The First Foundation Pt. 01

byThe Avenger©

"Foolish women try to reason with men. How can you reason with a person who has two heads, and tends to listen to the one down there, which only has one eye, and a blind one at that." She laughed. "You don't just talk reason to a man, especially not your lover or husband. Our men are proud. If you win, he thinks you have cut his balls. If he wins, he thinks he is a king. You fuck him to an understanding and then tell him what you want. If you are smart and cunning, you will even make him think your ideas are his own ideas. Now, how many of you have fucked? Don't be shy now, I wont tell the pastor." No hands came up. "Don't waste my time girls, or I will make you open your legs and push an oiled banana inside your holes to find out which ones of you have well traveled roads in their panties. He he he!"

The girls giggled and slowly some hands went up. Trish was not surprised that Paidamwoyo raised her hand.

"I see we have some young whores here and some dull angels. Now, before you choose a guy that you want to be with, let me tell you something, find a man who matches you. I am not talking about money or religion here. Find a man with whom you are even. If he is better in some respects, and you in others, then together you are strong. However, if you take a man who is beneath you, in intelligence and mental strength, you will despise and abuse him till you destroy him, for we all descended from warriors. Deep down, every woman knows that cowards and weaklings cant protect us, so we despise them and desire their destruction."

"There is this guy at school who likes me," Paida said. "I am much brighter than him, but he worships me and does whatever I tell him to. I like that."

"Yes! Some women think a weak man is good, because he is easily manipulated and very obedient. I tell you, its better to buy a dog, its cheaper to feed and it doesn't cause a scene when you sleep with a real, strong man. Lionesses only bend over for the strongest bull for he will sire them children who are strong. If you marry a weakling, you have to choose between bearing weak, dumb morons or raising stubborn bastards?"

The girls laughed.

The girls were taught the art of flirting with a man. They were told men were hunters and warriors, the ones who weren't, weren't worth it, unless you wanted a good dog.

"When you find the right man for you, he has to be one you see as a prince, and he has to see you as his princess. Men like to conquer. If you give in too easily, they start thinking they are your kings and you are a desperate servant. Or they start thinking you are easy with everyone, a well traveled national highway. Unless you just want to catch a quick bite of the snake and disappear, make him work for that honey between your legs. Turn him down, but not brutally, unless you really don't want him. Then, show him quite clearly that when you even think of him, you seek an open place to vomit, for some of them are quite slow and thick."

The girls were taught song and dance, for they were told that nothing was as beautiful for a man than the sight of a merry, sweet voiced woman dancing beautifully, sexily.

Then the girls were taught how to stroke and kiss a man, being shown the spots to touch and how. They were made to take off their clothes.

Trish, and the other Christian girls were embarrassed and slow in taking off their clothes.

"Trish, hurry up!" one of instructors said and whipped her lightly with twigs. "Is your pussy made of gold or what? Hurry! We are all women here. No woman has what you don't have, therefore only a moron of a woman can let another woman take her man."

The girls were asked to pair off and sit on mats. Trish's eyes strayed to Paida and her heart beat faster as she gazed at the alluring, sexy, petite light brown body. Paida was looking for one of her friends but Trish dashed over to her and joined her on her mat.

"We are together, you and I," she said.

"But you don't like me..." Paida said, eying her suspiciously.

"Well, this will give you a chance to change my mind..." Trish said firmly, then she smiled. "I wont give you grief, all right."

Paida nodded, not all that convinced.

Trish still had some residues of desire to bash Paida ever since the incident with Dez. But now, she looked her rival and class mate's naked body over, curiously. The two of them were very different, physically.

Trish had an oval face, with a rich, milk chocolate brown complexion. Her eyes were glassy and hazel brown with shades of green. Her nose was straight and her lips were thick and pouting. Her hair was long and curly, and dark brown, and it was the thing that really gave away the fact that wasn't completely black. She was tall and athletic. She had a big bust, a toned belly, wide, curvy hips, a thick, round ass, big, strong thighs from sprinting and shapely legs.

