tagFirst TimeThe Field Trip

The Field Trip


Every spring a small group of photography students and I go on a field trip to Mystic to work on the skills they've been taught throughout the year. We always go to the aquarium and a few of the other outdoor museums.

This year there were only a few students who wanted to go -- a couple of the boys and Sheli. I normally wouldn't go with so few but this way we could save money by just taking my car and it would be a lot less stress on me chaperoning. The boys had a room, Sheli had a room and I had my own room.

On the way down Sheli sat in the back with Tom. I would catch her eye in the mirror and she'd wink or lick her lips suggestively. I didn't know if she was playing games or not but the effect was the same: I had a raging hard-on by the time we got to the hotel.

I had the kids get the stuff out of the car while I went to check us in. By the time they joined me in the lobby I had their keys and we made our way to the rooms. I chose the room in the middle so that there was less chance of hanky panky between Sheli and the boys.

I told them to relax for an hour or so then we'd go get lunch and drive around a bit to see what they wanted to take pictures of. I knew what my first order of business was going to be: take care of my aroused state.

I dropped my bags at the end of the bed and quickly undressed then laid down on the bed. I was already oozing precum so I wouldn't need to use the lube; I could just spread the precum down over the shaft to make the wanking easier.

I closed my eyes and pictured Sheli. She had long curly blond hair, sparkling blue eyes and big luscious lips that were always a pale pink color. She was short at only 5'2" tall, which was the perfect height for fucking. He could be buried deep inside her and be able to look down at her beautiful face. Her body was amazing -- tight, compact and curvy with a nice round ass, full hips and a moderately large chest.

My hand moved fast on my cock as I imagined how good her tight pussy would feel wrapped around my cock. It didn't take me long to explode with a loud grunt and covered my stomach and chest with my cum just as she came in his fantasy. I laid on the bed for several minutes as I tried to figure out what I was going to do to survive the rest of the weekend with her.

I looked at the clock. The kids were going to be knocking on his door in 20 minutes. That would be enough time to take a shower and get dressed again.

Sheli was the first to knock on his door. She was now wearing a short, pleated skirt and white collared shirt that was unbuttoned to show off her breasts. I was glad I'd been carrying his camera case when I opened the door because I could use it to hide my new hard-on. The boys arrived a few minutes later.

The afternoon was fun and they got tons of seascape pictures. When they got back to the room for a rest before dinner, Sheli asked if she could hang with me. I had hoped to be able to take care of the hard-on she'd provided me with all afternoon but it could wait.

She sat on his bed and flipped on the TV. Sheli looked so delicious as she watched the cooking show. I wanted to lie on the bed next to her and slip his hand under her skirt to touch the pink lacy panties she'd made sure I'd seen but I knew that was wrong. I would have to save it for my fantasy when I jerked off later.

"You're so far away," she said as she patted the bed next to her. "Come sit next to me."

"I'm fine," I said. She pouted and I caved. I sat on the opposite edge of the bed, crossing my legs to hide my hard-on. She giggled and scooted across the bed so she was sitting close to me and I could feel her thigh pressed against mine.

We silently watched the show as I tried to think of anything that would make me not want to tear her clothes off and fuck her until she was sore and begging for mercy.

I nearly came when her hand rested on my thigh and started to stray towards my cock. "What are you doing?" I demanded as I jumped off the bed.

"You just look so uncomfortable with that hard cock, I thought I'd help you relieve the tension."

My mouth fell open. "I ... we ... I can't do that ... you're a student," I replied.

"I'm 18," she countered.

"But you're still a student."

"Surely you've fucked a student before Mr. Timson," she cooed as she slid her skirt up to expose her panties.

"Never," I replied as I felt the precum ooze from the tip of my cock.

"Then I'll be so very happy to be your first," she said. She stood up and quickly removed her clothes then pressed her naked body against mine.

"Please ... Sheli ... get dressed," I begged.

She replied by unbuttoning and unzipping my pants then sliding them and my briefs over my hips to expose my cock. It was harder than it had been in a few years.

"Mmm! So nice and hard ... and long! Not like the cocks the boys at the school have," she said. I closed my eyes as her fingers wrapped around the shaft and she slowly started to jerk me off. My precum oozed over her fingers as they moved faster.

When she suddenly stopped I gasped. "Please Sheli, jerk me off," I begged.

"And not let you fuck me? Silly man," she said and pulled me onto the bed with her. I spread her legs wide and moved between them. I didn't care about niceties or taking care of her needs, I just needed to feel her pussy wrapped around my cock.

"I don't have a condom," I said as I paused.

"I'm on the pill," she whispered as she ran her fingers through my hair. I guided my cock to her pussy and slammed into her. She cried out as I broke her hymen but I didn't care. I just needed to fuck her.

"Oh fuck Sheli ... you're so damned tight!" I muttered as I drove my cock in and out of her. She was no longer in pain and was soaking wet again.

"Oh Mr. Timson!" she cried out as she started to cum. I closed my eyes and fought against my need to explode as her pussy muscles tightened around my cock. I sighed when her orgasm subsided and went back to pummeling her pussy.

