tagMatureThe Fine

The Fine


"Got five hundred bucks to pay the fine?"

The sudden musical voice brought me out of my reverie. I looked up right into the laughing eyes of a beautiful police woman. For a minute there, I did not understand. Then comprehension struck me as I looked at my cigarette. Smoking is prohibited in public places and here I am sitting in a small tea shop smoking.

I had come to this town earlier in the evening to hand over some important papers to a client. He was a older man and his wife the lady was very kind and forced me to stay for dinner. I had not smoked for a long time respecting their age and not wanting to smoke in front of them and offend them.

When I came out of their place I looked for a place and found this small tea shop. No one was there and I was alone. I had a hot cup of strong tea and then lit a cigarette. My mind was elsewhere and I did not see this police woman come in.

Reluctantly I pulled my purse out and counted five hundred rupee bills and offered it to her. To my surprise she was still looking at me. I am not much you see, only five feet tall and slim to boot. Not the kind women looked twice and this lady was young and beautiful. The tight police uniform was not hidding her luscious curves and I had a hell of a time looking into her eyes. It strained to stray towards the two globes that jutted out poking at my face, almost.

Instead of accepting the money and writing out a receipt for it she sat down opposite me.

"You are new here? "

"Yes, I just came here on duty"



I wanted to get this over with and leave. This dame is too damn hot and I was getting uneasy at the wrong places. Also she is too young for my forty plus years and pretty tall too, will be about say 5' 7" and in her early twenties I guessed.

"Want to save that five hundred?"

I looked at her surprised "What you mean?"

"Come to my place for the night and you don't have to pay up"

" I don't understand," I stammered

She laughed out loud, "Scared, bucko or is it just that you are not man enough?"

That did it. "alright, let us go,"

Outside she started her Honda scooter and I climbed behind her, careful to keep some distance between us. The road was bumpy and she was not slowing down. Several times I bumped onto her as she speeded up. I was relieved when she stopped before an apartment building.

We went in and up the lift to her apartment in the fourth floor. She smiled sweetly at the lift man who did not notice me at all. He was just goggling at her, open mouthed, kind of. When we entered the apartment, she just locked the door behind us and went in, to her bedroom I think. Almost immediately she came out, threw a lungi (A colourful dhoti) to me and said coolly, "Change into this and use the bathroom on the other side," She gestured with her hand and "Oh, yes, You can smoke all you want," She disappeared again. I was furious and did not like any of this.

For a while I stood there glaring at the door of her bedroom and then realizing it is not helping, I changed and went into the bathroom. It was a hot day and so I showered and toweling myself up, put on the Lungi again and came out. There was no trace of her. I sat down on the sofa and lit a cigarette.

Just as I finished my cigarette, the door opened slightly and her face looked out. "Come in here, I got some thing to show you,"

Anger welling up inside me, I slowly got up and went in and then stood stock still gapping. She stood in the middle of the room clad in a skimpy red silk gown that was too low below the neck and too high above the knees. I could see the white bulge of her mounds up there and her long shapely legs down below. She was not letting me guess anything, showing all she had and was smiling teasingly to boot. What is more, the silk gown was hugging her so close that I could even see the nipples pointing. Her lips parted slightly and she bit her lower lip, sensually. I was getting a bulge down there and the lungi is not going to hide it.

"Like what you see?" she was teasing of course, and then, " That is not what I want to show you bucko, See this bed, I bought it only two days ago. Tell me how you like it?".

It is a double cot made of expensive Teakwood and the bed was made of feather I guessed, covered with a beautiful red silk bedspread just the same colour as her gown. She sat down on the bed coyly still taunting with her eyes and a vile smile playing on her pouting lips.

"Come sit down and see how it feels, Bucko,"

Like in a trance I went and sat down my eyes glued to her white bulging mounds and with desperation I held back my itching hands. She moved closer to me a little and then her hands settled right on my bulging hardness. I could hold back no more. "You bitch," I hissed and jumped on her, my hands clutching her almost bare shoulders and pushing her on the bed, I pulled the gown down her shoulders as my lips pressed against her neck just below her ear. I was not heavy and I put all my weight on her as I clawed on her bare skin and my hands cupped her mounds, gently squeezing. My lips now nibbled her ear lobe and she moaned. Still squeezing her mounds, a little harder now I moved my lips against her chubby cheeks searching for her hot mouth. Finding it, I kissed her passionately, my tongue probing between her lips and as she opened them slightly, I slid my tongue in searching for hers. I felt her hands clawing my back but relentlessly, I pulled her gown all the way down still kissing her.