Paida had a light brown complexion. Her face was pretty, with smooth, silky skin. Her eyes were slanted, like an Asian's and radiated a sensuous languidness. Her nose was small and round, her lips heart shaped and pouting. Her long, dark hair was now braided in thick tresses that flowed over her shoulders. She was a head shorter than Trish, and slimmer, almost petite, but had all the curves in the right places. And she had a pair of nice, round ass cheeks. Her breasts were small and perky, like round tennis balls, with very dark, long nipples. Her breasts and ass were not as pronounced as Trish's, but they looked awesome on her slim frame.

Whereas Trish had a body that seemed robust and hard to wear, Paida seemed almost delicate, though this was an illusion. She was a keen, able sportswoman and captain of the netball team.

Trish found Paida beautiful. She reminded her of the mermaids from her children's stories, pretty, graceful, supple and delicate, and yet strong, swift and vicious when they had to be. Paida always maintained a shy, reserved, timid front, but Trish knew she was wild, naughty and exuberant. Yes, Paida was a natural coquette and a player.

Whereas Trish pressed her legs together initially, Paida's thighs were easily splayed. Like most of the "pagan" girls, she was at ease with her nakedness. Trish stole looks at Paida's crotch and gazed at a thick, fat pussy, covered with a dark, luxurious, crinkly bush. When she saw Paida's pussy lips, Trish gasped. They were very long, large, and dark.

"Are you hungry Trish? You look like you want to devour it?" Paida teased naughtily, patting her cunt, and Trish blushed.

"Don't get fresh with me or I will bash you ," Trish growled.

"Oh!!!" Paida pouted like a sweet little coquette. "Please don't hit me honey. If you ask me nicely I will let you lick my sweet little honey pot, all right!"


"You pulled them huh, Paida?" Auntie Rosie asked, smiling naughtily, as she gazed at the long pussy lips.

"My grandma made me pull them."

"Smart woman. If your pussy gets loose, you tie them together and it gets real tight and any man will believe you are still a virgin," All of them laughed but Paida smiled proudly. "Listen girls, let me tell you something for nothing, men are fools. They expect us to be virgins when they meet us, but want us to be able to fuck like whores. With long lips like Paida's, however, you just knot them together, get a little bottle of cow's blood from the butcher, sprinkle it over your sheets and even your hundredth lover will believe he has just deflowered you. "

"Now, get on with it girls. Trish, come on. Tickle and tease her skin, set it alight. Yes, and stroke her behind the ears. Kiss her chin. Hey! Trish!" Light whack! "Nibble her and lap her lightly, like a sweet little cat, not a greedy dog!" she teased and Trish blushed as the other girls giggled.

"Use the fingertips only, lightly, down the outside of the thigh and up the inside... Touch her for real Trish, oh!!!!" Auntie Rosie groaned in exasperation. "Trish, she doesn't bite. Now run your fingers up and down in that crease between her thigh and the honey pot."

"Ah! I cant touch her there!" Trish gasped, blushing.

"What! Are you scared of another woman, what has she got that you don't have?" Aunt Rosie hit her lightly with a thin twig.

"She is a girl!!!"

"How do you think you can be good with a man if you don't even know your own body? Is that what they teach you in church, to be ashamed of your bodies. Look into her sex and examine it, for yours is just like that, except for those nice, long lips. If you are nice to her maybe she will let you play with them and get them real slippery!"

All the girls cackled but Trish was hesitant. "I'd never touch a girl's thing, Auntie..."

"Our men were warriors and hunters. How do you think we used to stay warm and cozy when all men who could get it up went off for months on end? We used to lend each other a nice, skillful helping hand my niece." she giggled dirtily.

Trish felt rather helpless and the instructors kept laughing at her. And she smarted, feeling so angry, wishing she hadn't come. She just couldn't get over her shyness and prudishness. She was glad that no one from church was there to see her, practicing to sex a man, on a naked girl.

When it was Paida's turn to stroke, caress and kiss, she showed no hesitance. She confidently went to work and she was obviously experienced, and enjoyed what she was doing. She received compliments from the instructors and the other girls were told to learn from her.

Trish couldn't complain. Paida's skilled fingers and her soft, teasing lips had her feeling all tingly and excited. Paida noticed the smoky look that came into Trish's eyes. It was a look that she had caused in her male lovers. She was surprised that she felt excited, as she noticed Trish's obvious arousal. She started feeling aroused herself.

