tagGroup SexThe Festival Ch. 04

The Festival Ch. 04


I was glad to see that Kate and Keira's tent was pretty big. In fact it was big enough to stand up in, had an entrance porch, and might even have been bigger than our motorhome.

Kate held open the flap at the front and saw me looking at the size of the tent. She said: "Keira's Dad bought it for her. Guess how long it took us to put it up?"

"Bloody hours, I'd have thought," I replied.

She smiled and raised and eyebrow: "Twenty minutes with a lot of help from those boys over there."

I looked to see a group of blokes, probably in their early twenties, staring jealously at me. I grinned at Kate and ducked inside.

It was dark inside, but through one of the internal doors I could see a single candle burning and hear Amy introducing herself. Kate pushed me from behind towards it.

I walked in to see Amy embracing a slight girl. Keira couldn't have looked less like her cousin. Her black hair was artfully curled around a pretty face - elfin is how you'd describe the look. As I looked her up and down, I noted that she as more toned than either Amy or Kate, and as she smiled at me over my girlfriend's shoulder I took in her big dark eyes accentuated by a little too much mascara, her strikingly perfect white teeth, and her flawless, lightly tanned complexion. I smiled back.

She broke away from Amy and walked towards me, holding out her hand. "Hi. I'm Keira. You must be Nick."

I'd assumed she was English so was taken aback by her French accent. But it wasn't that that really got my attention. As soon as she moved away from Amy I saw her tits and I caught my breath. They were covered by a tight t-shirt and were probably around the same size and shape as Amy's. They were perfectly round, and jutting straight towards me, just like Amy's. However, on her slender 18 year old body they seemed almost unfeasible. I recovered my concentration just in time to shake her hand and confirm that I was indeed Nick.

Kate ordered Amy and me to sit down and began pouring us a glass of white wine. No slumming it on beer in this tent.

The three girls starting chatting about the festival, about each other, all that kind of thing. I discovered that Keira and Kate's mums were sisters. While Kate's had married a ridiculously rich banker, Keira's had married a famous French playwright, and had been brought up in Paris before going to the same English boarding school that Kate had been to a few years earlier. I chipped in to the conversation occasionally, but as is usually the case when there's three women and one man in a room, he's not needed much in the conversation and can focus instead on taking in the view.

And what a view it was. To my left was my gorgeous girlfriend Amy. The blonde vision of many men's dreams. She was wearing a black sarong and bikini top with her hair falling down onto her shoulders. Out of the corner of my eye I could see her large breasts move as she talked and gesticulated. Just looking at that got my pulse racing.

Opposite her was Kate. She might have been a bit of a bitch, but she more than made up for it in my mind with her looks, her style and her open attitude to sex. She was still wearing the green floral dress that she'd been wearing when we met earlier that day. Had it only been a few hours ago? So much had happened since. I thought back to when I'd found her lying across our motorhome's table with my girlfriend lapping at her pussy. I pictured my cock embedded in her while she squirted around it, her girl cum spraying all over my torso and running down to drip off my balls. Now Kate was dominating the conversation, telling everyone what she thought about the bands and how the showers were unhygienic. I also caught her stealing glances at Amy's breasts.

And then there was Keira. She really was ball-tighteningly sexy. She was pretty in that way that almost all 18 year olds are. Everything was firm and flawless. On top of that though she had those incredible breasts, and of course the indefinable sexiness that is peculiar to French women. When she spoke, her voice seemed to be teasing my cock to life. It wasn't just the accent, it was her coquettish mannerisms and the way she had of looking at me from beneath her long eyelashes. She did it once or twice and both times I felt a lump in my trousers and in my throat. I swallowed hard, tried to stop looking up from her bare feet, along her long legs and to the hem of her short black skirt, tried to stop thinking about what I'd find if I carried on up those legs.

I soon found though that there was only one thing that could distract me from picturing how Keira would look stripped bare, bent on all fours, with my cock sliding into her soft pink folds. It was Jen.

Even while surrounded by these three beautiful women I found my mind wandering to Jen. I hoped she was ok, that Ste had found her and calmed her down. I hoped she wasn't too angry that I'd stuck up for Kate. I wondered if I'd see her later on this evening.

Then I realised, Amy and Kate were talking about her.

