. Any other questions? Yes, Graham?"

"Yeah, what about nipples? When I did the evaluation you taught us several months ago on my Rachael, I realized her nipples are not really prominent, even when they're erect--what do you recommend? I mean, Lilly's are magnificent. I'm really concerned now; if any of the girls my Rachael's going up against look like that, we may have problems."

"Good question, Graham," Ramer said, moving to Lilly's side and cupping her left breast in his hand. "My second-oldest, Sarah, had the same problem. I tried everything on that girl to get her nipples to pop, and nothing really worked--I mean ice, pressure, suction. Nothing got her high-beams turned on, if you know what I mean. It's just the way her breasts are. So I used a little lip gloss on the night of the Festival. Just a touch along the top surface of her nipples, right along here. The gloss caught the stage lights, and you could see her little nips all the way from the back of the theater! We took second that year. So try that, and let me know how it goes."

When all the questions had been answered, Ramer knelt down beside his daughter.

"Now, one of the tougher choices you're going to have to make is how you groom your girl's pubic area. A lot rides on this, and the decision needs to take into account the amount and color of her hair, your choice of panties, and how her genitals are shaped. Using Lilly's vagina as an example, let's take some time to study what I'm talking about. Pull your chairs up closer if you need to; I want to make sure you can see clearly."

As he spoke, he grasped the waistband of Lilly's thong, and eased it down to her ankles. With a hand on her father's shoulder, she stepped daintily out of her underwear, keeping her legs together in a ladylike fashion. The preceding events had made her realize she was going to be expected to be naked for our benefit, and she had evidently resigned herself to her fate. Fighting the urge to cover herself, she stood with her hands at her side, her pussy on full display as the crowning exhibit of her completely exposed body. She had a perfectly shaved landing strip about an inch wide running from the top of her slit. Ramer remained crouched beside his daughter and proceeded to instruct us on his methodology.

"Lilly has well-sculpted genitals, with the entire length of her clitoral hood clearly evident. I find it useful to classify vaginas into three main types: the first and simplest is the biform, often called the 'clamshell,' or 'peach slit.' In this type, the outer labia completely conceal the girl's clitoris, and the viewer sees only a smooth surface from the mons down to the bottom of the vagina. Sometimes this will feature a rather long slit that traverses a considerable length of the mound; other girls will in fact be nearly featureless from the front and have only a slight hint of bifurcation at the very bottom.

"The second type, which Lilly is displaying for us here, is the triform. She doesn't have "fat" lips; rather she is relatively narrow, with her outer labia distinct from her inner thighs, and forming a well-proportioned and well-defined trio with her clitoris--from side to side, you can clearly see labia, clit, labia.

"The third type is the poly-form, or compound vagina; this category covers the wide variety of vaginas which feature prominent labia minora, and large or highly visible clitorises.

"Every girl's vagina is going to be unique, but you want to be sure that you choose a grooming strategy that will be most flattering for your daughter's particular style of pussy. Some of your daughters will have little peach- or clamshell pussies, just a little slit between two smooth outer labia. That style is considered very girlish, innocent even, and is usually best presented with a complete absence of hair. It's going to make your 18-year-old look several years younger, but that's fine. You can compliment that with your choice in wardrobe and makeup.

"For your girls with more dramatic inner labia which are visible from her standing position, you have two main options: you can trim most of her hair and leave it in the natural wide v-shape covering her entire mound; or you can go hairless, and try tucking her inner lips inside her outer set before she puts on her panties. She'll basically look like she has the "innocent" pussy type while she's on her feet, and then later you'll have the opportunity to do a dramatic reveal of her long labia by spreading her and allowing them to unfurl for the judges like a flower in bloom. I've seen this work with tremendous success several times, in particular Allison Tyroll two years ago.