She smiled naughtily and leaned in, to nibble Trish's ear lobe. Trish gave a sharp gasp.

Meanwhile, back in the boy's camp, the instructors cut pussy imitations into paw paws and instructed the boys on how to to touch and stroke a woman, how to caress and massage a vagina and get it all wet.

The boys giggled at first, but started taking shit seriously as they learned the art of fucking. They went through different sexual positions, different rhythms and styles of dancing in the pussy, variations in the type, depth and intensity of thrust.

Then they were shown food stuffs, herbs and concoctions that raised the libido and kept the dicks hard and the pussies wet. They were shown natural herbs that could give not so well endowed men a larger erection. They were told to use grass moderately, for too much of it made one weak. You would get horny but couldn't move let alone ride the "punani." In other words, you would end up a sex obsessed, horny moron who screamed for sex, but couldn't fuck.

The boys liked to compare their manhood. They would hold contests. They jerked their cocks to get them real hard and measured them to see who had the biggest dick. Then they would stand and jerk their cocks to see who shot his cum the farthest. Or they would jerk off in spoons to see who produced the most cum. Or one would hold a clock and they would see who could come the most times within a given amount of time. Or stroke his cock hard and fast and hold out with shooting the longest. One guy called Timi had the largest cock, and it was no surprise that he was Mdara Cobra's nephew. Dez never quite won, but he did very well in all the contests, so he was sure that when all was added together, he was the best. Mr Champion snake, the African youngster with the bedroom bazooka between his legs. He felt quite proud of his manhood and couldn't wait to go out and conquer pussy.

Chapter 3

Meanwhile, the girls were introduced to hygiene; like weeds, leaves, herbs and roots they could use to wash themselves to give their bodies an alluring smell. After some lessons, they finally got to what they had all been waiting for, they were introduced to the dick. Trish's Aunt held the lesson.

"Its not a poisonous snake and its not a fearful weapon that the men use against us. In the hand of an expert, its like the handle, which you can use to direct a man where you want him. A man is stubborn and proud. But if you treat his dick good, he will do what you want."

The elderly instructor took a big banana out of a bag.

"If you are lucky, you will find a man with one as big as this. A king cobra!" The girls giggled. "If you do, keep him."

She then taught them how to hold a dick and stroke it, and showed them the points on the dick to touch and stroke, and how to do it, to make a man get hard a s rock and go crazy.

"Don't just grab it like a stupid stick. Praise his dick, make him think its the biggest and most potent you have ever seen." She showed them how to wash a cock, and oil it. The girls giggled as they were all given a banana to practice with and the elder women walked around them, giving hints and whacking their hands with small twigs till they got it right. "If you are real naughty, you can take it in your mouth. A man will go crazy. But be careful, or he will start thinking he is a king and you are a whore! Men are stupid. But we need their snakes, for children and for pleasure. Although, if they didn't have them, well, I would make them sleep outside with the other dogs," she laughed.

Now, Trish started practicing what they learned in the lessons with a girl she knew from school, named Paidamwoyo. The two of them would sneak off together to a secluded, leafy, grassy spot under a big tree, and practice, feeling horny and excited from their lessons. Initially, they practiced the different strokes and kisses on one another. Soon, however, their practice sessions became steamy. They used the herbs they had learned about to get each other's pussy wet and itchy and horny for sex. Fascinated, playful and horny, they played with each other, and eventually, they stroked each other's excited, dripping gashes and clits to several orgasms. They kept becoming more and more daring. Trish got on top of Paida and straddled her thighs then they rubbed their engorged pussies together and fucked each other.

Trish shocked Paida when she licked her fingers straight from the petite girl's pussy, moaning with relish. Then she made her taste her own pussy and hers too. Paida blushed but licked and liked the taste.

They met regularly at their spot, after the lessons, to please each other, and give each other their daily bout of cuming. They would soon be naked, stroking and kissing, rubbing pussies and bringing each other off and then licking their fingers, tasting their pussies. They would switch their digits around, comparing their tastes. They tasted the same yet differently, something that thrilled them both. They spent so much time examining each other's pussies, fascinated.