Sheli ran her fingers over my chest and tweaked my nipples as she watched my face. I looked into her eyes as my cock owned her pussy. "I will have to punish you for this later," I whispered. Her cheeks turned a deep red and her pussy reacted by getting wetter.

"How?" she asked nervously.

"You'll see," I said. "After dinner."

She gasped as I slammed my entire length into her, and I was pretty sure I'd hit her cervix. I repeatedly drove in deep, hitting the back wall each time and enjoying her little gasps each time. I knew I could fuck her like this for hours more but it would soon be time to go to dinner and I didn't want her so sore that I wouldn't be able to use her pussy again later after her punishment.

I reached between us and started roughly rubbing her clit as I fucked her with short quick strokes. I watched her face as she started to cum and when she peaked I dumped my load of cum deep inside her. When I finished cumming I laid on top of her, trapping her under my weight.

"You're a very naughty girl Sheli," I said.

She giggled. "And a very satisfied one."

I rolled off her and stood up. "Get dressed and go back to your room to get ready for dinner. Wear pants and some modest top, I don't want you to tease me while we're at dinner. After dinner you will put that skirt back on and one of your slutty shirts. When you're done you'll call my room and I will open the door between our rooms so can come over. Then I'll apply your punishment."

"Yes Mr. Timson!" she replied and got dressed as I went into the bathroom to shower. I smiled when I heard the door close behind her.

Sheli was distracted throughout dinner. The boys teased her about it and I just smiled knowingly. I decided to get some night picture taking in and prolong Sheli's torment.

"Can we go back now?" she whispered when the boys were away.

"Why? We're having too much fun," I answered with a devious smile. Sheli stormed off but I could tell she was more sexually frustrated than she was angry.

About a half hour later I called everyone over and we headed back to the hotel. We all said good night and parted ways. I pinched Sheli's butt as a reminder of what she was to do then went into my room to wait for the phone to ring. She didn't keep me waiting long.

I unlocked the door and she slipped into my room. She was wearing the outfit as instructed.

"Remove your underwear," I ordered and my cock hardened even more as she did it. I sat on the edge of the bed and motioned for her to bend over my lap. She was blushing a deep red as I motioned for her to lie across my lap.

"What?" she asked. I pulled her to the bed and helped her to bend over my lap so her breasts were pressed again my thigh and her ass was raised in the air, the skirt barely covering her soft round ass. I pulled the skirt up and exposed the flesh to the cool air.

"You've been a very naughty girl," I said as I massaged one cheek then the other. I pulled my hand back and let it fall on the roundest part of her ass. Over and over again my hand landed on her ass until she cried out.

"Please ... stop ... it hurts!" she whimpered. I ran my fingertips over the red area as she squirmed. I reached over to the tube on the bedside table and squirted some of the lubrication onto my index finger.

I parted her ass cheeks with my other hand and exposed her tight ass hole. I pressed my finger against the opening and watched as her ass enveloped my finger. She gasped and tried to pull away so I held her in place with my free arm.

"No! Please, don't do that to my ass," she begged.

"If you say anything else I'll gag you with your panties," I said as I slid my finger completely into her ass and slowly started to fuck her. She squirmed more and more as her discomfort turned to excitement.

"You ass is so tight. Even tighter than your virginal pussy," I said. "I should replace my finger with my cock but I'll cum too fast and I want to fuck you for the rest of the night."

Sheli whimpered as her ass muscles started to tighten around my finger. I slipped a second finger then a third finger into the tight hole, and fucked her ass faster and harder. "OHHHHHHHHHHH! I'm cumming!" she cried out as her ass came on my finger. I pulled my finger out and moved her so she was leaning over the edge of the bed.

My cock easily slid into her sopping wet pussy. I buried it deep inside her and looked down at her ass hole that was still stretched wide from my fingers. I just needed to feel how it felt around my cock, even if it wasn't going to take me long to cum.

"You are such a good girl to take your punishment so well," I said. "That's why I'm going to fuck your ass and fill it with my hot thick gooey cum."

"No!" she cried and tried to pull away.

I held her in place with one hand as my other guided my cock to her ass hole. It was already lubed up from my precum and her juices so it slid in easily. She groaned as it stretched her wide and I moaned as it closed around my cock fitting it like a glove.

"Oh fuck yes!" I said as I slowly moved my cock in and out of her. "So fucking tight ... very, very tight."

I picked up the pace as her ass loosened slightly, my cock slamming in and out of her. I knew I was going to be exploding soon so I reached under Sheli and found her clit. I quickly rubbed it as I got closer and closer.

"Cum for me," I ordered. I wanted to feel her ass muscles milk my cock as she came. She whimpered loudly as her body started to shake. "Oh yea ... so good ... oh Sheli!"

I came hard as she started to orgasm. "OH! Mr. Timson!"

I laid across her back as I tried to catch my breath, my cock still buried in her ass.

"I'm going to take a shower and I advise you to do the same thing," I said as I stood up and slowly let my cock slide out of her ass. She moaned at how empty her ass felt. "Do not speak of this to anyone and start dressing more appropriately. I don't want to have to punish you again."

"Yes sir, Mr. Timson," she said looking at the floor.

"Good night," I said and turned away from her. She headed back to her room and nothing more was ever said about that day by either of us, but I still jerk off to the pictures I took with my hidden camera.

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