"I didn't think much of her when I first saw her," Kate was saying. "But I have to admit I was impressed at what she did. I mean I've never taken two at once."

Keira smiled broadly and turned to look at me with renewed interest.

"Kate told me you fucked her and you have a big cock," she said raising an eyebrow as her gaze drifted down to my crotch. "She didn't tell me you were a dirty boy. Is this true?"

This was almost the first thing she'd said to me. I was lost for words. Weren't 18 year old girls meant to be shy or something?

Fortunately Amy rescued me. "It's all true," she said, moving behind me and running her hands across my chest. Speaking over my shoulder she added: "He's got a huge cock and can be very, very dirty when he wants to be."

As the two other girls watched, Amy pulled my head around to face her's and began kissing me slowly and deeply. Although I'd already cum four times that day my prick was beginning to twitch in my jeans. I was enjoying the way this conversation was developing.

Suddenly Keira interjected: "I'd like to see it."

Amy broke away from kissing me, spluttering with laughter. She recovered herself and looked appraisingly at the beautiful young French girl sitting opposite us.

"Your cousin doesn't mess around, does she?" she said smiling at Kate.

Kate sighed: "As soon as I came back this afternoon and told her about you two she's not talked about anything else. Apparently she's never seen a big cock before. All the boys at her school are your average six inches. She's hoping to get something a little more, er, fulfilling tonight."

My heart started racing. I'd been hoping I might have a chance to fuck this gorgeous girl. Now it was starting to look likely. She was looking at me with a predatory expression and I was sure she was up for it. The only question was whether my girlfriend would be ok with it. After she'd let me fuck Jen and then Kate so far at this festival I was optimistic.

I turned to look at her, and our eyes met. We spent some time looking deeply into each others eyes. I was thinking how much she'd changed since we'd arrived at Glastonbury. We'd been together for three years and I'd never seen this side to her. I was amazed she'd got so into the foursome with Jen and Ste and then earlier today she'd not blinked at the idea of letting me fuck Kate, and then at the fiveway orgy that had culminated in me and Ste both fucking Jen while Kate sprayed us all with her pussy juice.

Amy had always been so sweet and demure, but something seemed to have flipped in her. Then there were the strange comments she'd made a short while ago about me and Jen. About how Jen was behaving oddly because of me. I couldn't figure it all out, but I wasn't complaining at how it was working out. In the last twenty-four hours I'd just had the most mind-blowing sex of my life, and, if Amy agreed, I was about to fuck this stunning French eighteen year old.

She finished deliberating and tearing her eyes away from mine to look at Keira said: "Ok. You can see his cock."

The little brunette smiled and licked her lips before turning to look expectantly at me.

I wasn't sure if I was supposed to just strip off or if that was jumping in too quickly.

"Well come on then," said Kate impatiently.

"What?" I asked.

She leant towards and me and spoke slowly as if I was stupid: "Take. Off. Your. Clothes."

If the situation had been different I might have told her to stop being so fucking rude. But I figured starting an argument was going to be less fun than having sex with Keira, so I started unlacing my trainers. Then I stood up and pulled my t-shirt over my head.

Keira nodded as she scanned my upper body. I silently thanked my personal trainer for all the times he made me do just one more ab crunch.

Then I unbuckled my jeans and pulled then off, leaving me in just my boxer shorts with my semi-hard cock clearly jutting out beneath the fabric. The atmosphere in the tent had changed. It was absolutely silent. All three girls were looking intently at my crotch and I was starting to feel nervous. After all the talk about how big I was, I hoped they wouldn't be disappointed.

I reached inside my boxers and ran my hand up and down my shaft a couple of times, trying to get it up to its full length, then went for it, pulling down my shorts and stepping out of them. Keira actually gasped as my cock sprang forward. Looking at her pretty face staring in amazement at my tool did wonders for my ego and as I stood there naked, my hands on my hips, angling my cock towards the teenager, I felt my cock start to rise towards its full nine inches.

Keira finally composed herself enough to say to Kate: "And he put this inside the small girl, together with another one almost as big?"

"Yep," replied Kate. "Pretty impressive, huh?"

Keira nodded thoughtfully, and I felt Amy behind me starting to run her fingers over my ass.

"Can I hold it?" Keira said and my prick jerked upwards. They all laughed.