Several lessons later, one of the elder women tied a fake phallus around her hips and another one lay down on a mat and they went through different positions of copulation, showing the girls how to handle a man and his cock and fuck him out of his mind. They showed them how to tie him up with their arms and legs and rock him, tossing him up and down, round and round, and how to get on top and ride him like a horse.

"Look, you can sit on him, with your knees on the floor, and dance on his manhood, like this, back and forth, round and round. You do it slow, make him go, "Oh sweet mama!" Then you speed it up and shock him, beat the hell out of his snake. But when he is about to explode, jump off him and let him spear the air like a fool. Then do it again. You crouch over him like this, with your feet on the floor," she demonstrated, sinking to a crouch, her back straight. "You stroke his belly, and scratch it, showing him you are a lioness. Then you grab his nipples, pull them, pinch them, make him writhe and cry with the pleasure of pain. Get them big and hard, like your own nipples. And then you ride up and down, like this! Lean back, and make him see his snake going in and out of your cave. Show him how easy it is for you, that its nothing. Like this!!!"

The instructor rode smoothly up and down, rolling her hips. The girls giggled.

"Or you can turn your back, and make him see that ass, especially if you have a big one like Trish there. Pump it, hit him with it. Knock him out. Make him cry for his Mama, then tell him to forget her, you are his new Mama now...."

The girls giggled and blushed but looked intently. Then they were each made to practice, taking turns with each other, either wearing the fake cocks and playing the man or lying on their backs, legs parted, and playing the woman. Trish practiced eagerly with Paida. They both felt so excited, rubbing the wooden cock between their pussies.

After the lesson, Trish sneaked off with Paida to their spot. They were both feeling so horny. Trish made Paida lay back on the grass and devoured her lips and then neck and breasts. Then she went down to feast on her belly. Paida gasped with shock as Trish went down on her and just dove into her pussy and started licking. She gave a sharp cry and tried to pull away, but Trish held her down and devoured her pussy. Paida stopped fighting it as sharp sensations overwhelmed her. Then she started fucking Trish's face lustily cumming on her tongue and digits. Trish brought her off till she was dizzy. Then she straddled Paida's face and lowered her pussy on her mouth. Paida whimpered with fear and reluctance but the moment her lips touched Trish's engorged, dripping pussy, she started lapping. She loved the taste of the hot, soft, fleshy pussy and started lapping and licking. Trish came instantly. Then she was holding up her face and fucking her lustily. The girls ate each other and then went to sleep on the soft, green grass, in the sun. They returned to the camp hours later, drowsy from their orgasms. Paida told Trish she didn't want to do it again, the licking, but Trish only smiled knowingly, for Paida had devoured her three times straight.

In the next lesson, the women made the girls strip naked and lie on their backs on mats. They made them raise their knees, part their legs, plant their feet on the ground, raise their hips and support their weight on their shoulders. Then the women pushed trays of glowing coal under their hips, and told them those pussies had to stay up until the coals went cold or their asses would get burnt. Then they put a glass of water on their lower bellies and told them to roll their hips up and down, round and round, without spilling a drop. Every drop was punished with a sharp smack from the twigs.

At first, the girls felt such excruciating pain from keeping their hips up for ages and they wanted to cry for their moms. But after a few days, they could do it very well. They were keeping those hips up for ages and rolling them up and down, round and round, smoothly, at varying speeds, with spilling a single drop of water.

After the lessons, Trish and Paida went off and practiced what they had learned on each other. They kissed, caressed, and played with each other. Then they finger fucked and ate each other and came for ages.

After one such afternoon, they returned to the camp, holding hands, feeling happy and drowsy. They sat besides each other during supper, always smiling at each other and feeding each other morsels of food. Trish's Aunt Rosie took her to the side, pinched her ears so hard she winced and her eyes became shiny. Aunt Rosie scolded her,

"Don't over do it with Paida, OK? You are getting too happy now. I will snap a fat twig from a tree and whip those legs, you hear!"

"Who told us its our tradition?" Trish growled back, thinking if this wasn't her aunt, she would have bashed her.

"Are you in love with her?"

"No! But I love playing with her. And I don't see any men around here," Trish smiled cheekily.

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