When or how my lungi came off of me I still do not remember, but I felt my hardness pressing between her legs and I felt the wetness on my thighs. As I moved my mouth down to her mounds to take one of her nipples between my lips my hand slid under the pillow and I felt some thing soft there. Pulling it out I looked at it and found it was a feather. A long one multi-coloured. Peacock feather, I realized. She was moaning under me and her hands were down there now kneading my hardness. Suddenly an idea struck me, what if I used the feather on her?

I put my left hand under her head gently ruffling her hair and with my right hand I clutched the feather and slowly, touched her chubby cheek with it. She shivered under me and moaned. Slowly and gently I began to move the feather on her cheeks, touching her lips and moving it around it tracing and then onto her neck. Her grip on my hardness tightened and she was almost crying now. With my left hand I held her head firmly and moved the feather slowly on to her now swollen mounds. She let go of my hardness and clutched my shoulders hard.

Lifting my body a little above her and balancing myself on my knees, I teased her rose buds with the feather, and then patted it. She went mad then and almost screamed. I kept patting her rose buds one after the other gently and when she tried to lift her head to see what was happening. I held her down, recklessly, holding her hair. She cried out but let me hold her head and now I lifted my waist up and positioned myself so the tip of my hardness was between her legs. Still working with the feather I moved my hardness just above her outer lips teasing.

She lifted her hips up desperately to take me in, but I lifted myself higher. She was moaning and whining now as the feather moved about her soft white skin, exploring and touching the spots that aroused her. I had managed to position my hardness just above her love opening and just when she least expected, slid it into her, as hard as I could. She gasped and cried out as my hardness buried deep inside her to the hilt. Balancing my body on my left elbow and my toes I began to thrust into her, slowly at first still teasing her with the feather.

I now know the spots that tickled her the most and used it to my advantage. She was quivering under me, giggling, moaning and crying all at the same time it seemed. Suddenly I felt her go rigid under me and knowing she is going to scream in ecstasy, I pressed my mouth onto hers and she screamed as her body trembled under me and my fast moving hardness was bathed with her love's nectar. I kept up my tempo as she came letting her screams stifle inside my mouth. When she finished I gave her some breathing time and then began my teasing with the feather once again and thrusting into her as well.

I let her climax and scream and let loose her love juices three times before I let go my own self, flooding her love channel with my seed. Then I lay on top of her my hands and legs to support my weight, just feeling her softness against me. Both of us were gasping for breath. When at last our breathing became normal, I moved away from her and lay on her side for a while. Then lifting myself onto my elbows I looked at her face. It was serene, fully satiated her eyes closed and a pleased smile playing on her rosy lips, she lay like a happy child. I was still angry inside me, but I kissed her lips lightly thanking her my own way and getting out of the bed went into the bathroom to cleanup. When I came out of the bathroom, I went to the hall without looking at her and began to dress up hastily.

Just as I finished dressing, I heard her door open.

"Going some place?" She stood there with a towel covering her from her breasts to her thighs.

"Yes" I said laconically

"Going to sit in the bus station till four in the morning?" she was asking coyly.


"Will you let me speak my mind before you leave?" There was some thing in her voice that made me look up at her and I saw sadness and longing in those eyes which were getting wet with tears.

Reluctantly I sat down on the sofa and said, "Go ahead,"

She came and sat down opposite me in a chair.

"I am twenty-four, have two sisters and three brothers all younger than me depending on my pay. I can't dream of getting married for how long I do not know. My father is a drunk, mother a house wife," She paused here and looked at me, tears flooding down. When I said nothing, she continued, drying her eyes with the towel, showing her firm breasts the rosebuds still hard.

"I studied with the help of scholarship and some well wishers. I have to help my family as best as I can," Again she paused, drying her eyes with the towel. I stayed mum.

"I am human, bucko, I too need some sex once in a while at least. If I dated some one they would want me to marry them, which I can't. not till at least my sisters finish their studies and start earning. If I got some young local buck to sleep with me, I would be labeled "slut" in no time. You looked like a gentleman and trustworthy. That is why I led you into this. If you think, I did wrong, go on and leave,"

I sat there a while fidgeting and thinking it over. I know what she said was true. A lot of women in India are in the same boat as she does. Many do not have the courage as this one to deliberately bait a man and if they did often they went for the wrong man and got labeled as "Sluts' just as she said.

Slowly without daring to look at her I got up, went to her and took her in my arms, letting her cry on my shoulders. We had some snacks a little later and then went to bed, laying in each others arms, sharing our pains and pleasures. For, though I am a married man, was not getting the love I needed at home. She is still my friend and I often visit her and the feather is still with her and she loves those red silk gown and the bedspread.

The End

Well, folks, I hope you enjoyed the story. Do tell me how you like it, I am open to criticism.

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