I felt Amy behind me nod at the French girl and then run her hands around to grasp my hard cock and slide them up and down it. Keira crawled over towards me and knelt down, her face just inches from where my girlfriend was slowly masturbating me.

She gently placed her hands on top of Amy's and then Amy moved her's away, so Keira's came into contact with my cock. I closed my eyes and groaned softly as she started to slide those small soft hands up and down.

"It's so hard," she said quietly, still staring at it, taking it the thickness and length of the shaft, the purple head and my big, tight balls.

"I'm not surprised," said Kate. "The lucky bastard's in here with the three most beautiful women at the festival."

I immediately thought that one of the most beautiful wasn't here. Jen was somewhere else. Then that thought was pushed from my mind by Kate moving towards the rest of us and cupping my balls. She rubbed then gently at first and then, as Keira sped up her movements on my shaft, she started to squeeze them. It hurt a bit, but the pain was more than drowned out by the pleasure that was coursing through my body. I couldn't believe this was happening to me. I mean two women is most men's fantasy, but here I was with three of them all over me.

Amy stood up and began to kiss me while her two friends carried on playing with my penis. I was fading away into a world of sensual pleasure, forgetting everything apart from her soft lips on mine, the four hands moving urgently over my sex organs. I nearly came when Amy whispered: "Keira. Why don't you taste it?"

The teenager didn't pause for breath, just stuck out her tongue and ran it the entire length of my prick. She made an appreciative noise and then took the end into her mouth. As she sucked away, Kate started to lick my testicles and Amy began planting kisses all over my chest. I knew I wasn't going to be able to hold out much longer with these three beautiful women all over me, using their tongues, lips, fingers to bring me to orgasm. I panted: "I'm about to cum."

While Kate carried on sucking a ball deep into her mouth, Keira immediately released me from her mouth.

"Don't," she said. "I want you in me."

Kate and Amy both stopped what they were doing.

"That's ok, isn't it, Amy," said Keira. "I've never had one as big as that. I really want to feel what it's like."

Amy seemed uncertain. She was standing next to me, now idly stroking a finger along the length of my shaft. "Do you want to?" she asked me.

I should have been more subtle. Should have said something about her being the most important person to me and only wanting to do it if she was totally happy with it. But I'd just had three women bring me right to the edge of orgasm, and now this pretty French teenager was kneeling in front of my raging hard-on, her big brown eyes begging me to stick it deep inside her.

I spoke without thinking, just imagining what that body would look like naked: "Yes. I want to fuck her. Now."

Amy's expression didn't change. She just kissed my cheek, said ok, and then went to sit next to Kate. I remember thinking that Kate was looking strangely elated as she began to stroke Amy's hair.

I didn't think much about it. My only thought then was embedding my cock in Keira's pussy.

I walked over to her, wrapped my arms around her waist and began to kiss her. She tasted of strawberries. While we were kissing one of her hands reached down to grasp my cock.

She whispered in my ear: "Please fuck me, Nick. Fuck me hard." I grabbed the back of her head, feeling her silky hair, revelling in the faint smell of perfume, pushing her away so I could take in her pretty face. I mashed our lips together. As she carried on rubbing my throbbing shaft I pulled her t-shirt over her head, and then broke away, panting to catch my breath.

I kissed down her soft skin to where her breasts were encased in a lacy black bra. I kissed the flesh of each one, enjoying the sweet taste of her skin. Then I kissed each nipple through the fabric, before reaching behind her and unclasping the bra. It fell away and I looked at two of the most perfect tits I have ever laid eyes on. They were just the right size and shape. As I filled each of my palms with them I felt the softness of the skin and the ripeness of the breast. Then I pinched both sets of fingers together around two turgid brown nipples. I groaned with excitement and felt my rock solid cock pulse against my stomach as I began to kiss and suck Keira's right nipple.

I heard her exclaim in surprise and I looked to see Amy's blonde hair next to mine, her eager mouth on Keira's other nipple. Together we lowered the French girl to the floor. I began to move down over her taut flat stomach and to the top of her short skirt. Above me Kate had taken my place and was sucking her cousin's nipples.

I sat up for a second to take in the view. The blonde and the redhead were both engrossed in the younger girl's fantastic breasts while she had her head tilted back, her eyes closed and a look of utter ecstasy on her face.