"Now, with Lilly's vagina, I could have gone with a complete shave, Brazilian style, as you often see with triform vaginas in porn; but since her clitoris is so visible and attractive, I chose to accent that little strip of flesh nestled between her lips with this little strip of hair." Ramer extended his index and middle finger and, after aligning them vertically and positioning them over his daughter's landing strip, then gently and easily slid them between her legs, nestling them against the length of Lilly's labia, the base of his fingers resting against her clitoris as he continued:

"Notice her landing strip is precisely the width of the gap formed between Lilly's legs when she is standing up straight and ladylike. It draws attention to her clitoris and creates a visual rhythm which effectively frames the cleanly delineated lines of my daughter's external genitalia." Lilly had gasped slightly as her father's fingers made contact with her vagina, and as he talked her eyes closed, she bit her bottom lip, and we were almost certain that she began to rock ever-so-imperceptibly against his hand, taking advantage of his hands-on educational technique to quietly masturbate herself. Ramer took no notice and abruptly withdrew his fingers, causing Lilly to pout momentarily. A few knowing chuckles went round the room.

A hand went up.

"What about vaginal jewelry, or highlighting her clitoris?"

"Good question, Mark," Ramer nodded, "I don't usually recommend jewelry, first off. It's more distraction than accent, in my opinion. It can cause problems with your daughter's sensitivity down there as well. All the same, some judges have certainly seemed to favor it on some girls. At the very least, for goodness' sake don't try to pierce her clitoris or labia yourself. Hire a qualified professional to make sure it's done properly, safely, and with minimal trauma to your daughter's girl bits. It's going to hurt her like hell no matter what, though.

"I have, though, seen highlighting work very well. What that means, for you gentlemen who aren't familiar, is just using some gloss, similar to what we were talking about with Graham's daughter's nipples, and applying it to your girl's clit. It adds a little shine that certainly catches the eye. If you think that your daughter's clit should get more attention from the judges, that might be a good idea. My daughters all have fairly prominent clitorises naturally, however, so I've not really experimented with that technique. Yes, Dave?"

"Yes, um, I'm not really sure how to classify my Shawna's vagina when it comes to grooming. It seems it could look good with several options of styling. Do you do house calls?"

A laugh greeted this query, but Ramer smiled and nodded. "I do, Dave. I'll be in Stonewall next Tuesday; how about you and I drop by Shawna's school, and I'll be happy to take a look at what she's got between her legs and give you my considered opinion."

When it was evident there were no other questions on the topic, Ramer returned his attention to Lilly's vulva. Gripping her mound with his fingers and thumb on either side of her landing strip, he firmly pulled it up, exposing more of her vagina. Lilly's eyes grew wide and she let out a tiny whimper of pain and shock, spreading her legs slightly and thrusting her hips forward to allow her father to display more of her private parts to us.

"Regardless of your final grooming choice, I recommend that you wax her down here," he said, running his index finger along both sides of her clitoris and outer labia to demonstrate the smoothness of her skin. "You don't want any stray hairs to disrupt this silky texture, and the judges will definitely show their appreciation." He released her pussy and patted it lightly as if to say, "Good girl," and stood up.

"Alright, gentlemen, the last topic tonight is How to Prepare Your Daughter for Initiation. We all know that this can be a somewhat traumatic experience for a girl if she's not ready for it, and yet if you give her too much information, you can end up traumatizing her yourself. I've been fortunate with my daughters, and I'll give you my opinion on how best to get your girl excited about Initiation, and more importantly to think of it as just part of life. In fact, Lilly, why don't you tell the men what we've talked about?"

Lilly blushed again, her pale skin growing rosy all over her lovely naked body as she twisted her hands and crossed her legs shyly. "Well, you said that on Initiation night, I would be very special, and everyone would treat me really nice, and some of your friends would make me feel really good and make me be a grown-up woman." She frowned momentarily, pouting with her bottom lip. "Also that I would have to be naked in front of people. But I'm naked now," her face brightened, "and it's actually kind of fun! Do you men like to see me naked?"

She was answered by loud cries to the affirmative, and thus encouraged, she twirled around, stopped to face us, and coyly covered her pussy with her hand and giggling.

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