I placed one hand on her right calf and slid it up, enjoying the smoothness of her skin and the beautiful sculpting of her leg. As I slid my hand inside her skirt she gasped, but opened up to let me in further. I slowly crept along her soft inner thigh until I reached her panties. I could feel the heat from her pussy and when I ran a finger along its length it was soaking wet.

I was going slowly, fighting the urge to rip those panties aside and bury myself up to the hilt inside her. I carefully unzipped her skirt and pulled it down, then peeled off her wet panties. As I discarded them, I looked down at Keira's pussy for the first time. She had a thin strip of black hair leading down to perfectly formed pink lips. I could see her small clitoris already poking through its hood. Her legs were open and she was edging slowly down towards me, pushing her already moist pussy towards my hands.

I was about to give her what she wanted when I caught sight of Kate unclipping Amy's bra. No matter what the distraction, I always wanted to see my girlfriend's magnificent breasts. It turned out Keira was just as interested. She pulled my girlfriend up towards her and started kissing her while stroking her tits.

I momentarily forgot Keira's pussy sitting right in front of me as I watched Kate move down to pull off Amy's bikini bottoms and settle in between her legs. I watched transfixed as she stuck out her tongue to run it the length of the blonde girl's slit then slide two fingers deep inside her pussy. Amy broke away from Keira's lips to gasp with excitement, and once Keira saw the treatment Amy was getting she looked at me pleadingly and slid her pussy even closer to my mouth.

I smiled at her and dipped my mouth to get my first taste of her sweet pussy. While her mouth had tasted of strawberries, her pussy tasted of honey. I licked it deeply and slowly, running my tongue along every fold, every ridge, and savouring the taste and the scent. I mimicked Kate's actions on Amy, sliding two fingers in to feel inside the teenager's tight, soft pussy. I used my long fingers to lightly rub every part of her, then reached up to start rubbing her g-spot, while I gently but deliberately licked her pulsing clitoris.

Soon both Amy and Keira had cum once and were panting, both calling out for us not to stop. From where I was lying I looked up along the line of Keira's well trimmed pussy hair, over her taut tanned body and her ripe breasts, topped by erect nipples, to see her still locked in a passionate embrace with my girlfriend. I could see their tongues sliding over each other's lips, kisses landing on their necks, then taking turns to suck each others perfect breasts. Amy was lying at right angles to Keira and my eyes followed the line of her beautifully sculpted body to where Kate was enthusiastically lapping away, now plunging two fingers in and out of Amy's hole. It was one of the most erotic sights of my life.

I reached down to hold my pulsating prick and felt a drop of pre-cum on its tip. I shifted and lined it up against Keira's open, wet pussy. She was about to get the fucking of her short life. But I thought I'd make her wait just a little while longer. I started to rub my cockhead up and down over her engorged clitoris.

Noticing me move, Kate also left Amy's pussy and moved back to Keira's side. For a few seconds both girls were licking the eighteen year olds nipples while I waited, holding my throbbing, purple head against her opening.

Then Kate said: "Are you ready for it? He's going to stretch you open. Do you want him to?"

All three girls turned to look at me, and Keira said in her sexy French accent: "Yes. Please. I want it. I want him to fill me with his hot cum."

They all watched intently as I grasped Keira's thighs, held them further apart and them slowly pushed my cockhead into her hole. It was tighter than any pussy I'd felt for a long time, and even though her juices were running out of her and she was panting for me to give her more, her huge breasts heaving as she did so, it was slow going.

Amy and Kate started licking those tits again while the French girl carried on urging me deeper. "Come on, you sexy boy. Fuck me more. It's so hard. Ah oui! It is hot inside me. Give me more." She wrapped her slender legs around me and started pulling me in further. Then when I finally bottomed out in her she threw her head back and came, shouting out in French. As she did, Kate and Amy's lips met in the middle of Keira's chest. I watched as they kissed deeply while the teenager's tight pussy walls clenched and unclenched around my prick.

When she had recovered I slowly pulled out and then slid back in. I gradually built up my speed, while she was calling out my name, tossing her head from side to side and pulling me deeper into her. I shifted up a bit, so my cock would connect with her clit as I slid in. This brought my face closer to Amy and Kate, who broke away from their kiss to turn their attention to me.

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